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Sep 11th, 2019
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  1. Name: Arthellum
  2. Ares, Athena, bellum.
  4. Classification: The War Pokémon
  6. Design/Origin: All based around the word "bellum", the Latin word meaning "war". In Latin, the phrase "Bellum se ipsum alet" translates to "The war will feed itself", which is why a snake has been chosen for the Pokémon, in order to relate it to the Ouroboros, or the serpent eating its own tail, a symbol in alchemy that means infinity or wholeness.
  7. Also inspired by bells, (as in BELLum) which in Chinese culture are seen as a way to communicate with spirits. In Christianity, the bell is seen as "the voice of God", and in Buddhism, the resonance of a bell signifies pure wisdom. Throughout eastern cultures, the bell is associated with wisdom, which also ties into the third (more minor and convenient) inspiration of the word cerebellum, the part of the brain that receives information from the sensory systems and coordinates voluntary action.
  8. In Greek mythology, Ares and Athena were the God and Goddess of war and military strategy, and respectively represented the brutality and mindlessness of war, and the strategic and wise approach.
  9. The steel typing is derived from its relation to war, and how metals and the progression of how we use them has been a constant in the art of war. Steel is also there for the bells.
  10. Fire is also associated with war, however it has a slightly more complex reasoning behind its inclusion. Fire is destructive just like war, and is wild and untamed, but is also able to be mastered and controlled. It also is necessary in the making of bells, metal needs to be melted to be shaped. Fire can also be seen as productive, some plants only grow after fire has spread, and technological advancements have been most notably improved upon when wars were happening. Both the steel and the fire typing can be seen as the 'Ares' and 'Athena' side of the Pokémon, as steel is hard and has been used to fuel man's pursuit of creating the biggest and best war machines, but can be fluid and shaped and moulded and turned into something that ultimately benefits whichever side can master it faster. The same can be said for fire, as much as it insatiably destroys everything in its path, it can be tamed. Humans mastered fire in Greek mythos after Prometheus stole it from the Gods and gifted it to humanity.
  11. Lastly, "cerebellum" fits nicely into all of this. As it is the part of the brain responsible for dealing with sensory and active responses, it can be seen as the thing that drives us to do the things we do, i.e. war. The bell, in many cultures around the world, was also seen as a way towards higher consciousness or a connection with God.
  13. Arthellum is a serpentine, draconic Pokémon. It is blood red in coloration. It has armour along the top side of its body, as well as collections of bells that dangle from strings off of the armour plating. Arthellum has a helmet that covers the top of its head, which has no eye holes and covers Arthellum's mouth like a muzzle. This is in reference to war being blind and wordless in its destruction. The bells serve as the counterpart to this, as their symbolic attachment to enlightenment and their utility when it comes to hearing Arthellum coming in order to avoid its rage helps to offset the otherwise insatiable nature of the Pokémon.
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