[RGRE?] Dick-suck-itis

Jan 1st, 2019
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  1. >>33344913
  2. >Twilight and Redheart ''team-up'' to try to fix him.
  3. >In reality, they see it as an excuse to try to hook-up with him.
  5. >You are Anon, and you're awaiting your medical results.
  6. >You were exasperated at first and almost didn't go through with it (it was CLEARLY bullshit), but you reluctantly agreed to play along and let the doctors test you.
  7. >You learned the hard way back home that it's a REALLY bad idea to not listen to the doctor even when you think you're super-duper sure that you're fine.
  8. >A narrowly-avoided bursting appendix is one hell of a lesson-teacher.
  9. >So here you are, sitting one one of those padded desk things with the crinkly paper on it, without your shirt on.
  10. >Twilight and Nurse Redheart approach, looking grim.
  11. >Well, TWILIGHT looks grim.
  12. >Nurse Redheart has a hard time looking like anything other than a widdle cutie-patootie with her pony-sized clipboard held firmly in her mouth
  13. >And she's got her mane up in a bun under her tiny hat!
  14. >D'aww, you wanna snuggle her!
  15. >You don't even care if this makes you a slut in horse eyes!
  16. >With a 'patooee' and a clatter, Redheart spits the clipboard onto the ground and points to a line with her forehoof.
  17. >"I'm afraid it's terminal, mister Anonymous."
  18. >...
  19. >You fucking what?
  20. >Oh god, they weren't just fucking with you.
  21. >Oh Jesus, you're going to die!
  22. >"You have acute 'dick-suck-itis' and-"
  23. "Oh, fuck right off."
  24. >These little fuckers nearly scared you half to death, making you think you're dying!
  25. >Twilight raises a wing to her lips and shushes you - fucking SHUSHES you - and Redheart nods at her in appreciation.
  26. >"The only cure-"
  27. >[spoiler]Is more cowbell.[/spoiler]
  28. >"-is the application of a trained and certified mare's lips around your phallus, upon which suction will be applied until climax has been reached."
  29. >Twilight flaps up until she's next to you and rests a sympathetic hoof on your bicep.
  30. >It kinda loses its sympathetic nature when she starts to rub your chest, but whatever.
  31. >>"I'm so sorry, Anon," Twilight coos, "But with this sort of physical therapy, I'm sure that you'll be able to live a long and fulfilling life despite your difficulties."
  32. "Uh-huh."
  33. >Nurse Redheard attempts to jump up next to you on your other side, but she's having a bit of trouble hopping up.
  34. "Are you... are you alright?"
  35. >"Yep! Just... just gonna reach, and-"
  36. >Her forelegs stretch out to grab onto the cushion-desk thing, but the crinkle-paper doesn't provide very good traction.
  37. >No matter how hard she grunts and kicks with her widdle hind legs, she goes crashing to the ground and lands on her back.
  38. >"Aw, n-not in front of the colt!"
  39. >You nearly make strange noises with your mouth when she wriggles and kicks and just generally struggles to get back onto her hooves.
  40. >But, to your disappointment, Twilight's horn lights up and Redheart begins to glow; after which, she is deposited on your free side.
  41. >Nurse Redheart adjusts her hat and, blushing furiously, tries to pretend none of that ever happened.
  42. >God, you wanna pet this horse and never ever stop.
  43. >"Mister Anon, you need a qualified individual... or individualS-" she clarifies after getting a glimpse of Twilight's glare, "to be available to administer the... healing technique at a moment's notice. In my medical opinion, I believe that the only responsible thing for Twilight Sparkle and I to do is to either move into your home for the duration of your affliction, or for you and one of us to move into the other's home."
  44. " that you can suck my dick whenever the need arises."
  45. >Like your dick.
  46. >Hey-oh!
  47. >Redheart nods solemnly.
  48. >>"Given the size of your homes versus the size of my castle," interjects Twilight, "I believe it's best if the two of you move in with me."
  49. >Wow.
  50. "So, when you say terminal-"
  51. >Nurse Redheart nods.
  52. >"It means that you'll have the affliction for the rest of your life. I'm so, so sorry."
  53. >She snuggles up with you, pressing her warm cheek against the bare skin of your chest.
  54. >After a moment's hesitation, Twilight mirrors Redheart and cuddles up to you; the only difference is that she uses her superior wingspan to reach around you and wrap around Redheart's withers.
  55. >Good god, they're so soft.
  56. >"That means we'll be with you day and night for as long as you permit us to live with you."
  57. >Redheart smiles up at you bashfully.
  58. >"That is, if you approve of this medical procedure.
  59. >This medical procedure of getting your dick sucked.
  60. "Would getting cuddled by the two of you help ease the discomfort of... of sucky cock-"
  61. >>" 'Dick-suck-itis', Anon."
  62. "Yeah, that. Because I think being cuddled would help."
  63. >Redheart peers up at you in confusion.
  64. >"Mister Anonymous, I'm not sure who you've been going to for medical advice, but cuddles has no inherent medical val-"
  65. >Twilight's wing, which was making sure Redheart couldn't slip away from you, angles up and smacks the nurse upside the head.
  66. >"Ow!"
  67. >She recovers quickly though and clears her throat.
  68. >"I mean, yes. Yes, it would."
  69. >You know what?
  70. >Sure.
  71. >Fuck it.
  72. >You don't have a marefriend, and these to cuties are... cute.
  73. >You could do a hell of a lot worse, and you could certainly get used to the feeling of Redheart and Twilight snuggling with you.
  74. "Well, you know best, nurse."
  75. >Nurse Redheart lets out a squeal (and quickly covers her mouth with her forehooves, looking up at you nervously) and buries her face in your chest.
  76. >Yeah, this is fine.
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