Newbie needs advise - will u help me?

Jul 3rd, 2020
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  1. Newbie needs advise - will u help me?
  2. I am new to SEO. This is not my profression but I own a small business to support my family and have been learning all I can about SEO the last few years. My site consitently lands on the first page of Google, but another competitor always beats my position and sometimes she comes up twice on the first page, yet my site has more and better quality content. Would any of you SEO veterans be willing to take a look and tell me what she is doing to get those results?
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  14. Hope i can suggest few things. PM your details.
  15. So, I can't PM yet because I don't yet have 15 posts...but you can email me at chantalflorida at gmail ....
  16. thank you for your offer, I really appreciate it!
  18. If you can't send PM means share your site here.You can get good advice from more members. It will helps you.
  19. Share your site so others can take a look and give you useful advice. :)
  20. if we can we will help you. just ask
  21. You Also Can Do It By Your Self!
  22. Here Is To Many Tutorials. Use Like: Ahrefs, Or If You Still Need Any Help PM Me.
  24. Please, turn to professional seo company and boost your rankings. Don't hesitate and improve your positions!
  25. Managing the competition is tough...only way to beat your Competitor is build better SEO..get the professional help...but beware to choose the best ones or else you will be just wasting time and money..All the best!
  26. Depends who your competition is...........Like.....If it's Amazon....................then good luck.
  27. “This means media and entertainment traffic on the internet such as live streaming of events and content can move via the shortest path to far geographical locations in the country,” explained Web Werks’ CEO Nikhil Rathi in an interview with the Television Post
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  30. Web Werks expansion plans see the company expanding activity in key Indian cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. With “hundreds of directly connected ISPs” data centers like Web Werks are well-suited to 5G. Web Werks has over 160 ISPs connected directly in its datacenter which further enhances "the shortest path to the Internet World,” Rathi added.
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  42. The money is pretty good too. Sites like UserTesting pay around $10 for a user review per website. A task which should not take you more than 20 minutes tops.
  44. Payments are routed via PayPal around a week after you complete your first review.
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