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  1. KayaToday at 9:47 PM
  2. what?
  3. Cimmerian ShadeToday at 9:47 PM
  4. Bored.
  5. And sick.
  6. KayaToday at 9:48 PM
  7. uh?
  8. okay
  9. cool
  10. Cimmerian ShadeToday at 9:48 PM
  11. My point is
  12. You entertain me.
  13. So...
  14. Do what you do best.
  15. KayaToday at 9:48 PM
  16. eh, I'm okay
  17. and i can't, As said, I'm not supposed to talk to you
  18. Cimmerian ShadeToday at 9:48 PM
  19. Who said?
  20. KayaToday at 9:49 PM
  21. i made a promise with someone that if i do... he/she's allowed to threaten me
  22. etc
  23. Cimmerian ShadeToday at 9:49 PM
  24. Emma.
  25. Can't believe she'd do such a thing.
  26. KayaToday at 9:49 PM
  27. i made her do it
  28. Cimmerian ShadeToday at 9:49 PM
  29. I was hoping it'd be your parents ngl
  30. KayaToday at 9:49 PM
  31. for you and your group
  32. because i knew you want me dead
  33. so.. i did that
  34. Cimmerian ShadeToday at 9:50 PM
  35. Lol
  36. You got me wrong.
  37. I don't want you dead.
  38. I want you to atone.
  39. But anyways
  40. I'd hope it would be your parents because if you told them about me, you probably told them about all your other problems.
  41. Thus, getting you help.
  42. Quicker.
  43. KayaToday at 9:51 PM
  44. i talked to my mom about my hallucinations and.. with Emma controlling me.. i'd probably end up cutting much quicker
  45. and yes, I allowed emma to control me
  46. Cimmerian ShadeToday at 9:52 PM
  47. That's not a good thing.
  48. She'll fuck your life up.
  49. KayaToday at 9:52 PM
  50. I'm doing this for you, because i give up
  51. I'm allowing you to win
  52. Cimmerian ShadeToday at 9:52 PM
  53. shakes head
  54. This isn't fun.
  55. I wanted it to be fun.
  56. Because
  57. KayaToday at 9:53 PM
  58. i know, I know, You wanted me to feel hurt
  59. Cimmerian ShadeToday at 9:53 PM
  60. IF you tried, you'd develop better things
  61. No.
  62. Not really.
  63. I want you to grow the hell up.
  64. KayaToday at 9:54 PM
  65. i'm to weak, thats the thing, I used to be strong, but when trauma came along
  66. it messed my life up
  67. Cimmerian ShadeToday at 9:54 PM
  68. Lemme cut you a deal.
  69. You actually attempt to fight back
  70. And I'll get emma off your back.
  71. Trust me. Emma controlling your life is not good at all.
  72. I may not like you atm, but thats just dumb.
  73. KayaToday at 9:56 PM
  74. if you don't like me, then why you talking to me?
  75. Cimmerian ShadeToday at 9:56 PM
  76. Cause I'm bored. I can't speak because it hurts and this is the next best thing.
  77. I want you to fight back.
  78. I also know that you're copying and pasting the transcript to other people.
  79. KayaToday at 10:10 PM
  80. ..
  81. Cimmerian ShadeToday at 10:10 PM
  82. Okay.
  83. Now that that’s settled.
  84. Let’s come back to this convo.
  85. KayaToday at 10:10 PM
  86. i'm not in the mood for this Dylan
  87. Cimmerian ShadeToday at 10:11 PM
  88. Don’t ever call me by that name ever again.
  89. Or I’ll do something worse than you can imagine.
  90. KayaToday at 10:11 PM
  91. whatever, blah, blah, blah, MR, okay there(edited)
  92. happy?
  93. eh
  94. are you happy
  95. Cimmerian ShadeToday at 10:11 PM
  96. Cim is fine.
  97. KayaToday at 10:11 PM
  99. -.-
  100. Cimmerian ShadeToday at 10:11 PM
  101. And yea. I am pretty happy.
  102. You’ve entertained me.
  103. This has literally been the most fun I’ve had in awhile.
  104. So thanks.
  105. Now...
  106. KayaToday at 10:12 PM
  107. -.- bye
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