BWR - Changelog 18/03/23

Mar 18th, 2023
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  1. Force-A-Nature
  2. + Added 15% faster reload speed
  3. Meant to normalize its reload with the Soda Popper and slightly improve damage output.
  5. Soda Popper
  6. + Dealing 40 or more damage on-hit replenishes your double jump!
  7. - Removed building hype on hit
  8. - Reduced faster reload speed to 15%
  9. The intent with the weapon is to normalize its usage to be less polarized and meter based, with the added mobility being more readily available to players who can skillfully use the weapon to stay in the air.
  11. Fan-O-War
  12. + On marked target kill: gain a 3 second speed boost
  13. The speed boost is additionally meant to make the risk of going out of position more appealing with the ability to better escape.
  15. Huntsman
  16. + Weapon passively reloads when holstered
  17. ~ Does not increase fire rate of weapon
  18. A QOL choice meant to make quickly swapping after shots less clunky compared to other single fire weapons.
  20. Loose Cannon
  21. + Added -25% less damage to self
  22. A minor buff meant to make overload jumping a bit less costly, expanding on movement options without being too free (thanks Great Blue!)
  24. Quick-Fix
  25. + Increased ubercharge rate bonus to +15%
  26. + No ubercharge duration penalty on switching targets
  27. + Ubercharge can be activated at 50% and above
  28. - Added -25% uber duration
  29. The intent is to make the uber ability more flexible, able to deploy faster and more easily be shared among your team without penalty, while reducing the uber duration to prevent it being too oppressive.
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