Marvel Infinity War: Discord Battle Royale

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  1. Mechanics: Flips between Day phases and Duel phases, each lasting 24 hours.
  2. General order of events are as follows:
  3. Day 1: Alliances are made, challenges are issued, some abilities are used.
  4. Duel 1: Skills/items are used in reaction to challenges, challenges are accepted/rejected where applicable, Steals are attempted.
  5. Day 2: Duel phase results are given (damage taken, items stolen), challenges are issued.
  6. Etc…
  9. Day: Form Alliances, Issue challenges, use applicable abilities
  10. Duel: Challenges are accepted, Steals are attempted, applicable abilities are used.
  12. Strength!
  14. Each character has a strength rating. Your BASE strength rating can be anywhere between 2 and 5. This number can be modified with items, skills, abilities, etc. Your modified strength rating is your CURRENT strength rating, and can go below 2 and above 5. You might not know this number for sure if you’ve been affected by outside forces. Some characters might be able to investigate you, and see either your current or Base strength rating. This has to do with the nightly Challenges…
  16. Challenge!
  18. During each Day phase, someone may challenge another player to a duel. The mechanics differ between challenge specifics…
  19. One on one duels: The player that was challenged must accept for the duel to take place. Then, at the end of the duel phase, the two players’ current strength ratings are compared. The player with the higher strength will do damage equal to the difference between the two numbers. If strength is equal, both players will deal 1 damage to each other.
  20. (On a successful or tie challenge, players will get a successful attack message saying they did an unknown amount of damage, while people taking damage will know exactly how much they took. Ties will know they tied because they both give and take damage)
  21. Uneven duels: If multiple players challenge one player on the same day, the player that was challenged must accept at least 50% of duels (rounded down). For instance, if someone is challenged by 4 people, they must accept at least two. If more than one challenge is accepted on the same duel phase, damage will be compounded. (ex. If someone with 3 strength and 4 strength duel someone with 3 strength, it becomes a matchup of 7 versus 3, rather than 3v3 and 4v3)
  22. This should encourage you to make alliances…
  24. Alliances!
  26. Speaking of alliances, each player may make an ‘alliance’ with up to 3 players at any time. This can mean three chats with three different people, one chat with three different people, two chats with one, and two people, etc. You may only initiate an alliance with three others at a time. (Note that because this only applies to alliances you created, at any given time you could be in contact with many more than 3 other people). Once you make an alliance, you CANNOT voluntarily dissolve it.
  27. Be careful though, alliances WILL play into other player’s skills and abilities. (When a skill/ability/flaw details ‘only people you are allied with,’ this applies only to alliances that player has *created*)
  29. Skills and Abilities
  31. Speaking of Skills and Abilities, each character has one skill and one ability. A skill is something that can be used during the day/duel phases and takes effect in the following phases. An ability is passive, and activates under specific conditions.
  33. Flaws
  35. Every character also has a *flaw*. This flaw is a negative trait or limitation that comes into effect under specific circumstances… Manage your flaw, and you’ll be able to keep yourself out of danger!
  37. Items… And stealing!
  39. Every character starts with one item. These items may be personal, OR they may be random. They may have continuous effects, or they may be one-time use. Regardless, each player may steal from another player at the end of a duel phase. Various items may be easier or harder to steal than others, and skills/abilities can affect this as well. If a player steals from someone with multiple items, one is chosen randomly for an attempt.
  40. Of course, if you don’t like stealing, you can always work out a trade… You can trade with any player you are connected with in a chat, and trades will always be processed at the end of a phase.
  41. Example Items: Captain America’s Shield, Pym particles, Mjolnir, the Time Stone, Web Bombs, etc.
  44. HP
  46. Every player has HP. Once HP hits 0, you die (probably), and the person who landed the killing blow gets your items! If multiple people kill you, items are distributed to the player with the lowest current strength rating UNLESS an ability or skill has an influence.
  48. Characters:
  49. Once you join the game, you may choose any, yes *any* Marvel character (from the films, TV, or comics) to be.
  50. Take a look at the list further on, but if you don't see your favorite, don't fret! I'll be happy to make one for you! Once signups close, there will be a chance to choose your top 3 characters (from the list or otherwise)! If the characters you want are taken, unfortunately you will have to choose someone else. A list of characters in the game will be announced once it begins.  
  51. Every character will also have a basic alignment (Hero, Villain, Neither) and type (Human, Mutant, Alien, Divine) which will also be revealed. There will be a little bit of simplification/balancing when it comes to this categorizing, so I apologize if it doesn’t fit with EXACTLY what Marvel Lore dictates. These simple character descriptions may play into some character’s skills, abilities, and flaws.
  53. Winning:
  54. As with any battle royal game, everyone fights until there are three-five of you left (depending on how many join in the first place). Those survivors win!
  56. And I would be lying if I said this game didn’t depend somewhat on how lucky you are as well~ Good luck!
  59. Example Characters: (Subject to change and each hero will be constructed as per themselves. I hope I don't dig myself a grave with this lolol. Other characters can also be variations on these if these most popular ones remain unchosen)
  62. Starlord: Hero, Human
  64. HP: 12
  65. Base Strength: 2
  66. Skill: Master Tactician: You can protect the people you are allied with, using your battle techniques and planning. At the end of every day phase, you may distribute 2 temporary strength boosts among the players you are allied with. You can’t give anything to yourself.
  67. Ability: Celestial Blood: When challenged by three or more people in the same day, your strength rating will increase by 2
  68. Flaw: Team Dependant: If you aren’t allied with at least two other players, your strength decreases by 1.
  70. Iron Man: Hero, Human
  72. HP: 11
  73. Base Strength: 4
  74. Skill: Nanotech: When you challenge or are challenged by someone, you can use your nanotechnology to heal yourself for 2HP after combat, no matter if you win or lose the challenge. However, you may only use your nanobots 3 times before you run out. If your challenge is not accepted, your nanobots won’t be used. You can’t go above your max HP.
  75. Ability: Material Wealth: You are so attached to your wealth, nothing will take it from you. If you have only one item, it cannot be stolen.
  76. Flaw: Human on the Inside: If you drop below 50% HP, your armor becomes useless and your strength goes down by 2.
  78. Captain America: Hero, Human
  80. HP: 13
  81. Strength: 3
  82. Skill: Super Soldier Defenses: You can use this during the duel phase so that in case you fail a challenge, regardless of if it was issued by or against you, to take one less damage, or 2 less damage if you were forced to accept multiple challenges (for a minimum of 1 damage). You may use this 4 times.
  83. Ability: America’s Shield: Everyone you are allied with gain a +1 boost to strength if they are challenged. This does not apply to challenges issued to you, and does not take effect on challenges your allies may issue to each other.
  84. Flaw: Rigid Beliefs: You are hesitant and unwilling to attack and kill people you have gotten to know closely. Anyone you are allied with, AND anyone who is allied with you will take 1 less damage during challenges that you make.
  86. Spider Man: Hero, Human
  88. HP: 11
  89. Strength: 3
  90. Skill: Sticky Webs: When you attempt to steal from someone, you can also web them up. They will not be able to steal anything the same phase you attempt to steal from them. You have enough webs to use this ability 3 times.
  91. Ability: Spider Senses: Using your tingly feelings, you can avoid unnecessary encounters. No matter how many people challenge you, you only ever have to accept one challenge.
  92. Flaw: With Great Power… As long as you are above 50% HP, any challenges you issue will be unable to kill.
  94. Thor: Hero, Divine
  96. HP: 12
  97. Strength: 4
  98. Skill: Call Lightning: Once during the game, you can call upon the power of lightning, damaging all non-divine characters for 1 damage.
  99. Ability: Call Bifrost: The Bifrost can help you see all. When somebody else forms an alliance with you, you will learn who else they have allied with. However, this will not be updated if they change their alliances.  
  100. Flaw: Hammer Dependency: If you lose your hammer Mjolnir, you will take a strength penalty of -1.
  101. Fixed Item: Mjolnir: When you challenge someone, you gain a strength boost of +1. This does not apply to challenges issued to you. This can only be stolen by a Hero with a higher current strength than your base strength.
  103. Ant Man
  105. Thanos: Villain, Alien
  107. HP: 12
  108. Base Strength: 5
  109. Skill: Snap: If you have all the infinity stones (Time, Space, Power, Reality, Mind, Soul), you can snap your fingers and lower everyone's HP by half of their max HP, including yours. If someone has half or less than half their max HP, they die. The stones become useless after this skill is used.
  110. Ability: The Gauntlet: Once you get your hands on an infinity stone, the gauntlet prevents them from being stolen. No exceptions.
  111. Flaw: Perfectly balanced: Your 'selflessness' stops you from harnessing the full power of the stones. You may use the stones' bonus skills/abilities, but are unable to use the strength boosts from the stones. You are also limited to using only one stone skill at a time (abilities are nevertheless always active).
  113. Doctor Strange: Hero, Human
  115. HP: 10
  116. Base Strength: 3
  117. Skill: Mirror Dimension: If you challenge someone and it is a one on one fight, you can banish them to the mirror dimension for your fight. If you do this, you gain a +1 bonus to strength and a subsequent +1 damage dealt to the opponent if you succeed your challenge. You can use this skill 3 times.
  118. Ability: Master of the Mystic Arts: If stealing a certain item requires comparing strength, your challenge rating gains a +1 boost for that purpose. This activates on your stealing actions, but does not activate if others try stealing from you.
  119. Flaw: Protector of the Eye: You are bound to the time stone as much as it is bound to you. If the stone leaves your possession, you take one damage each duel phase until/if you get it back. You cannot die from this.
  120. Fixed Item: The Time Stone. This stone increases your strength by 1, and can only be stolen by someone with a higher BASE strength than you. The stone gives you an additional skill: Rewind and Repeat. Using the Time Stone during the day, you may repeat a challenge at night (essentially challenging the same person twice in a row). If your challenge is accepted, the fight will happen twice, although the repeat challenge will NOT gain the benefits of any skills you may use. This also means if you lose the challenge, you take damage twice.
  122. Mysterio: Villain, Human
  124. HP: 11
  125. Base Strength: 2
  126. Skill: In a Puff of Smoke: If you are challenged, you may disappear and avoid any and all challenges during that duel phase. You may also use this skill to protect someone you are allied with from all challenges during night. You have enough smoke for 4 uses.
  127. Ability: Master Illusionist: If anyone investigates your strength, base or current, they will see your strength value as 5.
  128. Flaw: Punching Bag: Because you appear so much stronger than you actually are, if you are attacked, people will come at you with all they got. You take one extra damage than usual if you are challenged by anyone who is not a villain. This does not apply for challenges which you issue.  
  130. Wolverine: Hero, Mutant
  132. HP: 13
  133. Strength: 4
  134. Skill: Adamantium Claws: You can use your Adamantium claws during duel phase to slash through enemies… And through people who steal from you. Anyone who steals from you when you use this skill will take 1 damage. You may only use this skill every other day.
  135. Ability: Super Healing: At the beginning of every day, if you haven’t been in any duels, you will recover 2 HP. You can’t go above max HP.
  136. Flaw: Adamantium Poison: The metal in your bones is strong… But it’s also taxing. Adamantium poisoning will set in starting the eighth day, weakening your strength by 1.
  138. Professor Xavier: Hero, Mutant.
  140. HP: 12
  141. Base Strength: 2
  142. Skill: Cerebro: In addition to any challenges you may issue, You can use Cerebro at the end of a day to look into a player. This will tell you their character, and the players (not characters) they are allied with as of the end of that day.
  143. Ability: Mind Trap: Anyone who successfully damages you during the duel phase will feel the full wrath of your mental abilities. They will have their strength decreased by 1 until the end of the next duel phase.
  144. Flaw: Mutant Leader: As the leader of the mutant school, you find it wrong fighting other mutants with the same goal as you. You, and the people you are allied with, will do one less damage against good mutants, to a minimum of 0.
  146. Ghost Rider: Neither, Divine
  148. HP: 11
  149. Base Strength: 4
  150. Skill: Ethereal Chains: During Day, you can summon your mystical chains and tie someone up. This will prevent them from stealing anything during the duel phase. However, this does not prevent trades.
  151. Ability: Burning the Soul: When you issue challenges, you ignore any modifiers to your opponent’s strength, only targeting base strength. This does not apply to challenges issued to you.
  152. Flaw: Celestial Weakness: When in combat with another divine being, your strength decreases by 1.
  154. Bruce Banner/Hulk: Hero, Enhanced
  156. HP: 11
  157. Base Strength: 2
  158. Skill: Banner ANALYZE: Using your Doctor Banner smarts, you can analyze someone during day phases, learning their current strength as of the end of the day phase.
  159. Ability: Hulk SMASH: If you issue a challenge at day, you transform into the Hulk gaining a +2 strength boost to both your issued challenges and challenges that are issued to you for the duel phase.
  160. Flaw: Hulk ANGRY: If you are challenged by four or more people in one day, you lose control of your emotions, and everyone you are allied with take 1 damage from your rampage.
  162. Deadpool: Neither, Mutant
  164. HP: 12
  165. Base Strength: 3
  166. Skill: The Fourth Wall? What’s that?: Once a day, you may make a public announcement if you so choose. Alongside this, you can choose a character, and their skill and ability will be publicly revealed
  167. Ability: Yes, I’m Immortal: Once your HP reaches 0… You don’t die! However, your strength decreases by one, and you cannot win as part of the top 3 as long as you remain at 0 HP or lower (yes, your HP can be negative).
  168. Flaw: What flaw? I have no flaw! Let me just… hit backspace on this flaw.
  170. Nick Fury: Hero, Human
  172. HP: 11
  173. Strength: 3
  174. Skill: Active Dossier: Every day phase, you may choose a character and receive information on their skill, ability, and flaw. You will not receive any information about HP, strength, items, or the character’s identity.
  175. Ability: Eyes Everywhere: You have eyes and ears everywhere. Any alliance you create, you will learn what people they have created alliances with as well.
  176. Flaw: Paranoid: It is very hard for you trust anybody completely. As such, you are restricted to 2 created alliances instead of 3.
  178. Black Widow: Hero, Human
  180. HP: 10
  181. Strength: 3
  182. Skill: Assassination: If you know someone’s connection with someone else, you can attempt to sever their alliance during the duel phase. Whoever created that alliance cannot create the same alliance again for two cycles (ex. If you sever a connection on duel phase 3, the connection cannot be recreated from the creating side until day 6). If you attempt to sever a non-existent connection, your identity will be publicly revealed.  
  183. Ability: Martial Artist: Knowing pressure points and weak spots, you gain an extra +1 strength in fights against human enemies, no matter if the challenge was issued to or against you.
  184. Flaw: Red Ledger: You’re trying to atone for your mistakes of the past. When in combat against another Hero, if you are about to deal the killing blow, you will deal one less damage than usual, to a minimum of one (It is still possible to kill someone like this however).
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