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Canopy Interview

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  1. GeneralFreedom: Laura has been contacted by the daughter of billionaire business man Trevor Neven to meet at a local coffee shop! Becky is easy to spot, sitting at a table placed away from the others. Behind her is a sleek, advanced looking robot holding an umbrella over her head while she sips a coffee that looks like it's probably mostly sugar, cream and caramel. She gives a half wave to Laura as she spots her.
  3. Oboeshoes101: For a daughter of another billionaire, Laura sure doesn't dress like one. Pretty standard shirt, jeans and jacket, no real major labels. She fits in quite well with the crowd. She gives Becky a wave in response to hers and makes her way to the table. "Mind telling me what this is about Becky?"
  4. "You're the last person I figured would be inviting me out for coffee."
  5. "This better not be a prank..."
  7. GeneralFreedom: "What, I can't be social?" Becky smiles sweetly and gestures to the chair across from her. "So, I don't know if you've heard from your mom but... my daddy is funding a little project of mine." She reaches back and the robot hands her a glossy, professional looking card with a caped figure on the front. She slides it across the table.
  9. Oboeshoes101: Canopy takes a seat across from her and takes the card in the process. When she is comfortably seated, she takes a closer look at the card. "She didn't really mention anything. Wait... this is for a superhero team." She looks up at Becky. "What do you know?"
  11. GeneralFreedom: Becky shrugs casually. "Just that you were recommended to me by daddy. That must mean you have something to offer, right? He's not the kind of guy to just go throwing those around lightly."
  13. Oboeshoes101: Laura suddenly gets a text. "One sec." She takes her phone from her pocket and looks it over. She rolls her eyes. "Of course mom is monitoring me. Says I can trust you. Alright, my mom and I spend most of our time protecting a hidden jungle island filled with animal men, dinosaurs and Godzilla like creatures."
  15. GeneralFreedom: "Delightful! That sounds just adorable," Becky grins broadly. "Just today I stopped an army of robots from infiltrating a radio station alongside some minor superpowered help!" She seems quite pleased with herself.
  17. Oboeshoes101: "Oh yeah, well just the other day. I infiltrated an ARGENT base and took down a major operation."
  19. (5:50:05 PM) GeneralFreedom: "It's nice to know we have more common ground than just a comfortable lifestyle. So tell me... would you be willing to be part of my little project?"
  21. Oboeshoes101: Laura seems to consider the request for a while. "One condition, my pets get to come along as well."
  23. GeneralFreedom: "Pets?" She asks curiously, perking up a little. She quickly catches herself acting too interested though and dials it back. "What kind of pets? Nothing too fluffy, I hope."
  25. Oboeshoes101: "Eh...not quite." She takes out her phone again and slides over to an image and passes the phone over to Becky. The image is a selfie of Laura in costume and resting their heads on her shoulders are two rather large and identical raptor type dinosaurs.
  27. GeneralFreedom: "Oh..." Becky gasps, looking over the dinos. She might be just a little jealous of such exotic pets! She casts a glance back at the robot. "Tutor, will the new base be able to accommodate?" The robot leans forward and takes a look. "I believe so, Ms. Neven." Becky smiles and takes a sip of her sugary coffee-like drink. "Good then. As long as you make sure they don't get into too much trouble, I'm sure it will work out just fine."
  29. Oboeshoes101: "Good then."
  30. Laura seems pleased that Becky looks a little jealous of her pets. "Then I look forward to busting some badguys then."
  32. GeneralFreedom: "Excellent. I'm sure it will be an interesting experience," Becky grins. "I have a few more meetings today, but you're welcome to share my table until I'm finished. Would you like anything?"
  34. Oboeshoes101: "I'm happy to stick around, curious to see who else you're bringing in. Chai Latte for me."
  36. GeneralFreedom: "Tutor. Can you handle that, please?" The robot bows its head and moves over to the counter. "I have some interesting prospects on file."
  37. "A classmate of mine, even. I never even considered she was doing something like this."
  39. Oboeshoes101: "Wait, there's someone else besides me?"
  41. GeneralFreedom: Becky nods. "Umhm. She works on the school paper. Cristina Hayworth? You might know her."
  43. Oboeshoes101: "Oh really, her?"
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