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  1. Explorer/Ascetic
  2. Kill Maughlin
  3. Pickup blacksmith soul
  4. Tag Herald
  5. Light Bonfire
  6. Head to Forest
  7. Drop non-Tsledora at door, or default sort twice
  8. Use soul while door is opening
  9. Head to Cardinal Tower
  10. Pickup the soul/homeward bone in the river
  11. Buy Club, 1/2 firebombs from Melentia
  12. Light Cardinal Tower bonfire
  13. Bomb the wall
  14. Pickup fire arrows before Last Giant
  15. Kill Last Giant, bone back
  16. Pop Last Giant soul, buy 3 Brightbugs and blacksmith key from Melentia. Talk for Covetous Silver Ring +1, send her back to Majula.
  17. Kill Pursuer
  18. Light Bastille bonfire, warp Majula
  20. Tag Herald
  21. Open blacksmith
  22. Tag Herald, rest at bonfire
  23. Buy Rapier, 6 Titanite Shards, +3 Rapier
  24. Tag Herald, level up 12 Dex
  25. Buy Cat ring, 2 bones, 4 skulls from Cat
  26. Drop down Pit
  27. Pickup soul in Black Gulch (in between the worms)
  28. Kill Rotten 1 (Brightbug, Magic Ooze)
  29. Head to first DLC
  30. Use bow to turn wheel and open Great Hero Soul door
  31. Use alluring skulls to pickup Ascetic in chest
  32. Pickup flynn ring
  33. Bone back, warp to Majula
  35. Level up 30END, 20DEX
  36. +4 Rapier, kill the blacksmith w/ Tseldora on
  37. Buy 3 Brightbugs, kill Melentia w/ Tseldora on
  38. Head to Shaded Woods
  39. Pickup Bones and Lifegems by Benhart
  40. Kill Rosabeth w/ Tseldora on
  41. Pop Hero Soul while waiting for door to open
  42. Light Ruined Fork Road bonfire
  43. Head to Vengarl
  44. Pickup 2k soul & Effigy
  45. Buy 10 Lightning Resins
  46. Darksign back
  48. Pickup RTSR
  49. Darksign back
  51. Warp to Bastille
  52. Kill Sentinels (Rapier, Lightning Resin, Brightbug)
  53. Pickup Ascetic
  54. Bone back
  56. Warp to Black Gulch
  57. Burn Ascetic
  58. Kill Rotten 2 (Rapier, Lightning Resin)
  59. Bone back
  61. Burn Ascetic
  62. Kill Rotten 3 (Rapier, Lightning Resin)
  63. Bone back
  65. Burn Ascetic
  66. Kill Rotten 4 (Rapier, Lightning Resin, Brightbug)
  67. Bone back, warp Majula
  69. Pop all your souls
  70. Level up 40VGR, 35END, 40DEX, 11STR
  71. Head through Shrine of Winter
  72. Kill Dual Dragonriders (Rapier, Lightning Resin)
  73. Lower elevator, light/rest at bonfire.
  74. Kill Mirror Knight (Rapier, Magic Ooze, Brightbug)
  75. Kill Demon of Song (Rapier, Lightning Resin)
  76. Kill Velstadt (Key to Embedded, Lightning Resin)
  77. Pickup King's Ring
  78. Darksign, warp to Forked Road Bonfire
  80. Head to Aldia's Keep
  81. Kill Guardian Dragon (Key to Embedded, Magic Ooze)
  82. Get Ashen Mist Heart
  83. Darksign
  84. Warp to Cardinal Tower Bonfire
  86. Head to Giant Lord
  87. Do RTSR setup of your choice (40VGR = take bonfire fall damage, use 1 lifegem, take fireball. 15 VGR = enter memory at full HP, take fireball)
  88. Kill Giant Lord (Key to Embedded, Lightning Resin)
  89. Darksign, warp to Drangleic
  91. Kill Throne Watcher/Defender (Key to Embedded, Lightning Resin, Brightbug)
  92. Kill Nashandra (Key to Embedded, New Lightning Resin, Leftover Brightbug)
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