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  1. Gunnisson, Elizabeth B.
  3. Height: 6'11"
  4. Weight: ~275lbs
  5. Hair: Red-Brown
  6. Eyes: Yellow
  8. Threat Assignment: Severe
  9. Treatment Ranking: 4 - Resistant
  10. Medical Profile
  11. -Patient is in peak physical health
  12. -Patient possesses regenerative abilities. Superficial injuries will heal within a matter of seconds, whereas severe injuries that would significantly or permanently incapacitate an un-enhanced individual can be recovered from in a matter of hours or days.
  13. -Patient's physiology is also highly resistant to chemicals or drugs. [Baseline dosages should be at least tripled from the recommended dose for her body-weight.]
  14. -Patient's diet has been altered to be highly carnivorous. She is capable of eating and digesting the occasional starch and fruit on infrequent occasions, but for the most part will avoid anything that isn't meat.
  16. Metahuman Profile
  17. -Patient is a Metahuman with a genetic mutation that grants her animalistic features as well as a number of superhuman abilities, including enhanced strength, toughness, reflexes, and senses.
  18. -Patient is capable of tracking by scent, as well as identifying specific individuals through her olfactory sense alone.
  19. -Patient possesses both fanged teeth and razor-sharp claws
  20. [Security Caution: These are deadly weapons, even without her considerable strength, and she has a proven willingness to use them if threatened or angered.]
  22. Psychological Profile
  23. -Patient experiences episodes of uncontrolled violent behavior, at times attacking indiscriminately with little regard for her own well-being.
  24. -Even when lucid, patient reports the subconscious urge to 'hunt' or attack anything she perceives as prey.
  25. -Patient refuses to see this as a weakness or disability, rather believing it to be the 'natural state' of her mutation. She will likely respond with anger or disdain at any attempts to convince her otherwise.
  26. -Patient engages in several 'animalistic' behaviors; sniffing when an unknown individual approaches, growling, showing teeth, etc. It is unknown if this is unconscious or a deliberate affectation.
  27. -Patient is highly intelligent, despite said animalistic behavior and appearances. However, she will often act impulsively when stressed.
  29. Behavior Profile
  30. -Patient is reported to be volatile and aggressive, with a demeanor that is alternately described as feral or overbearing.
  31. -Patient tends to treat relations with authority figures as inherently adversarial.
  32. [Security Caution: Prior to her apprehension, she was responsible for multiple deaths and injuries in Paragon City and the Etoile Islands, including law enforcement officers and LONGBOW personnel.]
  33. -Patient's former partnership with the OASIS organization may show a desire for reform, and it was the testimony of an affiliated individual which brought her here instead of to Ziggursky Penitentiary. However, the fact remains that the circumstances of her exit from the organization did involve attacking and seriously injuring a fellow member.
  35. Housing Recommendation: Maximum Security
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