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  2. LegendRazgriz - Yesterday at 10:12 PM
  3. ?
  4. Salty Tofu - Yesterday at 10:12 PM
  5. You've been given a 2 week temp ban for basically harassing Layley.
  6. LegendRazgriz - Yesterday at 10:13 PM
  7. what?
  8. when did I do that?
  9. oh
  10. I see...
  11. god I'm an idiot
  12. can I
  13. apologize?
  14. Salty Tofu - Yesterday at 10:15 PM
  15. Apologize, make things right and I'll shorten it to a week. But, I seriously think a short ban would be good for your health
  16. Just from what you were describing in #serious you might want to take a short break
  17. LegendRazgriz - Yesterday at 10:15 PM
  18. can I talk to her?
  19. can you mediate it
  20. Salty Tofu - Yesterday at 10:15 PM
  21. Can't just dm her?
  22. LegendRazgriz - Yesterday at 10:15 PM
  23. don't think she would answer
  24. I'm asking you to help me.
  25. my heart just stopped
  26. Salty Tofu - Yesterday at 10:16 PM
  27. I'll dm her, don't worry about it. Though I believe she's out and about
  28. Because I had DMed her earlier
  29. LegendRazgriz - Yesterday at 10:16 PM
  30. all of that was completely unintentional
  31. seriously, I didn't mean any of that
  32. god damn me
  33. I can't... put tone through text
  34. what I mean and what people understand are two different things
  35. also, don't comment it with anyone on the server, please
  36. it's...
  37. all I ask
  38. if you haven't done that already
  39. Salty Tofu - Yesterday at 10:21 PM
  40. I haven't DMed anyone about yet. Though I feel like I basically need to spell it out - Layley doesn't like you romantically. Stop pushing that
  41. LegendRazgriz - Yesterday at 10:21 PM
  42. I'm well aware
  43. I say those stuff as jokes
  44. or as a way to lift her up when she's feeling down, nothing beyond that
  45. I don't like her romantically either.
  46. I can't - my consciousness doesn't let me. She hurt me before, and that stays there.
  47. I promised myself I wouldn't, and to a certain extent I didn't.
  48. again, it's because I'm an idiot, and can't put tone through text.
  49. Salty Tofu - Yesterday at 10:25 PM
  50. "I don't like her romantically either" :thinking:
  51. LegendRazgriz - Yesterday at 10:25 PM
  52. I honest to god don't
  53. dude I swear on my life
  54. Salty Tofu - Yesterday at 10:26 PM
  55. Alright, if you say so.
  56. LegendRazgriz - Yesterday at 10:26 PM
  57. I acted like that with some of the girl friends I had irl
  58. though they understood I meant it as a joke
  59. but then again, tone through text.
  60. I don't have much to say for myself.
  61. Other than I didn't mean it, and I apologize.
  62. Salty Tofu - Yesterday at 10:29 PM
  63. Ok, if you say so. While I'm an admin, I still don't want to involve myself too deeply in this drama so where you go from here is your decision.
  64. LegendRazgriz - Yesterday at 10:29 PM
  65. I feel like my image is tarnished now forever
  66. I like the place and want to come back, but will I be accepted back?
  67. Salty Tofu - Yesterday at 10:30 PM
  68. You probably will be
  69. LegendRazgriz - Yesterday at 10:30 PM
  70. I don't think so.
  71. Salty Tofu - Yesterday at 10:30 PM
  72. Most people don't know about the drama or don't care
  73. LegendRazgriz - Yesterday at 10:30 PM
  74. If anything it fuels the fire of people who don't like me
  75. Salty Tofu - Yesterday at 10:30 PM
  76. So you'll be fine
  77. LegendRazgriz - Yesterday at 10:30 PM
  78. "proves their point"
  79. I've asked this so many times...
  80. in every person I talk to, I ask:
  81. "if I'm doing something that makes you uncomfortable, say it to my face."
  82. I think only Lispy has ever done that.
  83. And, hey...
  84. Thanks.
  85. Most other admins would have just blown me up without a warning.
  86. I trust you, dude. You're a good friend, if I may as well say.
  87. Salty Tofu - Yesterday at 10:47 PM
  88. It's fine. Just understand that the tolerances will be less thin next time.(edited)
  89. LegendRazgriz - Yesterday at 10:47 PM
  90. There won't be a next time.
  91. I'll either be dead or not do it.
  92. October 12, 2017
  93. LegendRazgriz - Today at 1:57 PM
  94. I heard there were arguments regarding what happened(edited)
  95. I wish it wasn't like that and people understood that it was for my own good, as well - I'm going through hard times irl, too, and that's played a big factor.
  96. Salty Tofu - Today at 2:11 PM
  97. More or less people wondering what was going on.
  98. LegendRazgriz - Today at 2:12 PM
  99. If anyone asks, just say I needed it
  100. Still having it pretty rough, I have an appointment tomorrow with a psychiatrist and that's gonna help a bit, I hope
  101. Salty Tofu - Today at 2:13 PM
  102. It will
  103. LegendRazgriz - Today at 2:13 PM
  104. 's been a terrible week, in all honesty
  105. mom was in the hospital for two days, then grandma almost loses it when she finds out, and that all piled on yesterday night
  106. Salty Tofu - Today at 2:14 PM
  107. Sorry to hear that's happening
  108. LegendRazgriz - Today at 2:15 PM
  109. and now this
  110. Thanks for the concern
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