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  1. Character Name: Dante
  2. Jutsu Name: The eyes of the mage (Stage 1) (Doujutsu)
  3. Jutsu Rank: C
  4. Description:
  5. A unique genjutsu doujutsu awakened by Dante that affects his eyes giving it a black and red color. Once awakened, this doujutsu can never be deactivated making it both a blessing and a curse to the user making him look like some kind of unnatural creature. In this stage, the user boost the power of his gejutsu and has the ability to affect people with his genjutsu just by looking at them.
  6. >150 Activation Drain<
  7. >+2 intelligence, +2 control<
  8. [+5 extra damage when the user is attacking with Genjutsus]
  9. [Aids the user during his genjutsus triggers, he only has to look at the person that he wants to affect with his genjutsu]
  11. Character Name: Dante
  12. Jutsu Name: The eyes of the mage (Stage 2) (Doujutsu)
  13. Jutsu Rank: B rank
  14. Description:
  15. The evolved form of the eyes of the mage manifest itself upon both of Dante's eyes making them stangely attractives even when they look inhumans. Once this stage has been achieved the user is able to activate and deactivate their doujutsu at will as they have a better understanding of it and its capabilities. The user is able to boost much more his genjutsu capabilities and improves his defenses against another genjutsus. He is now able to create visual genjutsu techniques.
  16. >300 drain<
  17. >150 drain per post<
  18. >+5 intelligence, +5 control, +2 genjutsu res<
  19. [+7 extra damage when the user is attacking with Genjutsus]
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