Change Log (Beta 21)

Dec 14th, 2016
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  1. //b15
  3. Added public link var zstringwarp , and an if(zstringwarp) statement to the Link class to support warping by string. -ZoriaRPG
  4. Added SCCs for Warp, Warp2, and SetScreenD to zstrings. -Dimentio
  5. Wrote functions for SCC cases MSGC_WARP, MSGC_WARPSQ, MSGC_SETSCRD. -ZoriaRPG
  7. Added Link->UseWarpReturn to ZScript. -ZoriaRPG
  8. Added handlers in the Link class: setWarpReturnSquare(int), getWarpReturnSquare(), getDirectItem(), getDirectItemA(), getDirectItemB(). -ZoriaRPG
  9. Added Link->UsingItem, Link->usingItemA, Link->UsingItemB to ZScript. -ZoriaRPG
  10. ->These should return the item number being used, or -1.
  11. ->Setting these does nothing.
  13. //b16
  15. Added Link->WarpSound : The user may set this, and if it is not 0, this sound plays during Link->Warp and Link->PitWarp.-ZoriaRPG
  16. Worked on do_warp()
  17. Added debug info to do_warp
  19. //b17
  20. Stopped side warps playing warp sfx. -ZoriaRPG
  21. Added Link->PlayWarpSound : This enables/prevents a sound from playing even if set. Should override for side warps, etc.
  22. Fixed Link->PlayWarpSound. Now it returns properly. -ZoriaRPG
  23. Added SCC for Warp without a return square. -ZoriaRPG
  24. How the hell do we set tmpscr->warpreturnc or why is wrindex=(tmpscr->warpreturnc>>(8+(index*2)))&3; not working?!
  26. New SCCs are:
  28. /23/dmap/screen - Warps to dmap, screen
  29. /24/dmap/screen/return - Warps to dmap, screen, using retur square 'return'; but the return square thing isn't working.
  30. /26/reg/value - Sets Screen->D[reg] = value.
  32. Added bool isscriptedwarp and associated handlers to link.h and link.cpp. ( LinkClass::getScriptedWarp(), etc.)
  33. Modified do_warp() and dowarp() to use isscriptedwarp for how warps by script set wtSCROLL warpreturnx[] and warpreturny[], thus:
  34. if(get_bit(quest_rules,qr_NOARRIVALPOINT))
  35. {
  36. if ( getScriptedWarp() ){
  37. setScriptedWarp(false);
  38. wrx=tmpscr->warpreturnx[wrindex];
  39. wry=tmpscr->warpreturny[wrindex];
  40. }
  41. else{
  42. wrx=tmpscr->warpreturnx[0];
  43. wry=tmpscr->warpreturny[0];
  44. }
  45. }
  47. //b18
  48. Additional work on warping.
  49. The SCC warps are buged. If the present screen is a screen 8 cave, Link warps into unknown space. -ZoriaRPG
  50. Added checks for isscriptedwarp to LinkClass::dowarp(int,int)
  52. //b19
  54. Added Link->WarpEffect to set an in-built effect for Link->Warp -ZoriaRPG
  55. Added Screen->ZapIn(), Screen->ZapOut, Screen->WavyIn(), Screen->WavyOut, and Screen->OpeningWipe -ZoriaRPG
  56. These replicate the animations from tilewarps, to call at any time (without warping).
  57. Fixed return squares for Link->Warp
  58. Added additional SCCs for warping, and rewrote some of the old ones.
  59. Renumbered SCCs for warping (31, 32, 33, 34) and Scren->D (40)
  61. //b20
  62. Partially rewrote LinkClass::dowarp() to fix sound and dest issues.
  63. Renamed bool Link->PlayWarpSound to Link->SideWarpSounds
  64. Added ClearSCCWarpValues and used it to clean up SCC warps.
  65. Added LinkClass::playpitwarpsfx and bool Link->PitWarpSounds to ZScript, to determine if pit warps play a sound
  66. Added bool LinkClass::ispit , LinkClass:: void getIsPitWarp, bool setIsPitWarp.
  67. These are used to determine if the warp is a ptwarp after all the other vars clear.
  68. Why don't we rewrite PitWarp; eh?
  69. All new ZScript features, and warp sounds work.
  70. SCC Warp features still require testing, and debugging.
  71. Updated zscript.txt and 2.54_New_Zscript.txt to reflect the changes and additions.
  72. Updated 'std_constants' with new WARPFX_* values.
  74. PitWarpSound and SideWarpSound seem to be joined somehow. Check to see if any of the EVENTS in Link.cpp might
  75. be causing this, such as the event that calls dowarp().
  77. Discovered that zlaunch-w.exe will crash if zquest-w is not in its working path. -ZoriaRPG
  79. //b21
  80. I appear to have fixed all of the warp sound conflicts, so we'll see what happens. -ZoriaRPG
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