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Feb 3rd, 2013
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  1. OpFuckMohammad
  3. Greetings from th3inf1d3l - Postaplus ND, Syrian Logistics/Mailboxes, at A small leak with 36 unique emails and 33 breached accounts (32 of which are plaintext passwords). There are also some IPs, phone numbers, salaries and degrees.
  5. web application technology: Apache, PHP 5.3.17
  6. back-end DBMS: MySQL 5.0.11
  8. atabase management system users:
  9. [*] 'postaplu_pipeuse'@'localhost'
  11. available databases [2]:
  12. [*] information_schema
  13. [*] postaplu_nazha
  15. Database: postaplu_nazha
  16. [20 tables]
  17. +----------------+
  18. | admins |
  19. | country |
  20. | cv_edu |
  21. | cv_emp |
  22. | cv_lang |
  23. | cv_ref |
  24. | cv_skills |
  25. | cv_visa |
  26. | cvs |
  27. | faq |
  28. | faq_cat |
  29. | gallery |
  30. | news |
  31. | offices |
  32. | pages |
  33. | poll_selection |
  34. | poller |
  35. | poller_option |
  36. | poller_vote |
  37. | users |
  38. +----------------+
  40. Table admins
  41. pass,admin_d,username,adminType
  42. 576afb9a2a8f933ebb6f21f583b9b3f3,1,admin,1
  44. Table users
  45. "ip","email","fullname","password"
  46. "NULL","","NULL",111
  47. "NULL","","NULL",111
  48. "","","Jack",22
  49. "","","Abdullah Saqer",123456
  50. "","","Abdullah saqer",123123123
  51. "","","Eleia Saqer",11223344
  52. "","","Jack Twister",111
  53. "","","sue","sue"
  54. "","","Abel","pranchi81"
  55. "","","Nemeh Jarjour","031423044n"
  56. "","","Hassan Assy",5857924
  57. "","","April Joy Rana","realbratt4"
  58. "","","Mohammad Hisham Katergi","hishamk123"
  59. "","","test",111111
  60. "","","Mazen Hammadi","ammora03"
  61. "","","SHOAIB KARDEKAR",123456
  62. "","","Ahmed Moustafa Ibrahim","hanouda30"
  63. "","","Zainul Abudeen Malimar","hello@123"
  64. "","","Jimmy Sejas",123456789
  65. "","","Samer Arbeed","teamwork1hand"
  66. "","","KASHIR JACKSON","bahrainworld"
  67. "","","Faisal","353isal72"
  68. "","","amin",123456
  69. "","","hackers",123579
  70. "","","mirt",123456789
  71. "","","Akil","aqiiizeniii"
  72. "","","adnanmohammad","iram7799"
  73. "","",132456,123456
  74. "","","NAFEEL UMMER","sod12300"
  75. "","","Chandrika","chandrika"
  76. "","sample@email.tst","mbbydmkq","acUn3t1x"
  77. "","","Prashant Narayanan Nair","P@sha1220"
  79. Table cv_ref
  80. ref_id,user_id,ref_name,ref_email,ref_phone,ref_relation,ref_occupation
  81. 1,2,Samer,,093367873,Friend,Manager
  82. 5,1,Samer Akfali,<blank>,093367873,Friend,<blank>
  83. 6,9,a,a,6,Friend,a
  84. 7,13,Avalon Martin,,97336050502,Colleague,Supply Chain Team Leader/Manager
  85. 8,16,Yehia Ibrahim,,00971 2 6312200,Employer,General Manager
  86. 9,20,Mr. Fahad Al Saeed,,65554640,Colleague,Human Resources Manager
  87. 11,31,Dr.D.Satyanarayana,,918242203993,Employer,Director
  88. 12,30,None,<blank>,00000000,Friend,None
  90. Table cv_emp
  91. emp_id,user_id,emp_to,emp_from,emp_leave,emp_title,emp_salary,emp_duties,emp_company,emp_country,emp_currency
  92. 1,2,08-11-2010,01-07-2007,a,Webmaster,15000,b,ITH,SY,USD
  93. 3,1,11-12-2010,15-12-2010,Salray,Manager,1500,Managing,ITH,SY,SYP
  94. 4,1,09-12-2010,13-12-2010,ttttt,tt,tt,tttt,TTT,BY,SYP
  95. 5,9,03-01-2011,01-02-2010,a,a,12,a,a,SY,SYP
  96. 6,13,20-04-2011,01-02-2007,i am currently working in aramex,Supply Chain Supervisor/Senior Customer Service Executive,1120,"*Supervising team’s overall operation\r\n*Clients direct contact – Customer Service\r\n*Handling clients complains and providing solutions\r\n*In charge of Online Shipping, Warehousing and Value Added Services projects.\r\no (Garments and accessories, Computer parts, Mobile phones, Laptops, Stuff toys)\r\n*Handle Clients International or Local shipment Pickup and Deliveries\r\n*Prepare shipping quotation charges\r\n*In charge of daily and monthly reports, closing cases\r\n*Giving training to new logistic staff regarding overall process in Logistics",Aramex Courier Company,BH,USD
  97. 7,16,30-06-2011,20-12-2010,Still working,HR Manager,100000,"\tDevelop HR strategy, Policies, Procedures, and Practices\r\n\tAdvise managers on organizational policy matters.\r\n\tPrepare and follow budgets for personnel operations.\r\n\tOversee the evaluation, classification and rating of occupations and job positions.\r\n\tAnalyze and modify compensation and benefits policies to establish competitive programs and ensure compliance with legal requirements.\r\n\tSupervise and evaluate recruitment and selection process.\r\n\tPlan and conduct new employee orientation to foster positive attitude toward organizational objectives.\r\n\tServe as a link between management and employees by handling questions, interpreting and administering contracts and helping resolve work-related problems.\r\n\tPlan, direct, supervise, and coordinate work activities of subordinates and staff relating to employment, compensation, labor relations, and employee relations.\r\n\tAnalyze statistical data and reports to identify and determine causes of personnel problems and develop recommendations for improvement of organization\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s personnel policies and practices.\r\n\tConduct exit interviews to identify reasons for employee termination.\r\n\tInvestigate and report on industrial accidents for insurance carriers.",ADMIC Syria,SY,SYP
  98. 8,16,19-08-2010,01-12-2009,Back to Syria,HR Manager,4500,"\tDevelop HR strategy, Policies, Procedures, and Practices\r\n\tSupervise Recruitment and Selection Process\r\n\tManage Compensations and Benefits\r\n\tDevelop and Supervise Training & Development\r\n\tDevelop and Supervise Compliance Procedures",SADEEM Quality Consultancy,AE,USD
  99. 9,16,29-10-2009,01-07-2008,Resignation,HR Manager,4000,"\tModify and develop HR strategy\r\n\tReview and recommend changes and updates on HR Policies and Procedures\r\n\tDraft Job description for each department, and maintain life data bank for job descriptions.\r\n\tResponsible for Manpower planning and recruitment through various sources e.g. Headhunt, Referrals, Job Portals, etc., to attract potential & best fit candidates\r\n\tShort list candidates using different recruitment tools at different levels to ensure that candidates are work ready taking no poach, visa, diversity for team fit etc., into consideration\r\n\tDevelop succession plans to provide continuity in managerial positions in the company\r\n\tPlan, develop and recommend employee orientation and training program to improve organizational effectiveness.\r\n\tModify and develop Performance Management System\r\n\tEnsure performance is aligned with business development plans, assist line managers while evaluating the individual performances assuring transparency is maintain at all levels\r\n\tResponsible for managing compensation packages of employees and applying the organization reward and recognition systems and processes. \r\n\tReview HR operational budget and controls expenses accordingly\r\n\tSupervise data collection and analysis of internal and external personnel surveys \r\n\tServe as Public relation manager and company Representative to various government offices for meetings and forums",Al Ghaith Oilfield Supplies & Services,AE,USD
  100. 10,16,30-06-2008,01-01-2006,Resignation,HR & Administration Manager,3500,"\tDevelop and Implement effective and appropriate HR Policies and Procedures meeting legal requirements, best practice and organizational objectives\r\n\tManage overall recruitment, selection, and orientation procedures\r\n\tAdminister compensation, benefits, and performance management systems\r\n\tManage the HR team ensuring that they are clear about expected standards of performance, motivated and developed to provide professional HR services\r\n\tEnsure managers and staff receive effective and appropriate advice and support on the implementation and interpretation of HR policies and procedures\r\n\tConduct exit interviews to identify reasons for employee separation",Delma Financial Brokerage,AE,USD
  101. 11,16,31-12-2005,13-01-2003,Promotion to HR Manager in Delma Brokerage (Subsidiary to ADH),Office Manager of CEO,2500,"\tResponsible for Personnel Management \r\n\tOrganize CEO contacts, CEO meetings, CEO documents and CEO visitors \r\n\tOrganize CEO travels \r\n\tFollow up with managers ",Abu Dhabi Holding,AE,USD
  102. 12,16,31-12-2002,02-10-1999,Travel to UAE,Senior Stock Checker,11000,\tAnalyze stock items and material returns\r\n\tOrganize stock check process and stock check team\r\n\tResponsible for Stock investigation and Stock reconciliation\r\n\tTrain & coach new recruits,Al Furat Petroleum,SY,SYP
  103. 13,16,30-09-1999,01-03-1997,Resignation,Accountant,5000,"\tKeep track of every financial transaction in the hotel, to make sure that all incoming and outgoing money is accurately recorded and handled\r\n\tInvestigate and correct discrepancies thoroughly, or reported the reason, such as mistake or fraud\r\n\tHandle Wage and salary calculations and payments ",Cham Palaces & Hotels,SY,SYP
  104. 14,18,28-10-2011,01-01-2009,current ,Logistic Manager ,2500,"Establish the warehouse from the scratch, layout, facilitates inside the warehouse.\r\nEstablishes operational procedures for verification of incoming and outgoing shipments, handling and keeping of warehouse inventory.\r\nApply and assist in up-dating the warehouses operations procedures.\r\nResponsible for strategic planning, management & administration as well as operational oversight, which will include the day-to-day supervision of staff.\r\nCreate and maintain a challenging and enthusiastic work environment to ensure a sustainable level of high individual performance. \r\nEnsure the efficiency of the logistics operation to meet the monthly business objectives. Performance measures.\r\nEnsure applying the inventory control system in line with the company’s processes to meet the departmental inventory management targets in the daily, weekly, and monthly inventory checks.\r\n\r\nManaging the layout and set up of the warehouse for the appropriate storage of goods and supplies.\r\nImplementing cost cutting rules in all aspects of storehouse transactions and related activities.\r\nMaintaining and overseeing the shift allocations and working of all warehouse staff.\r\nManaging and checking all inventory records and making evaluation reports.\r\nSetting and allocating targets to warehouse staff and organizing staff training activities.\r\nAuditing daily labor and all billing statements.\r\nMeasure actual performance VS targeted. (KPI) \r\nContribute to short and long-term organizational planning and strategy as a member of the management team\r\nPrepare and agree annual budgets for functional and support costs\r\nResponsible to Establish, Operate, Monitor, Manage and administer a service delivery function, to meet customer needs and satisfaction in a timely and cost effective.\r\nCreate, plan and maintain delivery route (routes management).\r\nManage delivery team members to develop the most efficient routing system. \r\nMonitor all transportation operation activities including quality control to ensure that our delivery service accordingly the company policy and ensure safe, prompt, and accurate delivery as per SLA.\r\nEnsure effective internal communications both within the operations team and across the organization.\r\nApply Hi Tec such GPS, ERP, WIFI hand held and bar-coding system to improve customer service.\r\nCreate and maintain a challenging and enthusiastic work environment to ensure a sustainable level of high individual performance.\r\nEnsure the efficiency of the SOP to meet the daily, weekly and monthly business objectives.\r\nDesign a standard delivery lead time matrix per location to any destination against time and date to be as a threshold promising tool to end-users.\r\nBe able to receive, revise and allocate transportation cost on actual cost centre even if consolidated and handle 3 company invoicing system as well.\r\n",Mantrac,EG,USD
  105. 15,20,15-11-2011,01-06-2006,Kind employer But I need to grow more experiences with a more extablished company in the filed of logistics and online shopping,Administrator,1000,Purchasing/Admin/Property Custodian\r\nLocal & International USA\r\nOperation in Charge\r\n-\tinternational purchase USA (online transaction such as item variety selling on and other website purchase)\r\n-\tpurchase & shipping of vehicles for our local Kuwaiti patrons\r\n-\tselling products on eBay (listing items online & shipping)\r\n-\tShipment Inbound and Outbound Tracking\r\n-\tAdministrative work such as Operation (customer relation & some accounting)\r\n-\tComputer Maintainance (hardware & software)\r\n,Alpha Group General Trading and Contracting,KW,USD
  106. 18,30,09-07-2012,09-02-2012,Not In The Right Position,IT Support Personel,511,Checking and Maintainance of Systems and Service,Lulu Hyper Market,KW,USD
  107. 19,31,14-07-2012,01-03-2012,Currenty working with M/s.Satco Engineering,Secretary,890,"•Evaluate and screen telephone calls, receive and prepare fax, emails and answering enquiries as appropriate\r\n•Coordinate with nominated freight forwarders and suppliers for the timely shipping movements \r\n•Prepare costing and reports\r\n•Prepare appointment letters, Leave letters and biometric reports \r\n•Preparing Quotation Request and Purchase Order \r\n•Maintain the stock of office supplies and accordingly make requisitions\r\n•Maintains an effective Filling system such that information easy to access and updating when necessary\r\n•Photocopy/scan documents as required for record keeping and reference\r\n•Check for the proper maintenance and usage of all office supplies and facilities, ordering office stationery, recommending office cleaning and other services as required\r\n•Handling travel arrangements as required, including hotel reservation \r\n",SATCO Engineering,KW,USD
  109. cv_edu
  110. edu_id,user_id,edu_year,edu_major,edu_grade,edu_degree,edu_school,edu_country
  111. 15,2,2010,2313213,asd23 asd,General Education Diploma – Literature,UAT,AL
  112. 16,6,2000,major,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,damascus university,SY
  113. 17,9,a,a,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,a,SY
  114. 18,10,2001-2003,"Marketing,HR,IT",<blank>,Masters of Business Administration,"Visveswaraiah Technological University, Belgaum",IN
  115. 19,13,2005,Management Accounting,<blank>,Bachelors of Business Administration,Saint Anthony's College,PH
  116. 20,15,2222,asdasd,<blank>,Bachelors of Science,test,SY
  117. 21,16,2009,Strategic Human Resources Management,<blank>,Masters of Business Administration,University of Wollongong in Dubai,AE
  118. 22,16,1996,Economics,<blank>,Bachelors of Business Administration,Aleppo University,SY
  119. 23,19,2004,Administration,<blank>,Bachelors of Business Administration,Annamalai University,IN
  120. 24,20,1994,Civil Engineering,<blank>,Bachelors of Science,"Saint Louis University, Baguio City",PH
  121. 25,23,210-2011,Shipping and Logistics,<blank>,Masters of Arts,Guiders Academy,IN
  122. 28,25,1990,HACKED THE_HACKER,<blank>,Masters of Science,HACKED THE_HACKER,TR
  123. 26,23,2007-2010,Economics,<blank>,Bachelors of Science,Gurukulam Open University,IN
  124. 27,23,2003-3006,Business Administration,<blank>,Bachelors of Business Administration,MG University,IN
  125. 29,1,2012,wtf,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,wtf,TR
  126. 352,10,1991,informatique,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,isims,TN
  127. 323,30,2010,Business,<blank>,Bachelors of Business Administration,Calicut University,IN
  128. 393,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AF
  129. 394,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AF
  130. 395,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AL
  131. 396,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,DZ
  132. 397,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,DZ
  133. 398,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,DZ
  134. 399,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,DZ
  135. 400,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AS
  136. 401,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AD
  137. 402,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AO
  138. 403,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AI
  139. 404,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AG
  140. 405,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AG
  141. 406,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AG
  142. 407,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AR
  143. 408,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AR
  144. 409,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AM
  145. 410,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AF
  146. 411,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AL
  147. 412,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AL
  148. 413,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,DZ
  149. 414,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AS
  150. 415,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AD
  151. 416,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AO
  152. 417,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AI
  153. 418,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AG
  154. 419,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AR
  155. 420,0,1967,1,<blank>,General Education Diploma – Science,1,AM
  156. 349,31,2010,Computers,<blank>,Masters of Science,Indira Gandhi National Open University,IN
  157. 350,31,2004,Computers,<blank>,Bachelors of Science,Shree DEvi College Of Information Sciences,IN
  159. @th3inf1d3l
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