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Feb 9th, 2014
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  1. [16:13]<crashdemons> wait, what?
  2. [16:15]<crashdemons> please tell me that's fan art?
  3. [16:18]<crashdemons> since our messages reference it:
  4. [16:24]<Xkeeper> there's a few phony books that look otplike there:
  5. [16:24]<Xkeeper>
  6. [16:24]<Xkeeper>
  7. [16:25]<Xkeeper>
  8. [16:25]<Xkeeper> ...that one was posted jan 30
  9. [16:25]<crashdemons> !!!!
  10. [16:26]<crashdemons> punched cards
  11. [16:26]* bobdamnit__ is now known as bobdamnit
  12. [16:26]<crashdemons> Slate Deposits is also an exact title match of our book from MD response
  13. [16:26]<Xkeeper> yeh. that was jan 30
  14. [16:26]<bobdamnit> best time to call MD is 8-9 EST
  15. [16:26]<Xkeeper> our drop was retrieved 31st
  16. [16:26]<Xkeeper> soooo... ?????
  17. [16:27]<crashdemons> so, who posted the original?
  18. [16:27]<crashdemons> of that image?
  19. [16:27]<bobdamnit> woah. thats creepy
  20. [16:27]<Xkeeper>
  21. [16:28]<crashdemons> so
  22. [16:29]<crashdemons> this exciting-books user has information about the ARG before we get it.
  23. [16:29]<Xkeeper> there's a lot of these style things:
  24. [16:29]<Xkeeper> I wouldn't say that, so far it's just coincidence
  25. [16:29]<crashdemons> seriously?
  26. [16:29]<crashdemons> the punch card (same design even) one day before we pick up ours
  27. [16:29]<Xkeeper> was just posted, haha.
  28. [16:29]<Xkeeper>
  29. [16:30]<crashdemons> and a fake book cover that matches our (LONG) title of a book we WANT that IS ARG-related
  30. [16:30]<crashdemons> so yeah, this guy is at least slightly on the inside.
  31. [16:31]<crashdemons> or PM is communicating / commissioning these
  32. [16:32]<crashdemons> can we do anything interesting with the ISBNs?
  33. [16:32]<Xkeeper> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  34. [16:33]<Xkeeper> okay. not a coincidence any more.
  35. [16:33]<Xkeeper> Filing and Sorting, the History of Forums 47816 637640 589824
  36. [16:33]<Xkeeper>
  37. [16:33]<Xkeeper> 1/1/2014
  38. [16:33]<Xkeeper> Butterfat Management in the Saskatchewan Dairy Industry
  39. [16:33]<Xkeeper>
  40. [16:34]<Xkeeper> dec 29 2013
  41. [16:34]<Xkeeper> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  42. [16:34]<crashdemons> PF Legrand is an artist, not a writer...
  43. [16:34]<Xkeeper>
  44. [16:34]<Xkeeper>
  45. [16:34]<Xkeeper> dec 29 2013
  46. [16:34]<Xkeeper> holy shit.
  47. [16:34]<Xkeeper>
  48. [16:34]<Xkeeper>
  49. [16:34]<Xkeeper>
  50. [16:35]<Xkeeper> they're all here.
  51. [16:35]<Xkeeper>
  52. [16:35]<Xkeeper>
  53. [16:35]<Xkeeper> started dec 29 2013
  54. [16:35]<Xkeeper> a whole bunch of the early ones are de-facto otp22 books
  55. [16:35]<Xkeeper> someone should compare the titles on here to the ones we got and see if anything changed
  56. [16:35]<Xkeeper> book isbns or otherwise
  57. [16:37]<crashdemons> also, we never had the ISBN for Molds AFAIK, since we only had the cover
  58. [16:37]<L0j1k> what?
  59. [16:37]<Xkeeper> it's 9 780816 041954
  60. [16:37]<L0j1k> what in teh fuck
  61. [16:38]<crashdemons> L0j1k, TLDR: exciting-books knew we were going to receive a punchcard before we received it, and is posting high-quality book cover originals.
  62. [16:38]<crashdemons> some of which match our book titles
  63. [16:39]<Xkeeper> 9 780299 933357
  64. [16:40]<crashdemons> all I can say is.... Congratulations. we found the internet portion of the ARG.
  65. [16:40]<L0j1k> wow did PM just fuck up?
  66. [16:40]<Xkeeper> define "fuck up"
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