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  1. Title: TheFalcon™ | Dangerous shootouts, and endangered children in a getaway car!
  3. Description:
  5. ** (Disclaimer: This video contents are intended for educational and informational purposes only. A copy of our official Disclaimer Notice is displayed at the beginning of this video) **
  7. In the first clip of this video, Eugene Police Body Camera footage was released by Authorities in the Jan. 11, 2019 fatal shooting of Charles Landeros outside Cascade Middle School (The Oregonian). It can be seen that the suspected individual is struggling against the officers, which led to a shootout.
  9. The second video displays Eagle Point Police Officer Daniel Cardenas who fatally shot Matthew Graves inside a Carl's Jr. bathroom in September 2018 (The Oregonian). A Jackson County grand jury ruled Eagle Point Police Officer Daniel Cardenas was legally justified in fatally shooting the man.
  11. In the third video, it's visible that police exchanged gunfire with a suspect following a wild police chase while three young children were in the back seat (ABC News). This occurred in Tennessee.
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