All I want from christmas (waifux(you), babytalk,)

Nov 26th, 2018
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  1. >You are now imagining being a mall Santa and having your waifu come and sit on your lap, asking for a husbando for Christmas
  3. >when she does that and sheepishly whispers in 'santa's' ear that she wishes for a foal of her own
  6. >"Hi anon!"
  7. >the young filly says as she plops down onto your lap
  8. "Ahem! Anon? Who is this anon you're speaking off, young one?"
  9. >"It's you silly!"
  10. "I'm not Anon, I'm santa! Look at the beard!"
  11. >"Pssh, right, you're the only human around here! And the beard's fake anyway!"
  12. >you have to stop her hooves from pulling it off
  13. "Yes, you clever one, you got me, but you're still not supposed to say it out loud, let the younger ones believe in it for a few more years,"
  14. >"MMmmh I don't know, what's in it for me~?"
  15. "If you don't I'll tell your parents you want a pink dress for Christmas,"
  16. >GASP
  17. >"I hate pink! And I hate dresses!"
  18. "I know,"
  19. >"You wouldn't!"
  20. "Try me,"
  21. >harrumph
  22. >"Okay you win, I'll be 'nice',"
  23. "You better be, now why don't you tell me what is it you want for christmas for real?"
  24. >nod
  25. >"I want a skateboard!"
  26. >you frown
  27. "But your dad said--ahem, but those things are dangerous, and I'm sure your dad would share my concerns and would tell you that he doesn't want you riding one of those yet until--"
  28. >"I know! But I still want one! There's like three foals in my class that have one! And Peanut's seven! And I'm nine!"
  29. "I don't know about this, are you sure there's nothing else you'd like--"
  30. >"Pllleeeeeeaaasseeee???"
  31. >you sigh in defeat
  32. "Okay, here's what we're going to do, once you're off my lap you're going to go see your dad and promise him that you'll ace every single one of your tests until the end of the year,"
  33. >"All of them?! But--"
  34. "Ah-ah! No buts, every single one of them,"
  35. >she frowns a bit
  36. >but nods still
  37. "And in exchange, I'll try my best to convince--ahem,"
  38. >this shit is harder than you thought it would be
  39. "I'll try my best to get one of those things under your tree for christmas, alright?"
  40. >"Deal!"
  41. "Good, now hop along, looks like you're the last one for tonight and I can't even feel my legs anymore,"
  42. >"Thanks Anon!"
  43. "I'm santa!"
  45. >phew
  46. >never expected this to be such hard work, but then you never paid attention to how many kids those damn ponies keep pumping out
  47. >you lean forward, pulling the fake beard off your chin and stretching your limbs to try and rid them of any soreness associated with being forced to sit into this shitty wooden chair for five hours all the while having foals jumping and bouncing onto you
  48. >but it was still fun
  49. >before you could stand up though, you're stopped by a hoof
  50. >you're surprised at first but it doesn't take you long to recognize this touch
  51. >you'd recognize it anywhere
  52. >she's the only one capable of touching you like that
  53. >"Hey there, 'Santa'~,"
  54. >you feel your body relaxing the second her voice reaches your ears, and all the soreness you felt not five seconds earlier seem to disappear to the back of your mind
  55. "Hey you,"
  56. >your head turns to face her and then follow her until she stands in front of you
  57. >and hops onto your lap, not unlike the many colts and fillies you've seen today
  58. >you groan a bit, her weight being more than enough for the soreness to come rushing back at the forefront of your mind
  59. >but you still do your best brushing it off
  60. "How long have you been here? I didn't see you,"
  61. >your arms instinctively reach out to secure her into place as she squirms around making herself comfortable, your body knowing this little dance of yours all too well
  62. >"Long enough to see my big strong human acting all cute and adorable to a bunch of foals~,"
  63. "Ppfft, yeah okay, they're just foals you know, not manticores,"
  64. >she hums and nods
  65. >"I know, and I'd rather take on a manticore than that one kid that wanted that munchin rex™ thing,"
  66. >you chuckle reminiscing the little 'scene' he pulled out when you told him those things were expensive
  67. >maybe you 'will' take a couple bits out of your own pocket to help his parents out after all
  68. "So you've been here for a while, huh,"
  69. >"Mmh-mmh~, and seeing how there's nopony else left here, I was wondering if I could get a turn~,"
  71. >a turn
  72. >you can't help but grin at your mare's boldness
  73. >she never could've said that without blushing her ears off when you first met
  74. >but that was years ago now
  75. >placing your beard back in place, you cough before using your santa voice again
  76. "Mmmh, I don't know, have you been nice enough this year?"
  77. >"I think so?"
  78. >she says with an innocent voice
  79. "You think so, huh?"
  80. >"Yeah, but I've also been really, really naughty, and more than once too~,"
  81. >you can't stop the images from all these moments you spent together from flooding your brain, and classifying the 'naughtier' ones
  82. >u-unf
  83. "I, huh, Ahem, I see, but I think I can ignore those seeing as nobody got hurt or anything,"
  84. >she's grinning from ear to ear, obviously knowing the effect she has on you
  85. >"Oh I'm so glad! But..."
  86. >she starts pouting
  87. >you know she's just playing
  88. >you know she's just fooling around, but you can't help but feel this need from deep inside of you forcing to try and make her feel better about whatever it is she's pouting about
  89. >mares are dangerous like that
  90. "But?"
  91. >the corner of her lips twitch as she hears the eagerness in your voice
  92. >"But there's something I really, really, really want for christmas, but I don't know if I can tell you..."
  93. "I-is this... naughty?"
  94. >"Well, it can be~,"
  95. >cough cough
  96. "Well I am Santa Claus after all! You can trust me to keep your secret and do my best to give you whatever gift you have in mind!"
  97. >"Okay but since it's a secret, let me..."
  98. >you gulp as you feel her hooves wrapping themselves around your neck and you see her lips approaching
  99. >closer
  100. >closer
  101. >dangerously close--
  102. >until they pass right by your lips
  103. >damnit
  104. >but your ear twitches as her whispering voice tickles it
  105. >"What I really, truly want for christmas, is for my big, strong human to make me into a mommy so we can have our own little foal for next christmas~,"
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