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Jan 24th, 2020
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  1. Goals for 2020:
  3. Well then it's time for another update on my current goal status. 2019 was a good year, though I had to drop my streaming way down due to outside factors (AKA LIFE). I am hopeful 2020 will be coming back with a strong increase in subs and growth which I have been wanting for the last 2 years. So with that let's get to the goals!
  5. -Before things started getting crazy and I found out about just how much more refined and faster the Command Mission run was/could be. I have a video and guide I'm going to watch and relearn EVERYTHING. Basically I should by this guide be getting a sub 4. Which means the business suit% run is absolutely going to happen. It's just a matter of WHEN given there is still some up in the air things happening at work.
  7. -Raunch-a-thon was an absolute success and I'd like to have Raunch-a-thon 2 at some point. Again the problem comes back to currently I am in the process of potentially getting a promotion to another department at work which limits this idea till all that dust settles.
  9. -Secret of Evermore - This game... yeah. I would love to get back into this game, and as I've said my ultimate goal is still sub 1:16 in any% and then I will shift my focus to 100%. The biggest hindrance to this right now is what it requires of me to get back to the level I NEED to be at. Which 1 I don't have the TIME (See potential promotion) and also the fact the constant mashing does wear on my wrist. I've been mashing a different way which I can tell is slower and my age is starting to catch up to me a little. I can just tell.
  10. That being said I would call this a lifetime goal overall and I definitely hope that I can come back to this sooner rather than later.
  12. -300+ subs. Yes I absolutely want to shoot for 300+ subs concurrently every month and hope to bring my viewership back up to what it was a couple years ago. I know it has dropped a ton, and I am extremely grateful to everyone who has stood by me through all this. This is easily going to be something that I will have to work on piece by piece and I have faith that I can make it, but it will be a tall mountain to climb.
  14. I again would like to say thank you to everyone who has stuck by me while all these changes and lack of streams has gone on. As well as a lack of overall speedrunning. I know it's been at times very painful for you all to watch, as well as for me to go through unable to fulfill what I feel I owe to those who have blessed me with their viewership, time and some even their hard earned money. I really do believe that the stage can be set for bigger and better things this year and I want to again re-iterate that I am working to regain a lot of the things that were lost in the past year overall.
  16. Thank you all <3
  17. -MetaSigma-
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