BluntTongs-Blunt Tongue

Dec 14th, 2013
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >be 9:00 p.m.
  3. >be coming home from working, muscles sore and back aching
  4. >you mumble to yourself
  5. "Fuckin' Applejack, can't carry her own damn boxes..."
  6. >you are covered with hayseed and small pieces of apple
  7. >as you walk up the drive to your homestead by the Everfree, you notice you left the lights on
  8. >shit
  9. >the cooling is on and you left the door open
  10. >double shit
  11. >the bill is gonna be through the roof
  12. >you hurry inside to turn off the lights
  13. >you'll have to make due without, don't need anymore added to the cost
  14. >get inside, immediately produce small chain flashlight and switch off the overhead light
  15. >you head upstairs, flashlight guiding you
  16. >Celestia, you're tired
  17. >no dinner, just sleep now
  18. >you pick a bit of apple off your suit
  19. >...maybe a shower first
  21. >After your shower, you don some boxers and trudge over to bed
  22. >you take off the covers and climb in
  23. >the warm embrace of the covers, combined with the already tiring chores, make certain you drift off to dreamland the moment you lay down
  24. >you, however, failed a spot check
  25. >you did not notice the yellow pupils watching you from the closet
  26. -----------------------------------------
  27. >Be 12:10 a.m., just after midnight
  28. >sudden rustling of sheets
  29. >niggahwhat
  30. >you suddenly feel a large, warm mass crawl onto your legs under the covers
  31. >panic.exe boots up
  32. >you throw the covers off violently, despite the lack of energy you had but hours ago
  33. >reaching toward the nightstand quickly, you grab the chain flashlight and shine a beam into the eyes of...
  34. >...what appears to be a small pony (that is to say, smaller than average) with a bright yellow coat
  35. >it has the wings of an insect, as well as a more pronounced amount of fluff on the chest
  36. >the strange creature also has antennae
  37. >antennae which happens to be gently probing your leg
  39. >It clearly means no har-
  40. >"My, my, you'll make a sweet meal..."
  41. >oh, goddamnit
  42. >at least you can have small talk while it kills you, though
  43. >you shudder in fear not realizing you could easily overpower the small being and bolt for the door
  44. >a long, pink tongue slips out of its maw as it brings its face closer to you...
  46. >...and starts up a passionate kiss, slithering its long appendage into your mouth
  47. >well, you can't engage in that small talk now
  48. >you decide to attempt to return the favor, but it's difficult
  49. >that tongue is at least a couple feet
  50. >after a while, it decides its had enough with your mouth
  51. >thank fuck, you could hardly breath with all that tongue
  52. >you then finally stop quivering enough to ask a question;
  53. "What are you?"
  54. >"A...Mothpony...," the thing said, in a rather unnecessarily seductive tone
  55. >or maybe... it wasn't unnecessary
  56. >shit, THIS thing wants the D?
  57. >or, more specifically, YOUR D?
  58. >and "sweet meal" refers to...
  59. >as you contemplate the mindfuckery going on, the "Mothpony" removes the boxers from your legs with a quick slip of the hooves, revealing the already somewhat erect shlong within
  60. >"Now, as much as I like a good hor d'oeuvre, let's get to the real entrée..."
  61. >you're going to be getting a blowjob from (what you hope is) a mare you don't even know
  62. >sure, she's part insect, but it really doesn't matter in the long run, you suppose
  63. >you hope she doesn't have throat herpes
  65. >"Now, just relax. It wont hurt a bit," she says, blushing slightly
  66. >won't hurt?
  67. >the Mothpony lowers her head a bit closer to your rapidly expanding dong
  68. >her tongue snakes out, and curls around the base of your cock, slowly winding upwards toward the tip
  69. >It feels as if you had a soft velvet bag put over your diamond cutter
  70. >the tongue goes to work, expanding and contracting around you
  71. >as the winding muscle reaches the tip, she stops all movement
  72. >she then applies a slight amount of pressure with her oral appendage to your urethral opening
  73. >disniggaserious.jpg
  74. >you cringe a bit as she exerts more force, finally pushing past into the small passageway
  75. >the feeling makes your legs weak with pleasure
  76. >the mare slowly pushes in and out, making each pull outward send shivers down your spine
  77. >she gets into a rythmatic kind of movement;
  78. >in and out, and in and out, and in...
  79. >you're getting close
  80. >on her last outward pull, the tongue is out completely
  81. >she clasps onto your cock with her mouth
  82. >you cum
  83. >you cum hard
  84. >and she swallows every drop of it
  85. >"Mmh..."
  86. >as you finish, you slowly drift off back into a slumber
  87. >your small friend crawls up to your chest and lies down, clearly tired from giving the best blowjob this side of the hemisphere
  88. >you both sleep soundly together
  89. >Be 7:00 a.m.
  90. >just woke up
  91. >the small mothpony is still asleep on top of you
  92. >she's warm and all, but you need breakfast
  93. >you haven't had a meal since lunch yesterday
  94. >as you blink the remnants of sleep from your eyes, you gingerly lift the miniature horse off your chest
  95. >you lay her down on your pillow, and head downstairs
  96. >fuck, you didn't even ask her name
  97. >oh well
  98. >you'll just ask after breakfast
  100. >as you eat a sausage-egg-and-cheese croissant, the nameless mothpony steps down the stairs to greet you
  101. >"So...did you enjoy last night?," she says, with a small blush
  102. >you realize she didn't even really get anything out of the session
  103. "...That depends. Did you?"
  104. >the dusty pony giggles
  105. >"Yes, I even got a free meal out of it!"
  106. >it makes you wonder what kind of pony just gives some mouthwork to a guy she's never even met before
  107. >and classifies drinking all the ejaculate as getting an entire meal
  108. >this place is fucking weird
  109. "Now, then, what would you like to eat miss...?"
  110. >"Golden Corral. Goldie for short."
  111. "Alright then, Golden Corral, what would you like to eat?"
  112. >"Orange juice, please!"
  114. >as you both finish up the meal, Goldie decides to start heading towards the door
  115. >"Well, I suppose I have to go now and try to find an actual home...," she says with a twinge of reluctance
  116. >you clear your throat
  117. " don't HAVE to go, right?"
  118. >she looks up at you ecstatically, and gallops toward you
  119. >she jumps onto your lap, and nuzzles your cheek, also getting dust all over your suit
  120. >but you're OK with that
  121. >you have a new roommate now
  122. >"Thanks, uh..."
  123. "Anonymous"
  124. >"Yeah, thanks Anonymous!," Goldie exclaims, getting more dust everywhere
  125. >you're still OK with that
  126. > long as she helps pay the bill
  127. "...Why were you hiding in my closet?"
  128. >"It's a long story."
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