Living Under The Moon Chapter 6 (84-100))

May 8th, 2013
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  1. FUCK!
  3. "Oh!" You exclaim "I didn't recognize you with out your mask and cloak of evil" You explain, "Also, you not strangling me helps."
  5. She smirks a bit at you as you say that " How was your nap?"
  7. "Could have been better since it lasted all of one hour or something" You tell her, doing your best at ignoring the fact that a complete psycho cult member is talking to you. "What are you doing here?"
  9. "Well, You'll be happy to know that I've been demoted, I've been given trhe oh so lovely title of Messenger" She says a hint of contempt in her voice.
  11. "I suppose I should be sorry about that."
  13. "You're probably not" she say frowning, almost bordering into scowling.
  15. "I suspect you have a message for me?" You ask
  17. "I do, just a simple 'look out for us at the Galla" She says
  19. "That's a bit counter productive telling us your plans, isn't it?" You're still keeping calm. The fact that you're managing to keep control of your mood is astounding.
  21. "Is it really counter productive when it causes paranoia?"
  23. "Well...You have me there" You tell her truthfully, "But that doesn't exactly work when it's just me who's getting the message."
  25. She give out a good chuckle."Oh but that's the fun part, me and about eight other messengers have been disoatched to deliver the message to you, The Princesses and all your little ponyville friends.
  27. "And you specifically requested me didn't you?"
  29. "Read me like a book" she smiles.
  31. The very next moment, shes suddenly on you, pushing you against the wall, her eyes looking straight into yours "Also I can get repromoted to my old position" she said with a dark tone in her voice "and I have to take evidence with me though for when I kil you," You can feel how she's looking straight into you, practically seeing your soul as you see...nothing...or something. The calm you'd managed to keep before now ran away and your struggling a bit to get out of her grip as she suddenly pulls you back and slams your head against the wall, a white flash of impact as you feel the conccusion hit you,
  33. You feel your vision blur before focusing again as you feel her hooves pressing down intoyour throat.
  35. Not this shit again!
  37. You suddenly with out thinking grab her by the side of her muzzle, pulling her towards you, another white flash blinds you as your foreheads meet in a painful collision.
  39. "Fucking bitch!" You manage to mumble as you stumble to the side, seeing her nearly mirror your motions as the headbutt did as you'd hoped.
  41. You use your wings to propel you off the ground as you spear her side knocking her back several feet as you land above her. She lets out a loud grunt "And I thought you were supposed to tak eme on a date before trying to mount me" she chuckles.
  45. You flail back on your hind legs for a moment as she suddenly tackles you right back, her hoof punching into your face with a 'SMACK!' a second, a third, each one pounding a bright white into your vision.
  47. This is it isn't it?
  49. You're gonna die and go to heaven or hell with a flattened face and a crater in your gonads.
  51. This could have went better.
  53. Your feel blood start to leak from your face as a suddenly pink flash fills one side of your vision.
  55. Another huge thwack echoes in your ears.
  57. But you didn't feel it.
  59. Suddenly you don't feel Ivory's weight on top of you any more.
  61. You slowly push yourself up on your haunches
  63. "Stay away from him you jerk!" Trixie's screaming as she pulls her up and slams her against the wall of the boutique with her magic, the dull white pony loosing conciousness almost instantly. the magic releasing her as she slumps down to the ground.
  65. ...."Holy moly" You say wide eyed
  67. "You alright dear?" YOu hear Rarity call out to you as she drags another unconcious pony, a blue stallion with a globe cutie mark.
  69. "Yeah I think so" you look to her and smile a bit "Just sort of messy looking." You chuckle
  71. "Well, nothing a good trip to the spa won't help" She says casually,
  73. "If it's all the same, Rarity" Trixie interjects as she drags Ivory towards the both of you "We'd probably be best to take these two to the princesses," she gestures down to the both of them "and get this guys face treated"
  75. "Would be a shame for such a handsome face to be left marred by such a-"she paused "harsh pony" she said "Though before you both leave I just HAVE to ask, you're a lot different than I recall you being Trixie, how did you change?"
  77. "Well, I do suppose Trixie is naturally Arrogant, however much of it is associated with the craft" she explains "of course...Luna sort of...put some some sense into me" she says rubbing her forehead slightly"
  79. "Ah, well, I should have suspected, I'd never expected anyone to be that naturally arrogant" Rarity admits.
  81. You sort of stare at the both of them "Alright, So, should we get these two to the castle or?" You dragged off
  83. "Oh yes, yes please do " Rarity told the both of you "I believe I have enough measurements for your dress Trixie"
  85. You both nod, Trixie tilts her head back and forth just a little as she pulls the two Son's of Discord together as she gestures for you to stand next to her "NEver done more than two people" she said "MAybe we'll get lucky and land right where we need"
  87. You see Rarity civer her mouth to stifle a laugh "HAve a good day, Anon" is the last thing you hear before the flickering pink swoops over your vision, that tickling feeling of electricity jolting through your fur again.
  89. And then the next instant you hear Luna go; "Didn't I ask you both to keep out of trouble?"
  91. "Heh, would you accept that trouble found us?" You ask her as you stumble just a little from the teleportation induced dizziness.
  93. "These two miscreants attacked us" Trixie added "The white one nearly killed him" She stated as Luna approached you both
  95. Celestia walks foreward "I'll have the guards take them to a holding cell," She said two Royal guards approached graabbing each one " We'll see to it they tell us everything important. "
  97. You can see Luna roll her eyes a bit as Celestia walks away following her Guards.
  99. There's a long silence as you hear the door shut leaving the three of you in the royal hall alone.
  101. "And there went any chance of handling this all with out here nose in it" Luna sighs.
  103. "Pardon?" Trixie asks before you get the chance.
  105. Luna shakes her head "She's just been generally a pain in my flank since I returned to her side" she explained "I've done next to nothing since the fall of Nightmare Moon, and on top of that" her voice seems to steadily get louder "She insisted I sleep during MY OWN NIECES WEDDING!" her voice borderlines on reaching Canterlot voice volume as you both noticably wince. She stops a moment "I slept through an entire attack on the kingdom, and she doesn't even act like it was a big deal 'Oh Twilight and her brother took care of it' Just.."
  107. "Ahem?" Suddenly the voice of Shining armour comes from the door "I'm not interupting am I?" he asks a bit nervous.
  109. "Oh hello shining" Luna stops midsentence "I see you have returned from the crystal kingdom.
  111. Crystal kingdom....oh shit, has season 3 started?
  113. You think you may have just branched this reality.
  115. "Yes, everything went alright." He said walking in "Have I missed anything while I was gone?"
  117. "Anon almost died again" Trixie said instantly
  119. "Hey!" you yelp a bit "all I got was some bruising and a black eye"
  121. "You're still covered in blood" Trixie retorts
  123. "Well if I could only get to a medi-"
  125. "Anon, is in need of some proper combat training, if you would be so kind Shining I would appreciate it if during your training session you took him to the Dojo."
  127. You let out a grumble as Shining replies "Of course, I'm sure he's softened up a bit in the past two days I've been gone."
  129. "I wouldn't consider a Nuckelavee tenderizer" Trixie commented "Though the pounding of a mares hoof to his face would count."
  131. --
  133. Two hours pass, one hour to get you fitted and properly geared up in a gi, a second hour for Shining to "Make a special arrangement." as he called it.
  135. Which left you to do laps and to stretch while he was doing that.
  137. At the two hour mark he arrived in his own gi, sporting a blue belt "Alright, So as a basic. Most combat between ponies and stallions involve putting all your weight into moves, " he began his explanation "However due to the physiological differences to a unicorn, earth pony and pegasi, you got pegged with the lightest build of the varying races"
  139. You nod in response
  141. "So you're going to be using a different fighting style, You're going to be more deffensivee in fights, along with the standard punches, bucks and charges you'll utilize avoidance manuevers, dodges, ways to redirect the oppnents moves to use their weight against them"
  143. Again you nod at this, it never actually registered in your mind how light compared to most you'd be since you were a stallion. You weren't necesarrily fit as a human but you got by. Now you're wrapping your head around the fact that you're probably no heavier than a female unicorn at best.
  145. "So you'll be fighting a different style as opposed to every other type of pony, you understand Anon?" he asks you
  147. "Alright" you nod, you're honestly getting a sense of Deja vu from when you took karate in middle school.
  149. "So let's begin." he spoke as he started to guide you through the basics, ducks, bucking kicks against dummies, You discovered you seem to have an affinity for head butting while doing reflex tests against sudden attacks. each successful accomplishment of one move a triumph in itself as you spent multiple hours to get everything right. Though you felt that groan when Shining said this would be a part of your training cycle for the week.
  151. And then he stopped you as a guard in armor approached "Sir, your arranged guest has arrived."
  153. "Bring him in" Shining tells the officer
  155. You tilt your head a bit "Uh, so who am I meeting now?"
  157. The answer to your question arrives as a pale blue pegasus walks through the door "I could only manage to just clear two hours, I got an appearance with spitfire at Las Pegasus today"
  159. Holy balls, it Soarin!
  161. "Well anytime at all is always great, glad to see you again buddy" Shining and Soarin greet eachother, bumping hooves,
  163. "So what do you have for me today?"
  165. "Soarin, this is Anon, he's our project for a few months."
  167. Soarin pulls off his sunglasses to give you a quick once over "Well, ain't that a sight, Don't see to many bat pegasi."
  169. "Yeah he's one of Luna's, her personal assistant and body guard"
  171. You try to keep from blushing at all the attention, "It's not that big of a deal you know"
  173. "So, what's his deal, he looks like a fine guard for his stature, side from the slight black eye he's got going"
  175. "Well, he lacks combat training, and I figure who else to give him the full on pegasus program than the best pegasi we had in the guard"
  177. He stares at Shining for what serems like forever as you watch him register that you lack any decent combat training "You're joking right?" he gives a look that reminds you of costanza "I hope you aren't serious"
  179. "I'm serious" Shining rolls his eyes at him.
  181. "How does he become the body guard to the princess with out even basic combat training?"
  183. "Well, Celestia's a bit tight lipped on that, and all Luna says is he's not from around here at all"
  185. YOu're awkwardly swinging your right hoof as you wait on them to stop talking.
  187. "I...You've-"
  189. "Yes I've taught him the basic defense maneuvers, but you know how I am about trying to train ponies that aren;t my race"
  191. "Yeah, yeah, yeah" he rolls his eyes in return from earlier. "Sometimes I wonder how we got to be friends."
  193. "Heh, I'll remember that next time we're fighting centaurs"
  195. he snorted "okay, let me go get dressed so I can give this guy his training." he says as before soon jumping up to fly to the fitting room.
  197. Moments later Soarin returned, looking top notch in an orange belt with the white gi.
  199. "So step aside horn boy" he chuckled as he walked forward onto matted area "Time to get a good look at you" he says leaning in looking up and down at you more "On second thought, he reminds me of how I started out" he suddenly hopes up with assistance from his wings smacking you hard in the face with his front hooves."
  201. "Augh! fuckin' hell!" You grab your nose a bit as you groan in pain
  203. "Enemies don't gove you the heads up by the way" You see him smirk as you regain a better stance
  205. "Ooh, quoting General Crash" you hear Shining Armor say, the smile very noticable in his voice.
  207. "Thunder Crash was one of the better trainers I worked with" Soarin says as you try to keep an eye on his as he suddenly smacks you in the side of the head "You're too obvious on your attempt to predict my moves" he tells you. "Reflexes are a Pegasi's best friend" he suddenly kicks you in the side knocking you to the side.
  209. You're suddenly hit in the lower hip as you suddenly trips you over, you landing on your side "God SHIT!" you curse aloud even though theey won't understand it. You get up slowly
  211. "As I said Pegasi's reflexes are your best friend, use them to your advantage and you can't lose" he smiles "However trying to control them is less something to do. than actually letting them do the work"
  213. "Easy for you to say, you're not being at-" you just fucking blocked his round house kick. "Oh... well fuck."
  215. "Don't think, just do, now spar!" uddenly he spins kicking you in the chin sending you flipping backwards because of the wings he had put into the kick as well. "Slow don't forget you're wings" he saod hvering a foot of the air "the general pegasi honour system means you they won't trget them." he said as he suddenly dropped down in an attempt to kick you as you rolled back with out thinking to avoid it. Springing up with a wing boosted punch,
  217. A punch that he grabbed "Good first move,"
  219. You immediatly pull forward a loud thunk as your head smacks right into him as you push off with your back legs flying until you arrive at the back wall bouncing off of it with force you can tell he's still stuned from the unexpected interuption of his speech
  221. You're to smart to let him talk so he can get you off guard
  223. You learn from cliche.
  225. YOu're firing foreward in a kick, he catches you're hoof asn turns one-eighty flinging youusing your force against you as you slam into the wall he. you blink half a second and see him flying to punch you as you roll down the wall to dodge hearing him collide with the hardwood wall.
  227. You're wings are flapping full speed as you run down the wall on your hind legs for just a few seconds,
  229. Soarin jumps down landing and waiting for you.
  231. A seconds reaction as you jump to land beside him, jump, spin kick and you watch him go stumbling back to land on all fours.
  233. "Well, how about that."
  235. You're literally thinking that right now.
  237. a couple more hours of training occured until it was time for Soarin to leave.
  239. You felt pretty damn confidant about everything you learned
  241. "Just be sure to practice when you can" Soarin instructs you before slipping on his sunglasses. "See you later sport-o" he says before turning and leaving the castle.
  243. As he's leaving Luna and Trixie enter the room
  245. "Well we have some good news" Trixe starts
  247. You and Shining look to them both "What's the news?" You ask
  249. "My sister has allowed you and Trixie time too interrogate the two members of Discord's cult"
  251. Perfect!" you exlcaim with much excitement ready to flex your mucles of manipulation.
  253. "What's the bad news?" Shining asked
  255. "The amount of time you each receive will be at her discression.""
  257. "Of course." Trixie says "Princess forbid the other half of the supposed Duarchy actually try to actually do anything"
  259. "Hush," Luna silenced her "We will each be interogating the member that assaulted us. Can I trust you to be able to handle Miss Shines?"
  261. "Miss Shines?"
  263. "I believe you know her as Ivory, we've put her in a series of bindings due to her attempt at hypnotically manipulating our soldiers."
  265. "I think I can take care of her" You say assuringly.
  267. "And Trixie can't wait to show Globe Butt a piece of her own mind." Trxie giggles in a maniacal tone
  269. Cue willies.
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