Kira 23 rules (subject to change)

Aug 29th, 2014
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  1. 100. General rules
  2. 110. Startup
  3. 111. Every player will pick a name, which will be their single means of protection against the kiras
  4. (if they know your name, they can kill you). The name must be between 2 and 40 characters in length,
  5. unique across all players, JV appropriate, possible to type with a normal keyboard, and not contain the
  6. JV username of any player in the game. Also, the name "Aristotle" is banned in this game, since several
  7. players would attempt to pick it if it wasn't.
  8. 112. Once the game has gathered enough players and nobody else wishes to join, the game will start. At that
  9. time, classes will be picked at random, and they will be sent out. Every player will also be sent the
  10. name of some other player, as an insurance name, unless stated otherwise in their class description.
  11. 113. The game will start at 3am UTC on some day, to be announced on the thread.
  12. 120. Mechanics
  13. 121. Days/turns will start and end at 3am UTC every day since the game starts. (Not at midnight!)
  14. 122. During each day, every alive person will be allowed to vote. If a person dies throughout the day, any
  15. vote that was cast before their time of death will still be valid.
  16. 123. All end-of-day actions are considered to occur at the end of the day (2:59:59am UTC), regardless of
  17. when their results are actually posted. This means that, for instance, players who die by voting are
  18. killed at that time, even if their death hasn't been posted yet.
  19. 124. For actions that refer to weeks, the weeks are considered to start on the same day of the week that the
  20. game itself starts (and they obviously last seven days).
  21. 130. Death
  22. 131. Death may be caused by multiple events. In any case, once a player dies, they are out of the game,
  23. unless the game allows revivals and they are revived.
  24. 132. Dead players may not share any information that has any relevance to the game and isn't known to the
  25. general public, be it by posting, PMing, or any other method. Breaking this rule may result in a game
  26. ban of between one and four games, to be agreed with future hosts.
  27. 133. To the extent of what we can control, people who aren't players are subject to the same limitations of
  28. rule 132. Despite we cannot moderate the posts ourselves, we kindly ask external influences to not do
  29. this. A player asking someone external to break this rule will be considered a major offense, and be
  30. kicked out of the game irrevocably, as well as face a multi-game ban upon agreement with future hosts.
  31. 134. When a player dies, their name and class will be revealed in the corresponding post.
  32. 135. If a player is revived, he/she rejoins the game, no longer bound by the limitations of rule 132. Also,
  33. they must choose a new name, and they get a new class (which may be the same as before).
  34. 136. If, due to any extraordinary circumstance, a dead player was to die again, this "second death" will
  35. have no effect whatsoever.
  36. 140. Messages
  37. 141. For the purpose of these rules, "official messages" are those messages that a player can send privately
  38. to the hosts, which have (or have the potential to have, as seen by the sender) an effect in the game.
  39. This explicitly excludes questions about the game or the rules -- however, all PM actions are included.
  40. 142. Any official message must be sent to both hosts, in one single JV PM. Any message that doesn't meet
  41. these requirements will be disregarded as far as its in-game effects go, and the sender may be notified
  42. of this.
  43. 143. For all official messages resulting in actions that require timestamping, the timestamp to be used will
  44. be the timestamp of the received PM. Under no circumstance will the sender be allowed to pick a
  45. different timestamp for the action.
  46. 144. All timestamps, posted in the thread or otherwise, will be in UTC. (If you don't know your time
  47. difference to UTC, contact us and we will help you determine it.)
  48. 150. Scoring
  49. 151. The game will have two teams, referred as the kira team and the L team. The goal of both teams is to
  50. score a predetermined number of points (to be announced when the game begins) before the other team
  51. does the same.
  52. 152. The kira team will score when an L dies, and the L team will score with a kira dies. In both cases, the
  53. amount scored will be one point for the kill, no matter what caused that kill.
  54. 153. As soon as one team reaches the target score, the game ends, and that team is declared the winner. This
  55. occurs immediately, as the last point is scored.
  56. 154. It may also occur that, despite no team has reached the target score, there's no Ls or no kiras left,
  57. and nobody is eligible to be promoted into that class. In that case, the other team is considered the
  58. winner by default. (An example of this is if the kiras manage to kill everyone but them, in which case
  59. they win regardless of score because nobody can be made an L.)
  60. 155. Deaths other than Ls' or kiras' will have no bearing towards the score.
  61. 156. Special classes will not be made in excess of the amount needed to kill for the other team to win. (For
  62. instance, this means that, if the L team is one point away from winning, no more than one kira will be
  63. alive.)
  64. 200. Voting rules
  65. 210. Validity
  66. 211. All alive players, and nobody else, are allowed to vote on any given day. Permission to vote is
  67. immediately revoked upon death.
  68. 212. All votes will be counted singly, without any special priviledges. This means, that all players get
  69. exactly 1 vote each.
  70. 213. A vote will be considered invalid if any of the following occurs: the post has an edit message ("Edited
  71. by ____ at ____"), the voted player isn't alive at the time of the vote, the poster isn't allowed to
  72. vote as per rule 211, the vote post is clearly marked as a joke vote, or the target of the vote is not
  73. actually a player.
  74. 214. A player may vote more than once per day. In such a case, only the last of those votes (that is valid)
  75. will be considered, and all prior votes will be voided.
  76. 215. A player may also make a post revoking their outstanding vote, should they have one. In that case, all
  77. prior votes are voided, but the player can still make a new vote.
  78. 216. If a vote post is edited by a staff member, then such edit will not be considered for the invalidation
  79. causes stated in rule 213. In order to determine if the post was edited only by the staff or not, in
  80. that case, a copy of the edit history will be requested from the staff. (In order to avoid this, we
  81. ask players to make a new vote post if this happens, so as to avoid having to wait for the reply from
  82. the staff about the edit.)
  83. 220. Tallying
  84. 221. At the end of the day, all valid outstanding votes will be tallied.
  85. 222. If all players have two or fewer votes against them, the voting results in no action. However, if at
  86. least one player has three or more votes against him/her, one of those players will be killed by the
  87. voting.
  88. 223. The person to be killed by the vote (when rule 222 requires a kill) will be the person with more votes.
  89. In case of tie, the tie will be broken by picking, out of the tied players, whichever one of them got
  90. their last vote (that is still standing at the time of tallying) the earliest. (This rule is equivalent
  91. to the "whoever reached the vote count the earliest" rule, unless the tie is caused by a vote revoke,
  92. change or invalidation.) If the tie cannot be broken this way, it will be broken at random.
  93. 224. If a player dies throughout the day, and he/she already had votes against, those votes will stand. No
  94. new votes can be cast against a dead player; however, the votes that had already been cast while the
  95. player was alive will still be counted normally. Shall a dead player be picked for killing by voting
  96. (by rule 223), nothing will happen, since killing a dead player has no effect.
  97. 225. If a player, having cast a vote (that is still standing), dies throughout the day, their vote stands.
  98. However, that vote can no longer be changed or revoked (unless the player is revived in the same day).
  99. 226. Under no circumstance will a voting round result in more than one kill.
  100. 300. Classes
  101. 310. Detective
  102. 311. This will be the class by default of the game. Most players will be made of this class, and it has no
  103. special properties.
  104. 312. As a general rule, this class is expected to play for the L team; despite kira helpers do exist in
  105. each and every game, they should not be the majority.
  106. 313. Only members of this class may be promoted into other classes.
  107. 314. This is the only class that has the power to accept to become an accomplice, if they are asked to
  108. become one by a kira (as per rule 333). (Any other class must reject such a request.) In order to
  109. accept, they must send a PM to the hosts stating so; this will not be made public, but the acceptance
  110. will be communicated (and timestamped) to the relevant kira. A detective may only be accomplice for one
  111. kira at a time.
  112. 320. L
  113. 321. This class is the head of the detectives, and has the main task of finding and killing kiras. No more
  114. than three will be active at any given time.
  115. 322. Members of this class will be identified by a letter and a number. The first three members will be
  116. called L 1, M 1 and N 1. Replacements of any of them will keep the same letter as the one they are
  117. replacing, but with a number one higher (so the replacement of L 1 will be L 2). Regardless of the
  118. naming scheme, any reference in the rules to "an L" refers indistinctly to Ls, Ms and Ns.
  119. 323. Whenever someone of this class dies, the kira team scores one point. At the same time, provided the
  120. amount of Ls alive is strictly lower than the points the kira team needs to win, a new L will be
  121. made, promoting a detective that hasn't been made into an accomplice (as per rule 333) and that has
  122. never been kira in this game. If no eligible detective is alive, nobody will be promoted; in this
  123. case, if a detective comes to life through a revival, such a detective may be promoted at any time.
  124. 324. An L has two powers: reviving a player and revealing someone's class. However, an L may only choose to
  125. do one of these things per week. Whichever one they choose, it must be sent via PM to the hosts; the
  126. result of this action (the revival or the class of the person) will be publicised and timestamped.
  127. 325. An L may also send messages to the thread, up to 1 per hour (this is just so they don't spam us). This
  128. will also be timestamped.
  129. 330. Kira
  130. 331. This class has as a goal killing the Ls, and everyone else if possible. No more than two will be active
  131. at any given time.
  132. 332. The two initial members of this class will be identified as kira 1 and kira -1. Their replacements will
  133. be assigned consecutive numbers, positive or negative according to who they replace (so the replacement
  134. of kira -2 will be kira -3, and the replacement of kira 1 will be kira 2).
  135. 333. A kira may make one accomplice. A request to become accomplice must be sent to both the hosts and the
  136. target user in a single PM (put all three recipients in one PM). The request may be revoked in the same
  137. way. A kira may not make such a request if they have a pending request (that hasn't been revoked or
  138. rejected by the other player), or if they already have an accomplice. An accomplice has no special
  139. powers beyond what is stated in rule 334, and for all intents and purposes is still considered to be a
  140. detective. The PMs that this rule specifies will not be made public nor timestamped.
  141. 334. Whenever a kira dies, the L team scores one point. At the same time, provided the amount of kiras alive
  142. is strictly lower than the points the L team needs to win, a new kira will be made. If the deceased
  143. kira had an accomplice, that person will be promoted to kira; otherwise, a detective that has never
  144. been an L or namekeeper in the past will be promoted. If no such player is available, then nobody will
  145. be promoted; in this case, a detective coming to life via a revival may be promoted.
  146. 335. Kiras have the power to kill, that is, to attempt to make kills. In order to succeed, the kira must
  147. specify correctly both the in-game name (as per rule 111) and the matching JV name. If they do this
  148. successfully, the targetted player dies; this is made public in the thread and timestamped. Failed
  149. attempts are not publicised or timestamped.
  150. 336. A kira may make as many kill attempts as he/she wants to, as long as the attempts are successful. When
  151. a kira fails on a kill attempt, if the in-game name and the JV name were both valid (but unmatched),
  152. the kira may not make any further attempts in 24 hours.
  153. 337. Every week, kiras get one "eye", which gives them the power to request an in-game name given a JV name.
  154. They may, also, once per week, request a JV name, given an in-game name. These actions will not be
  155. publicised nor timestamped.
  156. 338. Kiras may also make public announcements to the thread, in the same way as Ls (as per rule 325).
  157. 339. Unlike the Ls, the kiras don't need to choose between their two powers -- they may perform one of each
  158. per week. However, they cannot use the same power twice during the week.
  159. 340. Namekeeper
  160. 341. This class will have the knowledge of many more in-game names than the normal player. This is an
  161. exception to rule 112, in the part that regards names.
  162. 342. Members of this class will be picked when the game begins, one per fifteen players (rounded to the
  163. nearest whole number). No replacements will be picked for them.
  164. 343. If there are 22 or fewer players in the game, the lone namekeeper will just be referred to as "the
  165. namekeeper". If there are 23 or more players, the words "first", "second" and so on will be added to
  166. tell namekeepers apart.
  167. 344. The names of namekeepers will not be used as insurance names for other players.
  168. 345. When the game starts, namekeepers will receive a list of no less than fifteen names, including their
  169. own. Those names will be in-game names of different players. There may be repeated names amongst the
  170. namekeepers; however, every in-game name will be sent to at least one of them.
  171. 346. Namekeepers have no special powers, and they may not acquire any. If a namekeeper dies and is revived,
  172. it will revive as a namekeeper.
  173. 350. Rules common to several classes
  174. 351. When a certain class can perform an action a limited number of times (as per rules 324, 325, 336, 337
  175. or 338), the actions performed are carried over replaced class members. That means that, if a certain
  176. player performs a certain action they can only do once a week, and they die, their replacement won't
  177. be able to. However, if they hadn't performed that action, the replacement would have had it available.
  178. 352. All time-limited actions (as per rules 324, 325, 336, 337 and 338) do not stack.
  179. 353. Any player may contact one or more of the special classes, via PM to the hosts, by specifying the
  180. recipient of such message (such as "kira 1" or "the first namekeeper"). In the same way, special classes
  181. may contact any player (or any other special class) via PM to the hosts. Such PMs will be timestamped.
  182. 354. Any class, other than detectives, must reject all accompliceship requests (as per rule 314).
  183. 355. Any class, other than detectives, will at all times be able to know all other members of their class.
  184. 400. Special cases
  185. 410. Rule changes
  186. 411. Any rule changes that are announced via the thread will be considered rules, as if they were written
  187. in the ruleset.
  188. 412. Any other messages sent by the hosts regarding the rules should be considered mere clarifications, and
  189. not rule changes. If they conflict with the rules written here, then the written rules will prevail.
  190. Players who detect such conflicts are encouraged and expected to report them to the hosts.
  191. 413. In case that an action against these rules occurs, accidentally or not, in a way that affects the game
  192. negatively, the hosts may take actions not planned by these rules in order to attempt to minimize the
  193. damage. Such actions will be made public via the thread, and are considered contingent countermeasures
  194. that do not change the rules unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  195. 420. Suicide
  196. 421. Any player is allowed to suicide. Such a suicide will occur at the end of the day.
  197. 422. Any action resulting in a suicide will be delayed until the end of the day, despite the timestamp of
  198. the action will not be altered.
  199. 423. If an action, as per rule 422, is delayed, but that action requires to be announced (for instance, a
  200. kira killing him/herself), the announcement will be made as if the action was not delayed. Only the
  201. effects will be delayed, and the delay will be announced in that case as well.
  202. 430. Special death causes
  203. 431. Invisible mode is strictly disallowed. Any player caught using it will be killed immediately.
  204. 432. Inactive players (that being players who don't check the thread in five days) will be killed as well.
  205. 433. A player may request to leave the game, suiciding as well as per rule 421. In that case, that player
  206. can not be revived, and is considered out of the game for all purposes. This departure occurs at the
  207. end of the day.
  208. 434. If a player, during the game, got banned for any reason, that player will be killed at the end of the
  209. day. This will not apply if the player is already unbanned by the time the day ends.
  210. 435. A player who requests a ban may agree with the hosts to not be killed as per rule 434. This agreement
  211. must be reached before the requested ban is enforced. The hosts may agree to this or not at their own
  212. discretion; and, in case an agreement is reached, that will be announced no later than the end of the
  213. day in which the requested ban comes into effect.
  214. 440. Priviledged information
  215. 441. For these rules, "priviledged information" is any information that would not be made available to the
  216. person in question, should they play the game normally, and follow every rule.
  217. 442. It will also be considered priviledged information all information acquired by methods these rules do
  218. not sanction -- for instance, information received from dead players.
  219. 443. If a player was to acquire priviledged information unintentionally, they must report it to the hosts
  220. immediately and in full detail, including the information in question and how it was acquired. The hosts
  221. may choose to reveal this information to the general public, as long as the reporter's position is not
  222. compromised.
  223. 444. Any intentional attempt to obtain and/or abuse priviledged information will be considered an explicit
  224. rule breach, and may be punished accordingly -- these punishments may include kicking out of the game,
  225. or future game bans upon agreement with future hosts.
  226. 450. Interference
  227. 451. It will be considered interference when any of these situations occur: priviledged information affects
  228. the game, intentional rule breaches affect the game, or external people influence the game's status.
  229. 452. In all cases in which interference occurs, the hosts may take whichever actions are needed to reduce the
  230. damage caused by the interference.
  231. 453. If the interference was intentional and caused by a player or players, they may be punished accordingly.
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