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  1. 1st header:
  2. Start:  Size:   Desc:
  3. 0x00    0x4     0x00000100
  4. 0x04    0x4     File Size (inc. header)
  5. 0x08    0x4     0x00000030
  6. 0x0C    0x4     End of the ROM (not the file)
  7. 0x10    0x4     Start of the footer region (presumably an index for the PCM audio samples). Matches end of file/file size if PCM data is missing (according to
  8. 0x14    0x4     Points to the second header (starts with 3C, looks to be mostly the same as New 3DS's SNES VC header starting from 0x30)
  9. 0x18    0x4     File Size/End of file? (same as 0x04)
  10. 0x1C    0x4     0x00000000
  11. 0x20    0x4     Points to the file end (Secret of Manae kind of a flag?)
  12. 0x24    0x8     Wii U Virtual Console Game ID (WUP-J**X, X — title region (E for EUR)?)
  13. 0x2C    0x4     0x00000000
  15. 2nd header (0x3C...):
  16. Start:  Size:   Desc:
  17. 0x00    0x1     Emulation speed in FPS (0x3C == 60)
  18. 0x01    0x3     ROM size
  19. 0x04    0x1     0x00
  20. 0x05    0x3     Size of the converted PCM audio samples region (starting after ROM). 0 if PCM data is missing (according to
  21. 0x08    0x1     0x00
  22. 0x09    0x2     Footer region size. 0 if PCM data is missing (according to
  23. 0x0B    0x2     0x0000
  24. 0x0D    0x2     Game preset ID? (varies for each game) (according to
  25. 0x0F    0x1     Unknown (0x02/0x03, mostly 0x02)
  26. 0x10    0x1     Sound volume (according to
  27. 0x11    0x1     ROM Type (LoROM/HiROM)
  28. 0x12    0x8     0x0000000000000000
  29. 0x1A    0x4?    Unknown (mostly 0x00000100)
  30. 0x1E    0x4?    Unknown (always 0x00000100)
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