MinMax Ruins + Succubus Tower

Dec 7th, 2019
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  1. MinMax Ruins + Succubus Tower:
  2. This is My latest Attempt to chart a Min-Max playthrough. it's optimized for the best in Return to Stineford Section. This require a Ignias suoitor Score of 5+ for avoid the Givini Tunnels for best result in (Synod) Tak'Kan vote, a byproduct of this is reach the 9 Auxiliary Diversity for best result in the Thenoursan War section. Everything after the war is in flux, and can (and will) be changed after the next chunck of content will be released, i haven't set the shards distribution, only the two girls refusing it gaining some rp in the process.
  4. the principal aim are:
  5. * Qum don't whored.
  6. * Altina saner, unraped Varia reshaped.
  7. * Both dwarf embassy.
  8. * Join the merchant guild the first day of the summit.
  9. * Become core lender in the adran bank and Ivalan Bank in chapter 2.
  10. * Best summit result [unpeople stopped, orc extermination stopped, war vaults open, 100K ProN from merchantile representative].
  11. * Aka be able to take down the airship during the battle [rp 80+].
  12. * Hit 100 rp with Megail before talk to her in the BoY aftermath's throne room. [yhilin acc +3, chaos -2].
  13. * Don't waste any DF on recovery/repairing.
  14. * Social +1 from ambassador evaluation in Yhilin first iteration.
  15. * Afford all the opportunity in the second house of petition [barring the celebration one].
  16. * All Forging Ties Candidates.
  17. * End the war with moderate Aram cd [21-29] for reducing second dwarf embassy cost and the best threshold otherwise.
  18. * Hilstara pass early victory for extra Aram pressure.
  19. * Social score 40+ before the succession crisis section for best result with Luanell.
  20. * Shot down every candidate outside Ignias (Ignias Score 5) for the throne and rise Tyna claim to the top [true stone].
  21. * Heal Dari after the Erosia Prelude Section, Jhenno help in Religion Affair.
  22. * Hospitality 15+ for best Fheliel rp gain.
  23. * Best threshold in all the Erosia conflict (Tak'Kan 80% too).
  24. * Synod push for Summit/Succubi Accepted.
  25. * Synod all the relevant switches, without adding restriction to Sarai.
  26. * Orchsphere over Sanctity Plate
  27. * Thenours War: Assist Ghenalon, best threshold for FLvsDk confrontation, highest front score [Erosian 32, Tower 29, Ghenalese 31]
  28. * Unlock Kyangan and Afford all the Investment
  29. * Demonic Seed Gifted by Sabitha
  30. * Best Result in Return to Stineford Section with the Mine Sized
  32. The most important thing missed:
  33. * Carina's men dying in the pass' defense.
  34. * mercenary flotilla and Yhilin Bank not invested in chapter 2.
  35. * +1 rp lost with 'captive' Ginasta (aka not maxed in her dialogue).
  36. * Less than 200 army size at the start of the 3rd Arclent War.
  37. * Magic Defence only average during Xetris evalutation.
  38. * Miss any Ginasta rp Bonus during Erosia Prelude.
  39. * Kalant Support 10 (Only 9, Min need to help Ignias for Tak'Kan Vote)
  40. * Missed Theltiar Rental investment because the Forests are blocked after the War.
  42. My Playthrough
  43. - Don't sell the Simon's starting accessory (Old Ribbon).
  44. - Merchant camp: aka helped first.
  45. - Don't whore qum (stineford Pron 60K).
  46. - Pay for a prostitute before robin join the group and choose the succubus after discovery the tower [Robin lose rp only if she is in the party when you paid the Sx, not using a prositute].
  47. - Wait chapter two for Talk about Janine husband.
  48. - Yhilin Investment Phase {Starting ProN: 80K}: Megail's Gift/Special Supplier [25K], Yhilin bank with Trin [25K], Yhilin mine with Megail [25K], before leave Yhilin take 5K from the bank {ProN leaving ari-yhilina: 10K}.
  49. - Day traveled: 22.
  50. - Invest in the magic shop [10K].
  51. - Recoverd stark head.
  52. - Recover altina and stop the orgy (altina recruit before varia).
  53. - Stop varia rape and reshaped her.
  54. - Spare the impaler.
  55. - In the dark ruins after Carina scene, talk with Altina, go outside in the 'global/pass' map and return to talk with Altina.
  56. - Aka route before Megail, Yarra ininfluent.
  57. - Trin copies: Jade head scribe, Jade kingsman, Jade scum, Jade aramite, Janine's uncle, big man (talk to the halfling).
  58. - Mine: amplified spell and six paper recovered.
  59. - Ambassador impress.
  60. - Megail hold 25K for manufacturer, 175K pooled {ProN at Hand: 175K}.
  61. - Recover money from bank and mine [10K+10K].
  62. - Invest in the Yhilin supplier and Ardoheim magic trade [10K+25K].
  63. - Bounty office do all the bounty, take the estruin paper and invest [20K Sx].
  64. - Invest in the dwarren embassy and eustrin processor [100K+50K] {ProN Left: 10K}.
  65. - Yarra route: leave Fucklord and Lord of Blood rooms for the last two slots.
  66. - Simon route do all the task, Esthera/Nalili event, Lexander training before talk with Esthera, brothel/fighting ring, learn all the skill, read all the topic, learn Aka spell.
  67. - Reunion first talk: Megail, Robin research: essence shielding, ProN profit: 1565K {ProN at Hand: 1575K}.
  68. - Invest in: Cache excavation [10K], Premium Steel [100K], Yhilin works [5K], Bridge Repair [5K], iron cudgel [5K], dusty horde [10K] and arigarda [10K] {ProN left: 1430K}.
  69. - Join the merchantile guild the first day [100K]
  70. - Summit: best result with only bribing 10K for unpeople motion. take 100K from merchant rapresentative [ProN Left 14200K].
  71. - investiment: crystal refinery [250K], Sanitation mage [100K], ardford supplier [50K], Oredr of Silence [50K], adran bank [400K], Ivalan bank [450K], vinario [100K] {ProN Left: 20K}.
  72. - Nalili partner: Aka direct.
  73. - BoY: mage tower, Guard Ari-Yhilina, send orc for healing, lead orcs, fight the magekiller, group opponent, hold position, hold ground, Send the orc in Ari-Yhilina, send Yarra.
  74. - Aftermath petitioner house Thelon: Qum, riot: succubi, roaming orc: whatever.
  75. - House of Petition: claim mine [25%], second petition house [25%] (for the second will unlock after doing some city activity, the chaos recover will vanish too).
  76. - Noble liaison: double campaign [20%] (found before talk with the ambassador the second time).
  77. - Start Balia seeds search before raiding house Jade, Balia: intelligence.
  78. - Research : Dari condition.
  79. - Talk with Janine around the palace before trigger her dialogue with Ginasta.
  80. - Elven forest, Save the Queens: help Lynine, grab two kingsfail leaf and the blue butterfly in the twisted glen.
  81. - Choose Orilise after listent Lynine offer, decline Orilise first offer and press for more information.
  82. - 6 kingsfail leaf: buy one in Denmiel, Theltiar dead house basament, don't kill the wolf in the forest of first root, Ivala galde, mother's guard ruse, blue butterfly quest giver, buy crystal petals
  83. - DF: succubi brotherl [10%], DK statue [10%], standardize magic rule [10%], huge infrastructure project[100%]
  84. - Slum DF [total fund 90%]: fighting ring [15%], magic agreement [20%], sex shop [25%]
  85. - Neranda rensponse: letter, research: orc evolution, Balia: discipline.
  86. - Zirantia: support no one.
  87. - DF: FANCY WALK [10%] (you need to talk to Implevon for the last +1 discipline), Elven ghetto [50%], city mercenary [20%], local sex trade [20%].
  88. - Slum DF: Sex Ring [25%] (go in the fighting ring and listen Nalili idea).
  89. - Negotiation, copied: young noble, eastern site aide, orgasmic empire noble, eastern site sized.
  90. - Research: Yhilin magic, Balia: evolve, Qum project: agree.
  91. - Yhilin 3.5 DF: national sex trade [50%]
  92. - Eustrin: copy rapist soldier.
  93. - Stall Aram Diplomatically.
  94. - DF: monastery aid station conversion [25%], ardoheim border [50%], immigration reform [25%]
  95. - Army size: 189, quality: 25, succubus saturation achived, Yhilin army rebuilt.
  96. - Research: academic trial, Last order trial and forge robin crystal
  97. - 3AW
  98. - Win all seed fight, Simon: Aram, Carina: Ardoheim, Uyae: Zirantia.
  99. - Canlin: defeat monster, hold troop, orcs north.
  100. - Tunnel: succubi recluited, monster defeated, selective raiding
  101. - Battle bridge: DK defence.
  102. - Aramite forest: "Yhilin need this", talk with all, Mestan target: aramite captain.
  103. - Clash of titans: hold the troop.
  104. - Aram battleground: attack much, help holy legion, use reserve troop.
  105. - Yhilin coup: do nothing.
  106. - Gasm fall: talk with everyone, perfect tower infiltration.
  107. - Feroholm: "urge sister Kara go", talk with all.
  108. - Wall: Vhala operation: keep order.
  109. - Clear picture: reinforce both front.
  110. - Mountain: chosen: "give up the power", talk with everyone, make all surrender, use the reserve, Aka focus: adran force.
  111. - Bloody spire: talk with all, defeat everyone, defeat all the group in the pit
  112. - Pass: win the two fight, "supply line".
  113. - Final assault: make all surrender, survuve the optional fight.
  114. - Aftermath: Trin: "stability", go Zirantia, fight the magikiller,
  115. - Petion chamber
  116. - Economy founded: Chalice aid program, Elleani aid, Zirantian aid.
  117. - Political founded: Chalice foreign trade, Givini equality, Maranite artifact, Riala cache.
  118. - Military founded: monster hunter party, adran bandits.
  119. - Special: Grubbak deed of Vinario gived
  120. - Investment: profit 2,677,500 ProN {ProN at Hand: 2,697,500}.
  121. - Founded: Givini networks [500K], Tak'kan networks [500K], Chalice networks [400K], Denmiel Mushroom Farm [75K], Eustrin smithing guild [500K], succubus trade [300K], Denmiel archive [100K], Min route [300K] {ProN Left: 22,500}.
  122. - Chapter Four, first round Investment: Profit 2,490,000 ProN {ProN at Hand: 2,512,500}.
  123. - Investment: Givini Orc Merchant [100K], Stineford Bank Core Lender [400K], Yhilin Brothel Reform [25K], Lonely Sailor [250K], Givini Bank System [350K], Gasm Fall Equipment Shop [275K], House of love tour [100K], Givini War Monument [1M] {ProN Left: 12,500}.
  124. - Research: Orc Diversification
  125. - Marry Janine.
  126. - Recruit for Palace staff: Lucy (Automatic) Ina (Feroholm), Kia (Zirantian Yhilin Palace), Patty (Orc Maid).
  127. - Lady Entilla warehouse: Ardoheim.
  128. - Merchant Camp: Neutral compromise.
  129. - Wendis' Mausoleum talk, Wynn Join.
  130. - Talk with Stark in the shrine.
  131. - Orcent Bar Talk All minus Booze Shack.
  132. - Succession Crisis: Ask Dwarren Embassy and Sanitation Mage Support for Tyna (effect still unknow).
  133. - Tyna Givini Support: Azure Scarf twin (his room), Green Scarf twin (his room with Elleani and at the ball), King during the ball, Luanell in the Fancy shop
  134. - Suggest Luanell: marry no one.
  135. - Givini Ball: Talk with everyone.
  136. - Crumble Donovan position: go in the mage guild, Wynn help, stop effort in the war monument, teahouse basament, Megail x Iris scene.
  137. - Dance with Elleani, talk with Luanell and shot down Donovan before Farnan confrontation.
  138. - Trin-Elleani Convo after Farnan Confrontation.
  139. - Ignas: Lynine and Min Help.
  140. - Farnan: warehouse be stealty and support buisiness, ask orilise support farnan Business (projection) and target Bhakan(outside their room).
  141. - Don't copy anyone in New Givini and copy lecherous priestess and Ghanth's Aide in Ardford.
  142. - Do near everything to boost Kalant standing: support in the fight, let it clear Sx defence, Send in the Order of Silence and Vhala military honor.
  143. - Ghanth: Mercenary flotilla, Holy Knight order, Merchant guild, Trin copy, Megail rp locked
  144. - Jhenno: meet him, talk with nun, talk with sister Kara, high priestess Hester (street), ask help in religious matter.
  145. - Mestan just Stall Donovan.
  146. - Recruit for Palace staff: Kara
  147. - Second round of investment: Total Profit: 3,127,000 ProN. {ProN at Hand: 3,139,500}
  148. - Investment:{HQ} Sex Room [5K], Orc Lab [25K], Guard Post [5K], Armory [10K], Kitchen Supplies [10K], Robin Ritual Backup [100K], Second Well [10K], Santificated Shrine [5K], Iron Cudgel Armory [15K]; {Investment} Trading Pillars Right [300K], Stineford Weapons Shop [200K], Yhilin Airship I [1M], Hall of Mental Strength [200K], Booze Shack [150K], Tradesmasher Guild [350K], Yhilin Bank [450K], Eustrin Aram Embassy [200K]; {Decoration} Givini Dragon Statues [2.5K], Givini Deluxe Dragon Statues [5K], Givini Banners [1K] {ProN Left: 96,000}.
  149. - Research: Unpeople Trasformation.
  150. - Uyae Join the harem
  151. - Orcent Bar chat: Illustrious Booze Shack and Zirantia Slum Bar.
  152. - Erosia Prelude:
  153. - HQ: Talk with everyone.
  154. - Ramasta: Talk with Everyone (Unpeople, Priest, Farnan's Servant, balckmarket agreement), copy greedy priestess.
  155. - Yhilin: Talk with Everyone (Sarai, Vera, Elite Succubus) go in the tower fight optional fight and start the ritual.
  156. - TaK'Kan: Talk with Everyone (Impaler, Orgont, Sho, Elleani), Start the vote: 11 yes, 2 no [84%].
  157. - Copy Obnoxious Orc.
  158. - Tak'Kan Tower: Avoid roaming monster (for simon later), kill optional boss-fight (reality leech and monster group with Orcent join).
  159. - Zirantia: fight all monster group and optional battle and allow Ginasta stay (rp +5 and the abyssal gem bonus).
  160. - Aram Tower: fight every group and the two optional battle.
  161. - Ulrissa: Fight the Node.
  162. - Tak'Kan Tower: Kill roaming monsters (Simon XP).
  163. - Yhilin: Disturbance: Goddess of Magic.
  164. - Use Magic Charge on Zirantia (Aram Lost) and Confront the Fucklord in Darghelon (Gheldaron Hit).
  165. - Aram Tower: Fight Everyone.
  166. - Aram Party Focus: Capture Erosian.
  167. - Zirantia Tower: Fight Everyone.
  168. - Zirantia Party Focus: Capture Erosian.
  169. - Yhilin Order guildhall: Talk with everyone.
  170. - Talk with everyone (Robin-Qum bed scene, Robin-Yarra, Riala, Orilise, Lynine, Sho, Carina-Nalili, Biyue and Grubbak).
  171. - Reality leech in aram tower fondation.
  172. - Stenai Trip, talk with everyone, do evarything (Aka recon, Dari investigation, Robin/Riala Ward Study, Nalili-Herbalist scene, talk with Renna two time, Halfling merchant riutal site and after Feremina).
  173. - Buy meramid statues [1K] and dragon throne [1K], and talk with the shop owner {ProN Left: 94,000}.
  174. - Craft Altina Wand.
  175. - In the tower maze loot 2500 ProN {ProN Left: 96,500}.
  176. - After the tower maze talk with everyone (Hilstara, Riala, Wynn, Simon-Entity-Wynn bed scene).
  177. - Third Round of Investment: Total Profit: 3,752,000 ProN {ProN at Hand: 3,848,500}.
  178. - Investment: Givini Smithing [200K], LL Statues [50K], LL Expansion [750K] {ProN Left: 2,848,500}.
  179. - Research: Sex-Purity.
  180. - Don't Pay the Bribe for the mother guard because in the synod [Mother Full Unlock] will allow to meet the potion hermite for free.
  181. - Do the Quest the Entity ask you, go in the "tower mine" fight the optional boss (can be delayed, at least before the invasion) and do the "abyssal gems hunt".
  182. - Craft Varia Custom Weapons.
  183. - Heal Dari, restore old appearance and she join.
  184. - Synod:
  185. - Start: Hester: Acceptance for the Succubi (talk with everyone, go Esmera before Kerannii), deal with Esmera.
  186. - Ardford: relocate band, talk with erran boy and the maid at the counter in the silver stump.
  187. - First night: talk with Kerannii, refuse deal.
  188. - Day two: Jhenno: Unification, talk with Yarra.
  189. - Excomunication: Sarai: "Go all Inn", Simon: "church unity", stop Carina, [12] Best, give olive branch.
  190. - Unification: sarai: "Nabith", Simon: "alternate form" [-6] Best.
  191. - Succubi: Andra discurage, Sarai: Normal, Simon: "appeal Nabith", let Iris, talk with Wynn [25] Best.
  192. - Until day three: moderate reform, talk with Sarai after advice to Yelarel, Kerannii, Esmera, Hester (barrel).
  193. - Ivalan: Simon: "silent", upgrade Qum kiss, ask to let the succubi join: Sarai, Esmera, Bertricia and Nabith (succubi join 4-3).
  194. - Joined: talk with Yelarel, Sarai: "normal", Simon: "Annah", let Riala [22] Best.
  195. - Unpeople: Sarai: "normal", Simon: "Silent", Robin stopped, Yelarel: light approach, talk with Yarra, Refuse Esmera [-6] Best.
  196. - Tak'Kan: Sarai: "normal", Simon: "Annah" [12] Best.
  197. - Purity: Sarai: "support kaskia plan", Simon: "stay silent", let Andra talk, stop Qum, talk with Herin: change the standard (herin proposal 0 - kaskia proposal 3), Purity Check removed.
  198. - Until day five: talk with Sarai, Yelarel, Esmera, Zirantian representative, Elleani : Fucklord, Tyna: Fucklord.
  199. - Fucklord vote: talk with Herin: fucklord, Sarai: "silent". [16] Best.
  200. - Promotion: Herin overwhelming (6-1) Best.
  201. - Minor: influence for all the topic, Eustrin Ephasize, no need Sarai take old standard, Mercantile: iris and herin [5] Best; Eustrin: Esmera, Bertricia, Orilise and Megail [10] Best; Ardford: Elleani [4] Second Best; GoM: Wynn [7] Best; Mother: Lynine and Yelarel [6] Best; Order: Kalant [7] Best.
  202. - Investment Post Synod: Theltiar Flowhouse [250K], Mercenary Office [150K], Stineford Succubus Tower Expanion [800K] {ProN Left: 1,648,500}.
  203. - Post-Synod Activity: Talk and Fuck Sarai, Talk with Elleani, Cut the Potion Hermite from the Mother, Receive a Crystal of Harmony and a GoM's Pin from Vera, Enter in the Elven Forest Tower and Interact, but don't pickup the pin
  204. - Chase a chosen: Yhilin Cathedra, Stineford cathedral, aram bounty office, ardford holy kinght office and forest of first root.
  205. - Second Stenai Trip:
  206. - Fheliel Question: "Flirtatious approach"
  207. - Talk with Feremina, endure 4 Truns with the Thugs, Iris Investigation: Orticultural Mage and kitchen's maid in the Palace, Orilise inside the Guest's Building, Food Store, Ship Manager and the Teleport Site Manager, report to feremina Iris' discovery.
  208. - Esthera: Hold Back Troops.
  209. - Four round of investment: Total Profit: 4,232,000 ProN {ProN at Hand: 5,880,500}.
  210. - Investment:{HQ} Wynn's Sex Energy Shield [100K], Entity's Tower Defence [250K], Yhilin Magical Corps Shield Upgrade [80K]; {Investment} Givini Ruins [5M] {ProN Left: 450,500}
  211. - Do the Ruins without Leave for healing
  212. - Recover the cystal of stability in the aram tower foundation and craft the orcsphere.
  213. - Research: Construct Bodies
  214. - Janine Diplomacy: TBA / TBA (Ardoheim / Ghenalon, for now).
  215. - Erosia Invasion:
  216. - Alwasy Use the mana anytime is prompt to do so, reach all the hp threshold or endure enough turn for the FL fights.
  217. - Leave the Supplies in the Cave, Advance Cautiously, Robin Focus: Tower.
  218. - Use Iris' Seed Against the Fucklord and don't kill the "blue" demon.
  219. - Mestan: Scount Here, Troops Order: Push for Kyangan, Use the spell to support the orcs.
  220. - Orc Orders: Focus on Scouting, Mage Orders: Assist Ghenalon
  221. - Balance the Supplies in Zirantia, Reinforce Tower, don't defeat roaming elf group in the Sylvan Grove
  222. - Erosian Temple: Orc Captain Order: Reiforce Ghenalon, Talk with everyone in the gryndine river after talking with janine, Dheria advice: Aram, Strategy: bait Melymyn, Custom Check: Gheldaron
  223. - Uyae decision: Distribuite Supplies.
  224. - Kyangan Fund: 450,500 ProN + 1M Megail Subisdy; Invest in evarything: Trade project [500K], Smithing project [250K], Field project [300K], Lynin project [150K] and Irs Project [175K] {ProN Left: 75,500}.
  225. - Fight Ginasta (don't use dominate) and allow estevan's soul torture.
  226. - Erosian Front: 32, Tower Front 29, Ghenalese Front 31.
  227. - Fifth Round of investment: Total Profit: 3,982,000 {ProN at Hand: 4,057,500}
  228. --- Speculative---
  229. - Investment: Tarran'Kan Slum [750K], Improve Tarran'Kan Trade [50K], Cee'Ka Shipping [700K], Tak'Kan Mine [250K], Givini Teahouse Chain [275K], Givini Tunnels [1500K], Ardford Restaurant [100K], Gasm's Fall Ivalan Church [300K] {ProN Left: 82,500}
  230. - Interact with the Aram Crystal in Teleportation Chamber.
  231. - Little Girl Talk: Trin Unique, Opposition Talk, Let her Sip.
  232. - Research: Deep Tower Exploration
  233. - Do Orri Restaurant Quest.
  234. --- Simulation ---
  235. - Return to Stineford: Complete Mismaged Funds, Gilded Lily and Corrupted Mine Quest.
  236. - Annah Request: Fund Succubus Bar [25K] {ProN Left: 57,500}
  237. - Talk with Veteran in Armor Shop, Magic Shop Owner, Lucy in Sarai Room (after Gilded quest), Bank Manager, Rachila (Succubus Tower 5 Floor), Succubus Merchant: Pressure the Duke (Succubus Tower 1B), Old Woman in Academy Office, Orcent in Academy Lecture Hall, Bring Elleani in the Academy Library.
  238. - End Phase: Talk with Elleani, Orcent: Use against Donovan Claim, Succubus Slaver: Let Succubi Solving the Problem, Carina: Tell Privately, Orc Soldier: Size the Mine, Annah: Reach Her.
  239. - Return to Eustrin:
  240. - After Neranda join the party the activity to be done are: (1) Go to the Hidden Entrance, (2) Talk with the Obnoxious Dwarf in the Merchant Hall, (3) Interact with the women's shop guard, (4) Interact with the Funding Stone in the Shop Quarter, (5) Read the Message Board, (6) Speak with the Ore Vendor near the residential area, (7) Make an attempt to enter Agnan's room, (8) Try to visit Relondo in his room.
  241. - Defeat the Skittering Nightmare
  242. - Chapter 5 Free Roaming:
  243. - Research: Demonic Understanding
  244. - Watch Renna Resign Reletima Service and Join Palace Staff (Doom's King Palace)
  245. - Watch the Scene Between Elleani and the Twins in her Estate
  246. - Talk with Tertia and She Join the Harem
  247. - Talk with Patrici in Yhilin's Palace
  248. - Bring Uyae to Talk with the Divine Claw Leaders
  249. - Talk with Biyue in Zirantia's Royal Palace
  250. - Talk with the Guard Near the Zirantia City Ruins' Entrance
  251. - Negotiate a Ship Trade Agreement with Tatseni Authority
  252. - Try to Talk with the Thief Girl in Tatseni
  253. - Resolve the Order of Silence Slime Problem
  254. - Talk with Fheliel in Kaat's Royal Palace and Defeat The Lord of Stillness and Shadow and re-talk with her two time.
  255. - Talk with Wendis and Build Complete her New Body
  256. - Talk with the Elf Mage in Ari-Yhilina Slum and Receive a Demonic Fruit
  257. - Talk with the Succubus Working in the Chalice States' Ardford Embassy
  258. - Open Stenai Embassy in Ardford [talk to feremina to start the quest] and Talk with the Representative In the Embassy Building
  259. - Talk with Herin the Bloody Spire
  260. - Tell Min to Help Zirantia (you find her in new givini court)
  261. - Talk with the Fucklord Harem's Child in the Hall of Ryoken for Some Interesting Books
  262. - Talk with "Glasses" in the Hall of Ryoken and dispatch a (moron) new Incubus King
  263. - Go in the Hall of Ryoken and Appreciate Iris' Works in the Erosia Restoration
  264. - Go in the Hand of Healing and Praise Lynine Works in the Erosia Restoration
  265. - Finally Ralke Change Class and Became Super Ralke
  266. - Find a Chosen in 18 Locations and Recover His Sword [(01) Feroholm Region: Stark Shrine; (02) Feroholm Region: Delgar Cave; (03) Feroholm Region: Merchant Camp, Old Megail Tend; (04) Stineford Region: Stineford Mine Entrance; (05) Stineford Region: Succubus Bar; (06) Ari-Yhilina Outskirts: Mercenary Office, Old Reval Office; (07) Ari-Yhilina Slum: Fighting Pits, Downstairs; (08) Aram Desert (Megail's Route): Near North Exit; (09) Ardford Business District: Near South Exit; (10) Elven Forest: Twisted Glen, Top-Right; (11) Zirantia City: Ruins; (12) Gasm Fall: Orc Tunnels; (13) New Givini Region: Givino Vinai, Fashion Shop; (14) New Givini Region: War Monument (15) Tak'Kan: Tak'Kan Mine Interior, Top-Left Room; (16) Stenai: Mana Forest, Left-Bottom (ish); (17) Ghenalon: Kaant, Forge of Ghenalon; (18) Kyangan: Inn; (19) Tatseni: Bar
  267. - Bar Chat: Orcent and Vhala talk About Their Relation with Simon's Harem in the Tatseni Bar; Orcent and Riala Talk About Her View of Orckind in the Makeshift Ryoken Bar; Riala-Kara HQ Dialogue [start automatically in HQ main floor]
  268. - Hall of Mortality: Try to give a shard to Aka and Vhala (they refuse, but gain RP)
  270. Final status:
  271. Army: Size 165, Quality 43
  272. hidden stats: social 63, religion 54, economy 132.
  273. HQ Stats: Military 28, Magic 40, Hospitality 19.
  274. Orc stats: Strength 12, Intelligence 12, Discipline 12, Sapience 8, Magic 5, Attractiveness 5.
  275. ProN left: 4,928,500, Trin Copies 9/10, Shining Sword 31, Abyssal gems 21, Yhilin Acceptance 81. Arclent Acceptance 70, Palace Staff 7, Orcent Convo 15.
  276. Country: Yhilin 40, Ardoheim 60, Aram 24, Eustrin 20, Zirantia 33, Darghelon 19, Gheldaron 25, Ghenalon 35, Orgasmic empire 20, Erosia 45, Stenai 21, Chalice States 73, New Givini 60, Tak'Kan 76, Rodak 5.
  277. RP maxed: Aka, Yarra, Qum, Hilstara, Megail, Robin, Trin, Sarai, Janine, Altina, Varia, Nalili, Balia, Dari, Lynine, Orilise, Wynn, Uyae, Riala, Iris and Fheliel.
  278. RP: Carina 99, Esthera 135, Vhala 26, Ginasta 13, Elleani 106, Mestan 65, Neranda 85,Entity 99 [Coheion 75], Sabitha 8, Ivala 25, Tertia 34.
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