Suomus Misfits Squadron, vol 3 p 120-124

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  1. That night, Tomoko lay awake, staring at the ceiling. There would be no sortie tomorrow either. Occasionally, in order to intercept the Neuroi when they flew towards them, they would have a duty of being on standby on the ground. The other day, after they had beaten the enemy on the (bomb plane ship? I’ll leave that one to your interpretation), they had seen a decline in the activity of the Neuroi. Moreover, there hadn’t been a need for an air raid. She couldn’t sleep, and her body was restless. Beurling and the others, who were resting in the hospital, couldn’t move at all. One way or another, she closed for her eyes for a while….
  2. *Rummaging sound*
  3. There was something moving at the foot of the futon. Tomoko heard a rasping sound, and lips (can’t find the kanji). Even though she had said ‘The next time you creep in, I’ll kill you’. That Haruka….! Tomoko quietly pulled the sword that stood above her bed towards her. She could feel the sensation of fingers going up from her ankle to her thigh; Tomoko’s eyes were looking upwards. She pushed the blanket off her left leg, and drew her sword, lunging at the intruder.
  4. “…It’s me”
  5. Within the blanket, she could hear a voice. Tomoko’s eyes opened wide.
  6. “…Giuseppina?”
  7. Giuseppina squirmed around, crawling on top of Tomoko, and now Tomoko could see her right in front of her eyes. Her lightly curled silver hair, and her transparent bleary eyes, and her slightly ‘café au lait’ like beautiful brown skin…
  8. “W-What….”
  9. Please come in Haruka! Was the sort of thing she wanted to shout, but all that came out of her mouth were weak words. Giuseppina’s facial expression changed, she was staring fixatedly at Tomoko. This girl…I wonder what the meaning of this is. I really wonder…She’s always staring at me in this way…Honestly, in one way or another, ???????
  10. “You’re trembling”
  11. As Tomoko heard those words, she seized Giuseppina’s shoulders. They were words that bothered her….
  12. “C-Come to think of it, you…”
  13. “Yes”
  14. “The first time you met me, you said ‘…I’m glad. I can meet you peacefully’. What was the meaning of that?”
  15. Elma had rushed out that Giuseppina had the confusion of memory loss, if she wasn’t mistaken; she remembered that Elma Chuu-i had told her that.
  16. “….In our country, you’re a celebrity”
  17. It wasn’t just her own country, even in Karsland Tomoko’s great service was well known. In Suomus in Northern Europe, whilst in a small squadron, she was the foreigner squadron leader ace who overwhelmed the Neuroi…
  18. Why had she only heard of the activities of Tomoko….
  19. “But, why do you only remember me?”
  20. Even though she has memory loss, why?
  21. “I may only remember you, but you give a really strong impression. I forgot everything else…”
  22. Had she perhaps seen Tomoko’s face in a newspaper? Even though, when she lost her memory, why would she only remember me…? Tomoko felt her face flush. Giuseppina continued to stare at Tomoko, then without hesitation or delay, said something amazing.
  23. “Can I kiss you?”
  24. Those words were why she had crept into her bed; there was no doubt about it. I can’t believe this girl. I really can’t. Why is it that I’m surrounded only by things that I can’t believe? This is meant to be a squadron full of maidens, as I thought; it really isn’t that kind of place. When I lived in my own country, there was nothing like this at all…
  25. Giuseppina moved her lips closer. Tomoko instinctively opened her eyes. She didn’t know whether she could come into contact with her or not.
  26. “You’re trembling”, Giuseppina whispered.
  27. “B-Because…”
  28. Tomoko didn’t say what she was going to say before. Giuseppina violently brought her lips closer, until they overlapped. Like that, Giuseppina pushed Tomoko down.
  29. “….Why?”
  30. She asked in the moment that their lips parted slightly.
  31. “I want to know everything about you”
  32. Giuseppina informed her in a small voice, Tomoko could see she was staring at something with her lifeless eyes. That….Seems like something that you really want…
  33. Before Tomoko recognised her own true colours, she shook her head, trying to drive out her imagination.
  34. But…But…But…! We’re both girls!
  35. Of course she would have feelings like that, as their lips met for a second time.
  36. “Nnn….Nmuuu….Nn…..”
  37. Her hands were scrambling around to find something to hold onto, eventually she settled on Giuseppina’s shoulders. Tomoko’s eyes slowly closed…Then the long evening started.
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