Dadonequus Discord Part 221

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  1. >You quickly look away, trying to act cool and uncaring
  2. " wasn't anything big. Just a puppy. Y'know, I am the hero colt"
  3. >As you tried to pass it off as nothing. You noticed the looks of some of your classmates. Some were relieved, others seemed offput by the fact that you hurt a puppy.
  4. >You then turned to Nymous, trying to get out of your head that everything was now suddenly going wrong. You can't let it get to you. It's what Chrysalis would want.
  5. >But then...looking at her.
  6. >She was checking to see if Diamond was alright while Diamond Tiara was checking her That was actually amazing. You didn't expect her to just jump and save Diamond like that. Maybe there was hope for her yet...though..she was still soaking up the attention the colts were giving her as they moved up to check on her.
  7. >"Anon...I" Applebloom shook her head, she noticed you distancing yourself from her, she was trying to get her head out of the clouds. "Ahh, thanks. For savin' me I mean. That was some quick thinkin'" But then she noticed your leg "..Wait..Anon.."
  8. "I'm fine...I'm fine"
  9. >You really weren't. your wounds were visible and it was clear that the puppy took a big bite out of you. and although you stopped bleeding, there was still trails of dry blood along your leg and coat. It stung too.
  10. >Before Applebloom could say anything more. Cheerilee charges onto the scene after being alerted by the other students. "What's going on, what's this about a mad puppy?"
  11. >Many of the students started to gather around her, telling her what happened. Cheerilee was stunned that such a vicious puppy would be skulking around the school. She then notices you and Nymous.
  12. >"Oh no....Are you both ok?" Cheerilee asks.
  13. >"I'll be long as the little ones are ok.." Nymous says, standing tall and brave.
  14. "Same...It just that it bit my leg. Ngh"
  15. >You let out a little whine as you step forward.
  17. >Cheerilee knew she had to move fast. If the puppy was out there and capable of that kind of damage. She knew she had to get her students to safety. She also had to do something about your leg and Nymous's chest. "Ok everypony. Gather around me and stay close to my side. Do not wander off and keep your eye out. We're going to go back to the classroom. Do not panic...everything will be ok" Cheerilee had to speak in a soothing voice. She wanted to let all her students know everything was ok.
  18. >You all stuck close as you all moved back into the classroom. Cheerilee closed the door and then looked out the windows to see if there was any sign of the puppy. None....She then went to get some first aid from her desk.
  19. >She looked to you and Nymous after announcing to the students to be alert and NOT to leave. And put the first aid box down next to you. "Hold still Anon, this is going to sting. But we have to get that leg handled."
  20. "Ok, got it"
  21. >You complied as she worked on and then bandaged your leg. It did sting, but it wasn't anything you couldn't handle. You just let out a small whine.
  22. >"How did this even happen?" Cheerilee asks as she bandages up and around Nymous's chest. "Was it really a puppy that did this to the both of you?"
  23. >Nymous nodded "It was....poor little thing must have been scared and alone. It attacked the other students. But Anon was able to stop it before it did any real harm...I wish he didn't hurt it like that though...It was just a puppy"
  24. >Diamond Tiara speaks up as she stands next to Nymous "They both did an amazing job miss Cheerilee! You should have seen it. The puppy would have gotten me if it wasn't for Nymous! She saved me just like Anon would! She's definitely Anon's sister!" She seemed pretty positive despite what just happened. Though her rally for Nymous seemed to spur on the other students.
  26. >"....but he still hurt that poor puppy" Another, slightly younger filly mentions. In which a few agree.
  27. >Yeah but the damn thing was insane!
  28. "Woah woah hold on. Excuse me.."
  29. >You lift up the leg where you got bit
  30. "Are we forgetting that the puppy bit my leg?"
  31. >"Yeah...but it was probably just hungry.." The filly said with a slight stutter.
  32. >"Ah dunno, I thought that too and tried to get it to bite onto a stick. It didn't do it. So ah don't think it was hungry" Applebloom threw in her two cents "besides..." Applebloom then takes a small glance at you "ah never seen a puppy that could bite like that."
  33. >"Neither have I...." Cheerilee then looked to Nymous "Nymous, I know it may seem odd to ask considering you just got here. But I need a trustworthy pony to watch over the students. I'm going to go out there and get some ponies to help me find that puppy. I can't let anypony leave the classroom until it's found or we're sure it's gone. I'm also going to get a doctor to look at Anon and your's wounds. I can only do so much and it could be more serious than it looks."
  34. >Nymous nodded "You can count on me..." She wraps her front hoof gently around a colt, making it blush as she pulls it closer "I'll make sure to keep all these sweet little foals safe and sound."
  35. >Cheerilee felt a sense of relief. She felt she could trust Nymous...
  37. >You however...was conflicted. This was Chrysalis, what if she had some sinister plan or something?
  38. >But the way she saved Diamond Tiara....and took that bite. Maybe there was a heart in there. You just had to let it bloom by trusting her.
  39. >Cheerilee reminded her students to not leave the classroom under any circumstances and that everything would be alright. She hugged a few of the needier foals to calm them down. And then she left.
  40. >"Alright!" Diamond Tiara announced as she stepped close to you "Now that Miss Cheerilee is gone, I'm going to say one rule. One rule I expect everypony to follow. And that's not going anywhere near Anon or Nymous's bandages. Because I know you colts, you all think "battle scars" are cool and will try to take a look. And I swear, if I see one bandage out of place..." She shakes her hoof angrily at each and every colt in the room. They all gulped and complied.
  41. >"Good..." Diamond Tiara then walks up to you, passing by Applebloom as she nuzzles onto you "Are you ok Anon? That puppy didn't hurt you too bad did he?"
  42. >You wince, you wince because you can see Applebloom frown from the attention you were getting.
  43. "I'm fine...u-umm. Diamond Tiara, I need to go check on my sister...errr...I have this overwhelming feeling to make sure she's ok."
  44. >"But...she's right there..." Diamond Tiara points to her, she was right. She was right in the room.
  45. "What I mean is. I want to get a closer look...and...remember? Jealous fillies?"
  46. >"oooohhhhh" Diamond Tiara backs off "Right..." She takes quick glances around to make sure no one else was ogling you. But she does notice Applebloom looking pretty glum. "Applebloom? what's wrong?"
  48. >"Wha? Oh...nothin...erm..just worried about Miss Cheerilee" Applebloom lied.
  49. >Diamond Tiara smiled at her and moved up close and gave her bow a tap and slight tug. "Don't worry about Miss Cheerilee, she's smart enough to figure everything out."
  50. >it just had to attack Applebloom. Applebloom just had to be a stubborn and heroic idiot. At this point, you had to make the choice of just telling her off as nice as possible that you just aren't interested. Because you were going to go insane if this kept up.
  51. >You slip by the two fillies and walk towards Nymous. Who notices you and gives a colt a nice head rub before telling him to go play with the other colts. She did seem to have a vigilant eye on the door. Making sure noone actually left the classroom.
  52. "Chry....Nymous. Can I say something?"
  53. >Nymous looks to you, with a sweet and gentle smile
  54. >"My brother, of course you are alright, aren't you?"
  55. >You nod, you knew you'd be ok. You've endured worse.
  56. "Yeah..but umm...I just wanna say. I'm glad you actually came, saving Diamond Tiara like that.."
  57. >You speak to suggest in a way that it was her true self that jumped to save DT
  58. "it must have taken all your heart to do something like that for somepony else. Thank you"
  59. >Nymous pulled you close for a gentle hug. A hug that you actually fully embrace. You never felt so warm in a fuzzy sense towards Chrysalis before. You didn't expect her to give in so soon...or so easily. It felt really nice. And given she was playing your sister. It made you think of the future...and how having her around could make things any better. Sure, you now had problems with Applebloom again..but that wasn't her fault.
  60. >You then whisper
  61. "Thanks Chrysalis...."
  62. >And then she whispers
  63. "It's no trouble Anon, no trouble at all...You really should thank the Captain. He wanted to take your leg off originally"
  64. >You chuckle
  65. "Well, he's just a little sil-................"
  66. >............
  68. >You don't even flinch or move. You just speak in a very low voice.
  69. ".....repeat that...."
  70. >she said nothing, instead Nymous's gentle smile turned into a sinister grin.
  72. >Your mind was screaming. You could feel the walls of your sanity falling apart.
  73. >The Captain?! The puppy was the Captain?! The runt?! Discord let him out too!?
  74. >You slowly take a quick glance at Applebloom, something Nymous notices. When you turn your head back towards her. Her grin reaches Grinch levels.
  75. "..y-you....."
  76. >Nymous finally spoke a low whisper "It isn't easy it?"
  77. >Your eye twitches from the full realization that she fucking did it on purpose. She saved Diamond Tiara to gain her favor, then made sure you saved Applebloom to accidentally gain back hers. How did she.....did she really take your advice on improving her planning? There had to be a flaw.....
  78. >......oh god....
  79. >You fly into a silent rage. Everything was falling apart instantly.Everything was going to fall apart further if she kept this up. She was undoing everything like it was a goddamn single line of thread to be pulled.
  80. >In a blind rage, you put your hooves around her neck and start choking the shit out of her.
  81. >But she only giggles and lays on her belly as she tilts to the side to grab onto you and nuzzle you "Oh my little brother, I didn't know how affectionate you are. Come here and give your sister a sibling embrace"
  82. >NGH
  83. "I'm trying to kil-NGHHHH"
  84. >She squeezes you tightly and starts rolling onto her back. giggling "Oh, how I've waited so long for this"
  85. >Goddammit, another thing you forgot was that Chrysalis was strong as fuck. Even stronger now since there was love all over the goddamn room. You couldn't break free and she was nearly crushing you.
  86. >And then you hear it...laughter from the other foals in the room. Not your friends, not even the colts, as they started wondering if they could get in on that. But the fillies were laughing. Were they laughing because it was cute? or because it made you seem weak? you didn't know...YOU DIDN'T KNOW
  88. >She finally releases you from her grip while you were trying to pull back.
  89. >You roll back like a ball and slam your head on a desk while upside down, then your body drops forward onto your back. You look up straight in the air, seeing stars and blurs.
  90. >"Hey, we can get a hug right?" Snails asked
  91. >"Yeah, that hug was so good it even sent Anon flying. Me next, me next!" Another colt calls out
  92. >"Hurrah for Anon's sister! the Sister of the hero colt! Giver of hugs!" Snips called out
  93. >Even the smaller fillies were getting onto the action. Diamond Tiara as well, she didn't even seem to notice you fell back and hit your head. Her reasoning was she now wanted to get closer to her future "sister in law"
  94. >"Geez, everypony loves your sister, huh?" Sweetie Belle Walks over to you, and helps you up.
  95. >"Yeah, look at them all. I've never seen this much enthusiasm to be hugged by a pony before. They already think she's super great." Scootaloo adds, feeling a little jealous "So she took a bite form a puppy, big deal. Rainbow Dash has handled a lot more than that"
  96. >Applebloom wasn't among them, she behind the crowd of foals. Using the position to be alone and collect her thoughts.
  97. >You yourself also had to collect yours. You also had to ask if they heard anyone talking about anything related while you were in her embrace.
  98. "Yeah...she's real great"
  99. >you say sarcastically
  100. "....any idea why the fillies in the class were giggling at me?"
  101. >Sweetie Belle tapped at her badge, feeling jealous that now nobody seemed to care about it. She was even building up jealousy towards you. But was doing her best to hide it. "Ehhh, they just find it "adorable" that you and Nymous are getting along so well despite the fact that she just showed up. I dunno, I 'm glad that she found you...but you didn't even know that she existed. It just seems really weird to me. Especially since all the boys in the class are acting all goofy around her. She ain't that cute"
  103. >"Yeah, She doesn't have that lean and strong look Rainbow Dash has. And yet they are all falling for her for some's weird. It's a good thing you aren't like that Anon...actually, it's kinda weird. I'd think you'd be crying and sobbing knowing you had a sister."
  104. >Crying and sobbing?
  105. >Crying..and sobbing? No, front of everyone?
  106. "No, I wouldn't do that. I mean, we just met. And that hug? It was just so she'd feel better. She seemed like she needed it"
  107. >"Yeaaaahhhhh, it looks like she needs ALL the hugs..." Sweetie Belle found it just...really eerie how everyone was just flocking around her. "Anyway.." Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo pull you away to a corner.
  108. "Wha? Hey..what's up..Why are you two pulling me away like that?"
  109. >"Shhhhhh" Sweetie Belle shushes you
  110. "...don't shush me ok? I have a lot of things going on in my mind and I don't need anything else. So what..what's going on?"
  111. >"Yeesh, you're being touchy all of a sudden." Sweetie Belle notices, not liking your reaction at all.
  112. "Yeah well....just deal with it. I'm not in the mood"
  113. >You really weren't. You had to compile everything in your head. All that info. And try to counter Chrysalis somehow.
  114. >"Deal with it? You do realize we now have to help you with Applebloom right? Or did you not notice she's fallen for you again....all that hard work..wasted." Sweetie Belle let out an agitated sigh.
  115. >"...Hey Sweetie Belle, relax a little. Anon's sister did just show up. And that puppy attack? Come on, what were the odds? I can get why Anon is'know, you kinda been high and mighty yourself since you got that badge" Scootaloo points out. actually being a voice of reason.
  117. >Sweetie Belle looks to the bandages on your legs....then she takes a quick glance at her badge. She thought Scootaloo was right. Especially the fact that the puppy seemed damned quick,strong, and smart. "Sorry...I guess I have gotten a little full of myself since I got this badge...but, y'know...I'm really good at this"
  118. >"I know, the badge is great. But we gotta think about Applebloom too..." Scootaloo looks to you "Anon, she's in deep. I mean, when Sweetie Belle fell for you it was easy. But Applebloom is something else"
  119. > had look to Sweetie Belle with half slanted, unamused eyes.
  120. " exactly did that come about anyway?"
  121. >"....I don't wanna say" Sweetie Belle turned her head away. It wasn't that she was shy, it's just that she felt it was shameful.
  122. >But you didn't pick up on that.
  123. "Sweetie Belle, please tell me you don't have a crush on me..."
  124. >"What?! No....not anymore...ergh..." Sweetie Belle did a complete about face, feeling stupid about it. "I thought you were neat way back when you told Diamond Tiara off. I thought you were brave and even a little was neat....egh" She then turned her head to you and shook it, both at you and about her own foolishness "Then I realized how dumb that was, that I'm too young for that sort of thing, and the way you act, I'd probably end up wanting to slam a rolling pin on your face. No offense, but I really don't see what Applebloom or Diamond Tiara sees in you"
  126. "...Neither do I... I like Diamond Tiara, I really do. But part of me even wonders if I was making the right decision"
  127. >"I'm with you on that. After that whole thing with Big Mac and Miss Cheerilee, I never want to deal with love again...ever" Scootaloo found the whole thing fruitless.
  128. >"Well I don't wanna give up on it. And what do you mean "you wonder". Just because I don't want you doesn't mean to give up....we all went through so much trouble. So you're not walking out of it now. Everything will be fine when we get can Applebloom to relax about the whole thing..." Sweetie Belle then began to tap at her chin "But how...?"
  129. >Sweetie Belle couldn't think of anything upon Cheerilee's return. She brought with her a few burly stallions to look for the puppy. She also managed to bring over a doctor.
  130. >The doctor wanted to see both you and Nymous. He looked at you since you were younger. He didn't like the bite on your leg. Especially since he'd never seen such a big bite from such an apparent small dog. He tells you that Cheerilee's work on the leg is fine. Just don't do any running, but you could still walk around.
  131. >For Nymous. He found it odd, to him, the wound was very minor. a contrast from what he was told. Even Cheerilee found it odd. But that crafty bugbutt just explained it away as everyone making a bigger deal out of it due to the situation being so hot...or something like that.
  132. >Cheerilee thought it'd be good to end the class early. With the stallions out and about, she thought it'd be safe to let the foals out. She'd stand to the front of the school to make sure they all left without worry.
  133. >As for the CMC. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle decided they'd try talking to Applebloom again. But Sweetie Belle made the extra explanation that you need to deal with it yourself eventually. Or else everything will go sour.
  135. >'d really have to. But first, you had to figure out what the fuck Chrysalis was doing. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon wanted to spend the rest of the day with you. But you just smile and tell them that you want to spend the day with your new sister. Get to know her, and see if you can get her settled with your father. Thankfully, they buy it. You needed that. You also had to make sure that Diamond Tiara never noticed Applebloom was falling in deep for you. Because Applebloom already seemed like she was willing to cut right in.
  136. >You walk out with Nymous. But of course, she had to give all the colts who swarmed her a goodbye kiss. Nearly knocking each and every one of them out. Cheerilee thought it was cute. You internally groaned.
  137. >You both start walking through the streets of Ponyville.
  138. ".....So what's your endgame? Ruining my life completely?"
  139. >"That's pretty melodramatic, don't you think? Anypony can handle a love triangle if they aren't a complete pansy. What happened to you? Was Twilight Sparkle's garbage really that influential?"
  140. "It's not garbage!'s just feels nicer to be nice. Are you telling me being around all those kids. Being liked. Being adored. Saving Diamond Tiara but not really. You didn't feel a thing?"
  141. >"I did"
  142. >Nymous rubs her stomach "Do you realize how long it's been since I had a full feast of ponies? Stallions are such idiots. Even when they are young they will completely fall for a pretty face. Come on Anon.." She says in a gentle yet sultry voice "come closer to your sister." She gently bumps your side with her own.
  143. >You let out an "ehhh"
  144. "Chrysalis...why Applebloom? What did you even tell her when you spoke to her privately?...and do NOT tell me it's a secret. I'm not in the mood."
  146. >"Not in the mood? I'm actually glad to hear that. It means you're getting your backbone back" She gives you a sly grin before gently sliding her hoof along your back. sending a nice tingly feeling through it. But as nice as it was, you still slap her hoof away.
  147. "Cut it out and answer the damn question."
  148. >"I shouldn't need to answer the question. Considering I've told you more than once what I'm doing"
  149. "You mean me not being nice? Because I told you, I like being nice..."
  150. >"And I think that's a lie. I know it's a lie Anon..I've pratically wrote the book on it. Anon..everything has been a lie. You're colthood and life in Equestria is no different than what I'm doing now. You're fooling ponies into believing you are a lost colt. Just as I'm fooling them into thinking I'm your sister. See how easy I made it look? That's the problem right there, you're becoming decadent on friendship and caring. And it's making you weak. And given that documentary, being a weak civilian gets you crushed like a bug.." Nymous chuckled "Or your entire kingdom crushed like one...Buenos Aires, that's such a dumb name"
  151. >You step in front of her to stop her, annoyed as shit now. She was expecting too much from you. And it seemed having her watch Starship Troopers was a mistake.
  152. "! Fine...FINE! ok? I get it. For some reason you want me to step up and fix this love triangle you have gotten me into"
  153. >She smirks at you as she corrects you "You mean love triangle you were already in, don't blame me for your handiwork. And it is good work. The taste is exquisite"
  154. >You started growling as you grind your teeth.
  155. "Just......stooooooop"
  156. >She gives you a head pat "I don't think I will. Let me be more clear so you'll stop telling me to stop and stop asking the same insipid question"
  158. >"You see Anon. Discord is really the one who wants this. I was just doing it because it let's me stay out and feed as much as I wish. But, I admit. I do have an attachment to you that could be referred as friendship and it pains me...just pains me to see you acting like such a wimp. You're like family to me Anon. A Member of the hive. And just like any member of my hive, I refuse to see you reduce yourself to being like everypony else. I mean this, I mean these words. I like being your friend, you never really tried to change me, not with those kinds of attempts anyway. and you and I could enjoy our time together without you taking anything personally while I both had fun with you and used you for food. It was mutual, and I admit, That documentary really spoke to me. If I could visit the human world just once so I could steal their weapons and learn their techniques properly..I would. But that's just a silly folly I can't waste time chasing. If I can get you back to how you were originally were, then good. But...if I can shape you into what I'd actually consider a brother...all the better. Because this point. You're my friend until you're dead or I find somepony better"
  159. >You didn't know how to reply to that. It both angered and...touched you. But, did you really change that much to even she would have second thoughts on her friendship with you? Hell, it was a surprise just to hear her admit that at all. couldn't be like that anymore.
  160. "Chrysalis..everytime I get uppity. I end up hurting somepony or losing something. I still haven't gotten my horn back."
  162. >"...and if you continue down this path then you will become worthless and unable to protect anypony. Anon, I am the queen of my hive. And they protect me just as I protect them. You know that I insert myself into all my plots. I'm not like those other fools who leave it up to their useless dregs. We all pull our weight...I hate to say this but...mnnn" She groans "But protecting the lives of your pony friends using you cunning and power should be more important than losing your nerve..ngh" She felt a sour taste in her mouth "And...your true friends will stick by you no matter what...mnnn" She coughs a little before wiping her mouth "...And besides, if you want an example from my perspective. Most empires I've taken over and drained were easily conquered due to them becoming loving and trusting...and weak. Take Twilight Sparkle for example...she was annoying the hell out of me the entire time I was trying to get Canterlot. My mistakes aside, it was her being nosy and snoopy and snooty that may have helped win the day for her. And if that doesn't convince you...then I have other ways"
  163. >....did she? use episode logic on you? actual example you yourself would have normally used. It actually started to make you think.
  164. "....I dunno's hard."
  165. >"But I'm right. If she had decided to play nice like her friends. She'd have never found Cadance and I would have had my win"
  166. "......mnnnn"
  167. >She moves up close to you and gives you a gentle hug. "You know I'm right Anon..the sooner you admit it. The faster we can move on. Because you may not realize it now. But I can already tell you realize I'm right. And are probably on the track to following the right path...Don't fight it Anon."
  168. >.....
  169. >You push yourself had one last card. You could feel yourself doubting yourself. But this might be as powerful as hers.
  171. " horn. You know I don't have it. But there's a little more to the story than that..and it involves you"
  172. >Chrysalis groans "Considering she knows about me...I figure she gave you the ultimatum of outing me or taking the horn...and you chose the horn"
  173. "Is it that obvious? So then...what do you think of that then? I didn't want to lose you, you know? I really do consider you my friend. Just because you figure it out doesn't make it any less meaningful..."
  174. >You go back in and give her a hug, even nuzzling your head into her chest.
  175. "And I do like hanging out with you...just not when you're being a colossal asshole...You're a good friend Chrysalis."
  176. >That has to work.
  177. >She gently wraps her hoof around you and rubs along your back to give you affection. "I do too Anon..I do too....but that doesn't change a thing. That was just a choice you made...the right choice no doubt. But it's a choice that doesn't make a change in this relationship." She looks at you with a sweet smile as she takes a step back "You'll learn eventually....And then you'll be mine" She lets out a cute giggle "Like I said, I'm not Discord. You're not going to get me to be sentimental just because you protected me. Now..why don't you introduce me to Twilight..I feel like some revenge..nothing major, humiliation will do"
  179. >You rush up infront of Nymous and hold out your hoof
  180. "Woah woah woah...We can't do that. I just came off of a week with her and everything between me and her are good."
  181. >Nymous groans and pushes you gently yet firmly out of the way "...Too bad."
  182. >You latch on to the leg she was pushing you with.
  183. "No!"
  184. >Nymous started to notice that a few of the passerbys were starting to take notice of you and her as you both passed by. Though, some were looking just to look at her. But she didn't need the attention at the moment. "Anon..I'm going to that castle whether you like it or not. You want to prevent a disaster? Play your part, and I'll play mine. It's not like I can just say "You're mine now Princess!". I'm locked to this, man up or get out of my way." Chrysalis was able to easily drag you along as she made way to the castle. As hard as you tried. You just couldn't stop her.
  185. >Dammit, she was an unstoppable force. There was no way you were going to stop her. So you let go and ask her to stop for at least a moment.
  186. "Wait..."
  187. >Nymous stops. "Hmmm?"
  188. "Fine....We'll go do whatver you want to do. But whatever it is..Please don't overdo it."
  189. >"Hmmmm..." Nymous tapped at her chin "I'd rather just do what I please"
  190. >God, even Discord wasn't this unreasonable.
  191. "....mnn..Ok fine, but I'm not just going to let you steamroll over me. You got it?"
  192. >You stand firm.
  193. >"Now your talking. I like a challenge."
  194. > was all you could do really...
  195. "I won't make it easy for you...and..wait...hold on"
  196. >You nearly forgot about something.
  197. "Where's The Captain? I nearly forgot that he's running around."
  198. >"He's around...skulking,plotting, being adorably nasty. He's looking for a chance to outright kill you...It's cute"
  200. "That's not cute! How can you call me a friend if...oh never mind. You probably just have something along the lines of "I can still try to kill you and still be your friend"...right?"
  201. >"Close" She giggles "I don't want to see you dead Anon, but if you can't handle the Captain in the form of a mongrel then you were never worth my time. You'll just have to deal with him if he gets overzealous...he considers you a friend too you know, it's just he has this whole loyalty thing to me and also considers you a smear on my honor. But unlike my old captain, he won't whine about what I do. Funny, I guess I can consider you a cut above the old captain. You didn't try to stage a silly rebellion." Nymous was giggling about it, it still struck her as funny that'd he just try to rebel against her with no ground to stand on.
  202. "Yeah...that makes me feel better...."
  203. >You say sarcastically.
  204. >Nymous just lets out another little chuckle and walks past you towards the castle "You're so cute sometimes. Like a little pet. Now come along, we have a princess you need to reintroduce me to."
  205. >You follow along, worried that something might go wrong. Or worse, Twilight goes full retard and goes banish heavy. No, she wouldn't be stupid enough to try that again. But this all depended on "Nymous"
  206. "Ok...But I'm not your pet. I'm your friend. And that makes us equals"
  207. >"Whatever you say Anon, whatever you say" she says with a soft dismissive tone
  209. >You followed along at Nymous's side. Making sure she didn't try anything cheeky.
  210. ", after Twilight. You'll probably want to see Fluttershy. It's inevitable really...could you atleast not trouble her? Please?"
  211. >"Alright" Nymous says, with no hint of trickery.
  212. "Woah..what..really?"
  213. >"Yes Anon, why would I cause you trouble with somepony who dearly loves you the way she does. Or do you forget where a changeling's priorities lie" Chrysalis let out an annoyed groan, she was tiring of your demands.
  214. "...I see, you're just going to feed off of it all. I guess that isn't too doesn't cause too many problems. Ok ok, just as long as we understand each other on that.."
  215. >You wanted to say thanks. But it was clear she was now getting agitated. best to leave it alone.
  216. >You also had to keep a lookout for any familiar faces along the way. Should anyone else come by to say hi. There'd be trouble.
  217. >But luckily, you get tot he castle just fine..
  218. >Nymous raises her hoof to knock on the door. Surprising really.
  219. "You don't really need to do that"
  220. >"I have to keep up the act Anon, Nymous is a kind and courteous little pony" She knocks on the door. and waits. "Besides, I'm sure her little pet will be the one to answer the door. And I want to solidify the don't screw up"
  221. "Ok, I got it. Trust me, I do...I did this with Discord all the time. You'll actually be impressed. Trust me."
  222. >You feel some confidence in yourself. Something you really needed because there was also the fear of undoing an entire week's work. But you do your best to persevere and make sure you keep things stable.
  224. you give Nymous a grin.
  225. >"That's what I like to see. Confidence instead of we wait"
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