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200F: A Roblox Catastrophe Credits

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Apr 27th, 2019
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  1. Pinewood Computer Core by Diddleshot:!/about
  2. Text-to-speech voices provided by and
  3. "Here we go again" greenscreen:
  4. Rooftop Singers - I've Been Working On The Railroad (Live):
  5. The X-Files Theme by Mark Snow:
  7. Train Crash and Explosion sound effect:
  8. sanic theme:
  9. Outlast OST by Samuel Laflamme - Surgeon Ambience:
  10. and Reception Desk:
  12. "is someone there?" from TESV:Skyrim sampled from this video
  13. Core alarm created from Witold Szalonek's Piernikiana For Tuba Solo:
  14. Portal 2 OST - The Part Where He Kills You:
  15. and You Know Her:
  16. Riot sound effect:
  17. Ending font is Courier New
  18. Some screaming from Battlefield V
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