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Jan 20th, 2019
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  2. [12:47] Synitry: So is there some kinda issue or something going on you wanna make me aware of and say to my face?
  3. [12:48] NekoSakura Resident: one you have ppl going to your sim my mom dont need to be fucking where ook can watch her 2 we was supposed to be sisters how the fuck u my dad sister now and two i aint fucking my aunt
  4. so our little sessions are done find someone else to do them with
  5. as for him he should taken my name not yours i am his kid not you
  6. and he is partnerd to my mom not you
  7. my mom was setting a skybox up for them so he did not need your place
  8. so the bs needs to stop
  9. [12:51] Synitry: Soooo she is to be at yours where her children can watch her fuck? i mean theres literally no difference. Hun we havent been family for a while i dropped your named cause you never treated me like family at all. never invited me over did anything with me and if me being your aunt is somehow a problem. Why wasnt when we were sisters a problem. Sounds to me like your upset cause i wont be in a relationship with you and 20 million other dudes and we all arent wearing your fucking name tag. So yes your right the BS does need to stop im not some fucking toy for you to collect.
  10. [12:53] Synitry: and why should a father take your name? you should be taking theirs.
  11. im sorry but i think i see what needs to be done in this situation
  12. [12:53] NekoSakura Resident: one i did invite you you was not happy cos of mike so lets get it right he ot up to your standers and 2 i been perfectly gine watching you all this time you think you being my bf change shit obv not huh so get your fucking facts straite
  13. skyboxes are hidden not in my home not open for all to see
  14. [12:54] Synitry: and yet anyone can see them by being there. its no more hidden then here and pfff almost no one comes to the hangout
  15. [12:55] NekoSakura Resident: bs you just posted ppl have sex over there this morning or you forget?
  16. why he is there
  17. [12:55] Synitry: your just upset cause they wanted to be family with me and i said ok and no you invited me like once or twice and that was before i took the name
  18. [12:55] NekoSakura Resident: why he with my mom
  19. [12:55] Synitry: honestly i dont even know cause seems your moms a prude idiot bitch
  20. [12:55] NekoSakura Resident: no i am defending my mom
  21. [12:55] Synitry: this has nothing to do with your mom
  22. [12:56] NekoSakura Resident: you dont like i oh fucking well i respect her she don't know you
  23. what k is doing is wrong
  24. [12:56] Synitry: this is you trying to be possesive about me and wanting to own me
  25. no
  26. [12:56] NekoSakura Resident: pwerod
  27. [12:56] Synitry: k is doing nothing wrong
  28. me and them being family has nothing to do with you.
  29. or her
  30. [12:56] NekoSakura Resident: it dose when he my dad
  31. duh we family so it dose
  32. [12:57] Synitry: which you dont even want you only did for your mom lets be honest i mean you pushed them away once already
  33. [12:57] NekoSakura Resident: no i love my dad so go fuck your self
  34. [12:57] Synitry: to make sure you can keep your mom around and happy and collected to sit there and stagnate on your sim
  35. [12:57] NekoSakura Resident: i love him hes changed i told you that
  36. i said i gave him a chance
  37. [12:58] Synitry: K has been how they have always been maybe you dont actually know them. Hence why when they asked to be family with me i agreed.
  38. [12:58] NekoSakura Resident: we game together watch movies so shows what you know you never around
  39. [12:59] Synitry: whatever hun sitting there and afking watching movies doesnt make ya close. i wonder how much you could tell me about thier real life and whats been happening with them
  40. [12:59] NekoSakura Resident: i can he call me
  41. and i kow her
  42. both
  43. very well in fact
  44. but you not know that you never around
  45. never was
  46. [13:00] Synitry: your being a huge fucking hypocrite right now and having a issue all a sudden when i was supposed to be your sister. Your just uspset that we arent gonna wear your fucking name. thats all this boils down to
  47. [13:00] NekoSakura Resident: after a few days you'll crawl nk in your hole
  48. [13:02] Synitry: lol.
  49. goes to show you never actually care about me just the idea of me to add to your collection
  50. [13:03] NekoSakura Resident: no my dumb ass did care thats the ducking issue here and i refuse to see my mom or me be treted like shit
  51. not by you or hi,
  52. him
  53. [13:04] Synitry: its laughable you somehow think this is any form of betrayal
  54. your making up any kind of bullshit you can think of
  55. just to make yourself feel better
  56. [13:05] NekoSakura Resident: if it made up then me my rl hubby mike and my mom and rl mom and rl mom inlaw are nits cos they all know and see this shit and thik yall fucked up
  57. [13:08] Synitry: lol how is it fucked up how is it any different then what you are doing or have been doing. thats why this is so fucking funny is literally nothing has changed nor does this effect anything aside the fact you realize im never gonna take your name again. i mean you incest anything you wish. but all a sudden its different simply cause i wont take your fucking name or go into a relationship with you?
  58. if anyone is fucked up its your and your fucking head thinking that you can incest wincest anything you want and fuck literally any guy who comes near you and then always trolling for me when one starts to bore you and then just collect more and more on your sim
  59. thats fucked up
  60. but all means to try explain to me how somehow me calling a person brother is somehow wrong.
  61. [13:15] NekoSakura Resident: lord help me hear me now i never want you to take my name after you removed it i never wanted you to take it back due to how you behave we have some standerds about us for one for two i help other unlike your self i aide ppl not bring them down make fun of them troll them ans such it not like me to do that for third and final i don't have a issue him calling you sister what ii so have a issue with is the fact he is partnered to my mother and should have her last name and match this family the one he been in not some new one or for that factual matter with you someone most have issues with and one the head of this family my mother dose not know you and her haveing sex on your sim is not ok for strangers to watch them or do as they like is not ok and ps i have onee child just one a sktbox is hidden in the air and she can not get there unless tped into it and even then a orb can be put up what dad did was wrong and if you can not see it then i am sorry but it is wrong on many lvls
  62. with this being said i am closing my chat good day to you
  63. [13:31] Synitry: whatever kitten make up whatever bullshit you wanna make up im sure your sleeping with your mom to given how much issue your having right now
  64. so just make up whatever lies and bullshit to make yourself feel better
  65. since your so damned interested in making sure she fucks on your sim so ya can watch
  66. [13:33] NekoSakura Resident: i would never touch my mom that way but i will defend her till i die she is like a rl mom to me so try again you sicko
  67. [13:33] Synitry: and its funny how fucking fake and a hypocrite ya are and how much shit ya talk in my box about others and then fucking lie straight to their face. at least i treat people as they aught be treated
  68. whatever im not the sicko here trying to fuck my family and every other thing in sight you can possibly get your hands into and collect
  69. [13:34] NekoSakura Resident: i never talk shit dear i tell the truth so try me
  70. [13:34] Synitry: pff whatever you talk so much shit about micheal about that little child shits father and then you cant even bring yourself to say it to their face
  71. goodbye
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