Messagess to John

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  1. [9/20/2013 3:24:58 PM] Mike: Arien sent me these screenshots:
  2. [9/20/2013 3:24:59 PM] Mike:
  3. [9/20/2013 3:25:17 PM] Mike:
  4. [9/20/2013 3:28:31 PM] Mike: and im not sure how much you value arien's word but also this
  5. [9/20/2013 3:28:32 PM] Mike: [4:23:45 PM] UnwantedTroll: And tell him Drew said hes not even an owner
  6. [4:23:48 PM] UnwantedTroll: Hes just a face
  7. [4:24:00 PM] UnwantedTroll: And they were all calling him a faggot
  8. [4:24:42 PM] Mike: the helper person thing isnt as big I think
  9. [4:24:46 PM] Mike: helper doesnt mean much I think
  10. [4:25:18 PM] UnwantedTroll: Drew also said john doesn't do shit for the server, and that its drew that updates the server, so drew said he will do it when he feels like it.
  11. [4:25:34 PM | Edited 4:26:04 PM] Mike: when did he say this
  12. [4:25:44 PM] UnwantedTroll: Today, maybe an hour ago
  13. [4:25:49 PM] UnwantedTroll: When i was on
  14. [4:26:11 PM] UnwantedTroll: It wasn't just the helper calling john a faggot.
  15. [4:26:19 PM] UnwantedTroll: He was just the only one i screen shotted
  16. [4:26:27 PM] UnwantedTroll: I should have got more shots
  17. [4:26:33 PM] Mike: who else did?
  18. [4:26:59 PM] UnwantedTroll: Um, him, some platinums, and chasky was talking MAJOR shit about john
  19. [4:27:02 PM] Mike:
  20. [4:27:14 PM] Mike: just now
  21. [4:27:16 PM] Mike: thought it may be true
  22. [4:27:18 PM] UnwantedTroll: Yep they said that too
  23. [4:27:32 PM] UnwantedTroll: All i know is they were talking Major shit about john
  24. [4:27:36 PM] UnwantedTroll: And all of us staff on omega
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