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  1. Don't want to spend $300+ to be a puck cuck? Own an Oculus? Too poor to buy Driver4VR or just fucking hate it? If you answered yes or no to any of these questions you too can have jank-ass leg tracking to kick other people in VRChat! (software) for free!!
  3. __Downloads
  5. Download this shit
  7. I also needed this so KinectToVR would register in SteamVR
  9. __Hardware
  10. Of course, most importantly you'll need a Kinect and the proper adapters based on which one you're using. I don't really know the specifications because I use a 360 and I bought my adapter online for like 10 bucks. If anyone can contribute just respond with the information that should be included.
  12. __Setting that shit up
  13. Once you have the input emulator installed you can open SteamVR. Before you start any games open up KinectToVR. Choose the version relating to your Kinect version. Under the trackers tab you can select lower body trackers and add them. Once you've done this go back to the main tab and initialize your trackers. Follow the instructions to align your tracking and fiddle around with all the settings as you please, I haven't bothered with them yet but I'm sure they're valuable, more info later/maybe/no guarantees. At this point once you have the trackers positioned and set you can start VRChat.
  15. __In game
  16. Whenever you start up VRChat or switch avatars you will need to reset your tracking. It kind of fucking sucks. In addition some models do not handle full-body tracking because bone-rotations and shit. It also kind of fucking sucks. But whatever, shits cheap so jank tracking is to be expected. Some people fiddle with their height in system settings before and after, it seems like you set your height high before you change avatars and then bring it back to where your viewpoint is at head-height once you set the t-pose. Just match your avatars t-pose as best you can, hit both your triggers/grips or whatever you hit on a vive-dildo and hope for the best until I figure out a consistent method. Until then you could also bug anyone else using a Kinect.
  18. And yes. It is incredibly fucking jank.
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