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Sep 14th, 2019
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  1. An amazing library of movies and TV series in your hand!
  3. Zero Fees, Simply the best App for watching your favourite shows.
  4. No Sign up, No limits, We would like to presents you countless of videos.
  5. Over 1000+ hours of latest & popular movies, TV series, TV shows from various region including Local, US, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and much more all available.
  6. We always provide user the hottest films with high-recommendations. You can select suitable video quality when watching a show, up to HD quality.
  7. Wish to watch your films offline? Just click “Download” and it will be saved to your device.
  8. More and more surprise coming your way every day when you open Watch Me.
  9. So full of entertainment. Let’s enjoy it together!
  10. Various taste videos
  11. Great hit movies, Korean & HongKong dramas and so on! Popular kids films, cartoons would also satisfy your kid.
  12. Funny short clips
  13. New movie trailers, cutted scenes, celebrities & entertainment clips.
  14. Large watchlist
  15. Fan of superhero film? A drama lover? Keep track of your favorites!
  16. Meet your movie buddy
  17. Comments, reviews are even more interesting
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