Purgatory Mirror 2

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  1. [17:43] Slayder says, "Thanks, I'll see you around."
  2. [17:43] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "If you don't mind my asking,"
  3. [17:43] Keaka Tezcacoatl asks, "What is it you're trying to recreate?"
  4. [17:43] Vee says, "Not... sure, yet."
  5. [17:44] Vee says, "All that comes to mind is. Parts of a boat."
  6. [17:44] Vee says, "But there has to be something better than that."
  7. [17:44] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Well I'd like to remind you. Spiritmancing, as powerful as it may be, is not omniscient."
  8. [17:44] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Don't skimp on any details."
  9. [17:45] Vee says, "I'm... sure there's something..."
  10. [17:46] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Let me know if I can help."
  11. [17:46] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "With anything."
  12. [17:46] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "I mean besides using my powers."
  13. [17:51] Vee begins to pace absently in front of Keaka - or, well, the closest equivalent of that when she's hovering along - thinking, thinking, trying to scratch her memory...
  15. "When I woke up, I had a thoroughly scuffed rifle along with the rest of my stuff. Many notches and scratches... and I knew how to use it, from reflex."
  17. She's pondering aloud, giving time here-or-there for Keaka to interject.
  19. "Just like flight. And I remembered someone teaching me that..."
  20. (Vee)
  21. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. [17:56] Key watched the gravity magi hover to and fro'. It gave him time to wipe his glasses and futilely feed his scarf dried dates. Her interjection prompted a raised brow.
  25. "A scuffed rifle? Hey, that's a clue. That's, if anything, a decent clue."
  27. He dusts off his hands and steps forward. "Do you still have it? I could take a look at it, if you'd like."
  28. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  29. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. [18:00] Vee shook her head, disappointed, but she doesn't give that much mind to Keaka - her focus was elsewhere. She latched onto something, some idea, and she wanted to chase after it.
  33. "I don't have it anymore. But some member of the crew had to teach me how to use it, right?"
  35. She shut her eyes, trying to focus even harder. It felt like something major was just on the brink of cracking into her mind.
  37. "Somebody with... a similar enough weapon that they could teach it..."
  38. (Vee)
  39. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  41. [18:03] Duke says, "Keaka-- Erm, the Spirit one."
  42. [18:03] Duke asks, "Where can I find a supply of Iron?"
  43. [18:05] Keaka Kamauoha says, "Mh-"
  44. [18:05] Keaka Kamauoha says, "I believe... Peh- The cave west of the tower."
  45. [18:05] Keaka Kamauoha says, "Isn't a lot, but it's something."
  46. [18:06] Keaka Kamauoha says, "I think the northern cave has one too somewhere."
  47. [18:06] Duke says, "Hm, sweet."
  48. [18:07] She no longer possessed the rifle, much to her chagrin. Though there was a touch of relief when that wasn't end of that tether of hope. Key was thriving vicariously on Vee's breakthroughs - like how he too saw the puzzle pieces connecting.
  50. "Someone with a similar enough weapon. Teaching it. I. Don't know. I rarely see anyone carrying around a rifle or. Maybe it's not a rifle either. Some kind of projectile weapon. I actually don't know."
  52. Miles of word spaghetti trailed from his mouth, hoping that anything - absolutely anything - he says would make some kind of impact.
  54. "You woke up in Dawn. Scuffed rifle. What else? Uh..."
  55. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  56. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  58. [18:13] It's unclear to what degree the spiritmancer was influencing her thought process. At this point, she appeared to have something she latched onto, and was pursuing it.
  60. "Projectile weapon... something else fueled by mana, close to a rifle, but not quite - "
  62. Her fingers wrapped around something unseen, miming a pull of the trigger.
  64. "Less range. More of a blast. Less accurate. More noise..."
  65. (Vee)
  66. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  68. [18:13] Keaka Tezcacoatl asks, "Less accurate. More noise. A. Cannon?"
  69. [18:13] Keaka Tezcacoatl asks, "Explosion?"
  70. [18:13] Vee says, "...Not quite."
  71. [18:13] Vee says, "Close. But - not quite."
  72. [18:14] Vee says, "Something like -"
  73. [18:14] Vee whispers: A shotgun?
  74. [18:14] Keaka Tezcacoatl whispers: I'm not familiar with that kind of weaponry...
  75. [18:15] Vee whispers: Not standard. Usually made by hacking a rifle's barrel off at the end.
  76. [18:16] Keaka nods like he knows what Vee's talking about
  77. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  78. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  80. [18:16] Vee whispers: I don't know where the name came from.
  81. [18:16] Keaka Tezcacoatl whispers: But you knew it.
  82. [18:16] Keaka Tezcacoatl whispers: So what does this tell you?
  83. [18:17] Vee whispers: We - Grif had one, on the crew. Said he made it himself, once.
  84. [18:17] Vee whispers: Used for fire, earth, magma...
  85. [18:19] Keaka Tezcacoatl whispers: Fire, earth, magma...
  86. [18:19] Keaka thinks about Amara.............
  87. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  88. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  90. [18:19] Vee whispers: His... his job was -
  91. [18:20] Vee opens her eyes, looking to the sky, voice suddenly jumping in volume.
  92. (Vee)
  93. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  95. [18:20] Vee exclaims, "Demolition!"
  96. [18:20] Keaka Tezcacoatl exclaims, "Okay!"
  97. [18:20] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "What - What okay. So that's one thing."
  98. [18:21] Vee says, "It was for BREAKING THINGS. At close range."
  99. [18:21] Vee says, "With magma! And rocks."
  100. [18:21] Keaka Kamauoha says, "... What-"
  101. [18:21] Vee says, "And so, the shotgun made sense."
  102. [18:21] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Right. Right"
  103. [18:21] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Okay. Okay. So you have a solid grasp on who this fellow is."
  104. [18:21] Vee says, "Grif. Threw me off the boat, once."
  105. [18:21] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Okay."
  106. [18:23] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "I think you know what to do next..."
  107. [18:23] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "And maybe, perhaps. We can."
  108. [18:23] Vee asks, "...Try and recreate his gun?"
  109. [18:23] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "That works."
  110. [18:24] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Honestly like I said, an important item is not always one hundred percent necessary. But it helps with tracking the fellow down."
  111. [18:24] Vee says, "It shouldn't be that hard to recreate."
  112. [18:25] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Yeah."
  113. [18:25] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Okay I have to ask the Big K. a question real quick."
  114. [18:25] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Hey, Keaka. I have a big favor to ask."
  115. [18:25] Keaka Kamauoha asks, "Right, it is?"
  116. [18:25] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Do you know. Or have. Soul steel."
  117. [18:25] Mital Vindict asks, "Smaller Keaka. Is Iosefka around?"
  118. [18:25] Keaka Kamauoha says, "I know soul steel- Don't have it."
  119. [18:25] Duke says, "Mhm."
  120. [18:25] Duke says, "Funny coincidence."
  121. [18:25] Keaka Tezcacoatl asks, "You could check Crafthold?"
  122. [18:25] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "I haven't been there yet."
  123. [18:26] The hand of Duke dipped into his pocket removing a stone. It was soul steel.
  125. "Heh."
  126. (Duke)
  127. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  129. [18:26] Keaka Tezcacoatl asks, "--Oh, what??"
  130. [18:26] Vee whispers: ...What do you need it for, Keaka?
  131. [18:26] Mital Vindict says, "Right, I'll go look."
  132. [18:26] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Aye, careful there Mital."
  133. [18:26] Duke asks, "You in need of it?"
  134. [18:27] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Soul steel. To effectively do a seance one uses a mirror made of soul steel."
  135. [18:27] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "I was originally going to use a pool of water, to see if I can recreate the same effect."
  136. [18:27] Vee exclaims, "Ah!"
  137. [18:27] Vee says, "I see."
  138. [18:28] Keaka Kamauoha says, "Not damned sure how much, truthful."
  139. [18:28] Duke says, "If you're in need of this one-- I'd more than happily trade for Iron."
  140. [18:28] Duke says, "Quite a bit of it though."
  141. [18:28] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Mrgh..."
  142. [18:29] Keaka Tezcacoatl asks, "W-Well. If i come into any iron, I'll let you know?"
  143. [18:29] Duke says, "Sounds good. Although shouldn't be needing it forever."
  144. [18:29] Keaka Tezcacoatl whispers: If...Worse comes to worse, I'll have to use a pool.
  145. [18:30] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Right."
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