Sentences #1

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  1. "Don't know," was the reply.
  2. "I don't know," she said.
  3. "One moment," she said.
  4. A friend of yours?
  5. All was in vain.
  6. And for what purpose?
  7. And how did you get out?
  8. And so do I.
  9. And so it does.
  10. And so it proved.
  11. And so it was.
  12. And this is true.
  13. And what are you doing here?
  14. And what became of him?
  15. And what did she say?
  16. And what did you do then?
  17. And what is that?
  18. And who are you?
  19. Another and another followed.
  20. Are you all right?
  21. Are you in pain?
  22. Are you strong enough?
  23. Are you sure of that?
  24. Begin at the beginning.
  25. But enough of this!
  26. But he did not move.
  27. But he is right.
  28. But how can you be sure?
  29. But I don't understand.
  30. But I knew better.
  31. But I'm not going to do it.
  32. But it was not to be.
  33. But it was not.
  34. But it was so.
  35. But it was too late.
  36. But not for long.
  37. But that was all.
  38. But that was out of the question.
  39. But this was not to be.
  40. But what are we to do?
  41. But what can I do?
  42. But what could he do?
  43. But what does it mean?
  44. But what is it?
  45. But what is the use of talking?
  46. But what of it?
  47. But where are we going?
  48. But where are you going?
  49. But you are joking.
  50. Can you beat it?
  51. Can you tell me?
  52. Come in, come in!
  53. Come, let me embrace you!
  54. Did he say anything?
  55. Did you hear anything?
  56. Did you know that?
  57. Did you see him?
  58. Did you see it?
  59. Didn't you know that?
  60. Do I know it?
  61. Do you hear me?
  62. Do you know anything about it?
  63. Do you know him?
  64. Do you know it?
  65. Do you know me?
  66. Do you know who I am?
  67. Do you mean it?
  68. Do you really think so?
  69. Do you see her?
  70. Do you see that?
  71. Do you think so?
  72. Do you understand me?
  73. Do you understand that?
  74. Do you understand what it means?
  75. Do you want me to?
  76. Do you want me?
  77. Does that suit you?
  78. Don’t be a fool!
  79. Don’t worry about me.
  80. Don’t you like it?
  81. Don’t you understand me?
  82. Don't be so silly!
  83. Don't worry about me.
  84. Don't you know it?
  85. Don't you think so?
  86. For a moment no one spoke.
  87. Get out of the way!
  88. Get out of this!
  89. Give it to me.
  90. God bless my soul!
  91. God rest her soul!
  92. Good-day to you, sir.
  93. Have I offended you?
  94. Have you seen her?
  95. Have you seen it?
  96. Have you the key?
  97. He consulted his watch.
  98. He could not help it.
  99. He could not help smiling.
  100. He did not look up.
  101. He entered the room.
  102. He is a scoundrel.
  103. He looked at his watch.
  104. He looked at me.
  105. He looked up at me and smiled.
  106. He made her another bow.
  107. He made no answer.
  108. He nodded his head.
  109. He pinched her cheek.
  110. He sat up abruptly.
  111. He shook his head.
  112. He shrugged his shoulders.
  113. He told his story.
  114. He was not there.
  115. Here is my card.
  116. Here is the letter.
  117. Honour to whom honour is due!
  118. How are you getting on?
  119. How beautiful she was!
  120. How came you here?
  121. How can I tell?
  122. How can I thank you?
  123. How can that be?
  124. How can you say that?
  125. How could I help it?
  126. How could that be?
  127. How did he look?
  128. How did it end?
  129. How did it happen?
  130. How did she look?
  131. How did you do it?
  132. How did you get here?
  133. How did you get it?
  134. How did you know that?
  135. How did you know?
  136. How do I know?
  137. How do you do?
  138. How do you know it?
  139. How do you know that?
  140. How do you know?
  141. How do you make that out?
  142. How do you mean?
  143. How does it feel?
  144. How does that strike you?
  145. How far is it?
  146. How long have I been here?
  147. How long will you be away?
  148. How much do you want?
  149. How old are you?
  150. How should I know?
  151. How would he take it?
  152. Human nature has its limits.
  153. I always said so.
  154. I am all attention.
  155. I am exceedingly obliged to you.
  156. I am going to.
  157. I am not afraid of you.
  158. I am not sure.
  159. I am not surprised.
  160. I am so glad.
  161. I am so happy!
  162. I am sorry for it.
  163. I am sure of it.
  164. I beg your pardon!
  165. I begin to see.
  166. I can do no more.
  167. I can see that.
  168. I can’t understand it.
  169. I cannot believe it.
  170. I cannot do that.
  171. I cannot tell you.
  172. I cannot understand it.
  173. I could not bear it.
  174. I did not know.
  175. I did what I could.
  176. I didn't know what to do.
  177. I do not know.
  178. I don’t know what to do.
  179. I don’t mean that.
  180. I don't believe it!
  181. I don't believe you!
  182. I don't know that.
  183. I don't know what to do.
  184. I don't know yet.
  185. I don't say that.
  186. I don't think so.
  187. I don't understand it.
  188. I don't understand you.
  189. I don't want to.
  190. I guessed as much.
  191. I had no idea it was so late.
  192. I had no idea.
  193. I have heard so.
  194. I have it here.
  195. I have no more to say.
  196. I hope you are well!
  197. I know his voice.
  198. I know, I know!
  199. I looked at her.
  200. I mean what I say.
  201. I must be on my guard!
  202. I never thought of that.
  203. I rang the bell.
  204. I shall never forget it.
  205. I shook my head.
  206. I should say not!
  207. I should say so!
  208. I should think not!
  209. I smiled and shook my head.
  210. I stared at him.
  211. I think that is all.
  212. I thought you knew.
  213. I turned upon her.
  214. I understand you perfectly.
  215. I understand,” he said.
  216. I want to go on.
  217. I want to know.
  218. I want to see her.
  219. I wish to see her.
  220. I wonder what he wants?
  221. I won't hurt you.
  222. I’m coming to that.
  223. I'm in no hurry.
  224. I'm sure of it.
  225. Is anything the matter?
  226. Is it a secret?
  227. Is it all right?
  228. Is it not so?
  229. It came about in this way.
  230. It has gone now.
  231. It is a fact.
  232. It is a lie!
  233. It is all right.
  234. It is the only way.
  235. It looks like it.
  236. It shall be done!
  237. It stands to reason.
  238. It was a great success.
  239. It was always so.
  240. It was now near midnight.
  241. It was of no use.
  242. It was too late.
  243. It was too ridiculous, she told herself.
  244. It would be useless.
  245. It’s nothing to me.
  246. Just as I thought!
  247. Just think of it!
  248. Let us sit down.
  249. Long live the king!
  250. May I come in?
  251. May I see it?
  252. May I sit down?
  253. No one paid any attention to him.
  254. No, he had not.
  255. No, not for them.
  256. No, nothing at all.
  257. No, of course not.
  258. Nor was this all.
  259. Not a bit of it.
  260. Not a moment was to be lost.
  261. Not a word was said.
  262. Not a word was spoken.
  263. Not if I know it!
  264. Not in the least.
  265. Not on your life!
  266. Not that I know of.
  267. Nothing of the kind.
  268. Nothing to be seen!
  269. Now I must go.
  270. Now what is it?
  271. Now, attend to me.
  272. Of course he did.
  273. Of course I am!
  274. Of course I do!
  275. Of course it is.
  276. Of course we do.
  277. Oh dear, oh dear!
  278. Oh, I beg your pardon!
  279. Oh, I don't know.
  280. Oh, I know it!
  281. Oh, is that all?
  282. Oh, my dear child!
  283. Oh, that will be fun!
  284. Oh, that's too bad!
  285. Oh, to be sure!
  286. Oh, what a pity!
  287. Oh, what is it?
  288. Oh, you are, eh?
  289. One can’t be too careful.
  290. She could say no more.
  291. She did not answer.
  292. She did not know.
  293. She made no reply.
  294. She rose to her feet.
  295. She shook her head.
  296. She sinks to the ground.
  297. She stared at him.
  298. She was not there.
  299. She was silent for a moment.
  300. So far so good.
  301. So much the better.
  302. Stay where you are.
  303. Take care of yourself.
  304. Tell me about it.
  305. Tell me what it is.
  306. Thank God for that!
  307. Thank you, just the same.
  308. That goes without saying.
  309. That is all I have to say.
  310. That is all I know.
  311. That is quite another matter.
  312. That is quite true.
  313. That is the question.
  314. That is very interesting.
  315. That is why I am here.
  316. That was all right.
  317. That was the question.
  318. That’s what it is!
  319. That's the worst of it.
  320. That's what's the matter.
  321. The affair was over.
  322. The boy shook his head.
  323. The devil take him!
  324. The door was open.
  325. The effect was magical.
  326. The eventful day arrived.
  327. The hell you say!
  328. The other shook her head.
  329. The problem was solved.
  330. The sky was clear.
  331. The woman shook her head.
  332. Then he stood up.
  333. Then he went in.
  334. Then she looked up.
  335. There is a way.
  336. There is no help for it.
  337. There is no time to lose.
  338. There is nothing the matter with me.
  339. There is too much at stake.
  340. There was a long pause.
  341. There was a long silence.
  342. There was a pause.
  343. There was a short silence.
  344. There was a silence.
  345. There was another silence.
  346. There was no answer.
  347. There was no doubt about it.
  348. There was no need.
  349. There was no reply.
  350. There was no response.
  351. There was no time to be lost.
  352. There was nothing else to do.
  353. There you have it!
  354. There's nothing else for it.
  355. There's nothing in it.
  356. They are given in their original form.
  357. This was too much.
  358. This will never do.
  359. Turn to the right.
  360. Very well, very well.
  361. Very well," she said.
  362. Very well,” he replied.
  363. Well, I don't know.
  364. Well, I like that!
  365. Well, that's all right.
  366. Well, we shall see.
  367. Well, what do you want?
  368. Well, what is it?
  369. Well, what of it?
  370. Well, what of that?
  371. What am I to do with it?
  372. What am I to do?
  373. What are the facts?
  374. What are they doing?
  375. What are they like?
  376. What are we going to do?
  377. What are we to do?
  378. What are you crying about?
  379. What are you doing here?
  380. What are you doing there?
  381. What are you doing?
  382. What are you going to do with me?
  383. What are you going to do, sir?
  384. What are you going to do?
  385. What are you laughing at?
  386. What are you talking about?
  387. What are you thinking of?
  388. What are you up to?
  389. What became of him?
  390. What can have happened?
  391. What can I do for you?
  392. What can I do?
  393. What can it be?
  394. What can it mean?
  395. What can we do?
  396. What can you do?
  397. What could he do?
  398. What could it be?
  399. What could it mean?
  400. What did he do?
  401. What did he look like?
  402. What did he mean?
  403. What did he say?
  404. What did he want?
  405. What did I tell you?
  406. What did it matter?
  407. What did it mean?
  408. What did they say?
  409. What did you do it for?
  410. What did you do?
  411. What did you say your name was?
  412. What did you say?
  413. What did you think?
  414. What do you advise, sir?
  415. What do you advise?
  416. What do you know about him?
  417. What do you make of it?
  418. What do you make of that?
  419. What do you mean by saying such a thing?
  420. What do you mean by that?
  421. What do you mean to do?
  422. What do you mean?
  423. What do you say to that?
  424. What do you say?
  425. What do you think it was?
  426. What do you think of him?
  427. What do you think of that?
  428. What do you think?
  429. What do you want here?
  430. What do you want me to do?
  431. What do you want me to say?
  432. What do you want of me?
  433. What do you want?
  434. What do you wish?
  435. What does he look like?
  436. What does he say?
  437. What does it all mean?
  438. What does it matter?
  439. What does it mean?
  440. What does she look like?
  441. What does she say?
  442. What does that mean?
  443. What does this mean?
  444. What else am I to do?
  445. What else can I do?
  446. What else could it be?
  447. What good will that do?
  448. What good would that do?
  449. What had happened to them?
  450. What has become of him?
  451. What has he done?
  452. What have I done?
  453. What have you done?
  454. What have you got there?
  455. What have you got?
  456. What have you there?
  457. What is he like?
  458. What is his name?
  459. What is it all about?
  460. What is it like?
  461. What is it you want?
  462. What is it you wish to know?
  463. What is it, dear?
  464. What is it, then?
  465. What is it, Tom?
  466. What is she like?
  467. What is she to do?
  468. What is the matter with you?
  469. What is the matter?
  470. What is the meaning of this?
  471. What is there to be afraid of?
  472. What is to be done?
  473. What is your name?
  474. What made you do it?
  475. What makes you think so?
  476. What makes you think that?
  477. What more do you want?
  478. What must I do?
  479. What on earth do you mean?
  480. What on earth does this mean?
  481. What on earth is the matter?
  482. What shall I do?
  483. What shall we do now?
  484. What shall we do?
  485. What should he do?
  486. What should I say?
  487. What should she tell him?
  488. What sort of a man was he?
  489. What sort of man is he?
  490. What time is it?
  491. What time was it?
  492. What was he like?
  493. What was her name?
  494. What was I to do?
  495. What was it all about?
  496. What was she like?
  497. What was she to do?
  498. What was the matter with him?
  499. What was to be done?
  500. What were we to do?
  501. What will happen to him?
  502. What will they think?
  503. What will you have to drink?
  504. What would you do?
  505. What’s his other name?
  506. What’s to be done?
  507. What's it all about?
  508. What's the matter now?
  509. What's the matter with me?
  510. What's the matter with them?
  511. What's the matter with you?
  512. What's to be done?
  513. When did you see him last?
  514. Where are the others?
  515. Where are they now?
  516. Where are we going?
  517. Where are you going?
  518. Where did he go?
  519. Where did that come from?
  520. Where did they come from?
  521. Where did you come from?
  522. Where did you get it?
  523. Where do you live?
  524. Where do you want to go?
  525. Where have you been?
  526. Where is it, then?
  527. Where is my wife?
  528. Where is your father?
  529. Where will you go?
  530. Who could it be?
  531. Who is your father?
  532. Who told you that?
  533. Whose men are you?
  534. Why did you do it?
  535. Why did you tell me?
  536. Why do you ask?
  537. Why do you do it?
  538. Why do you say that?
  539. Why don't you say something?
  540. Why don't you speak?
  541. Why should you not?
  542. Why, bless my soul!
  543. Will no one go?
  544. Will that suit you?
  545. Will you breakfast with me?
  546. Will you come with me?
  547. Will you do this?
  548. Will you go with me?
  549. Will you hear it?
  550. Will you marry me?
  551. Won't you sit down?
  552. You are making a mistake.
  553. You are quite right.
  554. You don’t like him?
  555. You don't mean it!
  556. You don't say so!
  557. You know I have.
  558. You know what I mean.
  559. You know what I want.
  560. You look like one.
  561. You mistake me for another.
  562. You ought to know.
  563. You tell me and I do it.
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