The Dark Wolf

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  1. Tonashi would look to Paradox. "I need you to push my power further. To truly unleash it out of me. I have done so much to gain but I need more."
  3. He would feel the hate.
  5. "Sibylle has taught me to hold this hatred in my being. To allow it to manifest to the greatest heights. She has taught me to bring forth chaos and destruction. To spread the will of the darklord. I seek to do such. I discarded my care and pride. Allowing my own to be took away. Because I knew that I needed to live more. The Dark Lord's will has shown me. It has shown me that I need to bring forth more effort than I have ever done. I drunk the blood of a demon more than once. The power manifestoing ready to come out!"
  7. He look to Paradox.
  9. "I deserve such! I need such to win! What am I doing wrong?!" He say in anger as his veins in his hands grew even more dark black.
  10. (Tonashi Botcher)
  12. ** You spot
  13.  Talla Botcher nearby! [Click to pursue] **
  14. Talla Botcher has placed Firefly (x86) into the chest.
  16. Talla Botcher has placed Sugarcap Mushroom (x19) into the chest.
  18. They weren't sure what all this nonsense was about drinking Demon blood and the like, but everyone had their own way the enigma would suppose. "Then it should be rather simple from here Tonashi.."
  20. Their hand rises, black and violet flames erupting around their palm before a flurry of orbs strikes at the wall to harmlessly dissipate. "Focus all of your hate, and those bad emotions into doing what you just saw me do."
  22. If he was truly as far along as he said, this should be simple. "Just make sure you channel all of those feelings."
  23. (Paradox)
  25. Tonashi would then focus. The booming amount of anger and pain. The knights telling him he betrayed his own people. Them killing the fellow people of Moonfall. Seeing Ororo in pain. The amount of failure he been through after loss after loss. Kris deceiving him and using him for her own gain. Losing Mylo to Osorna. Tonashi would snap as all this built up anger from the blood of Shallina flowing through him. From the taste of occult Sibylle placed into him. Mordred word was indeed the greatest.
  27. The belief of the Dark Lord blessing. He believed he deserved it all as he brought everything forth and unleash a turrent of dark spheres at the wall.
  29. "ARGHHHHHHH!" Blowing holes into the wall.
  30. (Tonashi Botcher)
  32. Tonashi after recieving lessons and Occultic injuries to properly learn to wield the Occult was guided a final time by Paradox. (Multiple scenes with me personally, as well as other teachers without mentor)
  33. (Paradox mentoring Tonashi Botcher)
  35. You have successfully learned Shadow Ball from Paradox!
  37. They watch as the man blasts holes in his wall, lacking the refinement they had to restrain those energies. "Hm... Not bad, not bad at all.." A smile in their voice.
  39. "Now you're officially an Occultist, congratulations."
  40. (Paradox)
  42. Tonashi would look and then see as he would shake himself.
  44. "Did I truly have done it?" He would be surprised as he was now able to do the will of the Dark Lord. He then look to Paradox and then smile. "Then my true test shall begin from this point on." He knew what he must do and plan to further on. "Thank you for helping me unlock my potential."
  45. (Tonashi Botcher)
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