May 12th, 2018
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >Cutie Mark specialized ponies dominate workforce
  3. >Not much innovation because largely utopian society means broad stagnation
  4. >Virtually no new businesses
  5. >Be continuously unemployed NEET in equestria
  7. >One day new "friendship school" opens
  8. >You decide to apply because job
  9. >You are interviewed by the headmaster of the school
  10. >The headmaster is one of the princesses
  11. >She isn't thrilled by your lack of proper friendship experience, but there isn't much competition
  12. >Become friendship school janitor
  13. >Turns out there aren't oodles of janitor ponies to steal your job
  14. >You meet somewhat regularly with the other staff in the staffroom during breaks and whatnot
  15. >Headmaster is also there
  16. >Over time you develop feelings for purple horse as you get to know her better
  17. >You admired her dedication to helping others
  18. >Doesn't hurt that she's the fucking cutest thing this side of the mississippi
  19. >Apparently she saw something in you too
  20. >After getting over the hesitation of getting into a workplace romance, you get together
  22. >A couple years later
  23. >You're married to purple wing-dings
  24. >Now, you eat lunch with her in her office
  25. >Her friends, your coworkers, all think you just fuck in there
  26. >Sometimes you do
  27. >But mostly, you just like the private company of eachother
  28. >One such time, you're cuddling her in her office chair behind her desk
  29. >Her blinded windows overlook the eating area and playground outside
  30. >Together you watch as the children joyfully talk, eat, and play
  31. >She sits in your lap, leaning back as she rests her head on the front of your shoulder
  32. >Your arms envelop her body, holding her in place and helping you to share eachother's warmth and enjoy your mutually alien fur/skin
  33. >Twilight sighs
  34. >"Aren't they so adorable Anon?"
  35. "mmhmm"
  36. >She does this quite often
  37. >"I'd love some little people running around the castle."
  38. >You know she wants kids
  39. >You have to admit the idea of starting a family with Twiggle Spriggle to not be that unappealing
  41. >Too bad being different species made that a bit difficult
  42. >She sniffles
  43. >You hold her a little bit tighter as you rub you cheek against the top of her head
  44. "You'll figure something out."
  45. >She picks her head up and looks up at you
  46. >A tear rolls down her cheek and her eyes are red
  47. >It agonizes you to see
  48. >"Maybe, but after how long? How old will you be? Will you even still be able to give me a foal?"
  49. >She looks down and her voice croaks
  50. >"Will you even still be alive?"
  51. >You didn't have a good answer to that
  52. >You put a hand under her chin, gently tilt her chin up so that she faces you, and tenderly kiss her on the lips for several seconds
  53. >You didn't want to make a promise you couldn't control the outcome of
  54. >Pulling out of the kiss, Twilight sighs and turns her body so that she can comfortable rest her head sideways on your chest, and she wraps her arms around you, hugging you like an oversized teddy bear.
  55. >"It just isn't fair."
  56. "Hey, I've got a lot of years in me yet. You never know when you'll get your breakthrough."
  57. >She remains silent.
  58. "And don't you dare think I'll love you any less for not being able to have my kids."
  59. "You're my everything Twilight, and nothing is ever going to change that."
  61. >You remain in that position for the remainder of the lunch period
  62. >Eventually the bell rings, and the children outside all scramble to get back inside
  63. >Twilight doesn't seem to notice
  64. >You carry her to the door, where you pull her off of you and set her on the floor
  65. >She just stands there looking at the floor, ears back and wings sagging.
  66. "Time to go back to work"
  67. >She nods
  68. >You desperately wish to stay here with her and comfort her, but you both have a job to do and that would be irresponsible
  69. >She knows this too, measured and intelligent pony as she is
  70. "I love you Twilight."
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