(FR) Sassy BigMac

Mar 9th, 2013
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  1. >Day “Oh no you did-unt” in Equestria
  2. >Be Anon
  3. >After spending several months in this mystical land of talking horses you have come to like a particular one
  4. >She was sweet and honest, down to earth, and the most adorable thing you have ever seen
  5. >You think you are in love with Applejack
  6. >There is just one problem
  7. >For some reason her brother…
  8. >”Now I just KNOW you ain’t trying to sneak my little sista out in the middle of the night for some of your booty time!”
  9. “N-No Big mac. First of all, it’s noon. Second of all I’m just taking her out for lunch”
  10. >”Uh-UH. Now don’t you get snippy with me, I know snippy, and I know you don’t want to see me get mad at chu”
  11. >Every damn time you came to visit he was like this
  12. >”Getting’ all up in here! Why you must be lookin’ for sumthin. Sumthin that ain’t yours. I ain’t got the time to be dealin with chu”
  13. >He waves his hoof dramatically over the orchard
  14. >”See all of dem fucking apples?! They ain’t gonan buck themselves. And like I said, I. Ain’t. Got. Da. Time. Todealwithyou.”
  15. “Big Mac, I was just going to take your sister out to lunch and then ask her about going to Pinkie’s party. You don’t have to stop bucking those apples on account of me-“
  16. >”Oh.. OH! So all apple ponies buck apples huh? Is that whatchu sayin?”
  17. “Uhh”
  18. >”Applebloom, hold this barrel of apples while I smack dis bitch-nigga”
  19. “Wait! No! I didn’t mean it like that. Look, I just want to talk to your sister. Can you tell me where she is?”
  20. >”Aww hell no! My sista is a strong, independent mare who don’t need no monkey man.”
  21. >He says as he somehow snaps his fore hooves in a Z pattern in front of him
  22. >Sonofabitch
  23. >You don’t have to deal with this
  24. “Alright fine, I’ll see myself out…”
  25. >You turn and walk away
  26. >”Oh no you don’t! I know you just didn’t turn your sweet ass at my and walk away while I’m talkin to chu!”
  27. >You sigh, but are- wait, ‘sweet ass’?
  28. >You turn around and look at Big Mac
  29. >Who quickly knocks you over
  30. >His cock grows with passion as it flops on your back
  31. >”Hey. Hey monkey boy, you heard me. Here’s the deal. We can do this the easy way…”
  32. >He rips off your pants in a single motion
  33. >”Or we can do this the hard way. So get relaxed nigga, we about to have a romantic encounter”
  34. >And there you were, spending the afternoon
  35. >Fucking BigMac
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