CC Iris and Zee

Jul 9th, 2012
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  1. >One day while whittling the hours away by rewatching the episodes (with the audio captions on because those are funny as all get out) a knock on your front door steals your attention.
  2. "Who the heck could that be?"
  3. >When you reach the door, nobody is there.
  4. >You look down to find a box.
  5. "The...hay? I wasn't expecting a package..."
  6. >You pull it up and bring it back into your room, where two of your closest friends are waiting, video notably not paused.
  7. "Not cool, guys. Rewind that."
  8. >"Eh, it was only a few seconds. Sit down, whatcha got there?"
  9. >You shrug and open the box.
  10. >Inside are three plush ponies.
  11. >The surprised look on your face makes your friends' curiosity drive them to peer inside as well.
  12. >"What..."
  13. >"...the..."
  14. "...fuck?"
  15. >As you pull the ponies out, you note that they are the exact same color as your characters you once made for a pony RP session.
  16. >Your own OC, a teal blue earth pony with short brown mane and tail is within your hands.
  17. "It even has the cutie mark..."
  18. >Indeed, the crisscrossed orb of a Cyber-Elf was present on the flanks of the colt.
  19. "This is pretty cool right, guys...guys?"
  20. >They are both staring in awe at their own OCs.
  21. >"Dude...can you believe this? It's frickin Iris!"
  22. >His plush was a light red unicorn mare with a long dirty blonde mane kept up in ponytails, and it not only had her cutie mark of an eye, but had her glasses as well.
  23. >"Of course he can believe it, man, he's the one who bought em, right? Thanks bro, this means a lot to me. how much it cost?"
  24. >You consider for a moment telling him that the deep red pegasus in his hands with an electric blue spiked mane was an unexpected surprise...but then again...
  25. "Yeah. they were only about 50 bucks each, special order...and the site I got them on is closed. So I guess we lucked out. Uh...early happy birthday dudes."
  26. >Yeah, taking the credit like a boss.
  27. >"Sweeeeet."
  28. >"Thanks again, pal."
  29. "Haha yeah, no prob dudes."
  31. >Each of your friends take their personal pony home at the end of the day.
  32. >You, yourself frame it over your headboard, letting Carbon Copy watch over you as you slept that night.
  34. >You awake the next morning feeling...stronger, somehow.
  35. >Your muscles all react more taut, and after a mirror-examination, you're fit as a fiddle and healthy as a horse.
  36. "Zits clear, aches gone, heck even the fat's gone!"
  37. >You would never admit to anyone that, while you appeared ok, you had let yourself go in recent years, earning yourself the slightest of man-boobs.
  38. >...okay they were pretty obvious man-tits. But they're gone!
  39. >So who cares, now?
  40. >Feeling pretty good about yourself, you take a jog that morning.
  41. >Jogging was something you only did when you were looking to impress a chick on the block, but today, you were running for YOU.
  42. >After your third round of the neighborhood (holy shit) you come across your friend from yesterday, Tom.
  43. "Hey, Tom, how's it going man?"
  44. >"It's going good, goin good...hey i look...skinny to you?"
  45. >Tom was a health nut, part of the reason his OC, Iris, was a doctor that specialized in optometry.
  46. "Pff, no way, you're buffer than me, dude."
  47. >He gives you a once-over.
  48. >"Speaking of, lookin' good! You switch to a healthier diet? Or have you been dippin into some miracle drugs?"
  49. >He elbows you playfully and you nudge him back.
  50. "Not really, just woke up this morning, feeling GREAT. Heck, this is my third lap."
  51. >"Around the block?"
  52. "No, the neighborhood!"
  53. >He gives you a look.
  54. >"Sarcasm, really?"
  55. "No, no fooling. I live on that block over there, you see?"
  56. >You point into the distance.
  57. >"...h-uh."
  58. "I'm telling you, man, I just feel better today."
  59. >"Well I'm not gonna rain on that parade. I was stopping by to see if I left anything back at your place."
  60. "Sure, come on, I'll race ya!"
  62. >The next day you feel even better.
  63. >Tom had been pretty chill yesterday, if uncomfortably fixated on you.
  64. >But maybe that was because he knew more about health than you.
  65. >Shrugging to your inner musings, you reach into the fridge towards a pack of hot dogs.
  66. >Opening the pack, you are struck by the most foul of stenches.
  67. "UOAGH! Nasty!"
  68. >Dropping the offending wieners into the trash, you snag a fruit salad that was nearby instead.
  69. >It was a few days old, but boy was it delicious.
  70. >As you are finishing your meal, the phone rings.
  71. "Yyyyello."
  72. >"Hey bro, I was calling about the toy you got me..."
  73. "Yeah, what about it? Was Zee not up to par?"
  74. >"No, that's not it, it's just...I uh... you'll have to come see for yourself."
  75. >Huh.
  77. "Ok Richie, I'm here. What's the issue?"
  78. >"Dude, you are not going to believe this..."
  79. >He offers the doll to you.
  80. "What."
  81. >"Hold it, man."
  82. >Rolling your eyes you lift th-
  83. "Holy SHIT!"
  84. >The thing weighs at least twice as much as it did when it was in the box!
  85. >"And dude, that isn't even the coolest part!"
  86. >You look at Richie with incredulity.
  87. >He jumps.
  88. >And not like a little bunny hop, the guy LEAPS a good 10 feet up in the backyard.
  89. >As you pick up your jaw from the floor (metaphorically) you look between your friend of 10 years and the toy.
  90. >The guy was a complete nerd, just like you, sort of. He had never been the athletic type. You were once upon a time, but this...this was frickin rad!
  91. "How..."
  92. >"I think it's the pony, dude."
  93. " letting you jump higher than Air Jordan on a trampoline?"
  94. >"I don't know, and I don't care, but this little guy is giving me super jumps and I'm not about to let that go."
  95. >He takes the little dense pegasus back from you and places it beside his bed.
  96. >You wonder...
  98. >Back at your own house, you weigh yourself in.
  99. > gained weight.
  100. "What is this horsespit?"
  101. >...muscle weighs more than fat.
  102. "Phew. Man, for a second ther-"
  103. >You stop mid-sentence and go grab CC from the headboard.
  104. >It's...lighter.
  105. >You give it a small squeeze, and find it's a lot doughier than you remember.
  106. >Your eyes light up as you realize what may be the single coolest thing ever has just occurred.
  107. "Shit dude, I've got...we've got magic frickin ponies!"
  108. >You nearly let out a squee in your over-active giddiness (not that you could ever imitate that damnably cute SFX before, but you sure as hell almost tried) and place it back where it was before.
  109. >Somehow these ponies were fixing your health were stronger, Rich was lighter, Tom...
  110. >Huh, what the hell was up with Tom?
  111. >You'll ask tomorrow, you tell yourself, and you get back to exercising, even testing how high you can jump.
  112. >Like...4 feet, vertical.
  113. >Not bad, but a twinge of jealousy forces you to spend the rest of your day in practice.
  115. >The next morning, you manage to turn off your alarm clock with your blue hand...s...
  116. >Blue.
  117. "What the!?"
  118. >Your hand is blue.
  119. >It's not supposed to be blue.
  120. >You look to Carbon Copy, a now Caucasian earth pony with blonde hair.
  121. >You look in a small mirror, and sure enough, your hair is brown.
  122. >Uhhhhhh..."
  123. >Your phone rings.
  124. >It's Richie.
  125. >"DUDE, You aren't gonna-"
  126. "I'm BLUE, Richie."
  127. >There is silence on the line.
  128. >"Maybe you would believe..."
  129. "I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess you're a dark frickin red."
  130. >"Eeeyup."
  131. >You can't help but laugh at the thought of your friend, now redder than Big Macintosh using that line.
  132. >"And what's so funny?"
  133. "You DO realize you're red now, right? And you just said that."
  134. >"What do you-oh! Oh! Hahaha! You're right!"
  135. >After your laugh, you decide to check in on Tom.
  136. >He does not pick up the phone.
  137. > mode of conversation: computer.
  138. >You open up your instant messenger and see if he's on.
  139. >He is.
  140. "Yo, Tom what's up?"
  141. >"Nothing."
  142. "Nothing like nothing cool? No color changes, sudden weight loss...nothing?"
  143. >"Why would you ask about...that?"
  144. "Oh, I think you know why."
  145. >"..."
  146. "Don't you dotdotdot me, mister."
  147. >"..."
  148. >User Tom has logged off.
  150. >You cover up your entire body with a jacket and scarf, and put on a hat.
  151. >It's early Spring, maybe nobody would give you a second glance seeing you bundled up.
  152. >You reach Tom's house and give a hearty knock.
  153. >You may have cracked the door a little.
  154. "Huh, don't know my own strength...HEY TOM! Open up!"
  155. >You bang on the door (with some self control) until you hear a voice on the other side.
  156. >"Go away."
  157. "Hey, miss, is Tom in?"
  158. >"What?"
  159. "Tom, you know, health nut, good guy, been my friend for all of high school?"
  160. >The door cracks open and you see a girl with brownish blonde hair and a wicked sunburn.
  161. "Eesh, you put some Aloe on that yet, miss?"
  162. >She gives you a pitiful look.
  163. >"It's me...Tom..."
  164. >What.
  165. "What."
  166. >"Just get in here. Now."
  167. >You are tugged inside and the door slams shut behind you, locks turning.
  168. >All the windows in the house have been covered.
  169. " feeling alright, miss..."
  170. >"I'm TOM, you prick!"
  171. >She punches you in the solar plexus, winding you.
  172. >Ok...maybe she is Tom...knowing about all those pressure points and shit.
  173. "The hell was that for?"
  174. >She-HE rips the hat off your head and the scarf off your face before she answers.
  175. >"Oh my God..."
  176. "What? Never been to see Blue Man group?"
  177. >"You're BLUE!"
  178. "I know!"
  179. >...
  180. "You're a chick!"
  181. >"I know!"
  182. "...when did it happen anyway?"
  183. >"That night, after I got home, I went to take a shower. Before I knew it, my hair was this long and I had this rack. Now I look like a humanized Iris...and you look like your OC too!"
  184. "Thanks for in the shower...huh?"
  185. >You waggle your eyebrows.
  186. >"You would ask, fucking dirty minded horsefucker."
  187. "Hey now, no need to get upset miss Tom. And I don't fuck horses just cause I've got a folder for MLP in the personal picture place."
  188. >Sometimes MLP time was Me time.
  189. >"You fap to ponies, bro."
  190. >Eh, why deny.
  191. "So I'm going to guess you know a woman's body inside and out, huh?"
  192. >A blush creeps across Tom's face, a different shade of red.
  193. >She gives you a light slap.
  194. >"Don't ask me shit like that."
  195. >You smile.
  196. "Sure thing."
  197. >Looking at Tom again, she's pretty hot now...and wasn't she saying something about you lookin good just a few days ago?
  198. >You get closer.
  199. "So hey, you tell me, do I look any better than I did that morning?"
  200. >She begins to look you all over, and tests a few muscles.
  201. >You flex them as she reaches them, of course.
  202. >"Hard to tell...I mean, you seem like you're RIPPED and all...but I think my vision's getting worse."
  203. >She brushes her hair aside and then binds it into a ponytail.
  204. >You note that blush still hasn't left her face.
  205. "You should see Rich...he can jump like...10 feet straight up, last I saw."
  206. >"Wow."
  207. >You can see the unicorn doll from where you are, and you notice it not only has Tom's usual coloration, but is a stallion.
  208. >Maybe the dolls were replacing what you had with their own qualities...
  209. >If that were true, then you guys would be turning into ponies by the end of the week!
  210. "Ha."
  211. >"What ha?"
  212. "I think we're turning into ponies."
  213. >"Well that's FRICKIN OBVIOUS! DING DING, We got a winner folks!"
  214. >Her boobs are bouncing.
  215. >...she isn't wearing a bra!
  216. >"...and quit staring at my tits!"
  217. "Sorry, it's just..your parents are gonna be here tomorrow, aren't they?"
  218. >"Ohhhh shit. They can't see me like this!"
  219. "So here's my plan, we'll head back to my place and see what's what about this transformation business. For now though, just tell em you're stayng over with me."
  220. >"Yeah, I'll leave a note...and I am getting a lock on my room there."
  221. "Sure sure, let's just get wrapped up, grab Iris and let's go."
  223. >You call Rich over to your place on the way, and all meet up at your front door.
  224. "So here's the deal, We all stay here until whatever is going on is solved, ok?"
  225. >"Why don't we just burn these things...or send them back?"
  226. >Tom asks, folding her arms over her breasts.
  227. >"Well whatever the dolls have transfers to us...i shudder to think what breaking a leg or burning them might do...but I say we just transform."
  228. "And there's one more thing, Tom...I uh....I didn't buy these."
  229. >"But you said-"
  230. "I know, I know, and I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken the credit just so I could benefit an extra mile from this."
  231. >The two look at you solemnly.
  232. "If it's any consolation, I don't think I wanna go full pony either. I'll grab the box, we'll load up the dolls and return em to sender."
  234. >The box.
  235. >Where is the box?
  236. "I know I didn't touch it! It's just GONE!"
  237. >"What do you mean, gone?"
  238. "I mean the thing is disappeared like it was never here!"
  239. >"You mean HAS disappeared?"
  240. "I don't need your grammar shit, help me find it!"
  242. >Hours later and still no box.
  243. >"Fuck this, I'm gonna bathe."
  244. >As Tom locks the bathroom door behind her, you and Richie each turn to each other.
  245. >"Dude! She's stacked!"
  246. "I know! I wish there was a way to stop it here! I mean, ponies don't have breasts, do they?"
  247. >"They don't, and I see where you're coming from...but I'm looking forward to flight!"
  248. >Oh yeah, he'll grow wings if this theory is correct.
  249. "And Tom will become magic?"
  250. >"Duuuuuuude."
  251. "Sweeeeeeeet."
  252. >...
  253. "That blows!"
  254. >"Are you crazy? Magic is great! We can revolutionize EVERYTHING with magic!"
  255. "Not that, I'm gonna be an Earth pony!"
  256. >"So?"
  257. "No magic, no flight, nothing! His cutie mark is a damn cyber-elf from MMZ, I picked it cuz it looked cool! What the fuck does it do?"
  258. >He shrugs.
  259. >"Do I look like a pony scientist?"
  260. "You look like a burn victim."
  262. >The next day your head and butt itch like nobody's business.
  263. >Upon scratching, you find pony ears and a tail in the areas of affection.
  264. >Richie comes busting into your room 2 feet off the ground.
  265. >"Dude, I've been waiting for-EVER to do this! I woke up hours ago in excitement and learned to fly!"
  266. "Good job, dude."
  267. >"You say good job like I beat a video game, come on man, I can FLY!"
  268. >For gusto, he spins mid air.
  269. "Well you aren't that bad, but it's not like you can do a sonic boom or nothing."
  270. >"Pff, as id I'm dumb enough to try that without some serious practice. I AM gonna see if I can stand on clouds though. Be right back!"
  271. >He goes to open your window for a dramatic escape.
  272. >Placing a hand on his shoulder (phew, still have a hand) you stop him and shake your head.
  273. "Dude, I wouldn't go flying around in this town. What if somebody sees you?"
  274. >"Then...they're drunk at 8 o'clock in the morning?"
  275. >You do your best to glare, but he gives you the biggest smile you've ever seen on a human...
  276. >Actually, it was hella wide, you can even see-
  277. "Your canines..."
  278. >"What?"
  279. "You don't have sharp teeth anymore."
  280. >He feels around in his mouth, and you do the same (in your own mouth, duh) and find that yes, your teeth were all rounder, canines mysteriously absent.
  281. "Have you eaten anything but fruits and veggies in the last 3 days?"
  282. >"Actually, no...well, aside from sweets."
  283. "...h-uh."
  284. >You let go.
  285. "Just be careful, and come right back."
  286. >"Yeah yeah, I'll be back in..."
  287. >Don't you fucking say it.
  288. >"...a minute!"
  289. >Phew.
  290. >As he begins to clumsily ascend into the sky (over your pool, thankfully) you decide to check up on Tom...who by now should feel pretty...horny.
  291. >Snickering you knock on her door.
  292. >"What..."
  293. >Must have still been asleep.
  294. "Hey Iris, you've got a horn, right?"
  295. >You can hear the sheets moving, a feat you could not accomplish before.
  296. >Maybe ponification wasn't that bad...
  297. >The door unlocks and there Tom is, wearing short-no, boxers.
  298. >...
  299. >And that's it.
  300. >You slap on your must indeterminate face and look Tom in the eyes.
  301. >"What the hell do you want..."
  302. >Your body.
  303. "Your-you have a horn. And a tail. And the ears on top of your head."
  304. >On cue, her ears twitch, and she slowly lifts her arms to feel them.
  305. >"Woahhh...ahh!"
  306. >The blush overtakes her face in full and she slams the door.
  307. >...without her hands.
  308. "Un-fucking fair! You've been awake for 5 minutes and you've got telekinesis!"
  309. >At least she wasn't wearing a shirt, heheh.
  310. >You go to make breakfast, and decide on blueberry pancakes.
  311. >As the three of you sit down for breakfast, you cast a wary eye over your friends.
  312. >Tom's levitating the silverware.
  313. >Richie isn't sitting in the chair.
  314. >Fucking cheaters.
  316. >You all take a full hour to check the house, top to bottom for the box, but around lunchtime...
  317. >"I don't think I want to return the doll anymore."
  318. "What, really Tom?"
  319. >"Yeah, I mean, I'm a girl, but magic is a real and tangible thing for me now. I wouldn't give this up for ANYTHING."
  320. >You glare at her until she realizes why you are glaring.
  321. >"What are you...oh. I'm sorry."
  322. "Yeah. Better be."
  323. >You don't bother asking for any more help while you comb the building from top to bottom.
  324. >You never took out the trash, so you check it as well.
  325. >No sign of the box.
  327. >It's nearly the end of the day, and you're all just standing there waiting as the cheese pizza is in the oven.
  328. >"Hey Tom, why are you standing like that?"
  329. >"Like what?"
  330. >Looking over, you can see she's positioned herself on the counter, and her tail is raised.
  331. >Well, hers is because she isn't wearing jeans with a crotch hole.
  332. >You and Rich have opted to wear your pants backwards to let the tails protrude instead of stick up or be stuffed down a leg.
  333. >Yeah, let it all hang out.
  334. >"Cause my tail is really uncomfortable. Duh."
  335. >...
  336. >"And stop staring..."
  337. >There's that blush again.
  338. >Ha, if this wasn't real life, you'd think your friend was hot for you or something with all the times you've caught her staring.
  339. >But all of you don't look much like you did a few days ago, so some stares are natural.
  340. "Oh, hey, did you test the clouds, Rich?"
  341. >"Oh yeah, slipped my mind. They are totally solid. and malleable. I grabbed a bunch, condensed it into a raincloud and parked it in your backyard over the pool.
  342. >You step away to check.>Sure enough, a small dark cloud is hovering on top of the water. Thankfully it was hidden by the walls around the backyard. Parking clouds wasn't exactly...low-key.
  343. >Last thing you guys need is special forces or some xenobioligists breathing down your neck.
  344. >Or worse...
  345. >More rabid fans than you.
  346. >You weren't sure you were going to be comfortable being touched, poked or prodded.
  347. >Maybe you could build something...
  349. >In the end of the day, you take stock of what the dolls had done so far.
  350. >Physical changes included some serious strength and dexterity for you, Rich can fly and weighs about half as much as he did before, and Tom...well other than turning into a girl, you're unsure if he lost some muscle.
  351. >Psychologically, it was really weird how easy a transition it was to call Tom a girl. You had referred to her as female multiple times throughout the day, and her only reaction was a swish of the tail.
  352. >She never objected once...and either she was gay as a guy, or she liked men now.
  353. >Hey, maybe you'll ask her out, who knows. You are all trapped in a single house with no way out...uh...
  354. >Food's running low being chowed down on by three people.
  355. >You decide a midnight run is in order.
  357. >Alone in the middle of the night, wrapped up like it's the dead of winter, you hustle to the store with the speed of...well, a horse.
  358. >Man if you were this fast on two legs, would you be faster on four?
  359. >"That'll be 5 bucks baby."
  360. "You sure it isn't more? I've got this whole cart full."
  361. >"Oh...the whole...cart?"
  362. "Yeah."
  363. >With a groan, the cashier gets back to scanning, you handing him stuff.
  364. >He notices your gloves and full get up by about this time.
  365. >He also smells like pot, so it's no small wonder he's slow on the uptake.
  366. >He's now shaking in his boots as he continues.
  367. >You reach in your jacket to pull out your wallet.
  369. >What.
  370. "Hey now, just getting my wallet."
  371. >You offer the 70-something bucks you guesstimated the cart-full to be worth as you filled it.
  372. >He takes it, breathing an obnoxiously loud sigh of relief.
  373. >A sharp pain makes you retract your hand, and your shoes start to feel tight.
  374. >"You ok, dude? Here's your chang-"
  375. "Keep the change! I gotta go!"
  376. >You place your hooves (oh fuck) on the cart and begin pushing the cart back outside.
  377. >"...bathroom's on the left..."
  379. >Once outside, you remove the shoes with a single kick, and they are sent flying.
  380. "Holy ffffuck."
  381. >You forego the bags and just push the cart all the way back to your house.
  382. >Slamming it into the door, you knock the thing right off its hinges.
  383. >You can hear your housemates' cries of surprise and alarm.
  384. >"Stop right there!"
  385. >A red pegasus bursts into the room holding a plastic sword in his hooves (somewhere a physicist cries and doesn't know why) but stops once he notices its just you.
  386. >You kick your pants off, they were mostly ripped anyway, and you shake off the shades, hat and scarf.
  387. >"Dude...what?"
  388. "I could say the same thing!"
  389. >Your voices are different.
  390. "I got the food we're gonna need anyway, where's Iris-I mean Tom?"
  391. >"I'll get her."
  392. >He flies off down the hall and returns with a sleepy mare.
  393. >"What is all this nonsense anyway?"
  394. >Hnnng, dat voice. It's the same, except
  395. >You shake your head.
  396. "I need help, you and Zee put the food away, I'm going to repair the door."
  397. >"Whatever you say CC."
  398. >You snag a screwdriver, hammer and nails and get to work repairing the door's hinges.
  399. >Thankfully you only knocked them off, and didn't damage the wall any.
  400. >Minutes later, the groceries are in the fridge (all your meat was thrown out the other day, leaving plenty of room) and the door is back up.
  401. >"Okay, CC, what's the issue?"
  402. "There's no issue, we just ran out of time. No more humans means no more food. I'm no plants expert, but the tree outside isn't a fruit tree. We've got this, the grass outside, and pinecones if you're crazy enough"
  403. >In the time you've been talking, you can feel your vision getting wider.
  404. >Looking at your friends, you notice their eyes widening as they fit the large space on the face.
  405. >Iris' lashes grow and curl and she flutters them slightly.
  406. >...her tail is still raised pretty high for being absolutely naked.
  407. "Hey Iris..."
  408. >"Hmm?"
  409. "You look pretty cute you know that?"
  410. >" CC..."
  411. >You take a deep breath through your nose...
  412. >That know you should recognize it...
  413. >She turns back towards the fridge and opens it with her hooves (maybe it's like a suspension of disbelief sort of thing) and you can see her backside.
  414. >You and Zee both exchange looks of glee and perversion.
  415. >You trot forward and take another whiff.
  416. >'s Iris.
  417. >The smell of her..just...
  418. >Without pants, you can't hide your eagerness.
  419. >You put your legs together and block the line-of-sight between her eyes and your dick.
  420. >She props herself up on one shelf to get a better look...
  421. >And you get a better look, yourself.
  422. >She winks.
  423. >"Taking a good hard look, CC?"
  424. >Oh you're good and hard alright.
  425. >She shakes her flank, brushing against your muzzle with her tail.
  426. >"Hey Zee, how about you an C...oh I can't just say it, can I?"
  427. >"Say what, Iris?"
  428. "I have the feeling I already know..."
  429. >She gets down, levitating a soda out of the fridge and closing the door.
  430. >She trots into one of the bedrooms, eyes half-lidded and looking over her shoulder.
  431. >The soda is levitated along with her, opening with a loud KSSHH and she pours it down into her open mouth, tongue hanging out as she chugs the waterfall.
  432. >Zee lands, wings fully splayed.
  433. "Having trouble moving?"
  434. >"They're stiffer than they look, dude."
  435. >You don't bother looking underneath him, you already KNOW he's hard up for Iris too.
  436. "Well what are we waiting for?"
  437. >"Fuck if I know."
  438. >Fuck is exactly what you know.
  439. >You lick your lips in anticipation.
  440. >You gallop on in, Zee hot on your heels...hooves.
  441. >Whatever.
  442. >Itis has her forehooves on the bed, her head turned to the side and is shaking what Celestia gave her.
  443. >"Take meeeeee..."
  444. "Is this our mission, Iris?"
  445. >"It is tonight!"
  446. "No need to suit up tonight, Zee, let's just stay here and help out Iris."
  447. >"That's my kind of mission, Carbon Copy."
  448. >You place your hooves on her back and begin to slowly and purposefully rub around her flanks, and her little moans fill the air.
  449. >Zee seems content to fly over and land in front of her, locking lips with the eager mare, running a hoof along her face and down her mane.
  450. >It muffles her voice, but you can still hear her mumbling and humming.
  451. "Are you ready?"
  452. >You can hear an affirmative signal from the mare.
  453. >You bring your head down and sniff, then lick at the slit once or twice.
  454. >Oh Luna have gotta have some more.
  455. >You press your lips against hers (haha a pun) and stick your tongue deep within, drinking in her flavor.
  456. >After a few seconds, your fifth leg is taping up a storm, and you place your hooves on either side of her, putting your tip against her entrance.
  457. >Tasting her might have been delicious, but the feeling of penetrating was beyond any joy you could get from that.
  458. >Long and slow pumps, thrusts of your hips against her flanks make a few slap noises, driving her voice wild during her wild make-out session with Zee.
  459. >Zee decides it's time to put her mouth to another use.
  460. >Iris agrees, taking the whole length in as soon as it was offered, Zee's eyes widening in shock and pleasure.
  461. >Now his moans are added to the chorus, your grunts providing a baseline beat.
  462. >Your thrusts pick up the pace, her moans being punctuated by squeaks, rising in pitch as you continue.
  463. >She takes Zee's penis out of her mouth to kiss the tip again when he finally blows his load into her mane and covering her horn.
  464. >You are the next to go, pumping semen directly into her body, gripping her sides with your hooves as best you can, her tail in your mouth as you savor its taste.
  465. >You dislodge yourself, her marehood squeezing down on you, releasing a few aftershocks of pleasure as you fight her suction.
  466. >"Nooo...don't leave me...I'm still empty..."
  467. >"Don't worry Iris, I've got you..."
  468. >You and Zee swap places, delivering a high hoof as you pass.
  469. >Iris' magic collects the cum from her mane and funnels it into her mouth, which she eats (drinks?) with gusto, licking her lips afterwards.
  470. >"You know what I taste like, and I know what Zee tastes like...I want you now, C..."
  471. >Your junior member agrees wholeheartedly, rising to the occasion once more.
  472. >She runs her tongue up and down the shaft while Zee prods her but, licking the flank where her cutie marks are now present.
  473. >Looking at your own flank, your cyber-elf marks have come in fully, and so has Zee's sabers.
  474. >You grin as Iris tugs on your sack, taking one, then both balls into her mouth and lightly sucking them.
  475. "Iris..."
  476. >With a loud pop, she lets your balls fall out of her mouth, freeing herself up for your throbbing dick.
  477. >She doesn't go whole hog this time, only wrapping her tongue around the tip up until Zee sticks himself inside her butt.
  478. >With a loud moan, she desperately begins to suck at your cock, it reaching deep enough for her to make at swallowing to stimulate you.
  479. >Zee wiggles his eyebrows at you.
  480. >He knows exactly what service you're getting.
  481. >She begins to moan again, and you place a hoof at the back off her head to help slam your dick in.
  482. >The humming vibrations you're experiencing are amazing.
  483. >In none too soon, you hear her moan and grunt, and she shakes a bit, then Zee follows suit.
  484. >Zee frees himself and takes a seat.
  485. >"You two go on without me for a minute, eh?"
  486. >You feel yourself coming close and move to get out, when her horn lights up and you can feel yourself locked in place.
  487. >She looks up at you with those long lashed crystal blue eyes as if to say: "I want it".
  488. "As you wish, Iris!"
  489. >You shoot your seed in, and she gulps it down greedily.
  490. >You moan and sigh, relaxing against a desk with all three dolls on it, which you placed there just to keep them ready for when/if you found the box.
  491. >They are all now perfect replicas of you and your friends as humans.
  492. >"You guys came so're going to have to make it up to me somehow, you know."
  493. "Yeah, no kidding."
  494. >"Hey, anyone up for a shower?"
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