Aug 13th, 2017
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  1. ━━━
  2. USERNAME : @crybabyjoon
  4. FULL NAME : Lim Eungyung
  6. - euguene + genie ; close friends & family, because she states that once she debuted, her stage name will be euguene so it has stayed on people as a nickname for her. her family and close friends believe that genie is a cute way to pronounce her name.
  7. - yung ; love interest + younger siblings, because her interest is family friendly with eungyung's family, the nickname in which her younger siblings call her has stayed to them, enjoying the cute way her siblings shout it out.
  8. - asparagus ; love interest + sungjin (only if my main slot is chosen), rumor in jyp is that if eungyung gives you a lunchbox with asparagus, she has strong romantic feelings for you. though, only she has never heard of the rumor, and makes lunchbox for love interest everyday and a lunchbox for sungjin whenever he asks for her to make him one.
  10. AGE : 22
  11. BIRTHDAY : July 27, 1995
  13. HEIGHT : 165cm
  14. WEIGHT : 47kg
  16. BIRTHPLACE : Daegu, South Korea
  17. HOMETOWN : Seoul, South Korea
  20. - Lim Dohyun / 38 / father / company ceo / 4
  21. - Lim Eunjung / 38 / mother / prosecutor / 8
  22. - Lim Eunkhyung / 22 / twin brother / body guard / 10
  23. - Lim Daehyun / 8 / younger brother / elementary student / 10 (daeun's twin)
  24. - Lim Daeun / 8 / younger sister / elementary student / 10 (daehyun's twin)
  26. ━━━
  30. FACE CLAIM : EXID's Hyerin
  31. BACKUP : OH MY GIRL's Binnie
  33. ━━━
  34. PERSONALITY : eungyung is your everyday human, she believes there is nothing special about her, though many people can disagree with that. eungyung doesn't purposefully give off a 'back off' vibe, but she does tend to carry it around, she has a cute face but she help it have it in her natural state most of the time, which makes her seem sterns alongside her vibe. for example, she'll be out shopping with a few male friends and as females are drooling over them, they happen to notice a stern faced yet beautiful girl with them, making them zoom away quickly. eungyung unintentionally makes people shiver and want to hide because she's very pretty and her vibe just doesn't help, though once you actually get to know her, she's incredibly different from who she is seen as. of course she'll be neutral when by herself or such, but once her buddies happen to stop by alongside her, she's suddenly a smiling mess. eungyung is incredibly friendly, can easily get along with anyone and smiles so wide it makes you wonder if the girl before was just a hallucination. though she can easily get along with whoever she wants, she tends to hang out with guys because she's the little sister type. yes, she's the older sister of two twin brats, but when she isn't home or babysitting, she's like a sister buttering up her brother to buy her a sweet cake or take-out. even though she does hang with dudes and can easily get along with them better than girls, eungyung is still very feminine and makes sure she remembers the differences between her and her male friends. and though she can't hang with girls as easily as boys, she is a completely different person when she sees a girl that is 'her type'. unlike with her bros, when eungyung is with a female she likes romantically, she is very touchy and affectionate. it's unlike her but she happens to be more submissive and whiney when with someone she likes. though not every girl catches her attention, so she rather hang with dudes and be the little sister type than hang with some girls and force herself to do things she really isn't so sure of herself.
  36. BACKGROUND : eungyung and her twin brother eunkhyung were born in daegu, south korea, though they shortly moved to seoul before even being able to process things. her parents were young when they were born, at the ages of sixteen, her parents became parents to twins. of course, this didn't fall well with their neighborhood or friends or such, they were outcasted because having children at such a young age was something unspeakable during their teenage years. they were threatened each day by their classmates, it soon escalating to their families and sooner or later even the twins were being targeted. so, her father was from a rich family, and he so happened to be the eldest, so he was obviously given the spot as the head of the company that so happened to be located in seoul. of course eungyung's father didn't instantly become the CEO of a company that owned various of hotels, both of her parents kept going with their studies while they were under the care of eungyung's grandfather. the twins would be taken care of by the maids in the very big place they soon called home, they were closer to their grandparents and maids than their own parents, they didn't mind though since they knew that their parents were busy. in her teenage years, eungyung didn't go through much trouble, she always made sure she didn't. she would usually hang out with her brothers friends till they all tried getting with her, she was popular because of how rich and pretty she was, but she found everyone petty and not worth her time. mentioning to her parents how she felt of her school, she was soon moved into a school with dormitories and she moved there, living a completely different life than she did growing up, though she liked it. she enjoyed the idea of not having to be asked every five minuets if she wanted something, how everything wasn't done for her, how she had to be escorted everywhere.... she felt normal for once. eungyung made lots of friends in her new school, even gave dating a try till she found out it just wasn't for her, at least with boys. eungyung wasn't sure if she just wasn't comfortable with the fact of dating, or if she had no type of feelings for the opposite sex. sooner or later, she joins JYP as a trainee because she was scouted and gave it a try, that's when she found out she had feelings for the same sex. she herself noticed that instead of her eyes lingering on the boys from her company with amazing visuals, her eyes would linger on girls instead. and her heart would always flutter around girls like it would for a boy in any other girls case. she only told her brother, and of course he accepted her, but she never dared to tell her parents. only hoping they'll somehow notice it.
  39. — being any sort of help at her entertainment company
  40. — being taken care of by her male friends as a little sister figure
  41. — chokers
  42. — knee boots
  43. — over sized clothing
  44. — over excited & fluffy small dogs
  45. — friendly cats
  46. — strong coffee
  47. — energy drinks
  48. — decorating
  49. — having a fan on while sleeping with a blanket covering her
  50. — even the smallest of skinship and affection
  51. — girl groups
  52. — befriending others in her entertainment company
  54. DISLIKES :
  55. — being pushed away by others
  56. — when her kindness is taken differently by one of her male friends
  57. — heavy makeup
  58. — thin heeled high heels
  59. — being asked if she's even wearing anything underneath an oversized shirt / sweater
  60. — bugs with wings
  61. — being ignored by an animal
  62. — when she's told that drinking large amount of coffee is bad for her
  63. — when she's declined by her 'brothers' to buy her energetic drinks
  64. — her hard work being put to shame
  65. — staying over anyone's home
  66. — having guests over her home
  67. — when someone is intentionally not letting her being affectionate
  69. HOBBIES :
  70. — running errands
  71. — chilling around with a friend
  72. — dance practicing
  73. — making food for friends
  74. — dog sitting
  75. — vocal practicing
  77. HABITS :
  78. — rubbing her neck when stressed + annoyed
  79. — pulling a strand of her hair and twirling it around her index finger when in thought
  80. — pacing around a room when worried
  81. — her right leg jumping up and down and worried + when impatient
  82. — her eyes opening widely while she's in deep thought
  84. TRIVIA :
  85. — she really likes animals, has three pets at home
  86. — has two cats and a dog, they're named princess, crystal, and honey
  87. — she really liked watching japanese high school romance dramas + movies
  88. — rather hang with boys because she personally thinks they're easier to get along with and understand
  89. — usually gets her popularity because her visuals are strong and because her personality is easy going
  90. — really likes those aesthetic plants she sees around on weheartit or tumblr
  91. — hella active on twitter (like jae)
  92. — going into the idol industries, she self taught herself english and learns new words and conversation topics from various languages on a daily
  93. — though she's a trainee, she's really known for being on other music videos
  94. — lives happily with the idea that she's well known but wants to live a peaceful life in the future
  95. — likes doing chores
  96. — can binge watch forever if she wanted
  97. — doesn't take others feelings too deep, if she's told she's liked by anyone, she'll ignore them or disappear for they could lose their feelings
  98. — low key real emotional
  100. ━━━
  101. LOVE INTEREST : TWICE's jeongyeon
  103. HOW DID THEY MEET : it was eungyung's first day as a trainee, and she was practically the happiest person to be alive that day. her day became even better when she saw one of her favorite girl groups, twice. of course she didn't yell out like a crazed fan, but she did jump in excitement, catching the attention of her most valued member. jeongyeon waved at her, walking towards eungyung after speaking briefly to her other members, "are you a new trainee?" eungyung smiled widely and nodded, "yes, I am. I, uhm, wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of yours! I love you so much, I'm usually not this sappy but I had to take the chance" the blonde idol was caught by surprise, it's as if it was the most unusual thing for her to have a fan. "you're my fan? why? the other members are so much better–" "you deserve more, way more than what you already receive" from that day on, they hanged out together when they could, they would go on small dates and got close. all because eungyung wanted to give jeongyeon the affection she deserved.
  107. though the idol was confused onto how a fan got into the entertainment so easily, because why would any trainee or other idol that belongs to the same entertainment be fangirling like that, but she soon realized that the girl could have been a new addition to the company. wanting to know more, jeongyeon simply told her group mates that she'll meet them at their destination and made her way towards the dazzling girl. she thought that the girl was way prettier up close, 'of course, if she was that pretty far away, she could only be even prettier from face to face' the idol grew flustered when closer, but being in the business for so long, she knew how to cover her feelings. the more they talked, the more jeongyeon felt as if she wanted to be with the girl. she thought she was different and wanted to keep her all to herself.
  109. already knowing who jeongyeon was didn't change anything for eungyung. she already had a huge crush on the idol and seeing her in person made her heart want to jump out of her chest. she was happy and couldn't stop her mouth from smiling widely, today was the best day for her because she met the girl of her dreams, literally. eungyung could now look at jeongyeon face to face, not through her phone screen or from a very afar in a crowd. eungyung could finally tell jeongyeon the affectionate and appreciative words directly instead of just saying it to her phone as the idol did something cute or breathtakingly amazing. she felt as if her whole life was better, her worries were gone, her face was cleared from any type of acne, her friendships and relationships were strong with no doubt... she saw everything beautifully now that she saw the most beautiful person on the world. all eungyung wanted to do was show jeongyeon how amazing she knows the idol is and tell her words that'll boost her confidence up.
  111. ━━━
  112. DOES HER LI FEEL THE SAME WAY? : jeongyeon does feel the same way about eungyung, probably even stronger. the idol adores the trainee because unlike many, she's actually told how much she's worth and is always given a confidence booth everyday. heck, even being beside the trainee gives the idol happy feelings and confidence, she wants to feel that way all the time and will do anything to stay beside eungyung. of course, they're both busy with their schedules and practicing, but they always make sure to talk to one another at least once on the phone everyday.
  114. ━━━
  116. — they're being very affectionate and touchy, though they're all by themselves in a practice room since jeongyeon was teaching eungyung the dance for signal, and someone (honestly anyone? like day6 members or other slots?) walks in while they're in the middle of something and they both push each other away, embarrassed.
  117. — jeongyeon gets easily jealous because sungjin keeps low key pushing himself onto eungyung, even though she's oblivious to it, and the female idol is jealous how eungyung is letting it happen
  118. — eungyung made sungjin and jeongyeon a packed lunch, though the female idol gets cheeky and happy because hers is put together cutely and affectionately while sungjin's is just, there.
  119. — jeongyeon boasts to her members about eungyung to the point where when the trainee meets them, they're all telling her and asking her if everything's true or how the blonde idol is always mentioning her no matter what or when
  120. — they go on a small date together, though they can't be as affectionate as they are when alone because of photographers (cough I mean rats like dispatch) could take their picture any time, but they still enjoy each other presence
  121. — when eungyung starts doubting their relationship, for example; jeongyeon not even getting too close when they're out together, for they won't be rumored about, the idol does anything for the trainee just to make her realize that jeongyeon's feelings are as strong as the day they confessed to one another
  122. — hella shy but hella cute confESSION AYe
  125. — eungyung getting this | | close to bitch slapping I WAIT because she just can't deal with her??? like she dislikes her personality so much?? and when she tries to get along with the girl, she just can't?
  126. — she invites all of the girls, even I WAIT bc she's the bigger person (:, to JYP and they accidentally run into DAY6 there. eungyung acts as normal as ever but the tension iS STRONG
  127. — I SMILE doubting her friendship, or whatever they got, with eungyung because she noticed how her ex (AKA MY BBY SUNGJIN) has affectionate feelings toward the trainee
  128. — they all go out for dinner to eat to know one another much more better, low key talking shit about their ex's while eungyung just mentions how they are on a daily lately
  130. ━━━
  131. ANYTHING ELSE? : nope ((:
  133. MESSAGE TO ME : oKAY THIS IS MY FIRST TIME APPLYING FOR YOU APPLY FIC, or is this your first? I forgot I ain't sure, sORRY. BUT,,,, you seem hella lit, because I bet you are, I really like this idea. like wow, my babies are getting far thERE IS FINALLY AN APPLY FIC FOR THEM I WAITED FOR THIS DAY FOR SO LONG!! but once I pressed into this af I was like "wow I don't have a SOLID BIAS in day6, what a great fan" I was troubled because man they're all amazing, so I went for the gay slot because man I couldn't choose, bless you for having a gay slot <3
  134. hopefully you get much more forms, sorryfor taking so long I low key forgot about wattpad in general (: but u bet you're gonna do gREAT because this af is amAzInG
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