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  1. Hi Soat,
  3. Thank you for contacting IMVU!
  5. I truly understand that you want to your credits to be transferred to another account. Please know, however, that transfer limit is basically a restriction that has been put up in the system to somehow prevent constant credit transfers. Let us explain further.
  7. Transfer limits are in place to protect our users from fraud and to battle credit inflation. Both of these problems have previously been significant issues for the IMVU community and can threaten the stability of the entire community. This particular limit that you have run into also protects users with large credit balances from non technical frauds like account take over or phishing.
  9. IMVU has implemented a credit transfer limits for the following to protect the community:
  11. - new accounts
  12. - accounts that have recently purchased credits
  13. - accounts that have recently changed email addresses
  14. - accounts that have had several credit transfers within a short span of time
  16. Also, credits that were earned from third-party offers cannot be transferred.
  18. We understand how important this transfer is to you. However, were sorry to inform you that you will need to wait for the limit from your account to be lift off by the system itself.
  20. We hope that you understand that this restriction is for your account's protection.
  22. For any other concerns, you may search our improved Knowledge Base to find answers to most of your important IMVU questions. Just go to or click on the Help link located on the upper-right corner of the IMVU webpage and 3D chat client.
  24. Should you need any other assistance, please feel free to contact us again.
  27. Regards,
  29. Aljon
  30. IMVU Customer Support
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