Nyx is His Life

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  1. Made a pastebin of this because this lolcow's faggotry should be immortalized.
  4. When all hope seems lost
  5. And days are passing in a sinful motion
  6. My heart is laying in the frost
  7. How cannot they see my devotion?
  9. I'm just stuck in the violet past,
  10. I wanted give them love and laughter!
  11. It seems like I'm an outcast
  12. With bitter wishes for happy ever after
  14. Nyx Nyx
  15. Nyx is my life (2x)
  16. Black filly with heart
  17. sister and wife
  18. never apart
  19. crossing the field of
  20. fireflies...
  23. I know gray days will go away
  24. As starfalls crossing sky of twilight
  25. They'll learn of kindness up one day
  26. For filly which pelt isn't pure white
  28. So new horizons have no end
  29. And day will dawn for our trial
  30. As Mother told to search for friend
  31. 'Cause y'all just my friends in denial
  34. Nyx Nyx
  35. Nyx is my life (2x)
  36. Black filly with heart
  37. sister and wife
  38. never apart
  39. crossing the field of
  40. fireflies...
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