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Last Post of Perm University Shooter Timur Bekmansurov

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Sep 20th, 2021
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  1. What happened is not a terrorist attack (at least from a legal point of view). I was not a member of any extremist organizations, I was irreligious and apolitical. No one knew what I was going to do, I took all the actions myself. I'm probably writing this to simplify the work of the Investigative Committee or those who will sort it all out. I will add my thoughts along the way, but now I will begin with a chronology of my actions.
  3. As the years went by, I realized that the time had come for me to do what I had been dreaming of doing. Since the middle of 10th grade I started saving to buy a firearm, or in case I failed to buy one, the money would be used to get my B1 driver's license. It didn't matter to me how I did it, whether I would use a gun or a car, or perhaps a bomb and a knife. I decided to push back on the gun plan only because all my life I had been pretty good at shooting, especially after seeing my classmates' shooting results about two years ago - a pathetic sight.
  5. By March 2021, I had amassed enough money to buy a gun, and after I turned 18, I began the process of getting my license.
  7. Around March 13, I wrote an application for a hunting permit, after which I went to the psychiatric clinic at 74 Petropavlovskaya Street to get a certificate. The psychiatrist was a woman in age, after she asked me a couple of questions like: "Do you smoke? Do you drink? Do you use drugs? Why weapons?", asked me for my military ID, which I did not have with me, and then told me that I had to go back to her, but with my military ID, because without it she refused to issue a certificate. I knew that in order to get this certificate I did not need the registered certificate, but I decided to cooperate with the doctor, after all, I did not need any problems in my case. When I returned a couple of days later with an assignment certificate and got to the appointment again, I heard the following: "I looked at the records, and it says that I do not trust your answers," after which she suggested that I go to a paid psychologist, which was on the left side of the corridor. After paying money to the cashier, I went to an appointment, after an hour and a half my turn came, the psychologist asked me the same questions again, then told me that I needed to take a test and left to get it. When she returned, she informed me that I would not be able to take the test today, mentioning the following: "You need to take the personality type test, it's a big one, about 500 questions", then asked me to come back in a couple of days. After returning home I had no trouble finding the test, reading about the assessment criteria and taking it a couple dozen times over the weekend. Came back for an appointment a few days later, knowing the answers to the questions, passed this test fairly quickly. The next test she gave me was a visualization test in which you had to write your reactions to certain events, it so happened that a friend of mine gave this test as homework and she sent it to me, so I knew the answers to it. The essence of the next test was the continuation of unfinished sentences, based on previous tests, I knew approximately which answers would be correct. At the end I was given an A4 sheet of paper and asked to draw a person and a nonexistent animal. After passing all the tests I waited a couple of days for the results, went back to see the psychiatrist, she informed me about the successful test and first handed me a certificate for a driver's license, noticing the error, redid it and issued a certificate of no contraindications to the possession of arms. During my stay in the hospital I had the feeling that those who were supposed to treat me were sick themselves.
  9. After that I went to the narcological clinic on Monastyrskaya Street, the exact address I do not remember, I was tested, took an ophthalmologist and a narcologist-psychiatrist, who asked the same questions as the doctors before him, there I received a certificate 002-O/a and 003-O/a. After that, I picked up my hunting permit from the MFC.
  11. The next step was training in safe gun handling. On the 1st of April I came to the educational center "Olympus", which was located near the stadium "Dinamo", for about 3-4 hours I sat 1 on 1 with an instructor, who was telling me what I already knew. After that, together with the instructor and another customer who came later, we went to the shooting range for a test shooting. The next day I went to the range the next day, the test was similar to the one you take when getting your driver's license - out of 150 questions on the gun law, hunting permit, and questions such as: "What would happen if you put a 76 mm round in a 70mm pistol and fire" - you choose 10 at random, you can make 1 mistake. Passed the test quickly, then went to the shooting test, passed it successfully, and received a certificate.
  13. Then I bought a safe, sent an application on "State Services", and had the safe checked by Rosgvardia officers. I picked up my license around April 28, and went to buy a gun the same day. I bought my weapon at the store "Tool-Gun" on 64 Heroev Khasan Street. The selection according to my criteria in our stores was not particularly large, I needed any pump action shotgun with a pistol grip and the ability to adjust the buttstock. I did not consider semi-automatic rifles, they may give a higher rate of fire, but they can let me down at the most crucial moment, and about the Lancaster with paradox is not worth talking about, they will not show the same efficiency when shooting at a crowd as a buckshot charge.
  15. A couple of days after the purchase of the weapon, I sent an application to "State Services" to obtain a permit for possession and carrying. The incident in Kazan, we can say, played into my hands, the same day (May 11, if I remember correctly) I received a call from the Federal Guard Service and was told that in connection with the order from above today the officers would come to me to re-check the conditions of weapons storage. When they came and filled out all the paperwork, they also took the plates off the gun, so I didn't have to take it to the LRO. My permit was issued later than the date listed on my license, which says May 22, even though I picked it up on May 27, just after school started vacation. Perhaps they decided to be on the safe side just in case.
  18. In the original plan as a place for an attack I chose my former school, but at the end of March I decided to change the place. The school was too unpleasant place to spend the last 10 minutes of your life, and the kids there don't have many escape routes to save themselves, in this case I decided to wait to see the results of the CIC (in the end I was not taken into the army unfortunately).As it turned out, even if I had not changed the place, in any case would not have had time to the end of the school year. In connection with these circumstances had to go to pass the state examinations for which I was not prepared, while I was choosing a place to attack, considered different options: shopping centers, LRO, hospitals, recruitment center, theaters, train station.All these objects did not suit my schedule, I needed a place where the greatest concentration of people would be on Monday near noon, so I had only to wait for the list of enrolled in the university to see which of the schools will sign themselves a sentence.By the end of May I began to realize that I was increasingly difficult to consult myself
  20. I had noticed this university back in the days when I took a course there in the 9th grade, I liked the large number of buildings, and students respectively, there is room to run amok, and the location itself looks good, much better than the rotten khrushchevki around. not the worst place to die.
  22. On July 20th I decided to check the capacity of my shotgun, I had to drive 23 km by public transportation to the shooting range "Elk's Elk".On the range I found out that the standard sights went down about 15 cm, and that's taking into account the distance of about 30 meters, adjusting the sight does not change anything, but it would still be no problem, I do not think that I will have to shoot more than 20 meters, and I'm not going to use bullets.As the main ammunition I decided to choose a large buckshot.
  24. On August 27th I bought 105 buckshot cartridges from "Tool-Guns", and there are still 26 rounds left after the range, and a pile of buckshot 7, but it will lie in a safe.
  26. I don't know whether to finish it myself or let the police do it, I think the second option would be more fun, neutralizing me would not be a serious problem for them anyway.I can't rule out the possibility that I might get detained.Ha, then I would be a real loser.
  28. All around looks so artificial, like in a dream, as if I am watching the actions of my shell from the 3rd person.Every day is a repetition of the past, everything starts with a ringing in the head.It was always difficult to communicate with people, I do not understand their emotions.What to keep in secret, since elementary school I realized that I like to hurt people.Their suffering, fear on their faces, these emotions I understood in them, because they were sincere. I had to suppress the desire to destroy everything around me, but I realized that I could not exist that way, if I did not do it now, I would still kill someone in the future.I could not be stopped, as I said, it did not matter to me who to kill and how, my relatives and friends could not do anything, any psychiatrist I could fool, the only thing that could stop me was death, thank God it was close.
  30. No matter how much I sleep, sleep does not add energy.How tired I am.Anger overwhelms me, I want to destroy everything in its path, leave this world in as much pain as possible, those who I can not kill, will always remember this day.I have tolerated all the people around me all these years, just for this moment.I despise myself as well as all of you.It's good that soon it will be over.I can feel alive at least in these 10 minutes.
  31. This will be the most fulfilling day of my life, and I will live it the way many of you don't live your lives. I don't know how many I can kill, but I will do everything I can to take as many with me as possible.I don't care about "popularity," though I know full well that the media will probably fly in like vultures when they smell dead meat.They will talk about me for a week or a month and forget, but I will lie in the grave, I won't care.
  33. For as long as I can remember I have always thought about death, never believed all the religious nonsense about heaven and hell, it seems to me that after death there is nothing, you just disappear as if you never existed.It is strange that people are so scared of death, no matter when, but each of you will die anyway, the process is irreversible, I will only speed it up for some of you. If the Bible turns out to be true, then as far as I understand hell awaits me, although if you think about it, probably almost everyone has committed at least one of the deadly sins, so I will go to hell not alone, but with a whole mountain of sinners, ha ha ha.
  35. On September 1st I went to university and spoke as a kind of civil defense representative. he told about the dangers that may await students, mentioned the terrorist attacks, saying that the "security service" (of the university I think) is watching and searching for potential terrorists. their security clearly does not expect a freshman who has studied only 3 weeks to come and kill them.
  37. I met my classmates, I don't think there's any point in even trying to remember their names. It's a strange feeling, as if I've seen many of them before and more than once, their appearance, voices, behavior, everything seems too familiar.I can tell for sure that they can't even imagine what kind of ride will be waiting for everyone.
  39. The first couple were pretty dull, although everyone has always told me that the university is much more fun than the school.But I decided that I will go in through the nearest entrance to the station.At 11:30 will start a couple at the entrance will be a small number of people, students use the entrances as smoking rooms because of the ban on smoking on campus, so smokers will go to the next world first (smoking and really kills). I think in the buildings will not immediately understand that to what, and I at this time will already be on campus.The only question is how quickly the police respond to the incident, because they are at the station 2 minutes walk.
  41. During communication with my classmates a couple of people seemed to me those who are worthy of living.If I meet any of them, I'll let go.
  43. Have you ever noticed what kind of place you live in? Alcoholics who have lost their human form, old bastards on public transport ready to tear each other's throats out, disgusting cattle working in the service sector and other scum that live around them. The social bottom is almost entirely biomass, but the "cream of society" is also biomass, although they have more resources for their useless existence.The streets are dirty, garbage, rats running around the house, old monotonous Khrushchev buildings everywhere.
  45. Only a few of you deserve to exist.You have invented a huge number of ideologies, created a bunch of philosophies, but none of this will change your ugly nature.You are greedy, selfish, cowardly and evil creatures, even though you think you are better than all other biological organisms.Let's be honest, you also think you are better than me, but why? Probably because you haven't killed "innocent" unarmed people? Because you are decent members of society? Does your life have a meaning? Do you benefit society? Ha ha ha ha. All that makes you remain law-abiding citizens is the system you have created. If my actions were not punishable and condemned by society, you would have destroyed each other long ago, all your base qualities would have come out and you would have seen what you really are all about. *** you all!
  47. I decided with the date, I will move out on the 20th of September.While I try to study the passages between the buildings, the good thing that helps me is their application with a detailed plan of the campus.The university is clearly not big enough for one shooter, so if everyone begins to evacuate immediately, rather than stay in the buildings, then perhaps they will survive.
  49. Tomorrow I have to perform, a strange feeling of calm, as if tomorrow awaits me an ordinary day, the same routine as always.I hate myself, but I want to hurt everyone who gets in my way.The ringing became even stronger, as if my head is squeezed in a vice.I cannot leave the feeling that everything around is just a dream. In the end, I can say that I'm not the first, and I won't be the last. You won't be saved by banning guns, you will be killed by cars, bombs, knives, anything you can get your hands on.Scum like me will destroy everything around you, because the world is rotten, you are all rotten from the inside out.
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