Beyond The Comics

Nov 4th, 2011
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  4. I am hoping more people will progress beyond the sports page and comics in the daily paper. As I read the opinions from everyday folks, I am encouraged that we are all not as naive as our elected officials would like us to be. The loud braying of our electorate has served to overshadow any questions as to their compensation and retirement, Which they enacted in as much secrecy as they could manage and still call it open debate. Which is worse a representative who outright lies or one who lies with the purpose of deceit? We have had Governors who were good at the job and some who were not even some who were marginally effective. They all have one thing in common, they were not very open in what they do. This comes back to the real movers and shakers- the Legislature! The legislators have been in place for more years than several Governors combined and by that fact are worse than the worst of the Governors as they have had time to perfect their cover-ups while corrupting the newer members of their group. This is not about parties or associations, it's simply about real people who are elected to do the best for ALL of the people and being reasonably compensated for the work. What it has come to is a group of men and women who for the most part have become a major part of the problem as their personal greed has overshadowed the reason people elected them. How can people who were elected to serve the people do anything towards that end when they are serving themselves first? This is as improper as a dinner host serving themselves before their guests.
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