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  1. Time for a tea party... If you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks you may have not noticed that YouTube has been filled with a LOT of drama.  From wife cheating scandals to social climbing, YouTube has been providing quite a lot of tea for the thirsty audience that it hosts.  So let's just jump right into it. "Bye Sister" a since-deleted video uploaded by Tati Westbrook, a very famous YouTuber based in the beauty community, was made to expose an ex-friend of hers James Charles.  The video is about forty minutes in length, filled with allegations that many took as facts.  The whole drama began when James Charles uploaded a sponsored post onto his Instagram story where he promoted a brand called Sugar Bear Hair (SBH).  SBH is a direct competitor to Tati's own brand, Halo Beauty.  This obviously angered Tati and she proceeded to upload a story to her Instagram talking about her disappointment while not naming any names.  Many were smart enough to piece two and two together and realized what this was all about.  Tati goes on to say that friends really do not exist in the beauty community and everyone is being used by each other.  Feeling completely used she begins to "expose" James with a lot of questionable information that was "truth" stretched so much it became lies.  Some of the allegations Tati included were that James Charles is a sexual predator tuning straight men gay, because "he is a celebrity".  Charles never promoted any of Tati's products on his YouTube page, while Tati promoted his, and then Tati begins to attack James' mother for poor parenting.   This was all directly addressed by James in his video called "no more lies" to which he completely debunks all of his actions with extensive proof.  Including texts, DM's and videos from others involved were all very beneficial to his situation.  He addresses the issue that started all of this, the Sugar Bear Hair vs Halo Beauty drama.  Sugar Bear Hair gave James Charles a ticket to Coachella that cannot be bought, which also comes with extra security.  As Mr.Charles felt unsafe at the event, he came in contact with the company, signed a contract and proceeded to live life, not thinking much about it.  Realizing he made a mistake he proceeded to come in contact with Tati to which she expresses her sadness and betrayal.  He also showed a compilation of times he promoted Halo Beauty on his channel which directly addressed Tatis argument invalidating her.  Then he proceeds to talk about the sexual allegations being brought up against him.  During Tati's birthday party James began to flirt with a waiter that was Bisexual, to which Tati said he was straight.  The waiter in his video said he did not feel unforgettable and that everything that the two later did was completely consensual.  The "I am a celebrity" quote Tati used was completely fabricated, being an inside joke between the makeup group Tati was a part of.  The actual quote is "I am famous", which the individuals used as a synonym to good, and awesome.  Ex: That cake is so "famous" (Good/Awesome/Tasty/).  Who really is the villain here, it is up to you to decide, but the facts are these, James Charles has done an oopsie but the backlash he is getting is anything but deserved.
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