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Apr 20th, 2013
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  1. <Nyaa> what season is this
  2. <Silas_> Summer wasn't it?
  3. =-= YOU are now known as Fishy
  4. <Brother_Gui> Brother Gui will be in the bar. He is seemingly anxious about something, and while his handsome looks attract attention, he seems to be rather distracted by something, brooding in to his wine
  5. <Wits> Yeah, summer
  6. <Silas_> !roll 1d2
  7. <BrotherBot> Silas_: 1
  8. <Brother_Gui> (You met Gui in Suffolk - Arabella's lover)
  9. <Dirk> Also something important Weapons have to be left at the tavernowner and unless your on duty armor heavyer then Leather are also not this practical
  10. <Silas_> (Nice guy, stole a few horses and nearly drowned Gust :p )
  11. <Brother_Gui> He likes Gustabran, and Silas :)
  12. * Fishy wonders into the bar, "Fishy~~I need a drink."
  13. <Dirk> (baruch you saw the query from me?)
  14. =-= Silas_ is now known as Bashir
  15. <Brother_Gui> Brother Gui is startled to see a fish fly in to a bar. He thinks this could be the beginning of some joke, but he is noticeably shocked! (I have emailed Sami my character sheet. Anyone else need it?)
  16. <Wits> (Dirk yeah, did you get my answer?)
  17. <Wits> (Hm, I hope Freespace shows up. Let's wait a little bit yet)
  18. * Bashir a short (think mid-teens) lean man of golden-brown skin enters the tavern, clinging to a note and looking nervously around.
  19. <Brother_Gui> ok need to run to get painkillers. brb
  20. <Bashir> (Introducing a new grog ^^)
  21. * Dirk follow Taitale's invention even if he dont know much about him ^^
  22. <Brother_Gui> if I am not here when freepace arrives, assume I have skulked off for a second
  23. * Bashir spots Taitail and moves towards him
  24. <Wits> Taitale isn't there yet
  25. <Dirk> (btw how old is Taitale?)
  26. <Wits> (He's 46, and looks like it. Graing little beard, balding, that sort of thing.)
  27. * Bashir finds a spot near the door and looks around trying to find someone
  28. <Wits> Ok, let's begin, and Freespace can join in later if he shows up
  29. <Dirk> (looks like Free have oversleept as its already 15 past)
  30. <Wits> ____________________________________________________________________ The Diaonysian Apollonian
  31. <Bashir> (Speaking of which, you may need to write a short description for Nyaa's player collection)
  32. <Wits> Ok, so you're all arriving at tavern of sorts in the hyperborean quarter near the plaza. It’s a large room in the home of a man known as the Lion for his huge blond mane of a moustache. It’s known for cheap wine, prostitutes, and an almost exclusively Hyperborean clientele.
  33. =-= Dirk is now known as Mr_Lato
  34. <Wits> As Scwarzbart mentioned, before you enter, a fat man clad in shoddy leather armor removes any weapons you might have. "To keep things safe", he claims.
  35. * Bashir leaves a dagger with the fat man, though begrudingly
  36. <Fishy> "Oh no, not my teeth!"
  37. * Mr_Lato enter the tavern , the mercant you remember from the Nuernberg trip. But his skin collor is a slight bit toward golden compared to what you have him in memory
  38. <Wits> And, as mentioned, Taitale isn't there yet. There are quite a few other people, though. A few tables are filled with Hyperborean athletes who are already quite drunk; they have obviously been participating in the Apollonian Games in the arena earlier, and are now having a sort of afterparty. Some are bloodied and bruised. Gui recognizes a few Christian peasants he has been hanging out with.
  39. <Wits> Not too many soulmates on that front here. There's also a table with a clearly overweight man with short red-brown hair and a pale skin, who is apparently hosting a number of guests.
  40. * Mr_Lato walk over to a table where some athlets are sitting already having some beer
  41. <Wits> They seem to be quite jolly already, drowning the adrenaline rush in wine.
  42. * Fishy swims over to join the drowning
  43. <Wits> A relatively bulky lot, they are, as is usual, amateur boxers, wrestlers, etc., with other professions elsewhere
  44. <Wits> At this point, the overweight man hosting the party stands up, and asks for silence. He exclaims as follows:
  45. <Mr_Lato> In Hyperborean "I gratulate to your glorious victory let my pay you and the tavern a round. But dont let it end like last year!
  46. <Mr_Lato> In Latin "One local round on me!"
  47. <Wits> A round of applause erups.
  48. * Mr_Lato sit down to them on the table
  49. =-= Mr_Lato is now known as Dirk
  50. <Wits> A couple of server girls start moving around, giving out cups and filling empty ones with wine.
  51. <Wits> Does everyone drink?
  52. * Bashir declines the drink, asking for something without alcohol
  53. * Fishy drink, is what it came here for
  54. <Wits> The server girls give him a queer look, and pour him some water.
  55. <Wits> Everyone who drinks should make a sta + carouse + herbam/5 roll
  56. <Bashir> "Thank you" [in latin, or failing that, bazaar chant]
  57. <Bashir> (Strong stuff isn't it ^^ )
  58. <Wits> Yeah, they know some latin
  59. <Fishy> (what does magical creature roll with?)
  60. <Bashir> (Should have taken Silas in stead, he'd have enjoyed it)
  61. <Wits> (Haha, I don't know, fishy)
  62. <Bashir> (might? perhaps..)
  63. <Bashir> (I don't know really..)
  64. <Fishy> (can fish get drunk?)
  65. <Wits> (I guess you can roll with stamina + carouse)
  66. <Bashir> (They can drown...)
  67. <Brother_Gui> Brother Gui raises a glass to Mr lato!
  68. <Dirk> "Thanks for the drink" In Hypoborean
  69. * Dirk is looking for Taitale
  70. <Wits> They have a big bowl of wine in the center of the room where the servers fill their flasks. Fishy plugnes in headfirst.
  71. <Brother_Gui> ( idon't think fish get drunk. It's proverbial they don't!)
  72. <Brother_Gui> Brother Gui looks astonished and disgusted at a fish in the wine!
  73. <Wits> Can I get the sta+carouse rolls, please?
  74. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+1
  75. <BrotherBot> Fishy: 5 :4+1
  76. <Bashir> (Drunk as a fish -> sober?)
  77. <Fishy> (Aaaaand I am out of the session)
  78. * Dirk drink slowly
  79. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10
  80. <BrotherBot> Brother_Gui: 7
  81. <Bashir> (Do you want one for the water? ^^ )
  82. <Brother_Gui> 7. No stamina, no carouse :)
  83. <Wits> Fishy takes 2 longterm fatigue, Gui takes 1
  84. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+4
  85. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 10 :6+4
  86. <Bashir> (Whatever they are serving here, I want some)
  87. <Wits> Taitale arrives carried by Aranth, a gargantuan Hyperborean man with a dirty shirt covering his broad shoulders and obviously muscular torso. His brown fuzzy hair has been cropped short, revealing a pink hole where his left ear should be. He wears a resigned expression, and fulfills Taitale’s disdainful orders without comment.
  88. <Wits> Dirk doesn't take any fatigue.
  89. <Dirk> "Strong wine you have here" in Hypoborean to the waitres
  90. <Wits> "Yes, it is our pride", she says with a fake smile
  91. <Wits> Taitale sits next to Gui, looks around the tavern, and sends Aranth to gather everyone round.
  92. <Brother_Gui> Brother Gui fails to notice the prostitutes leering at him. He appears clueless about such things.
  93. <Brother_Gui> Brother Gui greets Taitale affectionately.
  94. <Wits> Yes, they haven't made any advances on him, either. They seem to be more hopeful about the athletes.
  95. * Bashir rises and moves towards Taitale, note in hand
  96. <Wits> "Yes, good to meet you. I was hoping you might be here."
  97. <Brother_Gui> (Ha! Gui is handsome, but not toned and athletic!)
  98. <Wits> (And less drunk, blatantly ;)
  99. <Bashir> "Ma-Master Taitale?"
  100. <Wits> "Yes?"
  101. * Dirk take his drink and go to the table Taitale have put down
  102. <Wits> (Wait, Calpurnia and Corbenik are AFK, aren't they?)
  103. <Wits> (I.e. Nagas is afk)
  104. <Brother_Gui> (Any magi present?)
  105. <Bashir> "I-I-I come on be-behalf of A-antonius. He sssends his regards a-and asks that I aid h-how ever I ccan"
  106. <Wits> (Dirk is, yes)
  107. <Brother_Gui> (brother Gui is ooking for a chance to talk to Dirk...)
  108. * Fishy is floating upside-down in the wine pot.
  109. <Wits> "Ah. He has heard, then, and actually cares. Well, color me surprised. Any help is welcome."
  110. * Bashir doesn't seem to understand the hint but takes a seat
  111. <Brother_Gui> (tickle fishy gently on the tummy)
  112. <Dirk> "Whats the matter that you asked me to visit such a location?"
  113. <Bashir> (Could switch to Silas if we'd prefer a bit more mage company)
  114. <Wits> Ah, sorry about the location. My associate here is celebrating his son's birthday, and I couldn't be absent. Burdens of leadership, you know. Taitale displays a scroll written in a beautiful handwriting, and says "These are circulating around the city as I speak. Aranth got one from his wrestling opponent."
  115. <Brother_Gui> (what language it in?: peering over at scroll)
  116. =-= Class is now known as Josephus
  117. <Wits> "It's hyperborean. Maybe best I'll translate."
  118. <Wits> They would deduce from their dialectic of knowledge even the most sublime moral deeds, the impulses of compassion, of sacrifice, or heroism, and that oceanic calm of the soul which is so difficult to achieve, sophrosyne. Yet when the affliction strikes, when their actions turn comedy to sour tragedy, where, then, is their dialectic of knowledge? Where is it when the our homes crumble, when
  119. <Wits> our world turns inside out and upside down, when our neighbors become strangers?
  120. <Wits> Heed now the summons of Apollo, the god of all plastic energies, the soothsaying god. Even under the influence of the narcotic draught that sends to torpor the boldest of men and binds them under the cross, even then, with the potent coming of spring that penetrates all nature with joy, emotions now awake, and as they grow in intensity the self vanishes to be born anew. Voices rise in chorus
  121. <Wits> to deaden the weed at its root.
  122. <Wits> There are some who, from obtuseness or lack of experience, turn away from such phenomena as from "folk-diseases," with contempt or pity born of consciousness of their own "healthy-mindedness." But of course such poor wretches have no idea how corpselike and ghostly their so-called "healthy-mindedness" will prove when Apollo’s glowing light roars over them. Whimper no more, worms!
  123. <Dirk> "My I have a look at it? My Hperborean is not the best but I have a different source where I learned it"
  124. <Wits> Taitale reads the scroll out loud silently, so that no one else may hear.
  125. <Wits> "Sure."
  126. <Wits> Can I get a pe + calligraphy roll if anyone has that?
  127. <Wits> Or just pe if not
  128. <Dirk> (Free com join in the tavern : ) )
  129. <Gustbran> (totally forgot about this.)
  130. <Wits> Ok, at this point Gus enters.
  131. <Fishy> "Hic."
  132. <Brother_Gui> (I'm a scribe, but I have never seen written Hyperborean except on signs)
  133. <Bashir> (Hey Gust :) )
  134. <Brother_Gui> Hey Gustbran! Let me buy you a drink!
  135. <Wits> Gus is followed immediately by a lithe, bearded Hyperborean man in a clean white outfit approaches him and asks to discuss something urgent with him.
  136. <Gustbran> "Hello, everyone!"
  137. <Wits> Before he gets to you, the man pulls him aside
  138. <Brother_Gui> "the best wine for this hero!" order Brother Gui
  139. <Wits> (Gui, in this case it doesn't matter. If you have calligraphy, roll that.)
  140. <Brother_Gui> (not calligraphy, profession Scribe. Does that count?)
  141. <Wits> Gus, the man says to you: "I need a private word with you, if I may?"
  142. <Dirk> (Scribe is Calligraphy in this setting or not?)
  143. <Wits> (Gui, yeah, roll that)
  144. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10+2
  145. <BrotherBot> Brother_Gui: 9 :7+2
  146. <Wits> (There's also a calligraphy skill, but either will do for this)
  147. <Dirk> (Because Writing it self is Artes Librares)
  148. <Gustbran> "um, sure!"
  149. <Brother_Gui> 9. I might recognise the style or the hand, if not the words :)
  150. <Wits> Yeah, you are pretty sure you have seen this kind of writing somewhere, Gui. Just not sure where.
  151. <Brother_Gui> Brother Gui hugs Gustbran, and kisses him on the cheek, while still staring at the scroll
  152. <Dirk> !roll 1d10-1 untrained (but I know the language at 3)
  153. <BrotherBot> Dirk, untrained (but I know the language at 3): 1 :2-1
  154. <Wits> Gui, do you want to go over to Gustbran? JHe's still by the door.
  155. <Dirk> ( lol ^^)
  156. <Wits> Dirk, no, you don't really know anything other than that it's exceptionally beautiful handwriting :)
  157. <Brother_Gui> Yep, I recognise the style but it means nothing ot me, even in trnalation. I go to Gustabran and emrace him warmly, nodding at the bloke talking to him
  158. <Fishy> "I teeell ya... *hic* ... that Makaraa and Mo-*Hic*-mo is just *hic* rubbing each other *hic* all the time *hic*"
  159. <Bashir> (not a bad place to burn the bad dice ^^ )
  160. <Wits> The man says to gui "Would you excuse us a moment, please? This is private."
  161. <Gustbran> (you mean get the "Magic dice?")
  162. <Brother_Gui> "This man saved my life! I must greet my brother!" I say to him, with a warm smile
  163. <Gustbran> (;))
  164. <Bashir> (the cursed dice might be more fitting :p )
  165. <Wits> Taitale explains to those who are still there: "Aranth informs me that many of his fellow athletes have taken to this nonsense. You know how it’s commonplace in this quarter for idiots of all sorts to venerate the city’s past and denounce its present without understanding anything about either?"
  166. <Gustbran> (Say the word and it's here)
  167. <Brother_Gui> (brother Gui hands Gustbran the good wine, and retreats, but watched the guy talking to Gustbran out of the edge of my vision)
  168. <Fishy> "What *hic* did I *hic* do wroong in mmme *hic* lifeee? Why can't *hic* I *hic* eat meat anymore *hic*."
  169. * Josephus enter the Tavern "Its a boy, its a boy" overly happy in Latin
  170. <Gustbran> (So whadid I miss?)
  171. * Bashir looks around, cautiously
  172. <Wits> Dirk, can you roll perception + awareness?
  173. * Fishy swimming backward
  174. <Josephus> "A round on my in honour of my newborn"
  175. <Wits> The server girls go around filling cups again. Who drinks?
  176. <Dirk> !roll 1d10 (+1 if searching)
  177. <BrotherBot> Dirk, (+1 if searching): 1
  178. <Bashir> "w-wwhat nooonsense
  179. <Brother_Gui> Gui drinks.
  180. <Dirk> !roll 1d10 (if stressdie)
  181. <BrotherBot> Dirk, (if stressdie): 4
  182. <Bashir> are you re-refering to?"
  183. * Gustbran drinks the wine handed to him.
  184. <Brother_Gui> (and toasts Josephus) "Boy or a girl?"
  185. <Dirk> In Hypoborean "Thanks but I still have my drink"
  186. * Bashir declines again
  187. <Wits> Dirk recognizes the guy talking to Gus as Ganasi, who is supposed to be one of the best woodworkers in the city. You've been trying unsuccesfully to find him, because you were hoping he could make a forge companion.
  188. <Fishy> "Toast to new *hic* baby!" Fishy raise a fin to that.
  189. <Wits> Ok, those who drink roll sta+carouse+herbam/5 again
  190. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10
  191. <BrotherBot> Brother_Gui: 3
  192. <Josephus> "Its a boy now I finaly have a hier"
  193. * Bashir raises his glass, albeit water to the toast
  194. <Brother_Gui> "Congtratulations!" (merry now) I go and hug Josephus, and but him a fine wine too
  195. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+6 (sta+carouse for getting drunk check.)
  196. <BrotherBot> Gustbran, (sta+carouse for getting drunk check.): 11 :5+6
  197. * Bashir settles down a bit
  198. <Bashir> (+6 hehe)
  199. <Wits> Taitale explains himself: "You are not familiar with this whole thing, then? The thing is this: several people have recently gone missing, including Libon, the head priest of the Apollonians. He was never was fond of the magi to begin with, so of course the people would blame either our fabulously illustrious street-dancing leaders or our new foreign inhabitants who don’t too much mind
  200. <Wits> flaunting their heathen bollocks at everyone’s faces." *gestures at Gui*
  201. * Fishy swims in circle
  202. <Josephus> "Thanks I didnt know we have a monk here at the covenant!"
  203. <Wits> Ok, Gus doesn't take fatigue, Gui takes 2 longerm fatigue
  204. <Wits> Gui is slowly getting fairly drunk.
  205. <Brother_Gui> (I get my fatigue reduced by one; I have Enduring Constitution virtue).
  206. <Gustbran> (XD)
  207. * Josephus walk over to the table with Taitale "You was right with the birth date"
  208. <Fishy> (Muscular monk)
  209. <Brother_Gui> "Bless you and Beless You all! WHat a wonderful city! Bless these heathens bollocks!" Gui points at the athletes
  210. <Bashir> (I think it is something they get with the orders, those monks ^^ )
  211. <Brother_Gui> (yes, muscular and handsome is Gui. And really not paying any attention ot the ladies)
  212. <Fishy> "Bless everything~"
  213. <Brother_Gui> "You is drunk, Mr Magic Fish!"
  214. <Fishy> "No *hic* way"
  215. <Brother_Gui> "music! we need music!"
  216. <Dirk> "Gustbran might you introduce me with the person you just talking?"
  217. <Fishy> "I ain't drunk *hic* yet"
  218. <Wits> Taitale continues: "Now, I asked you all to come here because I was hoping you might realize that something must be done. Baruch I couldn’t reach, he’s probably out fluttering around for no good reason. Antonius and the other older magi, with their usual sole-of-my-foot foresight, will be sure to dismiss this as an insignificant grog matter. Trust my gut, though: it’s not. There’s
  219. <Wits> something going on here. And an assassin’s knife goes through parma as easy as grogskin, if you know what I mean. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll ask around among those you associate with. Someone must know something."
  220. <Wits> Dirk: They are still talking, they are not with you. Do you want to go over there?
  221. <Brother_Gui> to Josephus: "I'm not a monk. I'm retired!"
  222. <Brother_Gui> (gui is dressed as a monk)
  223. <Bashir> "A-antonius i-is alright. J-just busy"
  224. <Josephus> to gui "So you can't give the holy sacrament of the cristening?"
  225. <Wits> !roll 1d10+2
  226. <BrotherBot> Wits: 8 :6+2
  227. <Wits> Taitale's getting a little red in the cheeks as well
  228. * Josephus still stays at the table
  229. <Wits> "Yeah, sure he's alright. He's just not terribly sensitive."
  230. * Bashir looks relieved
  231. <Brother_Gui> to Josephus. "yes, yes I can." (Anyone can actually, not just priests). You want me ot baptise your baby?
  232. <Fishy> "In cold *hic* water?"
  233. <Fishy> "You *hic* monster!"
  234. <Dirk> "That would be great if you could do it in the next days" "I'm lvining abouve the small school we have in the Bazaar quarter"
  235. <Josephus> (ups wrong char grrr)
  236. <Josephus> "That would be great if you could do it in the next days" "I'm lvining abouve the small school we have in the Bazaar quarter"
  237. <Bashir> "We-we could mmake a f-fortune showing off th-that fish. C-can it do tricks?"
  238. <Brother_Gui> Brother Gui, nods, and makes a mental note to go there. I shall come tomorrow, or when convenient. I sthe baby healthy?
  239. <Brother_Gui> Gui laughts at Fioshy :)
  240. * Fishy shakes
  241. * Bashir tries to gently stroke the fish along the back
  242. <Wits> Dirk: The man talking to Gustbran seems to be intending to leave.
  243. <Josephus> "Acording to the midwive he is very healty"
  244. <Josephus> "But I now have to go to some other friends I have here"
  245. <Dirk> "You excuse me for a moment?"
  246. <Brother_Gui> "May your Gods" (hic) "go with you!"
  247. * Dirk stand up and go to the man
  248. <Bashir> "c-con-gratulations a-a-again"
  249. <Fishy> "You can excuse yourself for a *hic* moment."
  250. <Wits> Dirk: As the man sees you approach, he seems to hasten his steps to get out.
  251. <Fishy> "JUST A MOMENT I SAY"
  252. <Fishy> "JUST A MOMENT"
  253. <Wits> Dirk: Can I get a pe+awareness roll
  254. <Fishy> "*hic*"
  255. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  256. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 3
  257. * Bashir stares wide-eyed at the fish
  258. <Wits> You don't notice anything. Do you want to run after the man?
  259. * Dirk go to Gustbran
  260. * Gustbran looks upset!
  261. <Dirk> "Gustbran can you intruduce me to the man you just talked at some time?"
  262. * Gustbran pulls Dirk over to the side.
  263. <Fishy> "All the man here talk *hic* for some time."
  264. * Bashir laughs at Fishy
  265. <Bashir> [to Taitail] "is it your fish?"
  266. * Dirk return to the table
  267. * Gustbran gives a scroll to Dirk.
  268. <Wits> Taitale: "Not mine."
  269. <Dirk> "What was this about a Assassin you just talked about?"
  270. <Wits> Taitale: "I think there is something going on, I'm just not sure what."
  271. <Fishy> "You! You over there! *hic* I think you didn't talk *hic*! Make some noise you are a man whycan'tyoutalkmoretomelikehowmakarawouldtalktome muwaghhhh!"
  272. <Gustbran> "Due to a misunderstanding that blew WAY out of proportion..."
  273. <Wits> Taitale: "Aranth tells me there's dangerous talk going around, and leaflets like this - it's not difficult to tell who this is directed against, even though it doesn't say it outright."
  274. <Gustbran> "...People seem to think of me as a slayer of mages."
  275. <Dirk> "I think this sould be talked in more private then in such a place! And I think I try to convice some other mages also to come to this meeting"
  276. <Gustbran> "Which is preposterous, I've never killed a mage!"
  277. <Gustbran> (YET!)
  278. <Wits> At this point, a large, scarred man hobbles over to Gui, and exclaims: "Heyyyou! Arsh you hone offem what bind bhrave men hunder chrosses anshush?"
  279. <Fishy> "I agree *hic*. Real mage can fend for themself!*
  280. * Gustbran grumbles over remembering his "worst day ever
  281. <Gustbran> "
  282. <Brother_Gui> Gui looks at the big man, and hugs him. H ehas no idea what he is on about
  283. <Fishy> "Yehhh! I am hone og thmm tha cna bu hunde cosser!"
  284. <Wits> "Muh friens says you gos no place 'ere! Get-offa me!"
  285. * Fishy join the hug
  286. <Brother_Gui> "Bwess ewe scarryman and fishfly" says Gui
  287. <Fishy> "bweess yeee"
  288. * Bashir stands slowly, looking a bit worried
  289. <Fishy> "fishy~~~"
  290. <Brother_Gui> "It's very kind sir, but I have a cottage. Tell your frinds I 'as an 'ouse"
  291. <Wits> Both gui and the man fall down on the floor with a clatter
  292. <Wits> The man's friends seem to take Gui's hug for an assault, and stand up looking alarmed
  293. <Fishy> (Someone cast a spell to undrunk us already)
  294. <Brother_Gui> Gui gets back to his feet
  295. <Wits> The man gets up as well, and tries to throw a punch at Gui
  296. <Wits> Roll initiative, everyone, and Scwharzbart take over.
  297. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10-2 (initiative)
  298. <BrotherBot> Brother_Gui, (initiative): 5 :7-2
  299. =-= Wits is now known as Taitale_Aranth
  300. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+2
  301. <BrotherBot> Bashir: 4 :2+2
  302. <Dirk> !Roll 1d10+2
  303. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 10 :8+2
  304. <Fishy> (just qik right?)
  305. <Bashir> (come on Gust, time to wreck some people)
  306. <Taitale_Aranth> !roll 1d10-2 (Taitale initiative)
  307. <BrotherBot> Taitale_Aranth, (Taitale initiative): 1 :3-2
  308. <Dirk> (yes as no one have weapons in this Tavern, luckily)
  309. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+3
  310. <BrotherBot> Fishy: 10 :7+3
  311. <Taitale_Aranth> !roll 1d10+1 (Aranth initiative)
  312. <BrotherBot> Taitale_Aranth, (Aranth initiative): 7 :6+1
  313. <Brother_Gui> Actually 4, as I have a level of Fatigue
  314. <Fishy> (of fatigue drop it?)
  315. <Taitale_Aranth> (Yeah, check your fatigue levels)
  316. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10-1 (I only used qik)
  317. <BrotherBot> Gustbran, (I only used qik): 2 :3-1
  318. <Fishy> (oh, then I have 8 total)
  319. <Gustbran> (I forget if there was something else for initiative but.. that roll sucks anyway.)
  320. <Bashir> (You shouldn't add brawling to init should you?)
  321. <Dirk> !roll 1d10-3
  322. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 0 :3-3
  323. <Gustbran> (ouch.)
  324. <Gustbran> (and I thought I was gonna go last!)
  325. <Bashir> (We are a slow reacting party ^^ )
  326. <Dirk> Ok Fishy your first then the oponents then Gui Bashir same time Gust folowed by Taitale and irk
  327. <Dirk> Now Fishy whats your action
  328. * Fishy stick to the man in the group and kiss him
  329. <Fishy> ground
  330. <Fishy> "Smoochy~"
  331. <Taitale_Aranth> (When is Aranth? He got a 7)
  332. <Gustbran> (...)
  333. <Dirk> The 4 other Athlets move over one try to grab fishy
  334. <Taitale_Aranth> (Aranth is Taitale's son)
  335. <Bashir> (should be same as Fishy I think, both had 7?)
  336. <Fishy> (I have 8)
  337. <Dirk> (ups then Aranth also)
  338. <Fishy> ( 8 )
  339. <Taitale_Aranth> (Ok, so Aranth is after Fishy)
  340. <Dirk> (Yes same time as the Athlets)
  341. <Fishy> (Who will grab fishy first!)
  342. <Dirk> (because they walk over your first)
  343. <Taitale_Aranth> (Ok, so how do we decide who goes first if we all have 7?)
  344. <Fishy> (same time)
  345. <Dirk> (Aranth bevore them this round and the I think base Quik? if needed)
  346. <Taitale_Aranth> Ok, Aranth will shout "Stop it, Agape!"
  347. <Taitale_Aranth> He will also try to grab his arm
  348. <Dirk> Then make a brawl roll
  349. <Taitale_Aranth> !roll 1d10+5 (That's just brawl with fatigue deducted - what's the stat? Str is 4)
  350. <BrotherBot> Taitale_Aranth, (That's just brawl with fatigue deducted - what's the stat? Str is 4): 6 :1+5
  351. <Taitale_Aranth> !roll 1d10
  352. <BrotherBot> Taitale_Aranth: 10
  353. <Fishy> (you got 25 then)
  354. <Bashir> (dex for attack, str for damage)
  355. <Dirk> (No its dex for attack)
  356. <Taitale_Aranth> Ok, his dex is 0
  357. <Taitale_Aranth> so 20 altogether
  358. <Fishy> (CRUSH ARM)
  359. <Taitale_Aranth> He tries to grab the man's arm and prevent him from hitting Gui
  360. <Taitale_Aranth> so probably a str contest?
  361. <Fishy> (or finese it away)
  362. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+5
  363. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 6 :1+5
  364. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  365. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 9
  366. <Fishy> (23)
  367. <Taitale_Aranth> (Haha, he's owning it :)
  368. <Fishy> (pull his arm off)
  369. <Dirk> (He dodged your graple)
  370. <Fishy> (because you can)
  371. <Taitale_Aranth> Ok, so Aranth tried to grab his arm, but the blasted man dodged like a ninja
  372. <Fishy> (He dodged 20?)
  373. <Dirk> (yep)
  374. <Taitale_Aranth> (Yeah, he rolled a 1 too, and then a 9)
  375. <Fishy> (k)
  376. <Taitale_Aranth> (No wait)
  377. <Taitale_Aranth> (I got 20+5, actually, so 25)
  378. <Taitale_Aranth> (Sorry, kind of confused here. Yeah, he did barely manage to grab the guy)
  379. <Dirk> (Oh ok so 2 bether unless you didnt calculated fatigue in)
  380. <Taitale_Aranth> (Yeah I did already deduct it from the brawl)
  381. <Bashir> (insane rolls right of the bat, it is like watching Bleach or something :p )
  382. <Fishy> (Nah that 5 was for str instead right?)
  383. <Fishy> (well, no matter)
  384. <Dirk> (What a Brawl with Dex0 you must be 8 or such)
  385. <Taitale_Aranth> (His brawl is 6 and he gets -1 for fatigue - he only drank once, remember, since he came later)
  386. <Fishy> (They both are kung fu handing each other)
  387. <Brother_Gui> What initiative we on?
  388. <Bashir> (7)
  389. <Bashir> (The opponent and Aranth both got a first dice of 1 :) the rest of us are just standing back in awe)
  390. <Dirk> (Ok 2 Attack advance to the on ground lying)
  391. <Dirk> Now first attack on fishy
  392. <Fishy> (I hope you mean grab)
  393. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+5
  394. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 12 :7+5
  395. <Dirk> (fishy dodge this grable)
  396. <Fishy> (stat?)
  397. <Dirk> (Dex+Brawl)
  398. <Fishy> (also, any bonus for soaking in wine?)
  399. <Fishy> (I did swim in a bowl of wine)
  400. <Bashir> (quick I think, for defence?)
  401. <Dirk> (err quick soryy)
  402. <Bashir> (Not sure if it is any advantage ^^ )
  403. <Dirk> (Your glitchy that will help but first make dodge)
  404. <Fishy> (affect by fatigue?)
  405. <Dirk> (yep)
  406. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+1
  407. <BrotherBot> Fishy: 11 :10+1
  408. <Fishy> glitched
  409. <Brother_Gui> (what initiative are we on?)
  410. <Taitale_Aranth> (Yeah a wet fish probably wouldn't be too easy to grab :D)
  411. <Fishy> or maybe I ain't since I am drunk?
  412. <Dirk> (roll botch)
  413. <Fishy> !roll 1d10
  414. <BrotherBot> Fishy: 8
  415. <Taitale_Aranth> (Gui: still 7 - the antagonists are on that initiative, and most of the others are way down)
  416. <Dirk> (gui was 4)
  417. <Bashir> (And we've never been the fastest players to be sure :p )
  418. <Brother_Gui> :)
  419. <Dirk> Fishy glich backward out of his grableto somewhat fare behind
  420. <Taitale_Aranth> The other people in the tavern are shocked - it's getting obvious there's going to be a fight. The owner, a small man with a huge blond moustache, shouts "Stop it! Right now!"
  421. <Dirk> A other man try to kick brother gui
  422. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+5
  423. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 10 :5+5
  424. <Bashir> (the bastard : p)
  425. <Fishy> "Fishhyyy~~You don't *hic* hug me, Fishy hug you."
  426. <Bashir> (the other man, that is)
  427. <Dirk> (Also one of the athlets)
  428. <Bashir> (You'd think they got enough of this at work hehe)
  429. <Taitale_Aranth> (;)
  430. <Bashir> (CJ, can you do a defence roll?)
  431. <Dirk> Gui you dont whant to defend?
  432. <Bashir> (suspecting he checks in with us once in a while ^^ )
  433. <Bashir> (maybe temp skip him and move to the next attacker, if there are?)
  434. <Taitale_Aranth> (Yeah, he probably wasn't expecting a kick ;)
  435. <Dirk> Next one against Aranth
  436. <Taitale_Aranth> (Yeah, I'd say skip that attack for now, as well - we can resolve it later)
  437. <Bashir> (kicks are the taverns answer to the spanish inquisition)
  438. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+5 (Punch Aranth)
  439. <BrotherBot> Dirk, (Punch Aranth): 8 :3+5
  440. <Taitale_Aranth> !roll 1d10+6
  441. <BrotherBot> Taitale_Aranth: 16 :10+6
  442. <Taitale_Aranth> (grreat)
  443. <Taitale_Aranth> !roll 1d10
  444. <BrotherBot> Taitale_Aranth: 1
  445. <Dirk> (is 1 or 10 botch can never remember)
  446. <Taitale_Aranth> (10, so no botch, just fail)
  447. <Dirk> (think 10 at the reroll right?)
  448. <Taitale_Aranth> (Yes, so that wasn't a botch)
  449. <Bashir> (oh, isn't it stress dice?)
  450. <Dirk> (yep but not the botch die ^^)
  451. <Taitale_Aranth> (Yes, it is - I rolled a 0, checked for botch, didn't botch [i.e. no 0 on the second roll], so just failure)
  452. <Bashir> (ah right, misunderstood you)
  453. <Taitale_Aranth> (Ah, yes, the 1 on the second roll doesn't matter, since it's just to see if you get 0 or not()
  454. <Taitale_Aranth> (Roll damage from the punch)
  455. <Dirk> so +1 fatigue for Aranth
  456. <Dirk> (ah right its dice )
  457. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  458. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 5
  459. <Taitale_Aranth> (Oh! Where does that come frmo? Just failing?)
  460. <Bashir> (damage is just strength and attack advantage isn't it?)
  461. <Dirk> (yes its no roll so scarp that you just confused me ^^)
  462. <Taitale_Aranth> Aranth's soak is +4, so he take 1 wound
  463. <Dirk> 1 Fatigue not 1 wound
  464. <Taitale_Aranth> (Ah, ok. What's his str+attack advantage?)
  465. <Bashir> (so whatever strength the athlete has +2)
  466. <Taitale_Aranth> (Oh yeah, because its brawl. But still, what's the advantage)
  467. <Dirk> (but effective its 4 vs 4 so 0)
  468. <Taitale_Aranth> (Ok, so no fatigue)
  469. <Dirk> (so no damage)
  470. <Taitale_Aranth> The guy punches Aranth, but he doesn't seem to budge at all
  471. <Bashir> (attack advantage is his attack minus your defence - here 8 -6 )
  472. <Taitale_Aranth> (Yeah, right. It's good we're practicing this, it's complicated :O)
  473. <Dirk> The last on help his fallen camerad to get up
  474. <Dirk> Oh and the grapled try to get free
  475. <Bashir> (hehe aye, magic duels looks even worse, with their magic resistance in various forms)
  476. <Taitale_Aranth> (CJ: If you're reading this, you should roll for defence)
  477. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+5
  478. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 13 :8+5
  479. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10+0
  480. <BrotherBot> Brother_Gui: 7 :7+0
  481. <Taitale_Aranth> !roll 1d10+9 (Str+brawl)
  482. <BrotherBot> Taitale_Aranth, (Str+brawl): 10 :1+9
  483. <Brother_Gui> (Gui defence roll is 7)
  484. <Taitale_Aranth> !roll 1d10
  485. <BrotherBot> Taitale_Aranth: 7
  486. <Bashir> (you got hit then :( )
  487. <Taitale_Aranth> (Confidence?)
  488. <Dirk> (SO he didnt manage to break free)
  489. <Taitale_Aranth> (Yeah, he didn't)
  490. <Brother_Gui> I'll take the hit :)
  491. <Brother_Gui> His attack advantage is 3
  492. <Bashir> (no need to be happy about it though, you got Arabella to get home to :p )
  493. <Dirk> so 5 vs your deffense?
  494. <Bashir> (if she is anything like Edith you'll be lucky if this is the only fight you get into tonight!)
  495. <Brother_Gui> 7 is my defence
  496. <Dirk> (err 6 vs your soak sorry)
  497. <Dirk> (kick is +1 dmg)
  498. <Brother_Gui> OUCH!!!
  499. <Brother_Gui> I cumble, taking a medium wound.
  500. <Dirk> (Still extrem complicate for me to handle this and I thought I readed trough the roulse enough ^^)
  501. <Bashir> (its going fine ^^)
  502. <Dirk> (2 Fatigue level then Gui)
  503. <Brother_Gui> I am breathing heavily with a cracked rib, but luckily my Ednduring Constituition puts me at only -2 for the wound penalty
  504. <Brother_Gui> Ah, taking Fatigue not actual damage
  505. <Dirk> (Its a scufle even with kick)
  506. <Brother_Gui> Good, so I am on -2 now with the level for being drunk
  507. <Taitale_Aranth> (He passes out, though, doesn't he :D)
  508. <Taitale_Aranth> (Ok)
  509. <Brother_Gui> SO I get rady to punch back!
  510. <Fishy> (nah, he died)
  511. <Brother_Gui> Must be somoene ot punch?? :)
  512. <Dirk> yes Gui & Bashir next
  513. <Fishy> (you are on the floor though)
  514. <Brother_Gui> OK, I hit him in the bollocks!
  515. <Fishy> (We have a fallen monk)
  516. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10 +0
  517. <BrotherBot> Brother_Gui, +0: 10
  518. <Brother_Gui> OUCH!
  519. <Brother_Gui> I may have botched :(
  520. <Dirk> (outch botch roll)
  521. <Gustbran> (by the time it's my turn I'll have gotten several lines queued up.. :))
  522. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10
  523. <BrotherBot> Brother_Gui: 5
  524. <Bashir> (I'll do a kick to the monk-kicker afterwards)
  525. <Brother_Gui> No botch, but an attack of 0!
  526. <Dirk> (jep so I dont ned to roll)
  527. <Bashir> (poor boy, still, my turn?)
  528. <Dirk> yes
  529. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+6
  530. <BrotherBot> Bashir: 11 :5+6
  531. <Bashir> (^attack)
  532. <Bashir> (to the monk-kicking fellow)
  533. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+5
  534. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 8 :3+5
  535. <Dirk> so wahts your str?
  536. <Bashir> (I got a -1 str, but it was a kick, so 3 dam?)
  537. <Dirk> Yes He stumbles backwards
  538. <Bashir> (got revenge for you brother!)
  539. <Bashir> (of sorts)
  540. <Dirk> Gust
  541. <Brother_Gui> "Thank you Bashir! groans Gui
  542. <Dirk> what are you doing gust?
  543. <Gustbran> (:))
  544. <Gustbran> "Looks like it's my turn, now!!"
  545. <Bashir> (fortunate for the athlete that he rolled a 1 to your first attack Aranth, otherwise he'd been wasted thrice over)
  546. * Gustbran cracks his knuckles and laughs!
  547. * Gustbran charges with fists swinging!
  548. <Bashir> (haha!)
  549. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+11 (Str+brawl(fist) at a baddie!)
  550. <BrotherBot> Gustbran, (Str+brawl(fist) at a baddie!): 15 :4+11
  551. <Brother_Gui> :)
  552. <Bashir> (need a dex roll tho... *hides* )
  553. <Gustbran> (then subtract 1)
  554. <Bashir> (holy shite though, I am never going into combat with Gust)
  555. <Dirk> against who? the closest should be the one on the floor who is grapled and the one attacking Aranth
  556. <Gustbran> (the one with the least damage!_
  557. <Gustbran> )
  558. <Fishy> (He mean hitting the tougher one)
  559. <Dirk> (there 5 totall and only one damaged so fare but one of the undamaged is grappled)
  560. <Bashir> (both should be unharmed, the only one damaged was the one I kicked)
  561. <Gustbran> (any one of them will do!)
  562. <Dirk> !roll 1d2
  563. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 1
  564. <Bashir> (^ most fair way to decide ^^ )
  565. <Dirk> the one grappled fishy
  566. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+5
  567. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 6 :1+5
  568. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  569. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 2
  570. <Bashir> (the bastard)
  571. <Fishy> (I thought I got away)
  572. <Bashir> (you did, slipping in his grasp I think)
  573. <Dirk> Still suprised when fishy went out of his grip you hit him
  574. <Dirk> Waths your str?
  575. <Gustbran> (2)
  576. <Fishy> (Fishy size is -5 btw)
  577. <Bashir> (You slippery fish!)
  578. <Fishy> (it's like big mouse size)
  579. <Dirk> He falls to the floor
  580. <Taitale_Aranth> (Taitale now?)
  581. <Dirk> So next Taitalle
  582. <Bashir> (oh, I forgot, did they have a chance to soak our damage?)
  583. <Dirk> (yes)
  584. <Bashir> (goodie :) )
  585. <Bashir> (Throw a cup)
  586. <Taitale_Aranth> Ok, Taitale will simply climb to the floor from his chair and crawl towards the door.
  587. <Bashir> (or the wine)
  588. <Bashir> (aww, still, most likely a good idea..)
  589. <Gustbran> (so I didn't bash the guys skull in this time? Whoo hoo!)
  590. <Taitale_Aranth> Since it's a kind of tricky thing, I'll roll str+athletics for this
  591. <Taitale_Aranth> !roll 1d10
  592. <BrotherBot> Taitale_Aranth: 7
  593. <Dirk> Dirk in Hypoborean "Stop it!" but get a vew steps back to not enter the fight
  594. <Dirk> any one missed?
  595. <Bashir> (I think we are good)
  596. <Taitale_Aranth> (Fishy again, then? Show them hell, Fishy!)
  597. <Dirk> So Fishy who is at the other end of the Tavern right now ^^
  598. <Bashir> (Would be fun if Nagash came back with Corbenik and arrested us all for disorderly conduct)
  599. <Taitale_Aranth> (:D)
  600. <Fishy> (The guy that try to grab me still standing?)
  601. <Dirk> (No he is downed from Gust)
  602. <Bashir> (He's wasted by Gust I think)
  603. <Gustbran> (smooch time~!)
  604. <Bashir> (haha)
  605. <Gustbran> (GO fishy1)
  606. <Brother_Gui> Anyone still standing? :)
  607. * Fishy slam-hug another bad guy face. "Smoochy to you tooo Ughfhhfhghh" Fishy vomited as he kiss mouth to mouth.
  608. <Dirk> (How fast are you fishy?)
  609. <Taitale_Aranth> (Yeah, one is down and one is damaged slightly)
  610. <Bashir> (wakes up in the morning, blue and battered, his head spinning from the wine and his lips tasting of fish)
  611. <Fishy> (I have power to speed up if needed)
  612. <Dirk> (I mean movment with your size)
  613. <Fishy> (smaller = faster usually, I have qik +3)
  614. <Fishy> (assuming I adjusted it right)
  615. <Dirk> (No how much is your speed your flight)
  616. <Fishy> (oh geez
  617. <Dirk> (as mentioned you are at the other side of the room and nearly hit a other person in the face bevore you could stop)
  618. <Fishy> (how do I math flight speed)
  619. <Dirk> (No math its fixed usualy ^^)
  620. <Taitale_Aranth> (I don't know how that works either - maybe just paper over it for now?)
  621. <Bashir> (what is the average air velocity of swallow?)
  622. <Fishy> (It came from flight of hummingbird power)
  623. <Fishy> (I can boost it with a powe to get one league in one diameter)
  624. <Dirk> (Ok then its fast enough if I rember right so you can act)
  625. <Bashir> (
  626. <Dirk> So you fly back and kiss one of them?
  627. <Dirk> Or how do I understand your action?
  628. <Fishy> yep
  629. <Fishy> and vomit in their face
  630. <Fishy> just feeding the young some food
  631. <Fishy> like a good fishy
  632. <Dirk> Then a Athletics or Flight roll
  633. <Dirk> with Dex
  634. <Fishy> have none of those
  635. <Fishy> dex is 1
  636. <Dirk> just dex then
  637. <Fishy> in fact, fishy have no skill at all
  638. <Gustbran> (haha)
  639. <Taitale_Aranth> (Hehe, fishy is kind of new to this whole flying thing)
  640. <Dirk> (its no attack in the normal sense)
  641. <Fishy> (well it's swimming in air actually)
  642. <Taitale_Aranth> (Or maybe he's just know to this whole thing of "things" in general)
  643. <Fishy> (I would call it swimming)
  644. <Taitale_Aranth> (new, I mean)
  645. <Bashir> (just disturbing...)
  646. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+1
  647. <BrotherBot> Fishy: 2 :1+1
  648. <Fishy> !roll 1d10
  649. <BrotherBot> Fishy: 9
  650. <Fishy> yeahhhh
  651. <Fishy> 19
  652. <Gustbran> (agreed. DISTURBING!)
  653. <Bashir> (score)
  654. <Fishy> (let it be known that fishy know hjow to swim)
  655. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  656. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 6
  657. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+5
  658. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 10 :5+5
  659. <Dirk> You hit one of them with it
  660. * Gustbran shudders at the sight!
  661. <Taitale_Aranth> (Haha, don't mess with the fish)
  662. <Dirk> It runs direct over his nose
  663. * Bashir takes a moment to stare in disbelief
  664. <Dirk> Aranth your action
  665. <Taitale_Aranth> "I said to STOP IT!" and punches the grappled guy
  666. <Dirk> (btw it was the one who was trying to help up his comerad)
  667. <Taitale_Aranth> !roll 1d10+5
  668. <BrotherBot> Taitale_Aranth: 8 :3+5
  669. <Bashir> (how many are there? 3?)
  670. <Dirk> (3 standing and 2 lying on the ground)
  671. <Bashir> (kk)
  672. <Taitale_Aranth> (The one I'm punching is down as well, right? So grappled and downed)
  673. <Dirk> (its one of the 2)
  674. <Bashir> (one fell to the ground at the start with Gui, unless it is the one who took a kick from me)
  675. <Dirk> Aranth you feel somthing warm running around your fist
  676. <Bashir> (that is the second, that is)
  677. <Dirk> (how much was your str again?)
  678. <Taitale_Aranth> (Did I hit him? Str is 4)
  679. <Dirk> (He cant dodge!)
  680. <Taitale_Aranth> (Oh, right)
  681. <Corbenik> (well that was a nice nap, and it would appear something insane was here because my alarm was muted, not stopped :P )
  682. <Taitale_Aranth> (Ok, Corbenik arrives at the scene, presumablyu :D)
  683. <Bashir> (welcome back, just in time to arrest us all!)
  684. <Corbenik> (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!)
  685. <Dirk> Aranth now have a blood fist from the wound he made
  686. <Taitale_Aranth> (Did the guy drop down?)
  687. <Brother_Gui> "Corbenik, arrest them!" yells Gui!
  688. <Corbenik> (Who did she punch)
  689. <Dirk> He was already on the floor and now is ko
  690. <Dirk> with a big bleeding wound
  691. <Taitale_Aranth> Corbenik, you were walking near the plaza, when someone ran over to you and said there's a fight going on in Diaonysoan Apollonian pub nearby, and that there are magi involved
  692. <Corbenik> (yes)
  693. <Dirk> against fishy
  694. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+5
  695. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 12 :7+5
  696. <Taitale_Aranth> You rushed over and arrived at a scene where tatiale's son, dirk, gui the monk, bashir, fishy, and gus are fighting 5 very drunken athletes. It looks like the athletes are losing
  697. <Fishy> (Anyone know what page is for the wound penalties for other size?)
  698. <Dirk> (Tatiale and Dirk are not part of this combat)
  699. <Taitale_Aranth> Taitale crawls to the door as you arrive, and shouts "Do something!"
  700. <Brother_Gui> (So are some of us! - groaning on the floor)
  701. <Corbenik> "ALL OF YOU, YOU ARE COMING WITH ME!!"
  702. <Taitale_Aranth> Roll initiative first, probably
  703. <Dirk> Yes and I would say 2 rounds more as each round is only a vew seconds!
  704. <Corbenik> (God damn it, what is the ini roll)
  705. <Dirk> So at last this round have to be ended bevor Copernic can even enter!
  706. <Bashir> (quickness)
  707. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10+3
  708. <BrotherBot> Corbenik: 8 :5+3
  709. <Taitale_Aranth> (Ok, let's do this round before Corb comes; roll initiative in any case)
  710. <Bashir> (sounds good)
  711. <Fishy> (Plus weapon)
  712. <Corbenik> (yeah)
  713. <Bashir> (there is hardly anything happened so far)
  714. <Dirk> (-Encumberance if you whant to do it exactly)
  715. <Corbenik> (I know Dirk)
  716. <Bashir> (Ah right, the fat man at the door will probably not take your sword when you are from the guard.... and they got a brawl going on!)
  717. <Dirk> fish roll Dodge
  718. <Fishy> Can I use my power to get away?
  719. <Dirk> Is it a action? Then No
  720. <Fishy> dodge use dex or qik?
  721. <Bashir> Quick
  722. <Dirk> You could done your attack or activate a power
  723. <Taitale_Aranth> (I have to go in about 30min, so we'll warp it up after the fight)
  724. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+1
  725. <BrotherBot> Fishy: 2 :1+1
  726. <Fishy> !roll 1d10
  727. <BrotherBot> Fishy: 10
  728. <Gustbran> (!)
  729. <Fishy> 21
  730. <Corbenik> (wow)
  731. <Fishy> BOOM
  732. <Bashir> (that is one crazy flying fish)
  733. <Fishy> Fishy the swimmer
  734. <Taitale_Aranth> (Haha, fishy could handle this fight by himself)
  735. <Fishy> no skill needed
  736. <Dirk> Fishy swirlls cirlces around his head enraging him even futer while he try to hit fishy
  737. <Dirk> (Who was the one kicking last round?)
  738. <Bashir> (raises hand)
  739. <Dirk> Ok the one you hit try to attack you
  740. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+3
  741. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 6 :3+3
  742. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+5
  743. <BrotherBot> Bashir: 9 :4+5
  744. <Dirk> but fail to hit and nearly stumbles
  745. <Bashir> (thank the gods, my weak physique can't stand a thrashing)
  746. <Fishy> (much worst for fishy, its size is -5)
  747. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+5 (vs Gustbran)
  748. <BrotherBot> Dirk, (vs Gustbran): 9 :4+5
  749. <Fishy> (still looking for the chart of the wound penalties)
  750. <Bashir> (true!)
  751. <Dirk> (Its on the char sheet)
  752. <Bashir> (there is damage at pg. 179)
  753. <Brother_Gui> It goes in bands of 5 for normal size characters
  754. <Dirk> Gust you try to dodge?
  755. <Bashir> (not 100% sure how it translates to fatigue)
  756. <Gustbran> (No, I'm gonna take it head on and laugh it off!)
  757. <Bashir> (hehe)
  758. <Dirk> Shrug then 11 dmg
  759. <Brother_Gui> See page 175 - table called "scuffle effects"
  760. <Bashir> (ah thanks!)
  761. <Dirk> how much is your soak?
  762. <Gustbran> (+9)
  763. <Bashir> (holy shite)
  764. <Gustbran> "Was that the best you could do!"
  765. <Dirk> then +1 Fatigue
  766. <Dirk> but you know Encumbnberance would have effected all your rolls of the fight!
  767. <Dirk> Gust is here with heavy armor even in his free time
  768. <Corbenik> (What armor do you have Gustbran?)
  769. <Fishy> (Fishy did a scuffle then)
  770. <Bashir> (chest hair :p )
  771. <Gustbran> (leather armor, only!)
  772. <Gustbran> (but he has the virtue, "tough")
  773. <Fishy> (Fish scale only!)
  774. <Dirk> (With no shield oh my as leather only gives +2 to stamina)
  775. <Corbenik> (Heavy Leather or studded?)
  776. <Corbenik> (or metal reinforce)
  777. <Dirk> (it must at last +5 so its metal)
  778. <Taitale_Aranth> (Who's up?)
  779. <Gustbran> Equipment: Full Leather Scale Armor (Soak: 6) (Soak: 6; Protection: 5); Shield, Round (Init: 0; Atk: 0; Dfn: +2; Str: -1; Cost: Inexpensive)
  780. <Dirk> (outch ok)
  781. <Bashir> (brother Gui, I think, and me)
  782. <Brother_Gui> OK can I hit anyone by rolling across flaw?
  783. <Brother_Gui> floor even?
  784. <Dirk> (Gui and Bashir your now)
  785. <Gustbran> ("tough" gives the other 3 soak)
  786. <Taitale_Aranth> (The Tough virtue gives +3 to soak as well)
  787. <Fishy> (Monster grog)
  788. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10
  789. <BrotherBot> Brother_Gui: 1
  790. <Dirk> (ohh ok as mentione Gust +1 Fatigue)
  791. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10
  792. <BrotherBot> Brother_Gui: 5
  793. <Fishy> (Brother bot the best bot)
  794. <Dirk> What are you doing gui?
  795. <Brother_Gui> OK so total attack 10. (I am normally at +2, but would have -3 for fatigue, reduced to - 2 by Enduring Constitution)
  796. <Fishy> (Hit anyone by rolling across the floor)
  797. <Brother_Gui> I have included th -2
  798. <Brother_Gui> So ten attack on the big guy!
  799. <Brother_Gui> Once know his defence total I can work out the damage :)
  800. <Dirk> Who just attacked Gust?
  801. <Gustbran> (a dead man. ;))
  802. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+5
  803. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 11 :6+5
  804. <Dirk> (no he avoided your attack)
  805. <Brother_Gui> OK, time to spend Confidence!
  806. <Brother_Gui> I get 13.
  807. <Bashir> (yay)
  808. <Brother_Gui> 13-11 = 2
  809. <Brother_Gui> but +1 damage, so totoal 3. Bet he soaks it!
  810. <Bashir> (might do, the bugger)
  811. <Dirk> He stumbles backwards
  812. <Bashir> (or maybe not)
  813. <Dirk> (they have only light cloths)
  814. <Brother_Gui> (Chaps, I have to run - I'm so sorry -- but I defend now on -2 and attack on +1. I will switch to evasion once Corbenik arrives, trying to climb under a table!)
  815. <Dirk> bashir who are you attacking now?
  816. <Bashir> Right, I'm returning with a punch (towards the guy who was attacking me)
  817. <Bashir> Take care Wits :)
  818. <Taitale_Aranth> (Ok, thanks for tonight, CJ! I'll post some stuff on the forum about this later, so check that out.)
  819. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+6
  820. <Brother_Gui> (sorry I have to go but need to run! Enjoying the brawl. Catch you all soon!)
  821. <BrotherBot> Bashir: 11 :5+6
  822. <Dirk> ok roll dex+brawl
  823. <Dirk> (Sorry CJ that I was slow today but ti was kind of overwelming at first ^^)
  824. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+3
  825. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 7 :4+3
  826. <Dirk> you hit
  827. <Gustbran> (do we need magic dice to replace "brotherbot?")
  828. <Bashir> (ah I'm blind, though it was Wits :p )
  829. <Gustbran> (I guess not..)
  830. <Bashir> (3 damage again)
  831. <Dirk> Bashir whats your str again?
  832. <Bashir> -1
  833. <Dirk> Ok you knock him out
  834. <Bashir> (yay!)
  835. <Bashir> (take that you brotherkicker!)
  836. <Dirk> Gust
  837. <Dirk> what are you doing?
  838. <Gustbran> (I'm going after the one who punched me!)
  839. <Fishy> (Welp, just realize fishy have skill, I am blind)
  840. <Dirk> ok then attack
  841. <Dirk> (loool)
  842. <Bashir> (you are just merciful, that is all)
  843. <Fishy> (brawl 3. Whelp)
  844. <Gustbran> (haha)
  845. <Fishy> (Athletic 2)
  846. <Gustbran> (you just subtract fatigue from the skill?)
  847. <Fishy> (Nope, didn't add the skill)
  848. <Fishy> (subtract from qik +3)
  849. <Dirk> yes you fatigue modification
  850. <Fishy> (so I roll with 1)
  851. <Bashir> (I think so yeah)
  852. <Fishy> (oh well, fishy is drunk)
  853. <Fishy> (He forgot his skill!)
  854. <Bashir> (indeed, it happens to the best of us!)
  855. <Dirk> (You substract fatigue from your rolls!)
  856. <Fishy> (But the vomit make it remember)
  857. <Fishy> (I did substract(
  858. <Taitale_Aranth> (Gus, yes, you have 1 level of fatigue, I think, so you're at -1)
  859. <Bashir> (Save Bashir, who isn't permitted to indulge -.-' )
  860. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+9 (dex+brawl(fist)-1fatigue, will use fatigue also! (not taken into account!)
  861. <BrotherBot> Gustbran, (dex+brawl(fist)-1fatigue, will use fatigue also! (not taken into account!): 15 :6+9
  862. <Fishy> ((2 long fatigue)
  863. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+3
  864. <BrotherBot> Dirk: 11 :8+3
  865. <Fishy> (so -2)
  866. <Dirk> (no -3)
  867. <Dirk> (its -1, -3, -5 KO)
  868. <Fishy> (k)
  869. <Fishy> (still passed with the extra -1 so far)
  870. <Dirk> SO whats your dmg again gust?
  871. <Gustbran> (+2 for fist)
  872. <Fishy> (+2 for fish)
  873. <Bashir> ( :p )
  874. <Dirk> YOu hit him in the face and ha fals down to the ground
  875. <Gustbran> (hopefully the rest should be pretty intimidated by now!)
  876. <Bashir> (that is the reucuring theme with Gust :p )
  877. <Taitale_Aranth> (Hit face, profit. It's the simple formula.)
  878. <Dirk> Only standing is the one who Fishy swirls around
  879. <Corbenik> (Hmmmm I see now Gust is a threat to society and must be executed)
  880. <Fishy> "You can't catch me, hurr hurr hurr."
  881. <Taitale_Aranth> Taitale crals out of the door and leans on the wall puffing outside.
  882. <Dirk> now Tailtalle and Dirk are out of the combat
  883. * Gustbran is smiling in the carnage!
  884. <Dirk> Next round right?
  885. <Bashir> Yep
  886. <Fishy> (Fishy have premonition, but these guys clearly is not a threat)
  887. <Taitale_Aranth> Yes. Did Corbenik roll for initiative already?
  888. <Dirk> Now Copernik have his apearance
  889. <Bashir> With 8, Corpernik should be first I think)
  890. <Corbenik> (yeah, I think it was 8)
  891. <Taitale_Aranth> (Right)
  892. <Corbenik> 8
  893. <Fishy> (I have 8 too)
  894. <Corbenik> (........................)
  895. <Dirk> No Fishy first but then Copernik
  896. <Fishy> (yep)
  897. * Fishy flies up the ceiling and taunting the guy to catch it.
  898. <Fishy> "Come up here shorty!"
  899. <Fishy> "Come to papa"
  900. <Fishy> "Come to"
  901. <Fishy> "Fishhyyyy"
  902. <Fishy> (The ceiling is high right?)
  903. <Taitale_Aranth> (It's not that high)
  904. <Taitale_Aranth> Fishy can't fly so high he couldn't be caught
  905. <Dirk> And Gust and some other standing around
  906. <Dirk> oh and one of this young guard try to hunt fishy
  907. <Corbenik> ".....ALL OF YOU STOP!!!"
  908. <Taitale_Aranth> Ok, roll presence + keadership
  909. * Taitale_Aranth is now known as Wits
  910. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10+7 (+1 if intimidation)
  911. <Magic_Dice> Corbenik, (+1 if intimidation): 12:5+7
  912. <Wits> The one remaining athlete who's jumping after Fishy stops at once, and looks at Corbenik rather scared
  913. <Wits> Everyone else in the tavern turn towards Corbenik as well.
  914. <Corbenik> (that was also aimed at our party)
  915. <Wits> The owner exclaims: "Excellent! Take these idiots out of my house!"
  916. <@Bashir> (at "our" party :p )
  917. <Dirk> (Yes but all eyes are now on you ^^)
  918. <Corbenik> (points at drunk guards) "Guardhouse NOW!!!", (points to your party) "To the temple to explain"
  919. <@Bashir> (How is Corbenik dressed btw? )
  920. <Wits> (The drunk guys aren't your guards - they are just normal citizens who were participating in athletic games in the arena)
  921. <@Bashir> (leather or metalish?)
  922. <Corbenik> (Still guardhouse)
  923. <@Bashir> (or just clothish)
  924. <Dirk> (Oh OK with this statts they should be guards!)
  925. <Wits> The one awake guy moves meekly towards Corbenik "Iwwash theirfault!"
  926. <Corbenik> (Full body Metal Scale Armor, Heater Shield, and longsword)
  927. * @Bashir Bashir looks at Corbenik, very scared
  928. <Dirk> (and we have a lot guards )
  929. <Wits> The rest of them just lie on the floor either unconscious or moaning in a low voice
  930. <Gustbran> (come on, if a 46 year old could whoop them they don't deserve to be guards!)
  931. <Corbenik> "You can explain at the guardhouse, as they will expain at the temple"
  932. * Dirk stand aside of the fight next to other watchers
  933. <Wits> Ok, let's wrap it up here.
  934. <@Bashir> (Should I make a loyalty roll to see whether to flee or stay? ^^)
  935. <Wits> (You can if you want, but Corbenik is at the door :D)
  936. <Dirk> (He blocks the entrance so flight no posiblility right now)
  937. <@Bashir> (any other apparent ways out?)
  938. <@Bashir> (windows.. stairs..?)
  939. <Wits> I'll post some of the stuff on the forums, and you can decide what you want to do before the next session
  940. <Wits> Yeah, there's an entrance that leads deeper into the building
  941. <@Bashir> !roll 1d10+1
  942. <Magic_Dice> Bashir: 11:10+1
  943. <@Bashir> (lol)
  944. <Gustbran> (lol)
  945. <@Bashir> (are these stress dice? :p )
  946. <Corbenik> (yes as you are running)
  947. <Wits> Are you trying to run for the other door? YUes
  948. <Wits> it's stress, so roll again
  949. <Gustbran> (roll botch)
  950. <@Bashir> !roll 1d10
  951. <Magic_Dice> Bashir: 6
  952. <Dirk> (it was a Personality roll if I understand it right )
  953. <@Bashir> (it was personality)
  954. <@Bashir> (to see if I stay or run)
  955. <Wits> Ah, I see
  956. <Dirk> (I think no stress die there as you shouldnt botch a Personality roll)
  957. <Wits> Yes, that's not stress I think too
  958. <@Bashir> (ah ok)
  959. <Corbenik> (Then you got a zero Bashir)
  960. <Dirk> (NO a big 11)
  961. <@Bashir> wouldn't it be 11 tho?)
  962. <Wits> Yeah
  963. <Dirk> (as it count absolut like the bot show it then)
  964. <@Bashir> (so in staying loyal, I'll stay and sort it out)
  965. <Corbenik> (Wait, isn't it still 0 even if not stressed)
  966. <Wits> No, it's a 10 I'm pretty sure
  967. <@Bashir> (... now I am starting to doubt myself... damn you)
  968. <Magic_Dice> I say it means he runs screaming like a little girl!
  969. <Wits> Yes, it's on page 6
  970. <Corbenik> (:D then I might have done something wrong before then)
  971. <Wits> it's a 10
  972. <Wits> Ok, so he stays, and everyone gets rounded up for interrogation
  973. <Corbenik> No zeros on botch dice: No botch, die roll is 0.
  974. <Wits> Like I said, when I have time later, I'll gather the plot points on the forum, and I'd like you to decide on a course of action before next time
  975. <Wits> Corbenik, it was a simple die because it was personality
  976. [17:13] <Wits> I thought it was a running roll first, which is why I thought it was stress
  977. [17:13] <Corbenik> FUCK I DID THE STRESS DIE AGAIN :P
  978. [17:13] <Gustbran> Sorry I was late, hope I didn't miss too much! :(
  979. [17:13] <Corbenik> (MY BRAIN WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0
  980. <Dirk> (OK thanks for todays session and as mentioned sorry for my slowness at start but it was my first fight as GM ^^)
  981. <Wits> (You did great, Schwarzbart! Thanks!)
  982. <Gustbran> (haha! I enjoyed that, but I'd like something a little tougher....)
  983. <Wits> But I don't have time to do the post now, so I'll probably do it tomorrow
  984. <Corbenik> Alright see yah I seem to have brain damage
  985. <@Bashir> (is fine Gust, and thanks for running, Wits and Schwartz, it was a lot of fun)
  986. <Dirk> send me a PM with the info on the scroll I got from Gust
  987. <Wits> The beginning was pretty hectic, so I'll try to gather everything you experienced there
  988. <Wits> Gustbran, do you tell the other about your talk with the guy in the beginning?
  989. <Gustbran> (I told dirk!)
  990. <Wits> Dirk, it's the same scroll Taitale had
  991. <Wits> Ok, good. So the info's out, I'll post it all on the forum
  992. <Wits> See you next time, I gotta run
  993. <Wits> Thanks everyone!
  995. Since the narrative part of the previous session was rather hectic and wall-of-text, I thought I should make a list of the things that the player characters would know after they’ve had a chance to discuss the tavern scene among themselves and get their bearings. I’m hoping you might make some decisions here on the forum before next time, so I know which scenario to prepare for.
  997. I would like you to read through these notes and state what your characters would like to do next. The athletes you fought are now detained at the guardhouse; it’s up to Corbenik what he wants to do with them and the player characters, so Nagas please state what Corbenik does. Everyone who participated in the fight (i.e. excluding Taitale and Dirk) gets 2 confidence, except that the heroic Fishy gets 3 (if magic creatures have confidence scores, I'm not sure).
  999. 1) Taitale has gotten hold of a leaflet that was, although in a kind of rambling and obscure way (see end of post), anti-magi. He seemed to think there was an opposition movement of some kind behind this, and that it could potentially be dangerous, but didn’t know much else. He also mentioned that people had gone missing lately, and citizens were a little on edge about that.
  1001. 2) Gui thought the handwriting on the leaflet seemed familiar but couldn’t recall where he’d seen it before.
  1003. 3) Gus was approached by a man who seemed to think Gus was a famed mage-slayer and invited him to join something called “the Bearers of the Lyre”. The man also gave Gus one of the leaflets and told that he should draw a lyre in the sand outside of the tavern if he wanted to join. Dirk recognized the man as Ganasi, reputedly among the finest woodworkers in the city, whom Dirk had been trying to contact lately to recruit him as a forge companion.
  1005. 4) Before the fight started, the drunken athlete seemed to refer to the leaflet when picking on Gui. Apparently he was familiar with it.
  1007. Appendix: The Rambing Leaflet:
  1009. They would deduce from their dialectic of knowledge even the most sublime moral deeds, the impulses of compassion, of sacrifice, or heroism, and that oceanic calm of the soul which is so difficult to achieve, sophrosyne. Yet when the affliction strikes, when their actions turn comedy to sour tragedy, where, then, is their dialectic of knowledge? Where is it when the our homes crumble, when our world turns inside out and upside down, when our neighbors become strangers?
  1011. Heed now the summons of Apollo, the god of all plastic energies, the soothsaying god. Even under the influence of the narcotic draught that sends to torpor the boldest of men and binds them under the cross, even then, with the potent coming of spring that penetrates all nature with joy, emotions now awake, and as they grow in intensity the self vanishes to be born anew. Voices rise in chorus to deaden the weed at its root.
  1013. There are some who, from obtuseness or lack of experience, turn away from such phenomena as from "folk-diseases," with contempt or pity born of consciousness of their own "healthy-mindedness." But of course such poor wretches have no idea how corpselike and ghostly their so-called "healthy-mindedness" will prove when Apollo’s glowing light roars over them. Whimper no more, worms!
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