Fallout: Beyond Equestria, 53: Northern Blues (Part 36)

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  1. [2013-09-18 14:06:55] <Kkat> 3On the other side of the door is a quite spacious personal garage, dominated by the stretched, pegasus-pulled luxury carriage.  The carriage is in largely good condition, save where it has been crushed nearly flat by the collapsed section of the ceiling.  
  2. [2013-09-18 14:07:01] <Kkat> 3CopyCat grins at Sweet-E. "I've tried to set up one of those booth-things for the RD-E bots to give you a super sweet colour scheme. I'm not sure if it'll work, but you can give it a try when you have time!"
  3. [2013-09-18 14:07:07] <Kkat> 3Beyond is an armored garage door.  Unfortunately, most of the mechanical system designed to lift it is smashed across the carriage and floor.
  4. [2013-09-18 14:07:13] <Kkat> 3CopyCat waves her ID badge at the crushed carriage.
  5. [2013-09-18 14:07:19] <Kkat> 3With a keen mechanical eye, Shatara discerns that while the luxury carriage is beyond hope, he can scavenge from it all the parts he needs to fully restore the firewagon.
  6. [2013-09-18 14:07:27] <Kkat> 3Shatara rolls his eyes at copycat, stepping forward to examine what's left of the carriage. "Yup, that's flat all right..." He hovers around the wreckage, examining this and that, pushing what's left of the hood aside. "Looks like the parts are salvagable, though."
  7. [2013-09-18 14:07:33] <Kkat> 3Bookwright walks up and examines the armored garage door. Maybe there's a mechanical release...?
  8. [2013-09-18 14:07:55] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Fifty-Three: Northern Blues (Part Thirty-Six)
  9. [2013-09-18 14:08:03] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  10. [2013-09-18 14:09:51] * Noble_Heart tilts her head to one side. "This is convenient for travel, We suppose. But it does not help us, does it?"
  11. [2013-09-18 14:10:47] * CopyCat pouts. Nothing seemed impressed by her ID badge.
  12. [2013-09-18 14:12:41] * Kid goes ahead and leaves a few Ewey snacks for Ewey, on the condition that it not take energy from Sweetie Bot. When she returns, she decides to start heading up to Shatara, who was probably working the salvage. "We could hit up th' fire truck on th' way to th' library."
  13. [2013-09-18 14:13:32] * Shatara nods to kid, pulling his tools from his pack. He begins 'liberating' the requisite parts.
  14. [2013-09-18 14:14:29] <Kkat> 3Bookwright quickly spots the garage door's manual release.  Once used, however, the door still needs to be lifted manually
  15. [2013-09-18 14:15:29] * Bookwright tries to manually release the door. As he trots over he says, "Y'all, I'm not strong enough to open this door by myself... It looks pretty heavy. Can I get an assist over here?"
  16. [2013-09-18 14:16:54] * Kid huffs and starts heading that way. "Yeah, I gotcher back."
  17. [2013-09-18 14:16:57] * CopyCat tilts her head. "I don't know, Kid. It might be fun to dress up like fireponies but I don't think it'll help too much... Oh! Unless we tell the Heartless we're fire marshals doing an inspection. On second thought I like your plan!"
  18. [2013-09-18 14:17:10] * Noble_Heart tilts her head to one side as she heads towards the doors. "We are not certain We could lift something so large."
  19. [2013-09-18 14:17:50] * Kid blinks. And then smiles.
  20. [2013-09-18 14:18:27] * Shatara looks up and glances around confused, a bit of grease on his feathers.
  21. [2013-09-18 14:18:27] <Kid> "I gottan idea." She lifts her grenade. "Who says we have t' lift it? We just need it /open/."
  22. [2013-09-18 14:21:34] * Bookwright "If it slide up, there's no reason to blow ourselves up."
  23. [2013-09-18 14:22:52] * Get_Lost shrugs "or we could use alever?"
  24. [2013-09-18 14:22:56] <Get_Lost> *a lever
  25. [2013-09-18 14:23:46] * Kid brings her hoof up to her mouth in thought. "Where're we gonna get somethin' t' jimmy somethin' that big up?"
  26. [2013-09-18 14:25:25] * Shatara pops a part free. "There's probably a few pieces in this wreckage that might work."
  27. [2013-09-18 14:26:09] * Noble_Heart frowns. "We do not believe blowing it up would be a good plan either. If We did that then anyone outside could find their way in. Potentially threaten Sweet-E."
  28. [2013-09-18 14:28:58] * Get_Lost shrugs "teah, i'd like to give that wreck a go too... do you heed a helping hoof, shatara?"
  29. [2013-09-18 14:31:01] * Kid cocked an eye at Noble. "Then how do we get out?"
  30. [2013-09-18 14:31:41] * Noble_Heart taps her chin. "We suggest working together."
  31. [2013-09-18 14:32:00] * Bookwright throws the manual release. "If worst comes to worse Noble Heart and myself can teleport everyone out. But it shouldn't come to that."
  32. [2013-09-18 14:32:58] * Shatara blinks at Get_Lost, and smiles. "Er, yeah, some help would be fine....Just need a few more parts...could see if you can find a good piece of frame for pryin' too..."
  33. [2013-09-18 14:33:34] * Get_Lost nodnods and starts looking inside the cart
  34. [2013-09-18 14:45:01] * Get_Lost after checking the whole cart, the science mare taps her chin "well, i guess we could both recover enough parts to fix that firewagon AND salvage something useful to open that door with little effort.... so... let's start working on it?"
  35. [2013-09-18 14:47:00] <Kkat> 3The group's mechanical efforts are rewarding.  Soon, they have stripped all they need from the carriage, as well as dismantled the ruined garage door operator for a suitable lever.
  36. [2013-09-18 14:48:03] * Shatara holds the salvaged carriage pegaflight doohicky over his head. Da-na-na-naaaaa~
  37. [2013-09-18 14:48:06] * Bookwright purses his lips and puffs. "Right. So... Um. I volunteer the Princesses to sit on the long end of the lever and pry open the door."
  38. [2013-09-18 14:48:15] * Get_Lost as soon as the job is done, the mare offers a brohoof to the chicken
  39. [2013-09-18 14:48:35] * Shatara chuckles and fistbumps the mare.
  40. [2013-09-18 14:48:57] * Get_Lost jiggles "well, that's quite th subtle way to imply who has the largest plot around, bookie"
  41. [2013-09-18 14:49:05] <Get_Lost> *giggles
  42. [2013-09-18 14:49:14] * Noble_Heart looks down at Bookwright, frowning with a short snort. "Are you implying that We are fat?"
  43. [2013-09-18 14:50:30] * Bookwright puts on a mask of dismay. "Of course not! I was merely suggesting that your and Copycat's combined... er, large...ness would be... um. Ample for the solution!"
  44. [2013-09-18 14:50:30] * CopyCat looks at her behind, and then looks embarrassed.
  45. [2013-09-18 14:51:26] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly and rolls her eyes. "We will overlook your response. This time."
  46. [2013-09-18 14:51:45] * Bookwright looks nervously relieved.
  47. [2013-09-18 14:52:19] * Shatara snickers.
  48. [2013-09-18 14:53:01] * Get_Lost whispers to shatara "seriously, i dont' know why she acted that offended... i'd kill for a derriere magnifique like that..."
  49. [2013-09-18 14:53:12] * Kid leans in, looking bored. Oh, this won't do. "Bookie talkin' 'bout Noble bein' fat again?"
  50. [2013-09-18 14:53:24] * Bookwright looks offended. "
  51. [2013-09-18 14:54:00] * Noble_Heart glowers down at Kid. "We understand what you wish to do. We shall be the bigger mare and avoid being manipulated into your trap." She humfs and heads for the door.
  52. [2013-09-18 14:54:23] * Shatara can't help but 'dat plot'
  53. [2013-09-18 14:54:25] * Bookwright "Of course not! I was merely stating that the optimum application of countervailing force would be applied by Noble Heart and Copy Cat in concert."
  54. [2013-09-18 14:54:54] * Kid hoofwaves. "Aw, I was just jokin' anyways."
  55. [2013-09-18 14:55:28] * Get_Lost since it's meme time, she goes 'me gusta'
  56. [2013-09-18 14:58:27] * CopyCat sounds meek. "If-if Bookie wants me to sit up on the lever then... then I'll do my best."
  57. [2013-09-18 15:02:28] * Shatara suddenly feels dirty.
  58. [2013-09-18 15:03:01] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart, acting as the bigger mare, adds her weight to help shift the garage door up.  Dim light seeps in from underneath.  The group had been down here longer than they thought, and dawn is just beginning to break outside.  Through the lifted door, they hear a voice, male and slightly metallic, booming,  "SURRENDER NOW!  YOU CANNOT H
  60. [2013-09-18 15:04:17] * Noble_Heart groans, flattening her ears. "We wish to find his broadcast tower and feed it to him."
  61. [2013-09-18 15:04:38] * Get_Lost "hey, it's nice to see that the weirdo outside are still deranged... it starts feeling a little like home..."
  62. [2013-09-18 15:05:28] * Kid winces. "OH GALDURNIT CLOSE IT CLOSE IT CLOSE-" She groaned to herself when she, quite swiftly, figured out that it was just the loudmouth in the crystal castle. "Okay, yeah. I think that's best. Th' feedin' it to 'em thing."
  64. [2013-09-18 15:07:55] * Bookwright groans. "Next thing you know Doctor Amore is going to be warning us that the color yellow will weaken our powers and to please not stand on green pipes, or something equally silly."
  65. [2013-09-18 15:10:57] * Shatara collects his tools and parts. "We going then?"
  66. [2013-09-18 15:11:40] * Get_Lost "we have a truck to fix, so yes, we better move"
  67. [2013-09-18 15:12:07] * Kid gets up and starts heading to the light. "Alright. Guns out, and, uh. Hope ya'll can fit." She raises an eyebrow. "We need somethin' t' prop open th' door with."
  68. [2013-09-18 15:15:53] * Bookwright looks around for something large and uncrushable to hold the door open with. That he can move.
  69. [2013-09-18 15:17:50] * CopyCat tries to hide herself from Bookwright's search by using her wing like a geisha's fan.
  70. [2013-09-18 15:18:03] <Kkat> 3Rubble can be found in telekinetically convenient chunks.
  71. [2013-09-18 15:18:50] * Bookwright lifts and stacks rubble to just over the height of one standard pony, to allow upright passage after letting the door down. The princesses will have to crouch though.
  72. [2013-09-18 15:18:50] <Kkat> 3There is also a nearby pile of oversized tires.  It is unclear what they were ever for.
  73. [2013-09-18 15:19:57] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly in annoyance at having to help hold things up.
  74. [2013-09-18 15:20:01] * Bookwright cocks an eye at the tires. "Hey Shatara... do you think you could make some kind of oversized armor for the princesses outta tire rubber? Assuming it's not all cracked to hell and gone, of course."
  75. [2013-09-18 15:20:51] * Shatara blinks at the sudden odd request. "Err, maybe? I could see what I could do, I guess..."
  76. [2013-09-18 15:21:05] * Bookwright "I was thinking, if you cut it into strips and softened it with heat to make it flat, you could put together some effective armor. Just a thought for later, we've got to keep moving."
  77. [2013-09-18 15:21:16] * Kid goes under the door and scouts it out. "It'd be a bad idea, anyways. Bugs and all sorts of nasties 'r probably using it as a nestin' ground."
  78. [2013-09-18 15:22:08] * Bookwright finishes stacking his rubble pile. "Okay princesses, let it down, slowly. Be ready to raise it up again on my say-so, I can't be certain this pile will hold up the door."
  79. [2013-09-18 15:24:17] * CopyCat whispers to Noble_Heart. "And now he wants us to wear rubber clothes..."
  80. [2013-09-18 15:24:37] * Noble_Heart looks to CopyCat with a frown. "We are concerned about Our companion's state of mind..."
  81. [2013-09-18 15:24:43] * Bookwright grows pink. "Well, I never!"
  82. [2013-09-18 15:24:59] * Shatara snickers.
  83. [2013-09-18 15:27:26] * Kid grumbles. "Alright, y' durned goofs, get under th' doors already and let's get out of this fuckin' place!" She seemed to be a bit more testy than usual.
  84. [2013-09-18 15:28:22] <Kkat> 3Pink-E bobs past Kid, playing a jaunty leaving-the-building tune.  "Next stop on the tour: the Crystal Empire Library!"
  85. [2013-09-18 15:28:44] * Get_Lost "i like libraries!" smiles and claps her hooves together
  86. [2013-09-18 15:32:15] * CopyCat tries to use Shatara as a shield between herself and Bookwright and heads out with the others when the door was secured.
  87. [2013-09-18 15:33:58] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly and heads outside. "Yes. We could use a relaxing library."
  88. [2013-09-18 15:34:29] * Bookwright nods. "Right, okay. Let's go..."
  89. [2013-09-18 15:34:39] * Shatara glances over to CopyCat, blinking.
  90. [2013-09-18 15:39:01] * Kid frowns and keeps walking. She isn't entirely sure why she even feels so upset.
  91. [2013-09-18 15:43:55] * CopyCat pipes up. "Oh, are we visiting the firewagon first? I think we should get Kid one of those helmets... and I'd like one too actually. But if we're closer to Pink-E's secret library entrance then hat acquisition can wait."
  92. [2013-09-18 15:44:32] * Kid just shrugs at that. "Depends on what's closer, I guess."
  93. [2013-09-18 15:46:17] * Bookwright "Yeah, we should visit the firewagon straightaway, we've got the stuff to fix it now. Er, right, Shatara?
  94. [2013-09-18 15:46:21] <Bookwright> "
  95. [2013-09-18 15:47:42] * Shatara nods. "Didn't someone say it was safer to fly anyway...?"
  96. [2013-09-18 15:52:34] <Kkat> 3With Kid leading the way, the group soon arrive back at the lot ("Crystal Empire Squirts 32 Annual Wagon Wash!") where the firehouse engine is waiting.
  97. [2013-09-18 15:54:31] * Kid nods at Shatara and Get_Lost, drawing both her Riot Shotgun and her large bore revolver. "Get to it." She mentioned before stuffing the handle of the six wheel into her mouth and scrambling up to somewhere with a decent vantage point.
  98. [2013-09-18 15:55:38] * Get_Lost as soon as they are on the spot, get starts working on the thing, trying to coordinate with shatara and his inherent ability to fly and, you know, fingers
  99. [2013-09-18 15:56:14] * Shatara retrieves his tools and parts before cracking his knuckles and popping open the access pannels.
  100. [2013-09-18 15:56:35] <Kkat> 3Sweet-E has followed silently the whole time, seeming to take in the sight of the ruined, shattered empire.  She makes a sad tone when you reach the Squirts' wagon wash.  "It's... worse than I thought it was."
  101. [2013-09-18 15:57:07] * Noble_Heart bows her head sadly to Sweet-E. "We are sorry to expose you to such a painful truth. We hope that someday the empire may be grand again."
  102. [2013-09-18 15:57:48] * Bookwright sits down wordlessly and flips open his copy of "Security Essentials" magazine.
  103. [2013-09-18 15:58:12] <Kkat> 3Pink-E cheerfully tries to cheer up her friend.  "Hey, it's not so bad.  Most of the ponies aren't dead.  Just... taking a long nap.  Standing up."
  104. [2013-09-18 15:59:28] * Shatara looks up from his work, realizing this is the first time the AI had actually seen the devistation outside.
  105. [2013-09-18 16:01:21] * Noble_Heart nods her head. "That is true. We have seen it. They stand to pay their love into a spell which has not yet been cast. If We can succeed in returning the crystal heart, then perhaps the spell may be finished and they can be freed."
  106. [2013-09-18 16:04:18] * Get_Lost listens to the conversation, but giving good advice wasn't really the reason of solaris fame, so she decides to keep working
  107. [2013-09-18 16:04:54] * Kid just wonders what the hell the spell was, and if overpowering it like this would do the world any favors.
  108. [2013-09-18 16:05:03] * Shatara finds he doesn't have anything useful to add either, so turns back. "Ooh, that one goes over here...."
  109. [2013-09-18 16:10:06] * Bookwright turns a page.
  110. [2013-09-18 16:14:36] <Kkat> 3Pink-E plays upbeat music, trying to keep up everypony's spirits.  Especially, it seems, Sweet-E's.
  111. [2013-09-18 16:15:26] * Shatara reaches down into the truck to tighten some bolts, his hips and tail swaying with Pink-E's beat.
  112. [2013-09-18 16:15:44] <Kkat> 3Sweet-E asks, "How do we return the Crystal Heart?"  
  113. [2013-09-18 16:16:43] <Kkat> 3There is no questioning of "if" or "we" in the newly freed AI's question.
  114. [2013-09-18 16:17:01] * CopyCat smiles up at Sweet-E. "Even if things don't look so good now you still have friends right here. And you can even go and visit Butterfly. I'm sure she'll be ever so pleasantly surprised!"
  115. [2013-09-18 16:17:38] * Noble_Heart taps her chin. "We are not certain. We have been told that Professor Paladin may have it. But it is hard to be certain if that is true. Right now We seek entrance into the forbidden zone for that reason."
  116. [2013-09-18 16:19:12] * Kid looks back down and pops the revolver out of her mouth. "Don't rightly know where it even is."
  117. [2013-09-18 16:23:07] * Bookwright jerks his head at the firewagon he's lying against without looking up. "Hopefully, this thing will make it easier."
  118. [2013-09-18 16:26:37] * CopyCat nods. "And we'll drive it up to the Professor and he'll be so impressed by our sweet ride that he just gives us the heart and then everypony can be happy!"
  119. [2013-09-18 16:27:17] * Shatara chuckles softly, tail still swaying.
  120. [2013-09-18 16:28:17] <Kkat> 3Work on the fire wagon takes a while, but goes smoothly.  By the time Shatara and Get_Lost are finished, the sun in high in the morning sky, and stomachs are beginning to rumble.
  121. [2013-09-18 16:29:17] <Kkat> 3Having been up all night, the first hints of fatigue have also begun to set in, but nothing that cannot be remedied by a Sparkle~Cola or strong coffee.
  122. [2013-09-18 16:29:45] * CopyCat has managed to fall asleep on a Big Book of Science.
  123. [2013-09-18 16:31:18] * Bookwright yawns. "I'm not normally one for sleeping when the sun is up, but I think maybe we oughta take a collective siesta."
  124. [2013-09-18 16:32:11] * Shatara finishes up and stretches.
  125. [2013-09-18 16:32:12] * Kid is feeling pretty rough right now. She begins to pass out some ration pouches. "Last day we get these. We have t' find food today or t'morrow." She mentioned, low and grumbly. Which sounded kind of adorable in her high pitched voice.
  126. [2013-09-18 16:34:38] * Noble_Heart pats Kid. "We suspect there may be more food to be found in the ruins. There have been many functional vending machines."
  127. [2013-09-18 16:38:01] <Kkat> 3Pink-E cheers Shatara's and Get_Lost's work.  "You are awesome!  Rah Rah Rah!  You're work's so good it deserves a rhyme!"
  128. [2013-09-18 16:38:13] * Kid frowns. "Ah hope so." She looks at the wagon. "How ya'll doin' over there?"
  129. [2013-09-18 16:39:15] * CopyCat snores gently.
  130. [2013-09-18 16:39:48] * Bookwright eats quietly.
  131. [2013-09-18 16:42:50] * Kid noms on some dried strawberries and then gulped down some water. She was getting low on that, too.
  132. [2013-09-18 16:43:47] <Kkat> 3Sweet-E flies up to Bookwright.  "What happens when you leave?  You're going to shut down the pylons and the spell so you can get out, right?"  She pauses, then adds with a mechanical whisper, "I don't think Pink-E or I can go with you.  I'm pretty sure I don't have the range."
  133. [2013-09-18 16:45:25] * Bookwright yawns again. "Right. But you'll have each other to talk to, and we're gonna go fix the connection to Fluttershy too. Or maybe make her a —yawn— avatar robot too. We'll see. Plus, we're not gonna leave until after we restore the crystal heart, so you'll have plenty of crystal ponies to talk to as well."
  134. [2013-09-18 16:47:19] * Kid points over some-direction ways. "Besides. There's some Zebras over there right now. They been living all close-knit fer years, apparently. Still don't know Equestrian."
  135. [2013-09-18 16:57:13] <Kkat> 3Pink-E floats over.    "Aw.  Does somepony have the sleepy-deepies?  We can take a nap before the library if you want."
  136. [2013-09-18 16:58:43] <Kkat> 3Across the sky, Doctor Amore announces for the hundredth time since the group's arrival, "DO NOT BE AFRAID!  I, DOCTOR AMORE, LOVE YOU!  IGNORE THE GENOCIDAL ROBOTS AND ROVING BAND OF PSYCHOPATHIC PONIES!  ALL IS WELL!"
  137. [2013-09-18 16:59:41] * CopyCat mumbles in her sleep. "Alll iss well..."
  138. [2013-09-18 17:00:00] * Kid seriously wants to shoot wherever must be broadcasting this.
  139. [2013-09-18 17:00:27] * Bookwright blinks upwards. "Oh, that reminds me. After we fix the crystal ponies we oughta find that young colt whose father we met..."
  140. [2013-09-18 17:00:43] * Bookwright yawns. "...After this nap."
  141. [2013-09-18 17:03:28] * CopyCat continues talking into her papery pillow. "But I don't want to wear that Bookie..."
  142. [2013-09-18 17:03:42] * Kid looks over at Bookie, and... All of a sudden, she gets a strange pang of dull pain in her chest. It was sort of like the same pain you get whenever you pick at a scabbed over scrape, or poke at an old wound. "I'll get first watch."
  143. [2013-09-18 17:04:08] * Bookwright nods sleepily, "Okay."
  144. [2013-09-18 17:07:21] * Bookwright leaves Kid to it as he nods off to private dreams.
  145. [2013-09-18 17:08:08] * Shatara stretches a bit, glancing at CopyCat a moment before finding a corner to flop into.
  146. [2013-09-18 17:11:02] * Kid looks off into the distance, while the grand barrier looked back into her.
  147. [2013-09-18 17:21:08] <Kkat> 3Through the late morning and early afternoon, the group sleeps, thankfully undisturbed save for the regular marital thunder that defiles the otherwise silent and serene blue skies of the largely-empty Crystal Ruins.
  148. [2013-09-18 17:21:39] * CopyCat wakes up panting an hour or two later. She looks around panicked, but quickly calms when she sees her friends. "Just a... a bad dream," she tells Kid. "Um, I can take over the watch now, if you like."
  149. [2013-09-18 17:22:28] * Kid doesn't seem to have moved all that much. "I'm... Fine, thanks." Her tone betrayed her statement.
  150. [2013-09-18 17:25:21] <Kkat> 3Pink-E floats up, her voice unusually non-boisterous.  "Are you...D you want to talk about it?  Ol' Pink-E's here to listen."
  151. [2013-09-18 17:32:50] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
  152. [2013-09-18 17:34:48] * CopyCat nods. "Well if you're sure. Either way I'll be up here on lookout." CC takes to the air and tries to find a perch. Now up high, she reaches out with her telepathy to sense anypony that wants to approach.
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