Sicarii - Anon Living with Luna

Sep 8th, 2015
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  1. >"Anon? You work here now?"
  2. "Huh? Nah. Joe had something to do so he asked me to cover for him for awhile," you explain.
  3. >As if you had a choice, you didn't add.
  4. >"I see. How's your work,then?" She asks. "And oh, two glazed donuts and a cup of coffee,please."
  5. "Still toxic as fuck. I swear those aircraft parts are getting heavier and heavier each day," you grouse as you fish out two donuts at the display for Luna.
  6. >You place the pastries in a wax paper sleeve and pour some coffee in a cup while Luna takes out her wallet.
  7. "No worries. Donuts and coffee are on the house, courtesy of 'ol Joe," you beam.
  8. >"Really?"
  9. "Well, not really. I just passed by to use the restroom and bam- by the time I returned, Joe left a note that he needs to meet a lady or something. I suppose giving out free donuts ought to even the score," you laugh hard.
  10. >"You might get into trouble if he finds out,Anon," she warns.
  11. You snort and chuckle at her comment. "What's Joe gonna do,fire me? He owes me a lot of favors anyhow."
  12. "And besides, I only give free donuts to pretty ladies," you add with a wink.
  14. >Luna just rolls her eyes and gives you a sideways look. "Always the wooer. How many girls have fallen for your sweet words,Anon?"
  15. You laugh as you handle another customer. "The fish ain't biting yet, unfortunately. How about you, still sweeping men off their feet?"
  16. >"As if men would find an old hag like me interesting," she says sadly.
  17. "Maybe you're just looking at the wrong place," you assure her. "Anyways, it's been pretty slow today so..mind if I eat breakfast with you?"
  18. >"Sure. I've been meaning to talk to you for quite awhile now anyways," she adds with a smile.
  21. >". . ."
  22. >"Really,Anon?" Luna asks as she looks at your breakfast. You had a sausage patty,eggs and bacon sandwiched between two waffles.
  23. "I need a big breakfast to get my gears going," you explain. "And I see that your breakfast isn't exactly healthy too, Vice-Principal Luna," you retort.
  24. >She just gives you a raised eyebrow and sticks out her tongue. "I need a sugar rush to get my gears going."
  25. "Yeah riiiight," you smile coyly. "So,what's eating you,Luna?"
  26. >"Hm?" She says as she sips her coffee.
  27. You cross your arms as you look at her intently. "C'mon Luna, we've know each other for what, seven years? You're not exactly what I'd call as a fan of sweets. As far as I remember, you only eat sweets when you're sad or stressed."
  28. " it about work? Lovelife?"
  29. >She just sighs and stuffs her face with a glazed donut. "A relative is coming over to stay this coming weekend."
  30. "What about it?"
  31. >"Let's just say that we don't," she says slowly.
  32. You furrow your eyebrows as you try to remember the name. "Wait, is it that Blood-guy thingie? I think you told me his name awhile back. He's your nephew,right?"
  33. >"You mean Blueblood? I know it sounds childish..even Celly told me to be mature about it but," she grits her teeth as she repeatedly stabs her poor pastry with a spoon. "He's so thick and self centered that he's so unreal."
  35. "He's that bad eh? I'm sure you can bear with him for the weekend," you give her an assuring smile.
  36. >"I can't stand to be in the same room with him even for five minutes. Celly loves him to death but I can't say the same with me," she says with a defeated tone.
  37. "Can't blame you with that,sister," you agree with her. "Awkward and irritating relatives,yep."
  38. "So, you gonna stay over a hotel for the weekend or something?" You ask while wolfing down your sandwich.
  39. >She rubs her temples tiredly and gives you a smile. "I can't afford to stay at the Canterlot Lofts even for a night. And the nearest cheap motel is twenty miles away."
  40. "Stay with a friend,then?" You ask.
  41. >"If I can find one willing to bunk with me for the weekend,that is. If not, I'd just sleep in my car"
  42. " can stay with me for the weekend if you like," you say nervously.
  43. >"I don't think that would be proper if we'd sleep in the same room together," she objects. "I mean, its not like we're in some sort of...relationship."
  44. >She clears her throat and toys with her hair a bit as you look down at your coffee mug.
  45. "N-not in the same room with me,of course. I have a spare room if you like."
  46. >She mulls over it a bit then finally speaks. "I promise not to be much of a burden."
  47. "Naw no worries," you assure her. "So, pick you up on Friday say, 4pm?"
  48. >She smiles at you warmly. "Okay."
  50. "Good afternoon, Principal Celestia," you say as you give her a big smile. "Is Luna home already?"
  51. >"Anon,is that you? Gimme five minutes to be ready!" Luna shouts out somewhere inside the house.
  52. >"Good afternnon to you too,Anon," She steps aside and motions you in. "Please do come in."
  53. >You walk inside and plop at the sofa. Celestia then takes a seat in front of you.
  54. >". . ."
  55. ". . ."
  56. >"So, what keeps you busy these days? It's been awhile since we last talked," she starts to say.
  57. You shrug and lean back. "All work and no play for me. Pay's good but work hours are ungodly as hell. How about you?"
  58. >"Same old, same old. Both pay and work hours are ungodly," she laughs quietly.
  59. >You laugh with her a bit and revert back to that awkward silence. Celestia just looks at you inquisitively as if trying to read your mind.
  60. >Finally, she gives you a warm smile and leans forward. "I apologize if I'm making you a bit uncomfortable.."
  61. "Oh! Not at all, principal!" You object. "It's just know..I'm not much of a socialite and all."
  62. >She nods emphatically and laughs. "I know how you feel,Anon. Anyways, thanks for helping out Luna on this problem of hers," Celestia raises an eybrow and puts special emphasis on the word 'problem'.
  63. You twiddle your thumbs nervously and flash her a smile. "I'm sure she'll come around next time he passes by."
  64. >"I can understand how my sister feels. Blueblood can be quite a handful sometimes," she assures you.
  66. >"All set!" Luna walks in while awkwardly hefting a large sports bag.
  67. >Celestia eyes her bag and raises an eyebrow at her. You just smile at Luna.
  68. >"I never knew you were going to stay with Anon for a year,sister," Celly says jokingly.
  69. >Luna was about to object but Celly tells her that she's just pulling her leg.
  70. >Celly giggles a bit and decides to toy with her sister. "Anyways, you two lovebirds should be going now."
  71. "Here, lemme help you with that," you sheepishly say as you take the bag from Luna.
  72. >"Please don't mind my sister.." Luna says apologetically while trying to hide her now reddening cheeks.
  73. "I dunno Luna," you muse while giving Celly a wink. "I kinda like that idea."
  74. >Luna looks up on you with wide eyes then just furrows her eyebrows. She does look mighty cute when she's all blushing.
  75. You just wriggle your eyebrows and give out a chuckle. "Shall we go, Vice-Principal Luna?"
  76. >She just nods meekly and looks at her sister. "I'd be back on Monday afternoon."
  77. >Celestia just nods and smiles at you. "You two have fun, okay?"
  78. "I'll take care of her, don't worry," you assure her.
  79. >You open the door for Luna and walk back towards the boot to put Luna's bag in. You see Celestia standing by the doorway and yoy give her a wave before getting inside your car.
  80. >"Don't patronize my sister too much, Anon." Luna says while toying with her hair.
  81. You just look at her sideways and chuckle. "Put your seatbelt on first, missy."
  83. "Welcome to my humble abode. Come on in," you say while holding the door for her.
  84. >Luna looks around a bit and looks visibly pleased. "Looks like someone does his housework religiously."
  85. "Aw c'mon Luna..what do you take me for, someone that waddles and sleeps in heaps of pizza boxes?"
  86. >She just lightly jabs you in the arm. "It was meant to be a compliment."
  87. "Anyways, living room. Kitchen. Bathroom. Your room." You say as you point them out for her.
  88. >"I can see where the living room and kitchen is,Anon," she laughs slighly. "So, where's your room?"
  89. You just plop at the sofa and give it a rub. "This."
  90. >"I thought you had a spare.."
  91. You smile at her sweetly. "I might have lied about that a bit."
  92. >"Anon.."
  93. "Aw c'mon Luna, I can't let you sleep in your car. And besides, I'm more used to sleeping in the sofa rather than in my room," you explain.
  94. >"No," she says evenly. "I'll sleep in the sofa."
  95. "Sorry. Already got first dibs on it," you grin at her.
  96. >She just pouts at you. "I do really appreciate everything, Anon."
  97. "Don't thank me yet. You do half the chores,okay?"
  98. >"Sounds like a good deal. Now," she saunters towards the kitchen and opens the cupboards. "How about I cook tonight's dinner?"
  99. >You just watch her with mute interest as she tries to rummage for ingredients you know wouldn't be there.
  100. >Luna gives up and gives you sly smile. "For reals? How long has it been since you last cooked your own food?"
  101. "I dunno...half a year?"
  103. >"I take it back about you being good at housework," She pouts.
  104. "Well hey now! I'm good at everything except cooking," you object. "And besides, I was planning more know, order a take out or something tonight. You fancy some pizza?"
  105. >"Mhm. Only if you get pepperoni." She says as she takes a seat in front of you.
  106. "Wait. I think I still got one of those discount coupons somewhere," you excuse yourself to rummage for the discount cards.
  107. >It takes awhile before you find one and ring up the local pizza place. You find Luna scanning the photos you have by the bookshelf.
  108. >She takes one of the photo frames and shows it to you. It's a photo of you and your recently deceased pet.
  109. >"I can still remember when she was just tiny little puppy," she says sadly.
  110. "I do miss the little bastard," you murmur while taking the photo from her. You return the photo on the bookshelf and rub it slightly.
  111. >Luna looks at you thoughtfully. She holds your hand and gives it an assuring squeeze.
  112. >"I'm sure she's in a better place," Luna offers.
  113. You just nod at her and give out a weak smile.
  114. >She then plops in her seat while you slink and lie on the sofa.
  115. You want to strike up a conversation with her but she really looks interested on that italian cooking show. Darnit.
  117. "Am I boring you?"
  118. >Luna turns at you and smiles. "I think I'm the one boring you, Anon. How about a game?"
  119. You open one eye slightly. "A game?"
  120. >"Yep! Like a pop quiz!" She proclaims excitedly. "Loser pays the pizza. Deal?"
  121. You sit up and smile at her tiredly. "Deal. The one with the most mistakes by the time the pizza guy arrives loses."
  122. >"Okay. Now," she looks at the ceiling. " did we meet?"
  123. You just roll your eyes and laugh. "C'mon Luna. No feels trip for today."
  124. >"So one mistake for you?"
  125. "City Park. You found Shelby," you trail.
  126. >Luna narrows her eyes and gives you a sly smile. "And? Be specific!"
  127. You just huff good naturedly and narrate it as dull as possible. "I lost Shelby because my friends and I had a wacky idea about setting her loose on the park so some chick would pick her up."
  128. >"And?"
  129. "I did really lose her and almost flipped my shit worried. And you found her. Thanks about that again."
  131. >She claps quietly and laughs. "Fine. Your turn."
  132. "Huh. My favorite food?"
  133. >"You never told me what your favorite food was!" She objects.
  134. You stick out your tongue. "Guess."
  135. >"Pizza?" She asks hopefully.
  136. "Which flavor?"
  137. >"Pepperoni?"
  138. "Chalk one mistake for you," you chuckle and Luna just puffs her cheeks.
  139. >"Phoey! Okay. MY favorite food?" She asks smugly.
  140. You know the answer but you try to play dumb at first. "I'm not so sure. Is it by chance lasagna? The green kind?"
  141. >Luna looks both surprised and impressed. "It's green bean lasagna, Anon. I don't remember telling you that."
  142. You feel your cheeks warm up but you just look down to hide it. "Well, I remember reading it up on the school newsletter way back then..."
  143. >"Is that so?"
  144. "I think it was under the admin section...or was it on 'Campus Cutie'?," you quip. The doorbell gets both your attention.
  145. "What was it again? Loser pays for"
  146. >She gets up and lightly punches you on the cheek. "Fine. I'll get it."
  148. >"Evening An-oh..Evenin' ma'am," the pizza guy apologises. " pepperoni pizza for Anon?"
  149. >Luna takes it and pays. "May I ask you something?"
  150. >The pizza guy shuffles nervously. "Sure thing ma'am."
  151. >"How long have you known Anon?"
  152. >He shrugs and scratches his head. "More than a year I suppose. Medium pepperoni pizza every friday or every other week or something."
  153. >"Is that so?" She says as she gives him a tip. "Thanks."
  155. >She plops the pizza box at the coffee table and crosses her arms. "So?"
  156. "So.....?"
  157. >"Medium pepperoni pizza every friday? And pepperoni isn't your favorite?" She asks while trying to look angry.
  158. To try to stifle a laugh and give her a shrug. "It kinda depends on my mood,you know."
  159. >Luna slides the box away from you when you were about to grab a slice. "You owe me one."
  160. "Well hey, you volunteered to cook for dinner so..quits?" You offer with a charming smile. "And I got some soda. Sounds good?"
  161. >She smiles at you warmly and nods. "But you only get two slices, okay?"
  162. >You get up and head towards the fridge to grab some sodas. You notice that Luna changed seats by the time you get back.
  163. >"Pizza's getting cold,Anon."
  164. "Here," you say as you hand her a can and take a seat beside her.
  166. You cock you head sideways and give Luna a confused look. "Do I have something in my face?"
  167. >Luna looks up at you and tries to stifle a laugh. "You just look funny when you stuff your face with pizza."
  168. "I think what you meant was 'cute'."
  169. >She nods slightly and shifts so she's facing you. "Maybe.."
  170. "Looks like someone is getting soft on me."
  171. >She kicks you lightly on the thigh. "Not really."
  172. ". . ."
  173. >". . ."
  174. "Up for another game?" You ask her.
  175. >"Sorry," she says in between munching. "I don't play with big fat cheaters."
  176. "C'mon Lunie," you smile. "Winner gets a first class breakfast."
  177. >"Since when did you come up with pet names?" She asks as she kicks you lightly again. "At least give me a more proper one."
  178. "What's wrong about it?" You ask defensively. "Sounds cute anyways."
  179. >"It sounds as if I'm kooky or something," she objects. "Try again."
  180. "I'll....get back at you on that one," you offer her. "Do I get one too?"
  181. >"Cheaters don't get one," She giggles. "I can make an exception for you but only if you give me a new one."
  182. "Deal." You lift up your can and give her a smile. "And since you paid for the pizza, I'd make you a fine breakfast tomorrow. Sounds good?"
  183. >"Okay I forgive you," she says as she slides the pizza box towards you. "You can have another slice."
  184. "Wahey! Now we're talkin'!" you grin at her while pawing another piece.
  186. ". . ."
  187. >"?"
  188. "At least talk or something,you know," you mutter. "It's kinda weird with you all staring at me while I'm eating."
  189. >Luna snaps out of her trance and blushes heavily. "Sorry.."
  190. "Well, you told me last time that you've been meaning to talk to me away."
  191. >"Oh..w-well," she fumbles.
  192. "Let's make this easier a bit," you offer. "Pretend that it's the first time we meet."
  193. >Luna raises an eyebrow and extends her hand. "I am Luna."
  194. "I'm Anon. Nice to meet ya,Luna," you say as you shake her hand.
  195. >"Anon this is ridiculous.. "
  196. "Don't break character," You look sternly at her. "So..still working?"
  197. >She looks at you slyly. "I work at the local high school as a vice principal. How about you?"
  198. "Well, I work as an aircraft mechanic for an international airline and I got posted here in Canterlot a few years ago," you explain.
  199. >"You work in the airlines? You get lots of chances to travel,then?" She does look interested now.
  200. You shake your head no. "Not really. I get a free ticket every year but meh. Not really inclined about travel very much."
  201. >Luna shuffles closer to you. "How so? You need to unwind every now and then,you know."
  202. "I dunno. I mean, I'm perfectly content with just lazing about and watch a movie or two on my day off."
  203. >"Not much of a socialite,are you?" She concludes.
  204. "Sort off...I can do okay in parties and stuff but I'm not that kind of 'rowdy and party hardy' kind of person," you admit. "And besides, a few friends outweigh hundreds of acquaintances, right?"
  205. >"You do have a point,Anon."
  207. "What about you? Anything that keeps you busy aside from work? Like a hobby or something?"
  208. >She takes a pillow and hugs it a bit. "I tried gardening one time but I didn't turn out quite well. But I do cook during my free time."
  209. "Really? Then you should be the one cooking tomorrow morning,then!" You exclaim excitedly.
  210. >Luna just furrows her eyebrows and puffs her cheeks. "Don't break character!"
  211. "Fine jeez..."
  212. >She claps her hand cheerfully. "How about you, any hobbies?"
  213. "Uh..aside from eating?"
  214. >"That's not a hobby,Anon," she chides.
  215. "Er..I do target shooting sometimes," you say and Luna makes a crinkly face on that. "I tried my hand on learning the ukelele too but yeah...clumsy fingers and all."
  216. >"Really? I'm sure you'd play really well," she assures you. "I'd love to hear you play sometime."
  217. "Nah. All I got is some cheap tourist gift I got from Hawaii a few years ago," you say apologetically. "I'll try to reacquaint myself again."
  218. >"It would be so romantic if someone would serenade me~," she coos dreamily.
  219. You chuckle at her and finish your soda. "We'll see.."
  220. >"So...any love interests?"
  223. You look at Luna and you just laugh nervously at her. "I-ah..I haven't got one right now."
  224. >Luna tilts her head sideways. "Why not? You're fairly handsome and charming yourself anyways."
  225. Your eyes grow wide and you can feel your ears get hot. "Really? Thanks..I mean, I do have a crush on someone..."
  226. >She leans closer at you. "Go on.."
  227. "She's smart..thoughtful..funny and a bit of a klutz," you say as you twiddle with your thumbs.
  228. "One hell of a pretty bombshell too," you murmur. "What about you?"
  229. >She leans back and you can see that she's trying to supress a smile. "I'm married to my work but I have a crush on someone too."
  230. You look at her expectantly. "Really?"
  231. >"He's cute..charming..a bit of a hopeless romantic..he knows how to make me laugh," she narrates. "But.."
  232. "But?"
  233. >She squirms and sits up them bops you in the nose. "He's too young for me."
  234. >"And don't he give me that 'age is just a number' excuse!" She cuts you off before you could say the same thing.
  235. >"So,this..girl you like," she asks with a glimmer in her eye. "How much do you like her?"
  236. "I'd....I'd walk the streets of Canterlot wearing nothing but socks and a placard saying how much I like her."
  237. >Luna punches you in the arm and giggles. "Very scandalous. What time of the day?"
  238. "In the middle of lunchbreak where everyone can see," you laugh with her. "How about you, Vice-Principal Luna, how much do you like this...'guy'?"
  239. >"Let's see..I'd eat days old pizza for him."
  240. "Boooo! That's not even hard to do!"
  241. >Luna just pouts at you. "I like him so much that I might even reconsider the whole 'age is just a number' thing."
  242. "Really?"
  243. >"Really."
  244. ""
  245. >"so?"
  246. "Is this some sort of 'yes'?" You ask her expectantly.
  247. >Luna just rolls her eyes and throws the pillow at you. "It's not you,silly!"
  248. You feel as if Luna just slapped you. "Wha-?"
  249. >Luna giggles and pinches your nose. "Of course it's you,you dummy!"
  252. "Oh..OH." You stutter while rubbing your arm. "I...ah.."
  253. >"Aha! Someone is going soft on me," she remarks. "Whatever happened to 'charming and smooth'?"
  254. "Well," you laugh nervously. "I was hoping you'd say yes but damn.."
  255. >She just giggles and looks at you thoughtfully. "Looks like I've swept someone off his feet."
  256. You look at her dreamily and give her a warm smile. "You do have a way with words."
  257. "So...where do we go from here?" You ask her.
  258. >Luna just laughs at you and retrieves another pillow to throw at you. "We're now dating,I guess."
  259. >"Also, you still have to cook me up that first class breakfast tomorrow," she reminds you as she stands up.
  260. "Way to kill the moment,Lunie," you say as you try to get ahold of her hand as she goes around the sofa towards her room.
  261. >She just sticks her tongue out and points a finger at you. "Breakfast tomorrow. And a new pet name,okay?"
  262. You give her a salute and a grin. "Yes ma'am!"
  264. >"Goodnight, Anon."
  265. "Goodnight, Luna. know the rest!"
  266. >She just laughs quietly and looks at you thoughtfully. "Finish that up next time,will you? Goodnight."
  269. >Shit
  270. >Shitshitshitshitshitshit
  271. >You're not sure how but, you finally told her that you like her. And thank god she feels the same way.
  272. >Well, the two of your had a very cordial and close friendship for quite awhile now.
  273. >Not 'BFFs' close but kinda like that feeling of underlying tension know, you like each other.
  275. "Now, what to do," you mutter. "What to do."
  276. >The thought of what just happened a few moments ago still makes you blush.
  277. >The things you'd do just to make her happy...
  278. >An idea suddenly hits you. You stand up and open one of the cabinets under your bookshelf.
  279. "There you are,little buddy," you murmur while taking out your little ukelele and that instruction book.
  280. >You sit down at the sofa again and prop the book with the pizza box. You give the instrument a few test strums and breathe out.
  282. -----------
  283. "Luna?" You say as you softly knock on her door. "Are you awake already?"
  284. >"Come in."
  285. You open the door to see her still sprawled on the bed, hugging a pillow.
  286. "Wakey wakey..I made you breakfast~," you offer her.
  287. >Luna opens one eye and smiles at you tiredly. "Breakfast in bed?"
  288. "Sorry, no room service for today."
  289. >She just pouts and motions for you to come closer. "You're no fun. Carry me to the kitchen then."
  290. >You just roll your eyes and huff good naturedly. You were about to carry her when she pulls you in for a long hug.
  291. "I could get used to this," you mutter dreamily. "Don't I get a good morning kiss too?" You ask hopefully.
  292. >Luna sits upright and mulls it over. "My breath still stinks. We'll see after breakfast."
  294. "Pancakes or waffles?" You ask her while sliding a plate of scambled eggs and sausages at the table.
  295. >"Pancakes please."
  296. "Right-o. One batch of fluffy pancakes, comin' right up!"
  297. >You put some butter in the pan then pour a dollop of batter into it after it heats up nice.
  298. You lean at the countertop while whistling a merry tune when you notice Luna looking at you funny. "What?"
  299. >"World's best cook?" She reads the print on your apron. "Really?"
  300. "I'm still working on it!" You say in a matter of fact voice.
  301. >Luna just laughs at that and you point your attention back at the pancakes.
  302. "Heeeey..looks like someone is getting pretty touchy-feely today," you remark as she hugs you from behind.
  303. >"As if you don't like it," she whispers at your ear while she sways you a bit. "Only for today,alright?"
  304. "Pancake's done! C'mon Luna, let's get you fed," you chuckle while walking awkwardly with her still hugging you from behind.
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