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  1. okay so its kind of a long story and im stupid as we've established
  2. tldr
  3. sinclair & i have planned to leave the club since the first non-city stuff started
  4. we assumed it would be the military throwing us out, but that didnt happen, so we became sort of unwilling leaders of this new safehaven/camp of people in the building
  5. except, 1) everybody is burnt out from rping in the club bc its in the back corner of the map and theres 0 rp to do except passive over and over
  6. 2) we want to migrate our group closer to the main rp hubs instead of, as said, the back corner of the map
  7. the issue is that ICly, we have 0 reason to leave without breaking character HARD
  8. we discussed this w/ one staff member & came up with the idea of a big fire, and i have a build nearly completely ready that blocks off the 2nd/3rd floors but still lets people utilize the first floor
  9. however
  10. we got shot down by a few other admins bc 'the idea of the club being a complete lose to them doesnt sit right because they dont want to close off such a decent section of the map.'
  11. which i understand to a point of course
  12. but the fact of the matter is that 1) we are no longer a roleplay hub, we rarely have more than 6 people on at a time and theyre all just club OGs anyways
  13. 2) i dont understand how they can say its a 'decent section' of the map when there would still be a sizeable amount of space to rp in, plus all of the surroundings alleyways
  15. [8:10 PM]
  16. DiBen:
  17.     I agree with you there
  19. [8:10 PM]
  20. cambry:
  21.     2A) they've had the bank closed since the rp opened so im double annoyed by that
  23. [8:10 PM]
  24. DiBen:
  25.     yeah idk what was going on with the bank
  26.     i apologize i havent been on the server too much the last week or so as my wifes been having some health issues so i haven't exactly been paying much attention
  27.     but i do agree with them with not wanting to shut off the club
  28.     theres gotta be another IC way you can go about this
  30. [8:11 PM]
  31. cambry:
  32.     3) we bounced some other ideas around but they all had issues for one reaso or another. the military have 0 reason to feasibly take over the space + they would let us in anyways, GeneCo is sort of an omnipresent group w/o much need for a base, we thought about maybe like, a water or sewage line bursts and leaves it unusable, but in the same sense that's still just rendering that part of the map unusable
  33.     etc
  34.     im open to whatever ideas
  36. [8:12 PM]
  37. DiBen:
  38.     its a bit of a shit situation yeh
  40. [8:12 PM]
  41. cambry:
  42.     but the problem is that whatever causes our 'group/ to leave has to be 'bad enough' that we're being 'forced' out
  43.     while still leaving the place usable, i guess
  44.     i'd also argue that rubble from a fire can be cleared in time but
  46. [8:12 PM]
  47. DiBen:
  48.     perhaps ya'll just gotta suspend the disbelief for a lil bit
  50. [8:12 PM]
  51. cambry:
  52.     im not getting replies from ANYBODY
  54. [8:13 PM]
  55. DiBen:
  56.     perhaps the movement of the mob from the club to another location has left it a little less secure than everyone would hope
  57.     and yall get some crazy homeless people all the time or something
  58.     im still here
  60. [8:13 PM]
  61. cambry:
  62.     maybe, but we dont is the issue
  63.     nobody rps with us
  64.     we have had LITERALLY 4 events total since the server opened
  65.     2 shootings, 2 sick people
  66.     1 of those sick people was me asking shinzo 'come do something there's 0 rp'
  67.     we're willing to suspend some disbelief but the fact of the matter is like, sinclair's character would absolutely not leave the club unless he HAD to
  68.     and its frustrating that he (and the rest of us) would have to completely alter our character
  69.     ykno?
  70.     so idk
  71.     we're willing to bounce ideas around but its getting too late now, we wont have time over the weekend bc of the major lore events
  72.     and then zombies will probably be here
  73.     so we;kll get stuck taking care of all the randoms in the club and getting burnt out again
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