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Babbeh - The Enfening

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  1. FoxHoarder, November 27, 2015; 10:17 / FB 34711
  2. =======================================================================================================================================
  3. A piece of content speaks louder than a thousand arguments, so here's something far from my usual comfort zone:
  7. >You are Pumpkin, an orange pegasus stallion with green mane and tail.
  8. >You live in a pretty house with daddy and mummah humans, and best of all, a pretty fluffy mummah named Rose and her babbehs.
  9. >The babbehs don't have names yet, but daddy says he'll give them names when he gets an inspiration.
  10. >You hope daddy gets his inspiration soon. Babbehs are already talky babbehs and calling them all babbeh can get confusing sometimes.
  12. >Before Rose made babbehs, you got to give her special huggies.
  13. >It was the bestest feel ever!
  14. >Daddy said that it was okay that one time, but that you should not give Rose any more special huggies unless he says so.
  15. >You promised you would't do it, because you're a good fluffy.
  16. >You also watch FluffyTV, so you know that fluffies that give special huggies without their daddies permission can lose their no-noes forever!
  18. >You are currently playing with the babies while Rose is sleeping on the fluffy bed.
  19. >The babies are too little to play with blockies yet, but you're a big fluffy so you stack them on top of each other while the babies cheer you on.
  20. >You're so proud of yourself!
  21. >The babies also love huggy-tag, because everyone loves huggies!
  22. >You just caught the red babbeh and are giving him the bestest huggies ever!
  23. >The babbeh giggles happily and you hold him tight, happily giggling yourself.
  24. >The babbehs fluff feels so warm and good!
  25. >You look at Rose sleeping in the fluffy bed.
  26. >She has red fluff, just like the babbeh.
  27. >And giving special huggies to her was the best thing you've ever felt!
  29. >Suddenly you realize that your peepee-place is poking out.
  30. >You're still hugging the babbeh, and your peepee is rubbing against his fluff.
  31. >It feels so good... You REALLY wish you could be giving special huggies to Rose right now.
  32. >But daddy said that you shouldn't give her special huggies.
  33. >But... the babbeh! The babbeh is hugging you right now, and he's rubbing against your no-no place even as you're thinking!
  34. >Special huggies are not for babbehs, but... maybe if you gave just the littlest special huggies it won't be so bad...
  36. >"Babbeh wan pway new game?" you ask.
  37. >"New game? Babbeh wuv pway!" the baby chirps back.
  38. >You're happy the babbeh is so happy! You gently lower him on the floor and use your hooves to turn his rear end toward you.
  39. >"Wat game? How pway?" the baby asks as you maneuver your body above his.
  40. >"Game am..." you stop. You can't say its special huggies. Special huggies are bad for babbehs!
  41. >You think hard, until the idea comes to you: "Game am... enfie babbeh!" you say proudly. "Babbeh am enfie babbeh... and... Pumpkin giv babbeh enfies!"
  42. >Your peepee-place pokes against the babbehs poopie-place and the babbeh looks back with a surprised expression.
  43. >"Wat dat..." the babbeh wonders, but your forelegs around him keep him from turning around.
  44. >You shuffle to hold him tighter, and your peepee-place touches his poopie-place again.
  45. >"Nu touch poopie pwace!" the increasingly distressed babbeh says. "Poopie pwace nu fow touchies!"
  46. >The babbeh squirms around, but you have a good grip on his body and press your peepee-place against his poopy-place one more time.
  47. >"Ee... Enf!" you say as your no-no goes in. It feels so good!
  48. >The babbeh screams and tries to wiggle away. You feel sorry for him, but this will only take a little while and then you'll make up for it with good huggies!
  49. >"Enf! Enf! Enf!" you continue thrusting.
  50. >"Nuu! Nu huwt babbehs poopie pwace!" the babbeh cries
  51. >The other babbehs are also screaming in fear and begging you to stop, but you need just a little more time until the good feel!
  52. >"Enf enf enf..." You're so close!
  53. >"Enf enf- EEEE!"
  54. >You tumble over as Rose collides into your side! She looks angry and scary!
  55. >"Meanie Pumpkin nu huwt babbeh!" she says, puffing her cheeks at you. You're still disoriented from the surprise and take a while to gather your bearings.
  56. >"Pumpkin nu huwt babbeh!" you say in your defense. "Pumpkin just wan..."
  57. >You look at what you've done. The babbeh is hugging Rose, with a puddle of poopies and booboo-juice where you gave him special huggies. You DID hurt a babbeh, and maybe even broke his poopie-place!
  58. >Saddie wawas start welling in your eyes. You feel like the worstest fluffy ever!
  59. >"Huu huu! Pumpkin sowwy!" you say as the horror of your deed comes through and you burst into tears. Pumpkin helps the crying babbeh onto her back before walking to the bed and leaving you alone in the middle of the room.
  61. >You cry while your peepee-place goes soft and disappears into your fluff.
  62. >You didn't even get the good feel. You just got the worstest heart-hurties and now even your no-noes don't love you anymore.
  63. >You hear Rose comfort the babbeh and give it huggies. You wish you could give the babbeh good huggies to make the hurties go away, but when you look at the bed you see Rose giving you the angriest look you've ever seen so you just lay still and cry alone.
  64. >You're still crying while the human mummah comes in to see what's going on. Rose quickly runs up to her and tells that you gave bad special huggies to a baby, and mummah gets angry too.
  65. >You burst into even more tears when their anger reminds you of how mean you are, and then you cry even more when mummah grabs you by the tail and violently carries you out of the room.
  66. >It hurts, but not as bad as the heart-hurties. You deserve this for being the worst fluffy.
  68. >Mummah throws you on a table and starts hitting you all over with the sorry stick while yelling many angry meanie words.
  69. >You are already crying as much as you can, and the sorry stick just reminds your body of how much you already hurt inside.
  70. >She pins you on your back and hits you in the no-noes many times until they too have as much hurties as possible, then throws you on your belly and keeps hitting you everywhere.
  71. >Then she throws you on your back again and hits your no-noes even more over and over again, but all you can do is cry. You deserve the worstest hurties.
  72. >Eventually your mummah gets tired and throws you into the sorry box.
  73. >Then she throws the sorry box in the bathroom and puts out the lights so you are alone in the dark.
  74. >You are still crying, and wait for whatever monsters live in the dark to come give you forever-sleepies.
  76. >You stay there forever, but instead of monsters, your daddy opens the door and comes in!
  77. >You tell him that you're sorry, and he says that you should be.
  78. >Mummah told him what you had done, and now he's going to take you to the vet, who will take away your no-noes.
  79. >You say it's okay. Your no-noes made you a bad fluffy and you don't want them anymore.
  80. >He grunts in agreement and carries your sorry-box into the vroom-vroom box.
  82. >The way to the vet is a long, silent trip.
  83. >You keep sobbing, while daddy doesn't say anything.
  84. >Eventually the vroom-vroom box stops, but daddy is still sitting still and looking straight forward.
  85. >Confused, you slowly stop crying and look at him.
  86. >Everything is completely silent.
  87. >Your daddy sighs heavily and starts to speak.
  88. >"Pumpkin... what you did to that baby was unforgivable."
  89. >You start crying again, the harsh words bringing the guilt back at full force.
  90. >Daddy stares at you with a grim expression.
  91. >"There are people who would do much more than just cut your balls off."
  92. >You cry.
  93. >"Hell, most would consider death to be letting you off easy."
  94. >You keep crying. Daddy is completely right right.
  95. >Daddy sighs again, and there's a long silence before he speaks.
  96. >"However... For the most part you've been the best fluffy I've ever had, and I really wouldn't want to pay for the castration."
  97. >You're confused again. Daddy reaches into the sorry box and lifts you up to his eyes.
  98. >"So... how about I let you keep your balls, but if this EVER happens again..."
  99. >He squeezes hard, pushing the air out of your lungs.
  100. >"...I'll rip your balls of myself and beat you to death with your own legs!" he says. You stare at his angry face, unable to make a sound, until he tosses you back into the sorry box.
  102. >It's another silent trip home.
  103. >When you get back, mommy and daddy get into an argument about you and throw you back into the dark bathroom.
  104. >You hear them arguing in the other room, which makes you feel even worse.
  105. >This is all your fault. You have ruined everything.
  106. >Eventually both mommy and daddy open the door, slightly calmer this time.
  107. >They tell you that you're not going to see the babbehs until they're grown up, because you are a bad fluffy who cannot be trusted around them.
  108. >You're sad, but you have accepted your fate long ago. You only wish you could tell them how sorry you are, but you know not to argue with mommy and daddy.
  110. >From that day on, you have lived mostly in the bathroom, with your own litterbox and a bowl of kibble.
  111. >Mommy and daddy have been slowly forgiving you. At first they only let you out because they needed to use the bathroom, but for constant good behavior you've been allowed to play in the livingroom.
  112. >Eventually, one day mommy and daddy tell you that you get to see Rose and her babbehs again.
  113. >You're happy, but also worried because you remember what you did the last time you saw them. Would they still consider you a monster?
  114. >Daddy carries you to the saferoom, where the other fluffies are already playing.
  115. >The babbehs are almost as big as Rose, and daddy says they even got names now!
  116. >Daddy sets you down and you start walking towards the fluffies, when suddenly the red babbeh stops playing and suddenly rushes to the litterbox.
  117. >"Poopies! Boww need make poopies!" he yells. Other fluffies leap out of his way as he rushes to the litterbox and drops a tiny little poopie.
  118. >Your heart hurties return as you realize that he's not doing big poopies like a big fluffy should, and its all your fault. Your ears droop down and you continue towards Rose and the other babbehs.
  119. When the other fluffies notice you, they immediately stop playing and gather together behind Rose, all eyes on you.
  120. >Rose takes the first step towards you.
  121. >"Pumpkin good fwuffy?" she asks. "Y--yus." you answer, not really sure if you are.
  122. >The cluster of fluffies behind Rose starts to disperse a little.
  123. >"Nu giv bad huggies fow babbehs?" she continues. "Nu... Pumpkin neva again giv huwties fow babbehs!" you say more confidently. You'll never ever EVER do that again!
  124. >She walks closer to you and hugs you. It's so long since you've hugged another fluffy... but... her fluff reminds you of the red babbeh! Tears well in your eyes, and her hugging you only makes you remember your worst deed more clearly. What can help when the huggies themselves give saddies?
  125. >You look to your side and see that Boll has come back from the litterbox. As his eyes meet yours, he screams in terror and runs back to the litterbox.
  126. >"Nuu! Nu bad huggies!" he shouts from the litterbox, rushing back and forth in the litter without actually coming out of the box. This is a good thing, since droplets of poop keep falling from his broken poopy-place.
  127. >The overwhelming sense of guilt makes you burst into tears and you release your hug on Rose to throw yourself on the floor.
  128. >She comes over to hug you, shortly followed by the other fluffies. It isn't helping.
  129. >They keep hugging you for a long while, but finally one by one they return to playing like before.
  130. >Even Boll dares to come out from the litterbox, although he keeps getting scared every time he notices you looking at him.
  131. >You feel bad every time that happens.
  132. >You feel even worse every time he interrupts what he's doing to run back to the litterbox.
  134. >It has been forever since you returned to the saferoom, and all the fluffies have grown into big fluffies.
  135. >They're no longer afraid of you. Even Boll treats you like all the other fluffy friends.
  136. >You, on the other hand, live in constant fear.
  137. >Many of the mares are very pretty, and you remember the last time your lust for special huggies nearly ruined everything forever.
  138. >You avoid all huggies for the fear that they might lead into special huggies.
  139. >You don't dare sleep in the fluffpile for the fear that your peepee-place goes into a poopy-place while you're sleeping.
  140. >You live in a house full of fluffies, yet you feel like the loneliest fluffy in the world.
  141. >You wish the vet had taken your no-noes.
  143. The End
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