Dec 30th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. "Right, now it's my turn. 'Kaleido-Amethyst Activate!'" You utter the simple transformation spell, and are immediately suffused completely in bright white light originating from the Kaleidostar, you feel... strange. You can feel your clothing change, but... something else too. Your own transformation sequence is nowhere near as flashy as Rin's, so you soon find yourself standing face to face with Kaleido-Ruby, who... immediately burst out laughing to such a degree that she trips and actually begins to roll on the floor uncontrollably as she is overwhelmed by her own emotions.
  3. That... wasn't what you expected.
  5. "W-wait a second! Hold on... This wasn't supposed to happen, just give me a second and I'll fix it!" Amethyst blurts out in complete terror, for some reason. Why do you have a really really bad feeling about what just happened...?
  7. You realize at that very moment what must've happened. There's only one possible thing that could've happened that would cause Rin to react in such a way... "Oh no." You squeak out, your voice having changed to be one far more feminine than it was before. "Amethyst! What did you do!?" You yell at the Kaleidostar that starts to back away from you, and you wince in embarrassment at your own feminine voice.
  9. "W-w-well I... I-" Amethyst almost looks like it's about to lose all structural integrity and melt into a blob of liquid as it stresses out over just what it has managed to do to you.
  11. "It made you adorable! Ahahahahahahahahahaha!" Rin manages to recover enough to get back on her feet, but there are still tears of laughter in her eyes and she's not stopped laughing at you just yet. Hold on a second... Rin's at least a couple of inches taller than you right now as well! She takes a deep breath as she tries to get control over her own emotions, and it works to calm her for a moment. "Magical Girl Shinji!" For a moment. Just the reminder of what she's witnessed is enough to make Rin almost collapse to the floor again with laughter.
  13. Part 19
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