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Apr 7th, 2013
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  1. Session Start: Sat Apr 06 22:16:11 2013
  2. Session Ident: #megamek
  3. [22:16] * Now talking in #megamek
  4. [22:17] * Dierson_Pyre ( has joined #megamek
  5. [22:20] <Remus_> //Borea, fuck yeah//
  6. [22:21] <Remus_> //I'm here to put out fires, and fuck hoes up//
  7. [22:22] <^Vane^> \\No, you have the flamethrower now, you MAKE the fires. Then fuck hoes up.\\
  8. [22:23] <^Stephan^> \\bruva I am pinned here\\
  9. [22:24] <Deathbane> It is 22:30 hours, 5th September, 3067. After encountering as broken hovercraft in the wastes and dispatching of the vicious spess worms, the cadets returned to their APC and set off towards their goal - a materials research station north of the main clan holdings. Over the last few hours, the vicious blizzard has still not let up when they begin to near their destination.... Meanwhile.. in the APC....
  10. [22:27] <Jacob_Dorn> Stephan when you get a moment i want you top take a look at this.
  11. [22:27] <^Stephan^> I must say for a freebrith, you did a good job extractung the data from the comouter
  12. [22:27] * Jacob_Dorn hands Stephan the jar of messed up tissie samples
  13. [22:28] <^Stephan^> say what are these
  14. [22:28] * Shinzi closes his eyes and centers himself.
  15. [22:29] <Jacob_Dorn> Human DNA and if my thoughts are corects posibly even alien.
  16. [22:30] <Jacob_Dorn> I tried to test it but, lets just say i couldny get much from it but hopefully you can
  17. [22:31] <^Stephan^> while it is a possible to examine this it would take a laboratory to properly examine it
  18. [22:31] <Jacob_Dorn> I know and i hope that theres going to be such facilities at our destination
  19. [22:32] <^Vane^> I think we should inflitrate from a closer point than was originally planned, in case we have to make a... heedless exfiltration.
  20. [22:32] <^Stephan^> I would say that your observations about "alien" DNA are a bit excessive.
  21. [22:33] <Jacob_Dorn> If we are going to end up fighting what ever it was that shreded teh shit out of that transport i would like to know as much as posible about what it is
  22. [22:33] <^Stephan^> humanity has been in space for more than 750 years and we have yet to encounter intelligent alien life.
  23. [22:33] * Shinzi cracks an eye open
  24. [22:34] <Shinzi> Doesn't mean it isn't out there,
  25. [22:34] * Remus_ speaks down from the gunner's seat, "It looks and smells like ass, and is obviously not human, does that not qualify?"
  26. [22:34] <^Stephan^> aff, but I doubt it is anywhere near us
  27. [22:34] <Jacob_Dorn> Better safe than sorry
  28. [22:35] <Shinzi> Intelligent or not, if it makes me uncomfortable. It dies.
  29. [22:35] <^Stephan^> your face smells like "ass".. does that qualify it as alien too?
  30. [22:36] * Jacob_Dorn bursts into laughter
  31. [22:37] <^Stephan^> but i a certain it does belong to some foreghn tissue
  32. [22:38] * Dierson_Pyre ever so slightly grins
  33. [22:38] <^Stephan^> If we have time I may take a look at it.
  34. [22:39] * Jacob_Dorn checks the timer on his PDA
  35. [22:39] <Deathbane> ***The sensor display bleeps several times, followed by a short pause. This pattern continually repeats, quietly, over the audo channel.***
  36. [22:39] * ^Stephan^ checks navigation
  37. [22:40] <^Vane^> What's that? Distress beacon?
  38. [22:40] <Jacob_Dorn> IF it is, IGNORE IT!
  39. [22:40] <Remus_> More things that smell like ass.
  40. [22:40] <Dierson_Pyre> if it not answer
  41. [22:40] <Dierson_Pyre> I agree with Dorn for once
  42. [22:40] <Deathbane> *Stephan notices that the display is reading the APC coming close to the Outer Navigation Directional Beacon of the facility.*
  43. [22:41] <^Stephan^> like your comebacks, freebirth?
  44. [22:41] * ^Stephan^ laughs
  45. [22:41] <Remus_> If we answer, you too could smell like ass, and get a nice shade of blue.
  46. [22:41] <Shinzi> It will more than likely be automated. We should not expect a warm welcome.
  47. [22:41] <^Stephan^> it is a navigation beacon
  48. [22:41] <^Stephan^> of the research facility
  49. [22:41] <^Vane^> Front door eh?
  50. [22:42] <^Stephan^> yes
  51. [22:42] <Jacob_Dorn> So we are almost there
  52. [22:43] * ^Vane^ adjusts course to go past, and aim for the back door.
  53. [22:43] <^Stephan^> question, remus. You ARE a part of the warriors caste, quiaff?
  54. [22:44] <Remus_> Aff, what is it to you?
  55. [22:44] <^Stephan^> how have you become so proficient with computers?
  56. [22:45] <^Stephan^> was your group assighend addition computer training?
  57. [22:46] <Remus_> Neg, I persued it on my own accord. Adjusting garrison equipment and faulty targeting computers.
  58. [22:48] <^Stephan^> I hope that will not pose problems when you are behind the controls of a battlemech, freeborn
  59. [22:49] <^Stephan^> and that your skill in piloting and gunner is just a great
  60. [22:50] <Dierson_Pyre> I doubt it will Stephan, your own deformities should concern you more....Trueborn (scorning tone)
  61. [22:50] <Remus_> As a freeborn warrior, if I did not have the skill, I would not still breathe, quineg?
  62. [22:50] * Shinzi laughs.
  63. [22:50] <Deathbane> *Vane, turning away from the path lain down by the NDB, gets lost momentarily in the blizzard. With Stephan failing to correct the error, it is 10 minutes before the error is noticed. As the APC turns back supposedly on target, the APC falls down a snowy slope and becomes stuck, its tracks turning ineffectually.*
  64. [22:50] <Dierson_Pyre> the mission at hand should also concern you more, keep your mind in the present quiaff?
  65. [22:50] <^Vane^> Fuck.
  66. [22:51] <^Stephan^> My WdeformetiesW grand me a distinct advantage.
  67. [22:51] <Shinzi> Is that advantage getting us rammed into snow drifts?
  68. [22:51] <^Stephan^> \\ W="
  69. [22:51] * Remus_ turns the turret towards the slope, staring at the ground in front of him.
  70. [22:51] <Dierson_Pyre> as your speech clearly indicates and your sensor abilities....good work
  71. [22:52] <^Vane^> Alright.
  72. [22:52] <Remus_> What happened to, ahem, that advantage, egg-head?
  73. [22:52] <^Stephan^> maybe you should come and try to navigate to in this blizzard
  74. [22:52] <Jacob_Dorn> YES! Something else has goe wrong!
  75. [22:52] <^Vane^> We should get out of the snow before moving on..
  76. [22:52] <Dierson_Pyre> is that a challange trueborn?
  77. [22:53] <^Vane^> Can someone please remember what the FUCK we're doing right now? No challenges, remember? Get out and dig.
  78. [22:53] <^Stephan^> aff. It was my failure, I will go and dig out the apc
  79. [22:54] <^Stephan^> oo we ahve any shovels?
  80. [22:54] <^Stephan^> do*
  81. [22:54] <Remus_> Digging out a vehicle of this mass, I may not be a scientist, but I do not think that is...feasible.
  82. [22:54] <Jacob_Dorn> Cant we just flame the fuck out of the snow and melt a path to freedom?
  83. [22:54] <^Vane^> That could sink us so low we won't get out. We just need to dig so we can get some traction.
  84. [22:55] <Dierson_Pyre> Full reverse Vane
  85. [22:55] * ^Vane^ reverses.
  86. [22:55] <Dierson_Pyre> max thottle
  87. [22:55] * Jacob_Dorn braces himself
  88. [22:56] <^Vane^> Max throttle might dig us in. Let me jig it a bit.
  89. [22:56] <^Stephan^> It is possible to dig away the snow so the APC can start moving, freeborth
  90. [22:57] <^Stephan^> only a freebirth would try to "Lift" the APC out of the snow
  91. [22:58] <Remus_> //DO U LIFT?//
  92. [22:58] <Deathbane> *With a shudder, the APC eventually begins gaining traction and slowly reverses. With careful manuevering, the APC moves back, and around the hazard and continues onward. AFter a further five minutes, you believe you can see the dark, grey form of the outpost on the hill*
  93. [22:58] <Remus_> //YES//
  94. [22:58] <Shinzi> //I'LL WREK U IRL MATE, SWEAR ON ME MUM //
  95. [22:59] <^Vane^> \\smash ya pastie\\
  96. [22:59] <Remus_> //FITE ME IRL BICH//
  97. [22:59] <Jacob_Dorn> Mission Start, Adventure at Explosive Crystal Mountain!
  98. [22:59] <Remus_> //Babby furst suppah venchur//
  99. [23:00] <^Stephan^> when isn't that dangerous, unless you are inapt
  100. [23:00] <Dierson_Pyre> take us closer to the facility Vane, attempt to avoid getting stuck
  101. [23:00] <^Vane^> Aff
  102. [23:00] <^Stephan^> I will concentrate more, lead
  103. [23:00] * Dierson_Pyre slaps Vane on the shoulder
  104. [23:00] * Remus_ snickers.
  105. [23:00] * ^Stephan^ turn to the navigation
  106. [23:01] * Dierson_Pyre looks at Stephan
  107. [23:02] <Jacob_Dorn> Going in dry i take it.
  108. [23:02] <^Vane^> How close? As mentioned earlier, we might find a strategic, hasty exfiltration prudent.
  109. [23:02] <Deathbane> *The APC climbs slwoly up the steep slope to the top of the facility. As you get closer, you can see the rear entrance gate is closed, and a cluster of small buildings bordered by a large, reinforced metal fence*
  110. [23:05] <Remus_> //me shoots all the things//
  111. [23:06] * ^Vane^ stops.
  112. [23:06] <Remus_> //GORGE
  113. [23:06] <Remus_> //GORGE STAHP//
  114. [23:07] <^Vane^> Alright, on foot from here?
  115. [23:07] * Shinzi settles his helmet back into place and prepares to disembark.
  116. [23:07] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff, on foot
  117. [23:07] <^Stephan^> aff, lead
  118. [23:07] * ^Vane^ checks fuel.
  119. [23:07] * Remus_ hops down from the high chair and grabs the flamethrower.
  120. [23:07] * ^Stephan^ takes his gyrojet gun and exits the vehicle, checking his surrounding
  121. [23:08] * Jacob_Dorn cheks teh clock and timer on his PDA one more and then chekcs his gear
  122. [23:08] * ^Vane^ powers down the APC, to conserve fuel.
  123. [23:10] <Dierson_Pyre> Star 2 and 3 assemble outside the facility entrance
  124. [23:10] <Deathbane> *You can see two checkpoints on the other side of the reinforced gate, and one, large building dominates the other end of the pathway. You can see two larger structures, their roofs adorned with large, blue orbs*
  125. [23:11] * Shinzi hops down from the APC's hatch, unslinging the elephant and dashing for the gate.
  126. [23:11] * Dierson_Pyre exits APC
  127. [23:12] * ^Vane^ clambers out of the drivers seat and get's out.
  128. [23:12] * Remus_ lights his pilot light with a malicious grin.
  129. [23:12] * Dierson_Pyre meets Shinzi at the main gate
  130. [23:12] <Dierson_Pyre> does there appear to be a way to open this
  131. [23:13] * Shinzi positions himself to the left of the gate, ready to swing into a ready position the moment it's open
  132. [23:13] * Jacob_Dorn disembarks and cautiously scans his suroundings
  133. [23:13] <Deathbane> *Dierson notices that their appears to be a large console to the left of the gate. It appears to have an intercom, and several numbers*
  134. [23:13] * Bjorn_ awakes from where he has apparently been napping and disembarks
  135. [23:14] * Dierson_Pyre inspects number box
  136. [23:14] <Deathbane> *The keypad doesnt respond to Diersons pressings*
  137. [23:14] <^Stephan^> \\ is a box with numbers\\\
  138. [23:14] * ^Vane^ pushes at the gate..
  139. [23:14] <Dierson_Pyre> REMUS! STEPHAN! ON ME!
  140. [23:15] * Remus_ goes to Dierson's left.
  141. [23:15] <Remus_> busted console?
  142. [23:15] <Dierson_Pyre> see if you can get us through the gate
  143. [23:15] <Dierson_Pyre> I have no idea, see too it
  144. [23:15] <Remus_> Aff, do you want to show us your advantage again, Stephan?
  145. [23:15] <Deathbane> *The gate hums menacingly, and Vane hesistates to push it*
  146. [23:16] <^Stephan^> AFF.
  147. [23:16] <Dierson_Pyre> Vane, is it electrified
  148. [23:16] <Dierson_Pyre> ?
  149. [23:16] <^Vane^> Seems like it.
  150. [23:16] <^Vane^> Or.. something.
  151. [23:17] <Dierson_Pyre> Push it again?
  152. [23:17] * ^Stephan^ examines the console and tried to override it
  153. [23:17] * Dierson_Pyre smiles to show humor
  154. [23:17] <^Vane^> I thought I might piss on it. It get some warmth in these bones.
  155. [23:17] <Dierson_Pyre> HA!
  156. [23:18] <Deathbane> *Removing the front compartment, Stephan hotwires the control hardware. The gate begins to creek open, and the hum ceases*
  157. [23:18] <Jacob_Dorn> Or Kick it see what happens
  158. [23:18] * Dierson_Pyre looks at Dorn
  159. [23:18] <^Vane^> Oh, there we go.
  160. [23:18] <Dierson_Pyre> it appears to be opening
  161. [23:18] <^Stephan^> there.
  162. [23:18] * Shinzi brings the Elephant Gunt to bare and looks at Dierson
  163. [23:19] <^Stephan^> advatages.
  164. [23:19] <Dierson_Pyre> \\Dierson kills the GM for being a cunt\\
  165. [23:19] <^Vane^> Seems like conehead has a use after all. *silently to Pyre*
  166. [23:19] <Dierson_Pyre> it seems
  167. [23:19] <Dierson_Pyre> Good Work Stephan
  168. [23:20] <Dierson_Pyre> Take point, the rest of Claw 2...advance
  169. [23:20] <^Stephan^> Aff.
  170. [23:20] <Dierson_Pyre> Claw 3 on me
  171. [23:20] <Bjorn_> You heard him. Rearguard positions!
  172. [23:20] <Jacob_Dorn> This should be fun
  173. [23:20] <^Vane^> Aff
  174. [23:21] <Shinzi> Aff.
  175. [23:21] * ^Stephan^ enters the compund, keeping a close eye to everything
  176. [23:21] * ^Vane^ follows Stephan, rifle shouldered.
  177. [23:22] * Jacob_Dorn follows in suit with his riffle ready
  178. [23:22] <Deathbane> *As stephan enters the compound, noone can be seen, just the howl of the wind across the compounds tarmac. He notices that the guard booth on his left has a window riddled with bullet holes.
  179. [23:23] * ^Stephan^ goes to examine the window
  180. [23:23] <Dierson_Pyre> *Stephan, check out the guard shack*
  181. [23:23] * ^Vane^ follows suit. Covering Stephan.
  182. [23:23] <Dierson_Pyre> *Claw 2, on me advance toward main facility*
  183. [23:23] <^Stephan^> aff, there are sights of weapons discharge
  184. [23:23] <Dierson_Pyre> *Claw 3, on Stephan*
  185. [23:23] <^Vane^> Aff
  186. [23:24] * ^Vane^ breaks off, following Pyre
  187. [23:24] * Jacob_Dorn follows along with Direson, putting his IR goggle on to see if they offer any better visibility
  188. [23:24] * Shinzi approaches up on Stephans left, sweeping the outside of the shack
  189. [23:25] <Bjorn_> Shinzi, I want you take up position by the both door and be reading to receive targets, the rest of the make a close perimeter.
  190. [23:25] <Dierson_Pyre> Dorn, what do you see?
  191. [23:25] * Shinzi responds in the affirmative and shoulders the wall beside the entrance, dropping to a knee and bracing the high bore rifle
  192. [23:26] <Deathbane> * Jacob dorn notices that they do improve visibility, but against the cold background nothing in particular stands out*
  193. [23:26] <Jacob_Dorn> Nothing out of the ordanary
  194. [23:29] <Deathbane> *As Stephan opens the door, he notices the lock has been broken in. Inside, there is signs of a struggle, but there is no signs of blood. The console itself is smashed beyond recognition - trying the intercom for the gate certainly wouldnt have worked. A common clan pistol lies on the floor, beneath an upturned chair. Papers are scattered everywhere around the small room.*
  195. [23:30] <Deathbane> *In the guard shack for clarity*
  196. [23:30] * Shinzi takes in the scene offered with the opening of the door, then swings the gun about to cover the approach to the shack, eyes narrowed.
  197. [23:30] <Dierson_Pyre> **Report Bjorn**
  198. [23:31] <Bjorn_> Stephan? Any conclusions to offer?
  199. [23:31] <^Stephan^> There are sighns of intense struggle. No blood, but the console is utterly destroyed.
  200. [23:31] <^Stephan^> The dor was broken in and there is a pistol on the ground
  201. [23:32] * ^Stephan^ examines papers
  202. [23:32] <Bjorn_> You copy all that Dorn? No indication if the altercation involved any bugs.
  203. [23:33] <^Stephan^> also there intercom is smashed, which is worrysome
  204. [23:33] <Dierson_Pyre> **aff**
  205. [23:33] <Jacob_Dorn> "Yet"
  206. [23:33] <Dierson_Pyre> *rejoin claw 2 at main entrance*
  207. [23:33] <Bjorn_> Aff
  208. [23:33] <Deathbane> *From a cursory glance, the papers are the usual admin forms - paperwork for logistics, entry etc.*
  209. [23:33] * Shinzi reforms on Bjorn and shadows him when he moves to Claw 2
  210. [23:34] <Bjorn_> Stephen, gather what intell you can and Claw 3 will rejoin Claw 2
  211. [23:34] <^Stephan^> it may indicate that whatever was here may have tried to cut comunications before attacking
  212. [23:35] * ^Bran^ ( has joined #megamek
  213. [23:35] <Bjorn_> **Dierson, any sign of struggle at the main entrance?**
  214. [23:36] * ^Stephan^ takes the flame thrower and hands remusthe gyrojet
  215. [23:36] <^Bran^> \\well i made it no ts.
  216. [23:37] <Shinzi> // yo dude
  217. [23:38] * ^Stephan^ scratch that... nothing happened. I blame GM
  218. [23:38] <Dierson_Pyre> *No, no signs*
  219. [23:38] <Deathbane> \\Tis k, Stephan just nicked your flamethrower. So for quickness sake, consider Bran as retaining it and Stephan keepign his gyrojet
  220. [23:38] <Deathbane> *The main Entrace is ajar, and the locks broke, but as Dierson says no signs of struggle*
  221. [23:38] <^Stephan^> \\ YAAY :D\\
  222. [23:38] * Jacob_Dorn slowly scans the sroundings once more
  223. [23:38] <Remus_> //Sup negoro
  224. [23:38] <Bjorn_> **So...**
  225. [23:38] <^Bran^> \\ i'm on the cjw channel also.
  226. [23:38] <Remus_> //Take this, it's dangerous out there//
  227. [23:39] <Dierson_Pyre> Bjorn, where is stephan
  228. [23:39] <^Stephan^> the pistol is standar issue and the papers are mere peparwork
  229. [23:39] * Remus_ ((gives the flamer to Bran))
  230. [23:39] <Bjorn_> **Was something trying to fight its way in or did something get loose and fight its way out...? Stephan should be following up Claw 3**
  231. [23:40] <Dierson_Pyre> *Aff*
  232. [23:40] <Deathbane> *Stephan then notices a folder, marked Arrivals. It appears to have been opened, and the contents spread across a small table on the room.*
  233. [23:40] <^Bran^> Thank you remus. ((Heft the flamethower and looks about))
  234. [23:40] <Jacob_Dorn> "Its too quiet... and clean"
  235. [23:41] <Remus_> //Bane can assume direct control of Remus for all things needed//
  236. [23:41] <Dierson_Pyre> Claw 2/3 keep positions at entrance until Stephan regroups
  237. [23:41] * Remus_ ( has left #megamek
  238. [23:41] <^Bran^> Your right.
  239. [23:41] <^Vane^> Aff
  240. [23:41] <^Bran^> Aff lead.
  241. [23:41] <Bjorn_> Aff
  242. [23:42] * ^Stephan^ examines folder
  243. [23:42] * ^Stephan^ and papers
  244. [23:42] * Shinzi nods and keeps an eye on the blizzard ridden compound.
  245. [23:43] * Jacob_Dorn checks the timer once more
  246. [23:44] <^Bran^> Nervous are we dorn?
  247. [23:45] <^Vane^> How are we on time?
  248. [23:46] <^Stephan^> say there 's a scattered folder named arrivals here.
  249. [23:46] <Jacob_Dorn> "Its been 4 hours so six hours remaining"
  250. [23:46] <^Stephan^> Mostly they are regular arrivals... Wait
  251. [23:46] * ^Vane^ nods at Dorn.
  252. [23:46] <^Stephan^> there is one that is not on the same interval as the others
  253. [23:48] <^Stephan^> it is an externa shipment of a rover
  254. [23:48] <^Stephan^> *not*
  255. [23:48] <^Vane^> They shipped out a rover?
  256. [23:48] <^Stephan^> it *ton* an exernal shipment
  257. [23:48] * Shinzi ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  258. [23:48] <^Stephan^> not*
  259. [23:49] <^Vane^> \\\\\noooooooo
  260. [23:50] <^Stephan^> on this shipment one of the rovers has been returned
  261. [23:50] <^Bran^> Q
  262. [23:51] <^Stephan^> the rover was reported to have problems with it's transmitter
  263. [23:51] <^Bran^> \\Sorry on a tablet and it is tempramental.\\
  264. [23:51] <Dierson_Pyre> \\\lul\\
  265. [23:52] <^Stephan^> those porblems look a lot like thes started at the same time as the communicatins were cut
  266. [23:52] <Jacob_Dorn> "Hmmm"
  267. [23:52] <^Bran^> Virus maybe?
  268. [23:53] <^Stephan^> possible
  269. [23:53] <Dierson_Pyre> *So, a irregular shipment with transmitter issues then they blacked out*
  270. [23:53] <^Stephan^> I woould need accses to internal computers for that
  271. [23:53] <Dierson_Pyre> confirm
  272. [23:53] <^Stephan^> AFF.
  273. [23:53] <Jacob_Dorn> "a dubious rover with some kind of hidden ECM?"
  274. [23:54] <^Bran^> May be that also.
  275. [23:54] <Dierson_Pyre> maybe, we will find out
  276. [23:55] <Dierson_Pyre> Bjorn, regroup your star
  277. [23:55] <Bjorn_> Aff
  278. [23:55] <^Stephan^> We should keep an eye out for that rover
  279. [23:55] <Bjorn_> Claw 3. On me at the facility entrance.
  280. [23:55] * Jacob_Dorn checks his riffle over as well as h is Space Magnum Sidearm
  281. [23:55] <^Stephan^> it my indicate dark caste deelings or worse
  282. [23:56] <^Vane^> It does speak of intelligence, a bit contradictory to the audio logs though.
  283. [23:56] <Dierson_Pyre> Claw 3 advance into the facility
  284. [23:56] * ^Stephan^ retirns to claw 3
  285. [23:57] <^Bran^> What can be worse than dark caste stephen?
  286. [23:57] <Dierson_Pyre> Claw 2, on me...Easy White Fangs, watch weapons LOS and friendly positions, spread out to maintain overlapping fire...identify any contacts before engaging
  287. [23:57] <Jacob_Dorn> They some kind of Unfriendly Black people?
  288. [23:57] <^Stephan^> I have heard the rumours of something called "the society" during my rork as a scientist.
  289. [23:58] <Bjorn_> Aff
  290. [23:58] <^Vane^> Aff
  291. [23:58] <^Bran^> Aff. Dorn they are bandits.
  292. [23:58] <Deathbane> *Going into the facility, you notice a large room with several supplies crates stacked around. In the centre, you notice a looming shape in the darkness. An occasionally flickering light sparks to your right, casting a glow on several of the warning signs indicating the presence of heavy machinery*
  293. [23:58] <^Stephan^> rumours were that a resistance movement within the scientist caster was farming
  294. [23:59] <^Stephan^> one that week to owerthor everything clanns and kerensky belived in
  295. [23:59] * Jacob_Dorn now has the idea in his head taht Dark Caste are Somalian Space Pirates
  297. [23:59] <^Stephan^> I find it highly unlikely
  298. [23:59] <Deathbane> *You notice two more auxiliarry rooms on your left and right, the doors on these are missing and the interiors dark.*
  299. Session Time: Sun Apr 07 00:00:00 2013
  300. [00:00] <^Stephan^> as most of the caste are freebirths
  301. [00:00] <Jacob_Dorn> What was that...
  302. [00:00] <^Stephan^> and as a whole, scientists lack the strength to really form a revolution, let alone win one
  303. [00:00] <Dierson_Pyre> Silence Stephan, the Scientist caste has nothing to harm the Warrior caste with
  304. [00:01] <^Vane^> Stephan, history lesson another time.
  305. [00:01] <Dierson_Pyre> Mission at hand
  306. [00:01] * Jacob_Dorn atempts to focus at the looming shape with his IR goggles still equiped
  307. [00:01] <^Stephan^> my point exaclty, lead
  308. [00:01] <^Stephan^> that is why I disregarded it
  309. [00:01] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff, discussions another time
  310. [00:01] <Dierson_Pyre> take point
  311. [00:01] <^Stephan^> aff.
  312. [00:01] * ^Stephan^ takes point, scanning the urroundings
  313. [00:02] * ^Bran^ points his flamer at the looming shape just in case.
  314. [00:02] <Deathbane> *Jacob cant quite make the shape out, but it appears to be a tracked vehicle of some sort. Behind it, he can make out the shape of an open hatchway. The hatch appears to lie next to it, bent out of all proportion*
  315. [00:02] * Jacob_Dorn sucumbs to curiosity and splits off from the group to examin the door of the vehicle
  316. [00:03] * Dierson_Pyre scans members of Star 2 and 3 and surroundings
  317. [00:03] <Deathbane> *Jacob reaches the vehicle and cautiously searches for a door. He cant find one, but he finds a maintainance ahtch. It appears this vehicle is unmanned*
  318. [00:03] <Dierson_Pyre> Stars stay toge.....DORN! back in position!
  319. [00:04] <Dierson_Pyre> NOW!
  320. [00:04] <Jacob_Dorn> "Stephan, did that report mention anything about the Rover being maned?"
  321. [00:04] <^Stephan^> neg.
  322. [00:05] <Jacob_Dorn> "WEll I have found a Rover and the door is.... misplaced"
  323. [00:05] <Dierson_Pyre> ***everyone, on Dorn***
  324. [00:05] <^Stephan^> permission to check te rover, lead
  325. [00:06] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff, Stephan
  326. [00:06] <^Vane^> Aff
  327. [00:06] <Dierson_Pyre> Dorn, to me...NOW!
  328. [00:06] * ^Stephan^ examines rover, looks at the hetchway
  329. [00:07] * ^Bran^ moves to dorn. Pointing the flamer at the hatchway.
  330. [00:07] * Jacob_Dorn jogs over to Direson
  331. [00:07] <^Stephan^> \\you get to live
  332. [00:07] <^Stephan^> \\ for today
  333. [00:07] * Dierson_Pyre GRABS DORN BY THE CHEST PIECE
  334. [00:07] * Bjorn_ ( Quit (Quit: Page closed)
  335. [00:08] * Shinzi ( has joined #megamek
  336. [00:08] <Dierson_Pyre> Do not ever disobey a command from a commander again, quaiff?
  337. [00:08] <Dierson_Pyre> You WILL not break position quiaff?
  338. [00:09] * Dierson_Pyre releases Dorn
  339. [00:09] * Jacob_Dorn would wince in pain from the burns suffered hours ago
  340. [00:09] <Jacob_Dorn> Aff.
  341. [00:09] <Deathbane> *Stephan quickly realises the rover is unmanned. The 'door' on the side of the rover is a maintainance hatchway. Prying it open, you quickly realise that it is still operational, the OS being online. Its at this point that Vane also notices something else about the rover.. the back transport bay area is torn open. On the top, the comms dish bent out of all proportion*
  342. [00:10] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff, Good initiative but will learn Freebirth, keep a look out while Stephan examine the Rover
  343. [00:10] <^Stephan^> the rover is unarmed, but its commande console apperas to be working
  344. [00:10] <Jacob_Dorn> Aff.
  345. [00:11] <^Stephan^> shal i try to discern if it was a virus?
  346. [00:11] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff, do what you can
  347. [00:11] <^Vane^> Seems like it is more of a mechanical error.
  348. [00:11] * ^Bran^ ( Quit (EOF from client)
  349. [00:11] * ^Vane^ points to broken dish.
  350. [00:12] * Jacob_Dorn scans the suroundings carefuly keeping guard
  351. [00:12] * ^Bran^ ( has joined #megamek
  352. [00:12] <Dierson_Pyre> Everyone else, maintain position and keep your eyes and MIND on the mission...
  353. [00:12] <^Bran^> Aff.
  354. [00:12] <Deathbane> *Stephan examines the OS. He identifies it as being the rover that arrived earlier, but is unable to access the logs or other information. The OS reports the onboard drives to be irrepairably damaged*
  355. [00:14] <Dierson_Pyre> did you find anything?
  356. [00:14] * Shinzi ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  357. [00:14] <^Stephan^> neg.
  358. [00:14] <^Stephan^> the logs are irreperably damaged
  359. [00:14] <^Stephan^> might be the result of a virus.
  360. [00:15] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff
  361. [00:15] <^Stephan^> but it might just be damage to the motherboard
  362. [00:15] <^Stephan^> but it IS the rover we were talking about earlier
  363. [00:15] <Dierson_Pyre> understood
  364. [00:16] <^Bran^> Would the information still be there or has the memory itself been damaged Stephan?
  365. [00:16] <^Stephan^> hey remus.. get in here
  366. [00:16] <^Stephan^> I require your proficiency in computers
  367. [00:18] <Dierson_Pyre> Vane, where is the entrance to the lower levels of the facility
  368. [00:19] * ^Vane^ points to hatch.
  369. [00:19] <^Vane^> Though there might be a way down from the longer buildings outside as well.
  370. [00:19] <Deathbane> *Remus enters and checks over the rover. He notices that although the logs are not repairable, the motherboard itself has logged a timeline of events when components where damaged. Then Comms dish was damaged hours before the rover arrived at the base. The damage to the rear, and the damage to the drives, happened when the rover arrived and was under maintainance at the time the motherboard indicates damage.*
  371. [00:20] <^Stephan^> Interesting
  372. [00:21] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff, Dorn...what is our time on mission completion?
  373. [00:21] <^Stephan^> remus has found out that the comm array was damaged before the rover arrival
  374. [00:21] <^Stephan^> way before,
  375. [00:21] * Dierson_Pyre looks at own time
  376. [00:22] <Jacob_Dorn> "five and a half hourse remain"
  377. [00:22] <^Stephan^> the rest of the damage was dome during maintnence
  378. [00:22] <Deathbane> *The time on Diersons watch reads 23:30 hours in TST*
  379. [00:23] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff, right...Vane, lead the way to the lower levels...Stephan with him
  380. [00:23] <^Vane^> Aff Lead.
  381. [00:23] * ^Vane^ goes to the hatch to open it.
  382. [00:23] <^Stephan^> AFF.
  383. [00:23] <Dierson_Pyre> Everyone else on me to the entrance...Dorn, you are directly with me
  384. [00:23] * ^Stephan^ keeps vane's six
  385. [00:24] <^Bran^> Aff lead.
  386. [00:24] <^Vane^> It's been torn off.
  387. [00:24] <Dierson_Pyre> Then weapons ready
  388. [00:24] * Jacob_Dorn examnines the size of the hatch on the rover
  389. [00:24] * ^Vane^ slides on IR goggles.
  390. [00:24] <Deathbane> * a foul smell eminates from the ahtch as Vane approaches*
  391. [00:24] <Dierson_Pyre> Bran, stay up front as well
  392. [00:25] * ^Bran^ walks to the hatch training the flamer on it ready to fire.
  393. [00:25] <^Bran^> Aff.
  394. [00:25] * ^Vane^ slings his rifle on the back, pulls out his spess revolver and starts climbing.
  395. [00:27] * ^Stephan^ in a similar fassion, sethan pulls our his gauss pistol and follows vane
  396. [00:27] * ^Stephan^ pust on IR goggles and engagesthem
  397. [00:27] <^Vane^> *Lead, floor by floor, or straight to control? Time is becoming an issue..*
  398. [00:28] <Dierson_Pyre> Secure ladder, we will advance together
  399. [00:28] <Deathbane> *AS vane descends, he notices this level lacks any light. The environment reads cold. A precipitate begins to coat your hands as you descend*
  400. [00:28] <Dierson_Pyre> lets go White Fangs, down we go
  401. [00:28] <Jacob_Dorn> "just out of curiosity, How hard is it to kill a Elemental with no suit?"
  402. [00:29] <^Stephan^> call one a freebirth and find out.
  403. [00:29] * ^Stephan^ grins
  404. [00:29] <Dierson_Pyre> Dorn, you will not have a chance to find out if you ask any more questions not pertaining to the mission at hand
  405. [00:29] * ^Bran^ holsters the flame thrower and decends the ladder.
  406. [00:30] * ^Vane^ climbs down slowly, and tries to be quiet. Stopping now and then to scan around as best he can.
  407. [00:31] <Deathbane> *As vane reaches the bottom, and turns, he immediately notices the corridor is a charnel house. Two or three bodies lay sprawled along this corridor, which leads to a closed maintainance door. Dried blood coats the floor, and the ladder, and also vanes hands. There is some evidence of weapons fire.*
  408. [00:31] <^Vane^> ((If I come down without seeing anything, he'll shoulder his rifle again and guard the ladder while the rest decends.))
  409. [00:31] * Jacob_Dorn a brief sigh can be heard over teh coms adn he then takes a lost quick scan of teh room before decending teh shaft
  410. [00:31] <^Vane^> *This looks grim*
  411. [00:32] * ^Vane^ crouches and scans the room, waiting for the others. Rifle ready.
  412. [00:32] * ^Bran^ reaches the bottom of the ladder and readies the flamer again.
  413. [00:32] * Dierson_Pyre follows down the ladder
  414. [00:34] * ^Bran^ bran looks at the bodies to see what type of wounds he can see from where he is by the ladder.
  415. [00:34] <Dierson_Pyre> *what do you see Vane*
  416. [00:34] <Deathbane> *Scanning the room, vane notices how torn up the bodies are. One is missing both its arms, and anothers others head is entirely missing. The door is an automated type, and is slowly trying to open and shut, its motors making a feeble whir as it struggles with debris that blocks its mechanism*
  417. [00:34] <Deathbane> *Everyone else nothings the same as Vane*
  418. [00:35] <^Vane^> *Slaughter*
  419. [00:35] <^Stephan^> \\ suddenly slenderman!
  420. [00:35] <Deathbane> \\ Bran, give me a med check or some other relevent skill
  421. [00:36] <^Stephan^> \\
  422. [00:36] <Dierson_Pyre> *Aff, Ladder secure* Foward ....move...
  423. [00:36] <^Vane^> *aff*
  424. [00:36] <^Stephan^> aff
  425. [00:36] <^Bran^> \\ I cant do any rolls sorry.
  426. [00:36] * ^Vane^ starts moving towards the door.
  427. [00:36] <^Vane^>
  428. [00:37] <Deathbane> \\ if you cant still, ill quite happily roll for you
  429. [00:38] <^Bran^> \\ got an 8. I cant see me sheet though due to me tablet not wanting to open it for somereason.
  430. [00:38] <^Bran^> \\ cheers for the link vamp.
  431. [00:38] <^Vane^> \\ np
  432. [00:39] <Deathbane> *Bran examines the closest corpse, the one seemingly more intact. On closer inspection, the man appears to be of the scientist caste. He is unarmed and unarmoured - his chest area appears to have been entirely caved in, undoubtedly the cause of death. Bran is unable to determine anything else*
  433. [00:39] <^Vane^> \\ you have +3 in it so you rolled 11
  434. [00:41] <Dierson_Pyre> He looks dead, let us continue
  435. [00:41] <^Bran^> Looks like wemay be facing worms again.
  436. [00:41] <^Vane^> *Remus, can you do something with this door?*
  437. [00:41] <Dierson_Pyre> well, good that you have something hot to give them
  438. [00:41] * ^Stephan^ takes a look though the dor when it is opening
  439. [00:43] <Dierson_Pyre> What can you see?
  440. [00:44] <Deathbane> *Stephan can see through the opening. The next room has power, and a dim erd light filters through. Banks of computers seem to be in the next room, indicating that it is the facilities server room.*
  441. [00:44] <^Stephan^> we are and infront of the server room
  442. [00:45] <^Stephan^> \\ english mothafucka do you speak it
  443. [00:45] <Dierson_Pyre> I will try and force it open
  444. [00:45] <Dierson_Pyre> move out of the way
  445. [00:45] * ^Vane^ steps aside.
  446. [00:45] * Dierson_Pyre braces to push open weak freebirth door
  447. [00:46] * Jacob_Dorn walks over to the body with the caved in chest and examines it
  448. [00:46] * Jacob_Dorn as well as searching for any form of ID
  449. [00:47] * Dierson_Pyre putting force onto the edge of the door, muscles bulging, the Door whines as the door bends inward jamming opening wide enough for entrance
  450. [00:47] <^Stephan^> \\
  451. [00:48] <Deathbane> *Jacob dorn finds an ID on the maps chest coat. It simply makes him out to be assigned to this station, under
  452. [00:48] <Deathbane> Administrator Whitmyres command.*
  453. [00:48] <^Vane^> With your permission, Lead.
  454. [00:48] * ^Vane^ moves through the door.
  455. [00:48] <Dierson_Pyre> Vane, Stephane take point....Remus, see if you can find any terminals to access
  456. [00:49] * ^Stephan^ follows
  457. [00:49] <Dierson_Pyre> Bran, stick with Remus
  458. [00:49] <^Bran^> Aff lead.
  459. [00:49] <Jacob_Dorn> Well teh Lab Tech was stationed here
  460. [00:49] <^Vane^> \\ 15
  461. [00:52] <Deathbane> *Even as Stephan and Dorn begin to disperse, Vane spots movement to his left. Looking to the left, he sees something infront of him. The light around the wall seems displaced, a shape of a sizeable area not matching that of the actual wall behind it*
  462. [00:52] <^Vane^> Movement. *hisses*
  463. [00:52] * ^Vane^ turns to face the threat, rifle shouldered.
  464. [00:53] * ^Stephan^ turns toward movement
  465. [00:53] * Dierson_Pyre shoulders weapon at movement
  466. [00:53] * ^Bran^ goes with remus and when he hears vanes warning trains his flamer towards the movement.
  467. [00:54] <Dierson_Pyre> \\FIRE FIRE FIRE BRAP BRAP BRAP
  468. [00:54] <Deathbane> *The distortion appears to be of near ambient temperature, but is slightly warmer than normal. It appears to be still, and it has no definite shape*
  469. [00:54] <^Vane^> It seems displaced..
  470. [00:55] * ^Vane^ 's finger is tightening on the trigger.
  471. [00:55] <^Vane^> Fire, lead?
  472. [00:55] * Dierson_Pyre slowly approaches displacment...
  473. [00:55] <Jacob_Dorn> *Wispering over teh coms* "What the hell is that..."
  474. [00:56] <Dierson_Pyre> Neg, steady
  475. [00:56] <^Stephan^> fo we have any flares or flashlights?
  476. [00:56] <Jacob_Dorn> , // the the the the the the the the the the
  477. [00:56] <^Bran^> *whispers back* i have no idea.
  478. [00:58] * Dierson_Pyre stops well clear of (?) ... Rifle pointed at (?)
  479. [00:58] * Jacob_Dorn slowly reaches onto his vest reaching for a smoke grenade, he carefuly pulls teh pin croches down and rolls it over towards or in teh general direction of the "Thing"
  480. [00:58] <^Stephan^> bran. cna you increase he power of exhaust flame slightly to create some light of us to use?
  481. [00:58] <^Stephan^> WHAT ARE YOU DOING FREEBIRTH!
  482. [00:58] <Dierson_Pyre> DOORN!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK
  483. [00:59] <^Stephan^> DO YOU WANT TO EXPOSE OUR POSITION!
  484. [00:59] <Dierson_Pyre> I DID NOT ORDER THAT
  485. [00:59] <Deathbane> *The smoke grenade explodes with a pop. Suddenly, a high pitched screaming from several directions pierce the air as dense smoke fills the entire compartment*
  486. [00:59] <^Stephan^> ARE YOU REALLY THAT INAPT!
  487. [00:59] <Jacob_Dorn> Some thing is better than stareing at it
  488. [00:59] <^Bran^> Should be able to. But that would expose us.
  489. [00:59] * ^Stephan^ pulls out his gauss pistol and fires at distorsion
  490. [01:00] * Jacob_Dorn Dives for the door way
  492. [01:00] <^Vane^> BACK!
  493. [01:01] <Jacob_Dorn> THAT IS NOT HUMAN!
  494. [01:01] * ^Vane^ scrambles for the door.
  495. [01:01] * ^Bran^ waits to see what happens backing off slowly ready to fire when everyone is behind him.
  496. [01:01] * Dierson_Pyre dives back throught the door after dorn
  497. [01:01] <Deathbane> *The round discharges, and witha clunk hits metal. You heard rapid movement and the slamming of metal as you hear heavy footsteps go away and then towards you. The situation is confusing as you scramble into action*
  498. [01:01] <Jacob_Dorn> "Everyoe clea of the room?
  499. [01:02] <^Vane^> Lead! Fight or return for report?
  500. [01:02] * ^Stephan^ gets the fuck ourt of the room after firing.
  501. [01:02] <Deathbane> *At this point, you hear a horrendous, metal screeching noise coming from the hatch in the corridor*
  502. [01:02] <Dierson_Pyre> HOld Position in Corridor, weapons ready
  503. [01:02] <^Vane^> Behind!
  504. [01:02] <^Bran^> Aff. /me trains flamer to where the noise is coning from.
  505. [01:02] <Dierson_Pyre> AFF, STAR 2 Face hatch
  506. [01:03] <^Vane^> AFF!
  507. [01:03] <Dierson_Pyre> STAR 3 the Server room
  508. [01:03] <Jacob_Dorn> HA HAH HA YES! Trip over angry unstable crystals almost boiled alive and Pissing of a Poltergeist!
  509. [01:03] <^Stephan^> \\ JADE WOLVES
  510. [01:03] <^Stephan^> \\ TODAY WE DINE IN HELL
  511. [01:03] * ^Vane^ faces hatch
  512. [01:03] * Dierson_Pyre slams butt of rifle into Dorns helmet
  513. [01:03] <Deathbane> *With a horrific noise, the ladder comes free, and you see the back end of the rover come crashing through the hatch. Metal and debris falls down as it becomes stuck in the aperture, blocking off your retreat*
  515. [01:04] <^Vane^> Exit route is blocked!
  516. [01:04] <^Vane^> The fucking rover is down here now!
  517. [01:04] <Jacob_Dorn> I think teh Rover wants to come and play Ha ha!
  518. [01:04] <^Stephan^> \\
  519. [01:05] * ^Stephan^ trains his gyrojet toward the ladder.
  520. [01:05] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff, all units ready weapons on Server Room
  521. [01:05] <^Bran^> Aff
  522. [01:05] <^Stephan^> Everyone clear. If anything comes down here. I will shoot it
  523. [01:05] * Jacob_Dorn the knock to the head brings him a little bit closer to his senses
  524. [01:06] * ^Bran^ trains his flamer on the door to the server room.
  525. [01:06] <Deathbane> *The screams from the server room die down, and the sounds cease. You can still hear a scream, but this one is much more distinctly human, coming faintly from the direction of the server room. The smoke still flows through thick , and will take some minutes to dissipate
  526. [01:07] <Dierson_Pyre> Easy...and no more grenades unless ordered, I will shoot the next warrior to disobey
  527. [01:08] <^Bran^> Um was remus in there still?
  528. [01:08] <Jacob_Dorn> Remember kiddies if you want to spook a ghost just pop smoke!
  529. [01:08] <Dierson_Pyre> Dorn, if you act with out orders again I WILL consider it a challenge of command and I will break you...QUIAFF?
  530. [01:09] * ^Stephan^ hives dorn another head butt with the end of his gyrojet
  531. [01:09] <^Vane^> Everyone here?
  532. [01:09] <^Stephan^> aff.
  533. [01:09] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff
  534. [01:09] * Jacob_Dorn replys but his reply is muffled
  535. [01:09] <Jacob_Dorn> Afvmmm
  536. [01:10] <Deathbane> *Remus motions to Bran. "Nope, definetly here" he says.*
  537. [01:11] <Dierson_Pyre> Dorn, since you are so eager for command...when the smoke clears, check out what you stirred up....Vane, back him up
  538. [01:11] <^Vane^> Aff.
  539. [01:11] <^Bran^> Aff. Stephan that was i called for. Thats good. Then we need to find out who was screaming quiaff?
  540. [01:11] <Jacob_Dorn> Woo!
  541. [01:12] <Jacob_Dorn> ./me woots with enthusiasm
  542. [01:12] * Dierson_Pyre glares at Dorn
  543. [01:12] * ^Vane^ gets next to the.. hole that used to be a door.
  544. [01:12] * ^Bran^ ( Quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))
  545. [01:12] <^Stephan^> I believe that there are more worms in there.
  546. [01:12] <Dierson_Pyre> or worse
  547. [01:12] <Dierson_Pyre> keep steady and aleart
  548. [01:12] * ^Vane^ jerks his head at Dorn. Come on.
  549. [01:13] * ^Bran^ ( has joined #megamek
  550. [01:13] <Dierson_Pyre> *to vane* Vane, if Dorn does anything stupid...shoot him and report
  551. [01:13] <^Vane^> Aff.
  552. [01:14] <^Stephan^> or do you need more pain to concentrate, dorn.
  553. [01:14] * ^Vane^ nudges Dorn.
  554. [01:14] <Dierson_Pyre> back in line Stephan
  555. [01:14] <^Vane^> Go! Stay low, I'm right behind you.
  556. [01:14] <Dierson_Pyre> I will handle Dorn
  557. [01:14] <^Stephan^> Please do.
  558. [01:14] <Dierson_Pyre> Advance Freebirth
  559. [01:14] <Jacob_Dorn> Rig then Death me old pal me old chum! lets have some FUN!
  560. [01:15] * Jacob_Dorn swings round end enters the room as the smoke begins to disperse
  561. [01:15] * ^Vane^ is right behind him, covering whatever Dorn ISN'T looking at.
  562. [01:15] <Dierson_Pyre> Stephan, see if you can learn anything else from these bodies
  563. [01:16] <^Stephan^> ...AFF
  564. [01:16] * ^Stephan^ takes a closer look at the bodies
  565. [01:16] <Deathbane> * Make out the far area where the distortion as. THe server near it is torn in two, and the floor is covered in computer parts. WIth a proper look at this room, you see its.. furnished much like the corridor*
  566. [01:16] <Deathbane> *That includes the bonus package of corpses*
  567. [01:16] <^Vane^> Dorn, sweep left into the room there.
  568. [01:16] * ^Bran^ bran covers the hatch.
  569. [01:17] <Dierson_Pyre> Bran, keep ready to assist Vane and Dorn...I will back you up if we have to enter
  570. [01:17] <^Vane^> *Lead, moving in. Going to clear the left room*
  571. [01:17] <^Bran^> Aff already on it.
  572. [01:17] * Dierson_Pyre nods
  573. [01:17] * ^Vane^ jerks his head around constantly, looking for more distortions.
  574. [01:18] <Jacob_Dorn> Crap... i think out pal Ghostly Graham just gutted the Server bank.
  575. [01:18] <^Vane^> No matter. Keep going.
  576. [01:18] * ^Stephan^ 's arma bagin to shake
  577. [01:18] * ^Stephan^ and it's not hte cold.
  578. [01:19] <Dierson_Pyre> **Vane, report**
  579. [01:19] <Deathbane> *The total dead in this room is only two, one labour, one scientist caste. Both Unarmed, and heavily torn up. The scientists ID make him out as a Theodor Mihai, deputy head of the facility.*
  580. [01:19] <^Vane^> *Aff, server stack close to the.. thing, is split in two.*
  581. [01:20] <^Vane^> *Moving in to left room.*
  582. [01:20] <Deathbane> *You can also make out the gyro jet hole where Stephan shot the wall*
  583. [01:20] <^Stephan^> We have the deputy head here and a laborer
  584. [01:20] <Dierson_Pyre> *Aff, do you need support?**
  585. [01:20] <^Stephan^> their bodies seem...mutilated
  586. [01:20] <^Vane^> *Neg*
  587. [01:21] <^Stephan^> and it does not look like from explosion
  588. [01:21] * ^Vane^ prods Dorn.
  589. [01:21] <Deathbane> Also Vane moves to the left room, you here another scream coming from down the corridor. This one is deifnetly human "NO NO NO. GO AWAY I DONT WANT TO PLAY GO GO GO AWAY!" comes the voice
  590. [01:21] <Deathbane> \\ Gauss impact, not gyrojet bad GM
  591. [01:22] <^Vane^> *Lead, voices. Could use two more to cover us while checking*
  592. [01:22] <Dierson_Pyre> Bran and I are coming
  593. [01:23] * Dierson_Pyre moves through room to back up Vane
  594. [01:23] <^Vane^> Alright, Dorn. Thorugh the door, you sweep left, I go right.
  595. [01:23] <Jacob_Dorn> "sounds like hes bricking it"
  596. [01:23] <^Vane^> Yes.
  597. [01:23] <Deathbane> "NO NO STAY OUT STAY OUT STAY OUT" comes the voice
  598. [01:23] * ^Bran^ moves i a little before dierson so hes not cought in the path of the flamer.
  599. [01:24] * Jacob_Dorn nods in response and whit his rifle at the ready he causoutsly but with haste sweeps the left of the room
  600. [01:24] * ^Vane^ does the same, opposite.
  601. [01:25] <Deathbane> *As you enter the room, you see a man sat down infront of the door. He holds a grenade in one hand, and an autopistol in the other. You see the look of terror on his face as he brings the pistol up in line with you all"
  602. [01:25] <^Vane^> SHIT
  603. [01:25] <Jacob_Dorn> Ho my...
  604. [01:25] <^Stephan^> stop!
  605. [01:25] <^Vane^> HOLD FIRE!
  606. [01:26] * ^Vane^ dives for cover
  607. [01:26] <^Stephan^> we are CLAW2 and 3 from clan jade wolf.
  608. [01:26] <^Stephan^> you do not need to shoot us.
  609. [01:26] <^Stephan^> we are here to render assistance.
  610. [01:27] <Deathbane> *With a terrified smile, he presses the trigger with the pistol set at full burst*
  611. [01:28] <Deathbane> *With a click, the gun jams. He presses again, but it does not fire*
  612. [01:30] * ^Bran^ breaths a sigh then realizes he has a granade.
  613. [01:30] * Jacob_Dorn thinking fast on his feet his reaches out with martial prowers to desperatly disarm the shit scared man
  614. [01:32] * Dierson_Pyre enters room
  615. [01:33] <Dierson_Pyre> What the hell?
  616. [01:33] <Deathbane> * Jacob grabs the gun and attempts to disarm the man, but he proves to be much stronger than anticipated. Dorn realises as he wrestles with him that this man is clothed differently, one of the warrior caste tasked with guarding the facility. You both wrestle futilily with the weapon*
  617. [01:33] * ^Vane^ peers in.
  618. [01:34] <^Vane^> Shit.
  619. [01:34] * Dierson_Pyre advances to assist Dorn
  620. [01:34] * ^Vane^ scrambles in to tackle the heap of people.
  621. [01:35] * Jacob_Dorn grunts and shuffles as he and the stranger struggle about and shouts out
  623. [01:35] * ^Bran^ ( Quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))
  624. [01:35] * ^bran^ ( has joined #megamek
  625. [01:38] <Deathbane> *With a shout of rage, Dorn pulls out the combat knife with his free hand a drives it towards the man. Instinctly, the man drops the grenade and reaches out to protect himself. The knife buries itself in his outstretched palm. Reeling in pain, he lets go the pistol and backs away*
  626. [01:39] * ^bran^ ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  627. [01:39] * ^Vane^ trains his rifle on the guard.
  628. [01:39] <Dierson_Pyre> Vane, SECURE him
  629. [01:40] <Dierson_Pyre> Stephan...make sure he doesn't bleed out
  630. [01:40] <^Vane^> ON YOUR KNEES!
  631. [01:40] <Deathbane> *Falling to the ground, he scrambles for the grenade that has rolled away, screaming aloud*
  632. [01:40] <^Stephan^> aff, lead
  633. [01:40] <^Vane^> STOP OR I WILL SHOOT YOU!
  634. [01:41] * Dierson_Pyre Runs over to the crawling man
  635. [01:41] * ^Bran ( has joined #megamek
  636. [01:41] * Dierson_Pyre Kicking him 3 feet in the air in the stomach
  637. [01:42] * ^Vane^ snaps his rifle away as Pyre enters his line of fire.
  638. [01:43] <Deathbane> *The man cries out in pain, but manages to roll away from the worst of the impact. He rolls onto the grenade, and holding it with both hands, pulls the pin*
  639. [01:43] <Jacob_Dorn> Oh shit..
  640. [01:43] * ^Vane^ heads to pick up the grenade, glancing to check that Dorn is functioning in the way.
  641. [01:43] <^Vane^> \\scratch that
  642. [01:44] <^Vane^> TAKE COVER!
  643. [01:44] <Jacob_Dorn> Clear out!
  644. [01:44] * ^Vane^ dives out the door.
  645. [01:45] * Dierson_Pyre turns and dives after Vane grabbing Dorn along the way
  646. [01:45] * Jacob_Dorn scrambles out of teh room taking cover behind the wall
  647. [01:46] <Dierson_Pyre> \\boom?
  648. [01:46] * ^Bran gets to cover.
  649. [01:47] <Deathbane> * With a final scream, the man holds the grenade aloft. Even as the cadets dive for cover, a thunderous detonation echos from the room. The blast resounds round the room and corridor, temporarily deafening you.*
  650. [01:47] <^Vane^> .....!
  651. [01:47] <^Vane^> ....!
  652. [01:48] * ^Vane^ picks himself up, trying to orient himself.
  653. [01:48] <Dierson_Pyre> ....!
  654. [01:48] <Jacob_Dorn> ...........!
  655. [01:48] <Deathbane> *And with that, End of Session Six* ---------------------------------->
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