Dark Evolution Changelog

Aug 26th, 2015
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  1. ===========================================Not yet Released Updates===========================================
  2. v1.0.5
  3. *Updated Mods to latest version
  4. *Updated Server files to 1.0.5
  5. *Upgraded Forge to
  6. *Added HQM Mod
  7. *Added Basic/WIP Quest book to the mod pack TODO
  8. *Added Storage Drawers
  9. *Added EnderCore
  10. *Added Open Modular Turrets
  11. *Disabled AppliedEnergistics2, CoFH Mods, BuildCraft, DamageIndicatorsMod, Update Checkers because half of them fail and just cause spam TODO
  12. *Fixed Potions ID Conflicts TODO
  13. *Changed the Vanilla Tools recipes to a different layout but same resources TODO
  14. *Fixed new recipe for iron sword conflict with Pam Harvestcraft item TODO
  15. *Added some reward bags to quests and added reward bags possible rewards TODO
  16. *Added heats for more HQM lifes to quests for when the player is using HQM Hardcore TODO
  17. ===============================================Released Updates===============================================
  18. v1.0.4
  19. *Updated Mods to latest version
  20. *Updated Server files to 1.0.4
  21. *Upgraded Forge to
  22. *Added Blocks/Tools to the vein miner config
  24. v1.0.3
  25. *Updated Mods to latest version
  26. *Updated Server files to 1.0.3
  27. *Added Magical Crops Compat for MineFactory Reloaded
  28. *Added NEI Mystcraft Plugin
  29. *Added IguanaTinkerTweaks
  30. *Added SpACore
  31. *Added Vein miner
  32. *Added Blocks/Tools to the vein miner config
  33. *Removed Mine Tweaker Recipe Maker
  35. v1.0.2
  36. *Updated Mods to latest version
  37. *Updated Server files to 1.0.2
  38. *Fixed Block Lag caused by Witchery Guards
  39. *Added FTB Forum Thread, Bug Tracker, Changelog buttons/links to the main menu
  40. *Added Zelda Mod
  41. *Updated to Forge
  43. v1.0.1
  44. *Released to Curse Launcher
  45. *Updated Mods to latest version
  46. *Updated Server files to 1.0.1
  47. *Removed IC2
  48. *Added Extra Biomes XL
  49. *Added Cooking for Blockheads
  50. *Added NEI Tooltips to vanilla tools reminding users that they are only used for crafting.
  51. *Fixed Biome ID Conflicts
  52. *Fixed Enchantments ID Conflicts
  53. *Fixed Potions ID Conflicts
  55. v1.0.0
  56. *Released to FTB Launcher
  58. v0.2 Beta
  59. *Added Hardcore Ender Expansion
  60. *Added Vanilla Expansion
  61. *Changed things in the config
  63. v0.1 Alpha
  64. *First Version
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