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  3. << LOTTO >>
  4. Username: @JungAMi99
  5. Password: Jung Hoseok The Engineer
  7. Name: Roana Serene Park
  8. Korean name: Park Sol Hee
  10. Nickname:
  11. +Rose, her gang's name, Ro from Roana and Se from Serene
  12. +Rinnie, only Queen X calls her this, cute name for her
  13. +Anna, people, when she's acting as the kind girl
  14. +Angel, introduce herself as Angel when she is flirting
  16. Age: 19
  18. Birthday: 24 May 1997
  20. Personality:
  22. seeing her mom flirting with her target to get what she wants, rose learns that words are very powerful. thats how she becomes very flirty, to easily get what she wants. with flirting, she doesnt need to work like her mother,just flirt, and the men give her everything. flirting and acting is one of her speciality. because of her natural beauty, she can easily deceive everyone with her face. no one can expect that she is actually a gangster.
  24. when she is not on mission, she will wears the kind hearted girl mask. she will helps everyone that needs help. sometimes, people openly just use it and bully her too. but she just playing dumb. its not that she wants to do it, it is 100% just an act. she do this, so that when she is caught by the police, or being suspected, people's view will help her to clean her background.
  26. she is also a bit secretive with her past. she never tells the girls what happened in her past. they only knows that she is from Los Angeles. people wil never  knows that she is holding a big secret. a secret that she is actually an heir of LA gangs. the girls never predict this because she is very bubbly and cheerful around them. always talking and annoying people. its like she never has problem in her life. but again, all of it is an act, a lie. she tells them so many lies, even she doesnt want to. its for their safety. she cares for the girls more than herself. because they are the only one that she has. she treasure them very much.
  28. she is also a girl that can talk sweetly like sugar, but is deadly serious when on mission. her choice of words for threating is very honey-like, but you can feel the venom and poison in it. she never cursing, but never hesitate to torture while flirt (can you imagine that?) the target to get what she wants.
  30. she tries her hard to not get attach with the girls. its because she knows that one day, she will leave them and disappear from their view. and be alone again. but being around the girls, she cant deny the happy feelings when she is around them. they are like her sisters that she will never have. only around them, she shows her dorky side. but her vulnerable side, no one knows.
  32. Background:
  34. she grown without a father. her mom always work work and work. she never gave rose any attention. she basically grown up by herself. seeing her mom got home late at night bringing man, she knew that life for her is practically nothing. eventhough her mom never took a good care if her, rose hoped that her mom still love her. but she was awaken from her reverie, when her mom sold her tothe gangs, when she was 8 years old.
  36. she was a rebelle back then, never afraid of anything and full with determination. she didnt cry at all when she was punished and else. seeing the strength inside the little girl, the gangleader took her in as his daughter. he trained her by himself and taught her everything about the gang's business. they grew closer day by day, and she finally feels loved.
  38. but when she was 15, her mom was murdered. and the murderer still free out there. and she was accused by the police. Raven and Robin made her a fake ID and gave her credit card on a fake name, for her to use. they asked her to run because at that time, the situaton couldnt be control. the gang was always fight with the enemies, and with her case, it was a chaos. they promised to search after her when everything was under control.
  40. but they surely didnt know, she had another plan. instead of Hawaii, she ran to Korea, to look for his brother. the only one that has blood related with her. she started searching for him since then. and she was scouted by queen x at the age of 16.
  42. Family:
  43. Riley Gray/35/mother/worked at night club/1/dead
  44. Park Han Bin/38/ father/unknown/0 (never meet him,she was told he is dead)
  45. Park Ji Min /21/brother/unknown/0 (never meet him,but she know he is alive)
  46. Raven Hayes/30/the gangleader/5
  47. Robin Brown/19/a close friend in the gang, and a training partner/5
  49. Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
  51. Hometown: +Los Angeles, California
  52.           +Seoul, South Korea
  54. Nationality: American
  56. Ethnicity: caucasian + korean
  59. +jewellery
  60. +drama
  61. +fashionable clothes
  62. +hairpin
  63. +make up
  65. Dislikes:
  66. +animals
  67. +raining
  68. +clown
  69. +reading except fashion magazines or enemy files
  70. +dirt
  72. Facts:
  73. +travel alone from California to Korea at the age of 15 with fake ID
  74. +she was accused for killing her mom
  75. +currently still in run
  76. +whenever she finish her mission, a rose hairpin is found nearby, its her trademark
  77. +currently searching for her long lost brother
  79. Trivia:
  80. +loves designing, she design the girls mask and attire (each mask is different and has it own style)
  81. +she cant listen to the rain sound (phobia)
  82. +has rose tattoo on her waist
  83. +take photo of her/their victim and keep it in an album
  84. +learn acting from her mom and by watching movie/drama
  85. +her body is very flexible
  86. +listening to music before doing her mission
  88. How did you become a Gangster:
  90. her mom was full with debt. when she couldnt afford to pay it, she sold her own 8-years-daughter to the gang. Rose was a rebelle, and she never stop fighting the gang. she never cry whenever they punished her for not following their command, and for being such rebelle and handful to take care of. seeing the strength and determination in her eyes, the gang leader made her as his daughter and trained her. the gangs polished her skills even more and with her pretty face, it is very easy to disguise and fools other. thus, she was choosen to get information for her deceiving look and acting skill. the gang also taught her to make fake ID, credit card, faking evidence and basically everything. (all of these took place in Los Angeles)
  92. Do you use weapons: knife
  94. Who are your friends in the Gang: everyone in the group
  96. How did you Join QUEEN X:
  98. she joined the group when she was 16. she was searching her brother since 15. and all the clues took her to a night club. she was getting information from a man. while she was doing that, her hand sneakily stole the man's wallet and everything that is worth on him such as watch and handphone. her hands moved fast and the man didnt realise at all. the leader of queen x saw this, and interested with how fast she works. and thats how the leader recruited her. and she was seen with them since then.
  100. Specialty:
  101. +getting information with flirting and acting
  102. +designing,
  103. +fight using four knife in close combat,  
  104. +hiding
  105. +make fake id
  107. Why did you become a Gangster:
  108. +she needs information and other thing such as weapon to know about her dad and her brother, and Queen X can provide that.
  109. +because she is trained to be a gangster since 8 years old
  110. +to find her mom's killer so that her name can be clean
  111. +so that she will not be lonely again, because now she has Queen X
  114. Slot: the flirt of queen x
  115. Backup: savage of queen x
  116. Back Backup: second top leader of queen x
  118. Face Claim: hani exid
  119. Backup: sandara park 2ne1
  120. Back Backup: wheein mamamoo
  122. << FIRST LOVE IS A LIE >>
  123. Love Interest: jung hoseok
  124. Backup: min yoongi
  125. Back Backup: kim seokjin
  127. His Personality:
  129. he only care about himself and his gang. only show his emotion with his members but on the outside, he is the cold hearted jerk. his eyes is emotionless when he is killing. his trust and life is only for the members, and he will never betray them. he is the quick thinker in the group, and very cautious. his hearing also the first in the group. always in his room to make or builda new weapon or upgrade them. whenever he is free, he is either learning new thing, or annoying his members. this is his side that only his members knows. not too fond with stranger, as he was betrayed by his first love once. he loves walking in the night alone, while searching for things that are still usable. he also loves to dance and rap, it makes him happy and calm.
  131. His Background:
  133. since kid, he was interested with chemical and inventing weapon. he always watch encyclopedia or documentary about chemicak characteristics and how to build weapons. at the age of 8, he made his first ever weapon, a gun, and accidentally kills his neighbour's dog. luckily no one saw what happened. his father as a soldier, and her mom works in chemical field, really helped him in learning. he would sneak into their room, and find his father weapon to  experiment how its work, and looking through her mom's file, to learn about chemical and explosion. and weirdly, they never found out. his mom was dead because of brain cancer (exposed to chemical too much), and his father was missing and never came home. thus he was all alone and only had his members. he never finished his high school and started his life as a gangster since then.
  135. What is he called in his Group: the engineer
  137. How did you meet him:
  139. she accidentally split off from her gang. tired of running, she sit a while in a park, but still in shadowy area, so that it is hard to see. suddenly she hear footstep, and she try to stop her breathing. knowing she cant get off, she starts to cry. when jhope find her, she act likes she is running away from  pervert man. at that time, jhope is just walking around and he happen to hear something. he check it and see a girl crying. the girl resemble jimin a lot, thus he helps to calm her.
  141. Did he find you or you Found him: he find her
  143. Status of Relationship: just an aqquantaince| a friend | friend with benefit (lol because its possible to date right?)
  145. His First Impression of You: she looks like jimin, and very pretty. i shouldnt help her, but i was attracted with her beauty.
  147. Your First Impression of Him: how can he knows that im here??? is he following me???
  149. His Likes:
  150. +chemical
  151. +weapon
  152. +night walk
  153. +music
  154. +animals
  156. His Dislikes:
  157. +stranger
  158. +enemy
  159. +ghost
  160. +height
  161. +dirt
  163. His Facts:
  164. +built his first weapon when he was 8
  165. +always wear mask
  166. +seen mostly at underground dance battle, but disappear in a blink of eyes
  167. +his hearing is the best in the group
  168. +never graduated, but one of the smart member
  170. His Trivia:
  171. +loves dancing and rapping
  172. +live alone after his parents died at age 15, until he was recruited by Bangtan X leader
  173. +betrayed by a girl when he was 17, and ended up in a prison, but the gang saved him
  174. +never drink alcohol nor take drugs
  175. +have a night blindness
  178. Does he have a Speciality:
  179. +ability to create dangerous weapon (majority being explosive) using the things around him
  180. +hearing ability is the best in the group
  181. +can stop his breathing for a few minutes (its one of his experiment)
  182. +can endure torture/high tolerance of pain
  183. +climbing
  185. Are you still in Love at the end of the story or No: they love each other but they know what's better for them
  187. << MONSTER >>
  189. Suggested Scenes with Girls:
  191. +all of them live as a normal teenager for just one day. they cook together, watching movie and go shopping.
  193. +they are fighting and screaming at each other, because they find out about rose and jhope. and rose run away. she calls jhope for help. but before he arrives, she already missing, no trace of her at all. and the rest is for you to write more XD aww i cant wait to read this!!!
  195. +while fighting with enemies, all of them are badly injured. afer the fight, rose go to the pharmacy and buy the medicines for the girls and treat them.
  197. Suggested Scenes with Love Interest:
  199. +both groups are fighting each other, but rose dont know one of them is jhope, because all of them are wearing masks. the fights are so tense. she is fighting with him. suddenly there's an army of police ambush them. without thinking, jhope hold her hand and they run together. all of them are spliting with their love interest. rose and jhope run and run and climb a big and tall tree. there's silence for 10 minutes. and jhope starts the conversation. he say, he knows who she is, and he open his mask. its definitely against bangtan x and queen x rules: never shows enemy your real face. without others knowing, rose and jhope agree on truce. (at this time, jhope aldy digged in her background)
  201. +that night,she is on a mission: to get more information on other gang. but man she dont know that she already in enemy biggest territory. this time, she kind a rushing on her mission, she dont check the bar background deeply (because the info that she ll get will bring him a step closer to her brother). she brings the target to a quiet place, and tries to get info from him. and she dont realise that he already alarms the his gangs and she is knockdown. she is lucky because jhope actually has  place a tracker inside her hairpin (jhope gaveher before). secretly, jhope follow them to thei warehouse and save her.
  203. +both of them accidentally meet in a ball. they have their own mission, but a dance will not hurt right?
  205. Message to Love Interest: hello~ eventhough we love each other, we cant be together. so lets just stay as a....stranger...
  207. Message to Girls: hello queen x! nice to meet all of you! i cant waitto start our journey
  209. Message to Me:hello sophia~ wait can i call you that? btw most of my wattpad friends call me amy, so im amy XD hehe i hope my form fit the flirty slot. if it needs any changes, tell me XD i ll fix it. and i hope this af can start soon! good luck!!!
  211. Anything I missed in your Form: how bout the girls birthday? i aldy add mine, just incase
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